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  • strother cary
    strother cary

    Jr year in high school we read the crucible and watched the movie part 3 is just like it but WAY better I wish we could have watched this instead of thaf

  • lizzy love
    lizzy love

    Can you do a ending explain the haunting of bly manor?

  • Detman101

    40:09 Wtf? editing duplication?

  • oreors

    the house looks like taiga aisakas apartment (the living room)

  • summer m
    summer m

    I really enjoyed the trilogy. I think it was very well thought out when adapted and filmed. The breadslicing machine scene made me cringe a bit lol

  • Ninja Starlight
    Ninja Starlight

    I just remember being mad

  • Seth Houser
    Seth Houser

    Nah, I like the other version better.

  • Zuan van Zyl
    Zuan van Zyl

    What was this?🤣🤣 31:58

  • Biffgee

    It's a great movie. I really enjoyed it.

  • Robert Dvoskin
    Robert Dvoskin

    I have no clue why the Ziggy twist is a thing. But I do love that CPR saving a stabbing victim makes sense when you consider the wishes coming true of the person that tried to save her

  • Liz Williams
    Liz Williams

    This is a great review. And RIP B. Dalton. The first book purchase I made at age ten was with one of their gift certificates.

  • Epic Dude115
    Epic Dude115

    Awesome video

  • Carrie Anderson
    Carrie Anderson

    DJ Liquid, nooooo!

  • Adam Zoerman
    Adam Zoerman

    Can I request that you explain Green Knight. Not just the ending, but everything in fucking general.

  • Chris Clancy
    Chris Clancy

    Do Possum

  • Kòfí Tano
    Kòfí Tano

    Sounds like the other movie with the guy who was a marine scientist alien freak.

  • Smoked Yankee Buffalo Soldiers
    Smoked Yankee Buffalo Soldiers

    People certainly have different ideas of what they believe beauty is.

  • Jack O' Neill
    Jack O' Neill

    night of the comet sliders

  • M Lucas
    M Lucas

    Well apparently you weren’t far off and a clear plastic laundry basket CAN protect you against the most deadly pandemic ever So there’s that #WakeMeUpWhenWeLeaveClownWorld

  • Dusty Durant
    Dusty Durant

    Does anyone else think about the stephen king pennywise character from it you know with some of the people being effects by the cruse town

  • Invalid-Dev aka WrathrefLexes
    Invalid-Dev aka WrathrefLexes

    Part 1 and 2 were pretty good in my opinion but part 3 lacked in many areas. It felt very dry and uneventful.

  • AJ Daughe
    AJ Daughe

    I was obsessed with the Fear Street Saga as a kid. These movies were a fun play on parts of that story.

  • Another Clever Username
    Another Clever Username

    First period at 15?? Ooooookaaaaay

  • Draghar gaming
    Draghar gaming

    It was a fake flower cause if the flower was real it would be rotten

  • Tyler Don Dada
    Tyler Don Dada

    Demonic possession is a mockery of the court yet they swear to tell the truth using a bible. Seems hypocritical

  • Matt H
    Matt H

    What i dont get about the movie. Is why didnt they just tie up the serial killers? It isnt like they had super paranormal strength just regular human strength and weaknesses.

  • Samia Hashim
    Samia Hashim

    Hi Mr. Foundflix, I’m a fan and I very much enjoy listening to how you explain endings of movies and I was wondering if you can have an ending explained for Virtuoso? Thanks. 🙏🏼😊

  • SwordsmanTheGamer Nine
    SwordsmanTheGamer Nine

    “Put the hormones on hold, kids, there’s a Killer on the loose!” Riverside in a nutshell

  • Reality Era News
    Reality Era News

    Kristen Stewart is just an abysmal actress. She went from playing a damsel in distress(in twilight), to playing every trope of an insufferable woman presented as "strong", and was a vacuum of charisma and pacing at every turn.

  • Liz Williams
    Liz Williams

    Other than Blair Witch, I find found footage flicks very silly and predictable. I’d like to see one made in broad daylight - with a team of intelligent scientists who bring actual investigative equipment and knowledge and experience, instead of candles and superstitions and fear and selfishness and greed and idiocy. I can picture opportunities for jump scares. Even some unexplainable stuff. And some characters confronting from their own hidden psychological traumas. Just not “once again, everyone ends up dead.” I’m sure it would bore the hell out of anyone who’s only interested in seeing ghosts and gore, but if well done it I think it could be pretty interesting.

