SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW (2021) Ending Explained

The Saw series continues in the new spin off Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Detective Zeke Barnes takes on a new case, with murders piling up that resemble the work of the infamous Jigsaw killer. We're breaking down the story, looking at the new traps, and most importantly looking into the new killer and his philosophies that differ from Kramer's.

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  • Araceli Morales
    Araceli Morales

    I personally feel like will is less of a kramer and more like Amanda. He uses john's philosophy under the guise of putting an end to systematic corruption but deep down this is just another revenge plot which is why his traps are unwinnable. Going forward it would be interesting to see his confidence break down as he realizes that he's really no better than those he's trying to "rehabilitate" and should be tested as well just as Amanda was.

  • The Corn-Cob
    The Corn-Cob

    Jigsaw was genius and re-freshing what do you mean?

  • Lilchupepe

    Can you explain the ending in 2 girls 1 cup ?

  • Tim McQuaid
    Tim McQuaid

    Was the first victim McMurray? haha

  • LaDonna Mechelle
    LaDonna Mechelle

    I thoroughly enjoyed how the storyline this go was from police departments perspective...how it covers their porcesses but also the police corruption and how a "snitch" cop is treated. This was the first psychological thriller that has had me fully enthralled in a very long time.

  • Snavels

    It's terrible what happened to Zeke, especially because I feel like he wasn't shushing the kid to keep him from telling, but rather shushing him so the other cop wouldn't hear him and come in to shoot the kid and leave no witnesses.

  • Ant M.
    Ant M.

    When I watch a movie and there are certain things I don't quite get. I love watching your endings explained, you always help explaining things I missed. Keep up the good work.

  • Dave Ewing
    Dave Ewing

    I just watched it last night. What a piece of garbage. It's by far the worst of the series. The acting was atrocious. The dialogue sucked, and the story was predictable as hell. Not to mention the traps all sucked.

  • Marine 1775
    Marine 1775

    This movie was so bad. I will never get that time back- what a waste of 40 million $ down the drain. SMH DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!

  • Joe Gentry
    Joe Gentry

    I must need to rewatch this because when I "saw" it last week I thought it was absolute garbage and worst saw film of them all

  • Abhideep Dey
    Abhideep Dey

    I believe the true name of this movie is seent

  • Alyssa Cimone
    Alyssa Cimone

    This was a great movie!!

  • eboni07051

    Stop giving away the goods for free 😂😂😂

  • Justin Simmons
    Justin Simmons

    Zeke was such a weird character. I honestly couldn’t take him seriously

  • Taylor Gordon
    Taylor Gordon

    I really did not like this movie at all it was boring to me. Love Chris rock and Samuel L Jackson but this particular movie was just not it 👎

  • MFriz :}
    MFriz :}

    I think it’s also interesting that in the begging the killer is wearing a bigs mask and his trap is basically un-winnable just like in saw 3 with Amanda who also wears a big mask.

  • Ds Production
    Ds Production

    I also think will won't last many movies he doesn't have the protagonists as style however he is quite smart tho which is kinda like the only thing you need in saw

  • Ds Production
    Ds Production

    I just felt like Saw 5 mad killer detective guy the traps were pretty much giving the person very less time to do stuff like they should have shown them trying to not escape

  • universal_dissappointment

    The thing that really sucks is that when William says cops "shoot first and ask questions later" he was right. As when the cops burst in and shot an unnecessary amount of bullets into Samuel L., if they had actually stopped for a moment and assessed the situation, they would've seen that there was no weapon on Samuel L's arm. It was literally a cylindrical piece of metal.

  • Jack White
    Jack White

    Can people start calling movies the actual name they are titled? This is spiral. And the next film will most likely not be called saw 10.

  • PS2 Gamer
    PS2 Gamer


  • Brokerofdarkness

    The excellent interview with Bousman and Stolberg explains the mysterious SUV. Great interview if you're interested in the behind the scenes stuff. uzmatch.info/it/qdCfv5za1cazlpk/video

  • Cumquat

    I honestly would’ve just accepted death if I were in the tongue or finger trap. Fuck that dude lmao. The finger trap is just barely doable I think, but if I had no fingers, I’d hate my life anyways. Not to mention the tongue trap is objectively unwinnable. There is absolutely no scenario where a person survives that unless they find a way to cheat their way out of the mechanism without tearing their tongue off.

  • kurtis vollert
    kurtis vollert

    i know im late but i just finished watching this and i liked the different style of kills,although I didn't agree with how inconsistent the new copycat was he didnt really tell all of the people how to survive there traps and they were all rigged anyways but i didnt expect the twist it was entertaining nonetheless

  • david howard
    david howard

    Only goofy part was how he managed to sneak up on everyone when they had guns

  • david howard
    david howard

    They got me good, I was wondering why the rookie cop was killed because he wasn't a corrupt cop. Turned out he was the killer, and I didn't catch it.

