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  • Just pavan
    Just pavan

    Man ur voice makes my day dude. Thx for the vids🙂👍

  • Elizabeth Vera
    Elizabeth Vera

    Hablen bien en español

  • Alex Roy
    Alex Roy

    Wow, those reaper creatures have an awesome design! I freaking LOVE that skeleton, bug, plant-root style going on! :D

  • ESP PupsnKits
    ESP PupsnKits

    I think it’s a lazy demon who doesn’t wanna go through all three steps (going off of the conjuring) and wants to go straight to possession, so it picks on those already broken down and dissociating.

  • Noob

    Cant wait for the forever purge

  • Zoe

    My grandmother had dementia. She lived through the second world war and was the strongest woman I knew, but slowly became a mess of shattered hip bones and crying fits. She didn't know me on my last visit, and couldn't understand why my father, her youngest child, had a silvery beard. She would say that she wished she would die faster, and mentioned seeing her family waiting for her around every corner. I miss her every day, but I am so glad she is resting now- I know she didn't want it to come to that. Now my dad is in his 50s and his oldest siblings are forgetting things. He is forgetting things. I hope he doesn't suffer the same way his mom did, and he has plans to set up a DNR order for his twilight years. This movie was terrifying not because of the jump scares or the claustrophobia or the rot, but because of the true horror of watching your loved ones fade away, knowing that one day it will happen to you too.

  • David Aguilar
    David Aguilar

    We ask for the ending explained not the whole damn movie Jesus Christ

  • Steven Chesnut
    Steven Chesnut

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  • My dick is tiny but,
    My dick is tiny but,

    I wish someone made a VHS with the interlocking storylines

  • Kai Fugi
    Kai Fugi

    I like how he says wendys instead of willys

  • Joe Furness
    Joe Furness

    Really hope we get to see what Dr. Gordon has been doing during this time in a future installment.

  • Derek Llewellyn
    Derek Llewellyn

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  • River Overland
    River Overland

    The Conjuring series never scared me but this is the rare horror film that has me terrified. They managed to keep me on edge every second of the movie and kept me thinking the entire time, unlike other horror flicks where I’m just waiting for jumpscares

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    Just wiped out tomato town

  • A man of culture
    A man of culture

    I watched this movie because they said it's "very scary". I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything. It was boring, the creature is creepy but they overstated it. It's not a bad movie per se but---- it's not as scary as what people claimed it to be.

  • SkeletonPanda

    reminds me of "the haunting of bly manor" expect, that one was amazing!

  • Commander Rockwell
    Commander Rockwell

    You're right, this is better than V/H/S; WAY better than V/H/S 2.

  • Rusty Howe
    Rusty Howe

    Assuming the girl at the end was indeed a witch or *the* witch, then why weren't all the flowers withering when people sent her "get well" bouquets? Surely all of them couldn't have been fake flowers right?

  • Vijayalakshmi Seemandi
    Vijayalakshmi Seemandi

    Hey man, can you review an awesome Horror movie called Aiyai from Australia. It is very very good and is available on demand in USA.

  • Berlin Fuller
    Berlin Fuller

    I love this movie!

  • Ryan Weitman
    Ryan Weitman

    One anthology film that I watched recently and loved was The Mortuary Collection. Very odd but very cool at the same time! Definitely would recommend checking it out.

  • Tanzi Mark
    Tanzi Mark


  • Xx_Hail_Coffee_xX

    sooo is the dude himself or did he actually kill himself

  • Creeps Plays
    Creeps Plays

    For a minute I thought he said “The dark spirits called the Furrys.”

  • S7

    Good video

  • Noodle God
    Noodle God

    She has two kids and is in therapy for trauma and alcohol addiction? I personally wouldn’t recommend another kid in the mix but to each their own!

  • Chicken Draws Dogs
    Chicken Draws Dogs

    Man, the theatrical ending sounds waaaay better.

  • Khanh Hua
    Khanh Hua

    Try playing FoundFlix audio as a C Level English test.

  • Creeps Plays
    Creeps Plays

    I swear to god in every found footage movie there is a swinging chandelier

  • Creeps Plays
    Creeps Plays

    Damn, she can get intense about her gardening!

  • Rusty Howe
    Rusty Howe

    At least Laura got the merciful bullet, there was no recovering from what had happened to her and what her son was becoming.

  • The Packing Pacjack
    The Packing Pacjack

    The Jackson in question is “Michael Jackson”....That makes the movie 10 times more terrifying

  • Michele Castellotti
    Michele Castellotti

    This movie reminds me of a dylan dog comic, i think it was titled (from italian to english) "a stranger on the road", where weird shit was happening on a road and this mysterious guy kept hitchicking, at the find dylan ffinds out that this guy is actually dead and the road simply wants to claim his soul, but since he kept hitchiking it claimed the souls of the others.

  • dayneplaylogic

    Imagine the sequel begins with him meeting his father. Who works at a local McDonald's

  • undero0s !
    undero0s !

    this movie makes me feel unsafe in my own home

  • Taylor Newton
    Taylor Newton


  • Cheeri nos
    Cheeri nos

    Never trust a tiny mustache

  • M.C.J

    ‘’who’s Candice’’ 0:00

  • yunus YILMAZ
    yunus YILMAZ

    you are too loud

  • DeQuann Dillard
    DeQuann Dillard

    My biggest question whats the difference from the book?