  • Squidward

    i want the ending explained, not the movie summary

  • D D
    D D

    Please do THE GREEN KNIGHT next !!

  • jarik9 f
    jarik9 f

    15:15 But if they are actually inside, then they aren't outside looking at themselves inside, they are inside imagining themselves outside looking at themselves inside. If they are inside then they can't control themselves anyway, and "going inside" wouldn't suddenly give them control of their bodies, so they had no reason to do it. Either they were truly outside, in which case stay, or they were actually inside, in which case they are F'd anyway and going inside gains them nothing. At this point they should have just taken their chances and stayed outside.

  • Ace The Sloth
    Ace The Sloth

    I still get freaked out about that one goosebump book about the girl whose body gets controlled by the Halloween mask

  • Caffeine addict 2020
    Caffeine addict 2020

    This isn't a new form of the black goo tho which you claim at 12:45. We saw in the first movie that when someone falls into a pool of black goo it melts their helmet. It's possible that small amounts of it create monsters whereas large amounts will just melt through anything they touch

  • David Fuentes
    David Fuentes

    Great video! Just FYI @FoundFlix @40:09 mins in there is a small repeated sentence 2x.

  • C. Doyle
    C. Doyle

    Love the shirt! Nostalgia FTW!

  • upright spoon
    upright spoon

    what is your favorite killer movie

  • Squirrel Washington
    Squirrel Washington

    Theory: So the Founder and His Crew of Physcopaths did a satanic ritual and possed the animatronics, so they sold something to the devil to become there animatronics and what if they sold there souls, and The Janitor was the Devil coming to collect them..

  • yeahimsoswag

    I'm still trying to figure out who donawongso is

  • SilkyC

    This trilogy was on point in regards to the Fear Street novels. The deaths/murders were always so very graphic!! So i was concerned when i first saw these movies pop up but once the first murder happened I knew this was going to be as close to the novels as possible! So good!

  • Saacius

    This movie is like if you combined Buddhist Madhyamaka philosophy and Nihilism with a half understanding of both.

  • Miklos A.R.
    Miklos A.R.

    Was alright deena was an unlikable character a made me want to stop watching movie ranked best to worse was 2,3, and last was the 1st movie

  • ArianaRaven

    The kid playing Castlevania: Bloodlines in the movie. Thumbs up for the Castlevania love.

  • Chopper Reindeer
    Chopper Reindeer

    What the fuck is up these people, glowing eyes, 2D eyes, gun downs, like damn

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B

    This is the movie that got me into horror when I saw it WAY too young at age 7 or 8.

  • 1990skelly

    Would be cool if they took it in a different direction, different curse that sorta thing

  • AkiaDima

    i hope they do Good Girls next. R.LStine also about two tein sisters who bump into a vampire who becomes obsessed with them. Dracula fashion.

  • Clystron426

    99.5% summary, 0.5% explanation... WTF is this?

  • Jenny Bee
    Jenny Bee

    Please please please do the Pulse trilogy, I am addicted to your UZmatch channel and I would very much appreciate if you did one of my favorite movie series <3

  • Joseph Dunn
    Joseph Dunn

    Time 12:09 something is in the mirror

  • David Matousek
    David Matousek

    I watched this 9 times the first week it came out,love this movie

  • Rylosalex

    This seems like an interesting movie, gonna check it out and the book

  • Supercas09 Pugh
    Supercas09 Pugh

    And they are the only ones that found out the truth since Sarah hundreds of years ago and they are the only ones who found out the truth since Sarah hundreds of years ago

  • Dmaest Grim
    Dmaest Grim

    there is a TON of cringe moments in these movies. like so many.

  • RVDDP2501

    40:08 - lol repeat, repeat

  • Max Clone
    Max Clone

    The first one was ass man and the main character was shit too God damn i hope the other two aren't as bad

  • Tree Fall
    Tree Fall

    I'm not finished with the video but can I just say. Throwing ANYTHING out of a car is a bad idea. That can and will kill people. A relatively small rock can easily shatter a windshield. People have died because of incidents like this. Let along a whole Gatorade container. What a bunch of stupid teens. Were there no teachers on board? (Also being mad because your girlfriend doesn't want to be with you anymore even though you're the one who broke up with her is trash. Get over yourself.)