  • Nami Kim
    Nami Kim

    The fact that he has a midsommar T-shirt and the first recommended video was a midsommar kill count is scary

  • Tomb Keeper 203
    Tomb Keeper 203

    The finger trap is real and something you can buy online.

  • Chris Evan
    Chris Evan

    This movie as absolutely awful. The worst I’ve seen in a while.

  • WolfGirl 95
    WolfGirl 95

    I was disappointed at first with how Samuel L. Jackson's trap was and even got the spoiler where he was shot to death. That was until the movie came out and I seen why that was his trap and the reason behind it. I thought it was kind of weak at first seeing how bloody and gruesome the other traps were then for the finale to be shot to death by a bunch of cops. Like I said after I seen the full film and not just trailers I was pleased with it and found it fitting for the character. When I first heard Chris Rock was staring in this and producing it I laughed thinking it was a joke because a movie like this was WAY out of his league. He really surprised me and I'm glad he's trying different ranges of genres here and there instead of comedy. Overall I'm happy with the film and I love where this is going. Here's to hoping for Spiral 2 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • JD

    Out of all the Saw movies, this one actually had an interesting plot with some meaning. It wasn't about *"People BAD! They need to be taught a lesson"* it was about a corrupt system and a sick attempt to try and fix it.

  • Tyrone Lio
    Tyrone Lio

    why is your cut and timing of everything diff to the dvd one

  • Naran Road_to_Triple_Dutch
    Naran Road_to_Triple_Dutch

    Does someone know where I could buy that Midsomar shirt? I really like it

  • Aizoku

    All I heard was “sss” “tsss” “ksss”

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    just got the dvd

  • Quinyatta Scott
    Quinyatta Scott

    someone hire this man in the writting department at saw

  • Lemarsien Soluc
    Lemarsien Soluc

    The only interesting death scene was tongue and glass scene

  • Giovanni Richie
    Giovanni Richie

    As soon as I heard he was a new cop I knew he was the killer

  • Goonies Never Say Die!
    Goonies Never Say Die!

    Detective Ezekiel "Zeke" Banks going after Detective William Schenk/Emmerson is something we have already seen in Saw 5, Agent Peter Strahm & Detective Mark Hoffman..

  • Joseph Ellis
    Joseph Ellis

    Your shelf is so distracting i love it

  • Dead Weight
    Dead Weight

    I’m surprised that when I got to the comments, everyone seemed to be in support of the movie. But honestly this was the worst movie I have ever seen. If you have more than 2 drain cells then you’ll notice the lazy writing, horrible props, dumb traps and a nonsense story. The twist wasn’t even a twist, I already knew that the cops buddy would be jigsaw.

  • WazyySzn

    When I saw the ending the dude just closes the gate and They get trapped the movie was good the ending was trash

  • queenfree85

    I HATED this movie. Sooo stupid. I've seen all the real Saw movies and my dislike of this movie had nothing to do with being used to how the movies usually go. It was very stereotypical (cheating wife, hardened emotionally not present father, hated by coworkers, doesn't follow the rules, etc) very telegraphed (I knew the dad was involved as soon as the convo about Zeke always making things about him when they're not happened and knew the rookie was involved as soon as they appeared to kill him off which made no sense trying to hype up some kind of emotional attachment we're supposed to have for him but is never earned) very boring (the traps, aside from the broken glass one, were lackluster) and very awkward (I felt like the dialogue and heavy handed forced relationships were very unbelievable and kept me from getting immersed in anything happening between catch phrases and outdated references like "what you doin willis"). As much as I'd like my hour and forty minutes back, I as usual I love your breakdown of the movie! I should have stuck to watching your channel instead of the movie lol.

  • jocelyn

    idk how many times i yelled Don’t go alone! or Get out of there! must’ve been many lol

  • ☦︎𝖉𝖆𝖜𝖌☦︎ .
    ☦︎𝖉𝖆𝖜𝖌☦︎ .

    Garza could've honestly killed the killer right then and there but instead she ran back to the door trying to escape when she had a clear shot

  • ☦︎𝖉𝖆𝖜𝖌☦︎ .
    ☦︎𝖉𝖆𝖜𝖌☦︎ .

    Chris Rock really killed it with the humor in this, he cracked jokes but also maintained a sense of seriousness, both perfectly balanced and not overwhelming the other

  • Glow Boy
    Glow Boy

    If you watched the trailers they trick you because you hear a robotic voice say “when was the last time you saw your father”. In the movie you hear a cop say that making you think it’s him and at that point in the movie we think William is dead

  • Katie Whitecross
    Katie Whitecross

    Can you review escape room tournament of champions??

