SON (2021) Explained

In Son, a young boy falls ill to a mysterious illness, and his mother must decide how far she will go to protect him from terrifying forces in her past. We're breaking down the story, including whats real and imagined, just what the cult she escaped is really up to, as well as explaining the massive late twist that changes everything.

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  • SA Farmers
    SA Farmers

    You deserved that 2millions sub. congrat. I enjoy your channel more than watching the full movie.

  • Patricia Cook
    Patricia Cook

    Wow 🥺

  • Esteban Rodríguez
    Esteban Rodríguez

    How is that a single mother, that has a teacher job AND goes to classes... has such a fucking big house????

  • Kramer C
    Kramer C

    Does this guy legit think it’s that easy to shoot a knife out of a persons hand? Might be watching too many movies

  • Intaek Oh
    Intaek Oh

    Anyone hear the weird noise in 14:57?

  • Nicholas Welch
    Nicholas Welch

    A cult in Kansas? Sounds like the Westboro Baptist Church to me. Would serve them right to have a movie loosely based on them. Some of the “disowned” family members have made claims of abuse. Maybe. Maybe..

  • Phillip Montano
    Phillip Montano

    Another omen story a little different tho

  • G A
    G A

    Movie left so many questions on the table. Hope we get a sequel

  • Mary McAllister
    Mary McAllister

    Now THAT is gaslighting

  • 31webseries

    It's an okay switch-up on the whole Satanic Panic days with the whole demonic cult being real and the pedophile/incest ring being the false memory.


    halloween chick has the nicholas cage problem with her face 1 look

  • Derrick Brehon
    Derrick Brehon

    10:33 LMAOOOOKK

  • Prince L
    Prince L

    so what were the people and the noises she heard?

  • Devin Audette
    Devin Audette

    I disagree with your idea she is crasy too. What are the odds she starts to go crasy at the time the child's changes are happening. The scene with the strangers in the house is designed to get the cop into her life and try to make her think she may be crasy. Some times I don't think you understand movies very well.

  • AmyndonSingsSunshine

    What do you mean suprising?

  • Amanda Mullins
    Amanda Mullins

    I watched this movie on Shudder tonight. I could barely hear the spoken dialogue, because the sound was too low. I'm watching this Foundflix in order to fill in the blanks.

  • Necessary Distraction
    Necessary Distraction

    Did Paul have to wait for her to summon the demon? Jimmy did say the she was the only one that could summon him..

  • Necessary Distraction
    Necessary Distraction

    Can anyone explain why she ran out into the street screaming and asked her neighbor to call police instead of just, I dunno..calling the police herself?!

  • Noelf

    Sounds pretty good actually!

  • Thomas Duffy
    Thomas Duffy

    These rashes look a bit to bloody to be rashes

  • The DBOI
    The DBOI

    The whole “shoot her in the hand” argument makes me cringe so hard no matter where I hear it lol

  • Ganja TheGr81
    Ganja TheGr81

    Good old Chekhov’s classroom

  • Weasel Fartood
    Weasel Fartood

    6:33 I'm predicting the cop is part of the cult, I havent seen this movie and that's as far as I've watched this video and I'm making that conclusion just on how he is the only one believing her and that's he got her back like that

    • Weasel Fartood
      Weasel Fartood

      I called ittttt, that was pretty obvious, but maybe it was just how I was presented the story idk

  • Aep Saepullah
    Aep Saepullah


  • Unl34shed B34st
    Unl34shed B34st

    Santa clarita the movie

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    The beginning is really good, the ending is really good, the middle feels really boring. I hope there's a sequel though, it'll be interesting if the son wants to avenge his mother.

  • Eder 21
    Eder 21

    Not another dum s movie about another Damian of Omen! Also too much 🐃💩!!! Y didnt d burly pimp just punch/push away d little skinny frail demon??? Y she cared about d black cop whom she never even met before but not cared about d other 2 cops?

  • falseking989

    24:35 It’s a common misperception that guns are super accurate like in video games. It’s not as easy as “just shoot her in the hand”, and if he missed the kid might have died. Also police need to shoot to end the threat.