  • Araceli Morales
    Araceli Morales

    I personally feel like will is less of a kramer and more like Amanda. He uses john's philosophy under the guise of putting an end to systematic corruption but deep down this is just another revenge plot which is why his traps are unwinnable. Going forward it would be interesting to see his confidence break down as he realizes that he's really no better than those he's trying to "rehabilitate" and should be tested as well just as Amanda was.

  • Tom Sawyer Piper
    Tom Sawyer Piper

    Not sure if we needed 16 y/o lesbians in these Goosebumps movies, but I guess that’s just my old showing.

  • AkiaDima

    I watched this as soon as it came out lol.I read R.L.Stine religiously when i was younger. I also couldn't help but notice that in the camp episode, shadyside had more people of color and wonder if that was an intentional or unintentional production choice. Either way I plan on owning this trilogy. It actually had me on the edge of my seat.

  • Rosco Pecouletrane
    Rosco Pecouletrane

    Yup that’s what I herd that they were Mad because we killed Jesus and they didn’t want us to be a violent race but as usual we f. It up

  • It's Emry
    It's Emry

    This trilogy was soooo good :)

  • Lazarus1095

    I'm not seeing just the ending explained. I'm seeing the entire movie being summarized.

  • Clarence G Boddicker
    Clarence G Boddicker

    Event Horizon on the seas. Pathetic

  • LiliAvacyn

    I decided to watch the series from the beginning but I knew a lot of the films were retconned or just plain awful so I only watched I, II, H20 and the new 2018 film. I appreciated the synopses + clips for the ones that I skipped, so thank you for this video!!

  • SnakeKingBlues

    it was good i did enjoy it as a kid and the ending added a extra bit of world building to there story

  • kangarooster

    As far as I know, there are no "hallucinogen berries" so I believe the kids in the third one were just poisoning themselves.

  • kangarooster

    Also, the "twist" that Ziggy was the one who lived was retarded. The older sister was the spitting image of a young Gillian Jacobs (the actress who plays older Ziggy). And I wonder why the killers pick and choose when and when not to kill the "non-chosen ones"

  • R B
    R B

    I really didn't like this movie. It just felt dumb that the curse was actually real. It took away from its darkness. Now it's just family desperately trying not to die. If there was no curse at all that would've meant that the family was just so superstitious that they were capable of killing their own family members just because of an old tale. That's pretty dark and it would've been a great twist imo.

  • kangarooster

    These were better than I expected, I just hate Tommy didn't have his mask during the second one. He was the coolest killer I think. He was TTG. I laughed whenever he sprinted onto the screen ready to kill someone.

  • W34KN35S

    never understood why she didnt just inhale the water to drown lol , if she wouldve willingly inhaled the water then she wouldve drowned faster and their friends wouldnt have had to die. Her fighting and prolonging the drowning was stupid , and the friends are kind of dumb for being talked into sacrificing their lives for a high school romance but we need a movie though right 😂

  • Berry

    I think that if they made a 4th movie it would most likely be a Shadysider that took the book and made the same deal to get revenge on Sunnyvale.

  • TRUSTmaker101

    The only thing I didn't like about it is that they only let the characters that died have any good character development. 😕 like it's fine that they died but why do the ones that lived suck? Except Ziggy. Ziggy's BA

  • Ridley Someliana-Lauer
    Ridley Someliana-Lauer

    Bad things will happen in Sunnyvale, you say? You just confirmed that this is the origin story for Trailer Park Boys.

  • anuj sharma
    anuj sharma

    i do not get really. trina demon slave already give her neckless to jess. before her daughter chloe even planning to knock so even chloe do not knock twice . trina going trick jess anyway . same goes for chloe its look like trina has nothing to do with chloe. and baba yaga is after her because of twice knock. seem to like very luck coincidence?? that on whole world these mother and daughter only were related to baba yaga. only logic i can see seem to be poor direction as chloe twice knock should before and as per that trina decided select her mother jess

  • Fillory

    No mention that the little girl is a young Emily Browning? She's so underrated!

  • Fillory

    I used to watch the opening to this movie every time it came on TV! Just the best opening ever. But yeah I checked out shortly after, after watching 1st time anyway. Even as an 11yr old I had better taste lol. Though looking back it wasn't THAT bad. We certainly get plenty of far worse horror today. For every 1 great one there's 2 good and 50+ bad.