  • Resener

    Damnnn this movie is full of sperm eyes

  • kuroro

    I wish you would do an ending explained for V/H/S, I loved that anthology series as well! Love your videos!!

  • Karisa Rafania MD
    Karisa Rafania MD

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  • Gaming N Addiction
    Gaming N Addiction

    Shout out to Drop Dead Fred

  • Maud Loomis
    Maud Loomis

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  • Georgia Lenny
    Georgia Lenny

    So she bled through her clothes on the boat?🤔

  • Reggielacey 223
    Reggielacey 223

    There are a couple Asian horror anthologies on Netflix for you to do videos on

  • Maud Loomis
    Maud Loomis

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  • Rubi Lynn
    Rubi Lynn

    Huge fan, really enjoy your analysis on movies, I recently watched "Z" and "The Wind" and I'm very confused, please can you explain what the heck is going on 🤯🧠🌫⁉️

  • zonglian

    What with the thumbnail?

  • Maud Loomis
    Maud Loomis

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  • Adrian steele
    Adrian steele

    That guy is NOT ANY kind of doctor. Regardless of the situation, no real doctor just does what they want.

  • Antony

    Well. Trickle down enconomy in a nutshell.

  • Death Squad88
    Death Squad88

    >"ending explained" >narrates the whole movie >after half an hour of story telling still does not actually explain the ending, that Mary did return back because Alice was revived, as shown by the statue crying blood

  • Sp1ash

    That intro lol

  • Mantsali Nthabiseng Sekoli
    Mantsali Nthabiseng Sekoli

    Looks disappointing

  • Anon Nona
    Anon Nona

    Bad movie. No direction.

  • newwavepop

    i always liked the premise of the purge, find it interesting. but then i look at the comments and remember why the streets would be full of people. everybody really thinks they would be some badass in that situation. and then there are the people that want to go loot and steal stuff, the streets are full of rape and murder but im going to brave it because the newest XBOX or Playstation is so important to my happiness and well being. no i like the premise and i like the films well enough. dont so much care for the obvious propaganda aimed towards conservatives and the stereotype that old greedy white men are the cause of the worlds problems or the ridiculous notion that those same old rich white men want to kill of the poor people whos taxes are where most of the money comes from, and who do the shotty jobs other people dont want to do.

  • nidhi gupta
    nidhi gupta

    Please explain the seventh day

  • Kelly Stephenson
    Kelly Stephenson

    Definitely an above average found footage film. One of the better ones.

  • Mihaela Dumitrescu
    Mihaela Dumitrescu

    1:29 the gift of prophecy I tell you

  • Wyatt

    Is no one realizing that in the bathroom scene when the last door opened outward at first but then when the gorilla throws him in it opens inwards

  • Maddy Grace
    Maddy Grace

    13:17 at deaths DOOR

  • sicrwic

    Maybe I’m dead, but this movie wasn’t scary or funny at all to me. I understand the movie, it just lost me a few times, I lost interest a hour and a half in questioning if I should finish it. I finished it, it’s a good movie but just didn’t do it for me. ( important note im watching this with no distractions,by myself at 12 at night) Im definitely trying to invest myself in this movie, but after a while it just lost me. There’s some flaws I can find with the movie, like the little girl kills the neighbor and nothing happens to her, and there’s some other little things I can not pick about it. It’s a good movie but just didn’t do it for me, I’d give it a 8.5/10 but probably wouldn’t watch it again for at least a few years. Idk maybe someone can help me like the movie, personally I’d give it a 6/10 but I can appreciate what the movie does and what it is, that’s why I gave it a 8.5

  • Tim

    Anyone thought about Death Stranding seeing this movie. ?? Even the music have this death stranding vibe, and the floating demons just like the game exactly.

  • Nikola-Mitre Dejanovic
    Nikola-Mitre Dejanovic

    Kek. The demon got NTR'd and threw a tantrum.

  • Spencer

    The ending pissed me off

  • DarkwolfRedsoul

    In the bathtub scene Z looked like if Tom Hiddleston was turning into Gollum.

  • animewatchercausewhynot

    I live in Scotland and I swear I've only ever heard the other name for ding dong ditch like once or twice


    18:11, wtf is the naked guy doing?


    the leg got me, why FF

  • The Snowman912
    The Snowman912

    your so funny bro...we can get this to Saw

  • Haven Price
    Haven Price

    Is this paimon like genshin

  • Melvin Melville
    Melvin Melville

    This reviewer's voice and pace is irritating.

  • Obaid Al Heloo
    Obaid Al Heloo

    6:29 did anyone notice the little nun toy on the shelf? No? Just me?

  • Abdul B
    Abdul B

    This guy tells stories in a way that makes boring stories sound awesome. I watched this movie just cos he made it sound so good. The movie actually sucks.

  • Giselle Rogers
    Giselle Rogers

    Hi, Foundflix. =] Could you do a review/ending explained on The Fourth Kind? I’d really like to hear your opinion on it.


    What pissed me off was the iconic line thats "Game over"

  • Sardonic Spartan
    Sardonic Spartan