  • experimenter19

    Wanting to continue a in this case a horror franchise but it’s just gonna have the same formulas so to “suck” compared to the others

  • Perla Pacheco
    Perla Pacheco

    Okau but your background gives me peace 🙃

  • ShinRyuAmiYuniTsuki

    Jesus fuck get to the point

  • Any Time
    Any Time

    This movie has potential & good acting but the twist is too predictable, at least it still better than Jigsaw 2017 & Saw 3D, i give it 6.5/10!

  • The Shöcker Pit
    The Shöcker Pit

    See the problem is this guy is nothing like jigsaw yes he uses traps but he doesn’t have like the same mindset like everyone deserves a second chance he more or less me torture traps to be honest

  • Ang-MEME get it like angi haha ang-meme
    Ang-MEME get it like angi haha ang-meme

    I say we all spam twisted pictures on each site to collab with @foundflix for the next three movies 🍿

  • tyson thao
    tyson thao

    Angie didn't deserve to die. There is no way zeke knew whether or not Angie was actually corrupt aside from him being filled with rage

  • Raidowave Reviews
    Raidowave Reviews

    The ultimate plot twist the killer wants to use the severed body parts to build a Frankenstein Billy the puppet

  • BertLiveStreamz Channel
    BertLiveStreamz Channel

    I liked the movie

  • Louis

    That was one WEIRD Dreamcast commercial man! I mean, Sega has always been doing cocky ads, but a complete fake horror movie just to drill their console's icon in our head...! Wow!

  • G.I. Jake
    G.I. Jake

    Soon as saw "new partner" walk in i called it and the motive too. Too easy but good movie.

  • Super Hiro
    Super Hiro

    Catering to Burn Loot Murder I see.....

  • ImGonnaDie

    My buddy owned that bread factory... his business is toast :c

  • hellrider22393

    5:50 whoa, had to stop and do some research

  • TakeMyWordForIt

    Producers are obsessed with making Max Minghella the unsuspected villain in their mystery thrillers. Just look at Horns.

  • Duane Scott
    Duane Scott

    He was talking about SHOOT WILL not shoot the target and save him. If he shot will he failed. If he shot the target instead of taking revenge for what he did to his dad.. he passed.

  • Lillian Austin
    Lillian Austin

    Ok if Jigsaw was alive he would not approve of the killing games because you know EVERYBODY DESERVES A 2ND CHANCE Also the reason why Jigsaw's followers are wearing pig masks is because Jigsaw's son is part of the Chinese zodiac sign the pig which means rebirth and if people survived Jigsaw's traps they will be rebirthed as a better person the reason why I say this is because alot of people are questioning me about why they're wearing pig masks

  • Helli Hellwig
    Helli Hellwig

    Spiral a "Spin-off" hehe spin..

  • J Elle
    J Elle

    I think it was Saw 5? The cop and the bad guy had the same hair and jacket, so I genuinely couldn't tell them apart. It was a very confusing movie. Major fail on the costume department's part.

  • Tony Gomez
    Tony Gomez

    So wait the part where zeke asks him about his wife and son all he said was " i don't have a son " he didn't say anything about not having a wife maybe she helped him with traps ? which also explains the new voice

    • Reaper Rogue Agent
      Reaper Rogue Agent

      Thats an interesting theory

  • roloqween

    Saw 40... I'm buying a ticket no matter if it's predecessor sucks. Keep making em

  • Bonqueque

    It sucks how nobody actually won the traps

  • Jasmine Frederick
    Jasmine Frederick

    I think it would have been doper if His partner was a follower of Jigsaw

  • TooTsaka

    Spiral was, all in all worse than Saw V. The only thing that elevated Saw V above Spiral was the number of traps that was included. Spiral had a measly five... and I swiftly forgot about two of them as they were generally boring I regard Saw V, before Spiral, as being the second worse Saw movie. Saw 3D being the uncontested worst. Spiral was downright dire all in all. While I enjoyed Jigsaw thoroughly, this instalment, I feel they need to just stop before they create even more damage. It is truly dire.

  • Hugh Janis
    Hugh Janis

    Genuinely surprised Chris Rock managed to convince me he was playing a serious role

  • MrThegaffer1

    Chris rock spends the whole movie looking oike hes shitting his pants

  • zephyr tulaga
    zephyr tulaga

    this movie at the ending GAVE ME THE COLD CHILLSSSS LMAOOO

  • Lisa-Marie Bibeau
    Lisa-Marie Bibeau

    That movie was terrible

    • Lisa-Marie Bibeau
      Lisa-Marie Bibeau

      @David GN40 equally bad

    • David GN40
      David GN40

      Still better than Jigsaw

  • kevin bowers
    kevin bowers

    good movie

  • ✩ Nix ☽
    ✩ Nix ☽

    None of the traps were survivable. It was obvious from the start who the killer was. The killer's logic to go out of his way to become a cop & make partner made no sense if he was just going to immediately fake his death anyway. Chris Rock and the rookie/killer used policing methods that also made them absolute pieces of shit (like maiming and torturing a dealer for information). The killer had an inconsistent moral code (hurting people to 'clean up the streets' isn't okay for the other cops, but running in without a warrant, putting lives at risk by causing a shootout, and torturing someone for information is a-ok???). And the killer made a comment about being assigned to "bums being hit by a train" as being beneath Chris Rock to investigate. But yeah, he's "reforming" the metro police. And there's so much more. This was just all around fucking shitty movie.

    • ✩ Nix ☽
      ✩ Nix ☽

      Thinking about it more it did make some sense that he became a cop. To get inside info, hacking, etc until he could "recruit" Chris Rock. Everything else I stand by tho.

  • ✩ Nix ☽
    ✩ Nix ☽

    'who done it' movies follow such a formula that I immediately knew the rookie was the killer. Especially when they wouldn't show his face when he was being 'skinned.'

  • who cares
    who cares

    I think this killer is more dangerous than John Not only does he kill you in a brutal, most painful way, he gives you this sense of hope that you can get out of the trap when these traps are just made to make you suffer before dying a painful slow death, slow so that you can feel every inch of despair

  • X Marks D Spot
    X Marks D Spot

    he should stay in comedy his voice ia jot suitable in thriller genre.

  • coverandoacasa

    i hope the next "jigsaw" killer will be like a mechanical magician, the traps in this movie were a little basic actually, basic but very gore; yes, i said next jigsaw, john kramer succeded in creating a jigsaw cult, i bet events like the one in this movie are happening frequently and around the world... everyone could be a jigsaw copycat, where the mechanical/medical/inventive skills varies from individual to individual and the victims could be childhood bullies, evil bankers or yakuzas, the options are limitless. i loved all saw movies, from 1 to 8 and spiral included, so i hope the franchise will never end, and spiral proved that the franchise can actually continue at infinitum... i hope so.

  • Bichen Up Ur -
    Bichen Up Ur -

    Moral of the story: never save kids

  • ZEO

    Saw movies - watch the first 3 - then the ending of the 7th one . You are done whit the lore and anything relevant to the franchise.

  • Katie Jeffords
    Katie Jeffords

    I absolutely hated Jigsaw

  • Xavier Garces
    Xavier Garces

    I see a lot of people comparing Will to kramer and how he strayed from jigsaws path. He straight up said he wanted to change the whole system an not the individual. Wills traps arent meant to punish the cops, as most people already pointed out, there inescapable. Wills traps are to send a message to the cops as a whole. The department was covering each others backs when one broke the law, so by making dramatic deaths they were ALL forced to see what would happen if they continued to keep quite. Will knew things about that one department, "it was only a matter of time before they were next" that was the message to the crooked cops.

  • Nico Eloranta
    Nico Eloranta

    Not even half of the time line is adding up my bro Otherwise an a good video just take it a bit slower with your next explanation video Keep it up

  • j malko
    j malko

    I like how you talk.

  • Valerie Lopez
    Valerie Lopez

    I'm so slow it took me till the reveal to realize it was Will💀

  • Horny Toads
    Horny Toads

    it felt like zeke was all over the place with nothing in his control specially towards the end which felt forced upon bcz his father wasnt out of the woods yet and then cops storm in and shoot Samuel Jackson that bit felt like it was easily avoidable.. which is why i say the ending felt it was forced upon! i rate it 2 lollypops outta 5 trash

  • Rena Hawkins
    Rena Hawkins

    This was good I can't wait til part 2

  • TJ

    movie is absolute garbage, terrible acting

  • Hannah Leak
    Hannah Leak

    Hey ! I know this is a weird question but where did you get your midsommar T-shirt from? I wanna get my lil sis one for her bday and can’t find it anywhere

  • Alexis

    3:27 when it actually stars

  • Mikail Thomas
    Mikail Thomas

    "That's the Eric Matthews they gave medals to?" -John Kramer.

  • Mikail Thomas
    Mikail Thomas

    This reminds me of Persona 4 (the rookie cop was the serial killer).

  • Joe Furness
    Joe Furness

    Really hope we get to see what Dr. Gordon has been doing during this time in a future installment.

  • The Snowman912
    The Snowman912

    your so funny bro...we can get this to Saw 20....lol


    What pissed me off was the iconic line thats "Game over"

    • Reaper Rogue Agent
      Reaper Rogue Agent

      Ngl that is a crime that there isn't that line but I think this is a one time thing for William to do what zeke did to him when his father was shot