  • Rusty Howe
    Rusty Howe

    At least Laura got the merciful bullet, there was no recovering from what had happened to her and what her son was becoming.

  • Kelly Kade
    Kelly Kade

    I’m confused why Paul had to kill her at anyway since she was giving up her son in the first place. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Morgan Leander Blake
    Morgan Leander Blake

    Uh. "relinquish" doesn't mean what you think it means. You can't relinquish someone else. You can ask someone else to relinquish something or someone.

  • Dick Burrows
    Dick Burrows

    When she shot the cops I immediately thought of could war aim assist. Bro she didn’t even have to aim

  • maggie waldman
    maggie waldman

    my second guess was that guy was part of the cult

  • Kathleen Genieve
    Kathleen Genieve

    And give a very complete analysis of all these movies which seem to have a lot of twists and turns in the plot. With that said have you already or would you consider reviewing an old movie he original "Jeepers Creepers?" It's pretty straightforward that the creepers guy is terrorizing people and wants to eat them and make skin suits out of their flesh but who the hell is this guy? He seems to have the ability to fly off into the night like mothman he wears a leather trench coat which conceals his leathery bat-like wings. I would be interested in your opinion on this dude. He is really One Scary MoFo.

  • Lilly B
    Lilly B

    I regret paying 5$ to rent this garbage ...

  • tasha 111
    tasha 111

    11:30 Helter Skelter vibes anyone..?? lol ☠ 👺 🚔 🐷 🔪 🪲 🎶

  • Nichole Jones
    Nichole Jones

    12:30 "He's Coming" has a new meaning 🤢

  • Alastair Macloud
    Alastair Macloud

    so basically how you get over demon possession is to forget

  • Jinx Sterling
    Jinx Sterling

    Maybe David just doesn’t or can’t do leftovers. Fresh made food is apparently more appealing.

  • Peanut Productions
    Peanut Productions

    this movie was shot in my town aka cleveland ms and my theater teacher and my fellow drama club members sister was in it he replayed his part for 5 minutes straight in class😂 he is the one on the right in the closet scene

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson

    Honestly the 'twist" was really predictable because there is no way a cop would believe a woman like that and he acted pretty sus too like wtf. Spoiled the whole movie lol. But nothing bad in the long run just predictable for the most part.

  • SoLongSidekick

    I know this is just a movie review but I'm so tired of the "y ThEy DiDn'T jUsT sHoOt DeM iN dA aRm?" idiocy. If you think that's even remotely consistently possible you've clearly never shot a gun in your life.

  • Daneace Copeland
    Daneace Copeland

    this movie is just the movie eli but lest entresting

  • slug man
    slug man

    Who didn’t know Paul was actually in on it I think it was really obvious

  • Lisa Kimoni
    Lisa Kimoni

    "Snacks for the road that's all I'm saying."😂😂😂

  • Dinky

    That kid looks young and like a 40 year old man at the same time

  • Dollarestore offbrand
    Dollarestore offbrand

    24:55 its hard to hit someone's hand

  • Puspa Vellai
    Puspa Vellai

    I don't know he doesn't exactly look too friendly, and being a *friendly neighbour* is one thing, but this is *pushing it* lady!! Side comments :D Made the movie more entertaining!

  • Nolan McCrary
    Nolan McCrary

    Please do southbound

  • lyn pachuau
    lyn pachuau

    1:25 if you look dead center, you can actually see a face in the mist.💀

  • _ trusst
    _ trusst

    This is like the movie "Omen" with the little boy named Damien!

  • Robyn

    at the 8 minute mark and when paul shrugged of the scar i immediately said "IT'S DUH FUCKIN' SYMBOL"

  • Lindsay Williamson Darois Bauer
    Lindsay Williamson Darois Bauer

    I love when he talks about child birth and how uncomfortable like he gets. It was rather adorable. Lol

  • TheUpwardSpiral

    Poor Susan. Rip.

  • BaconNDCheese

    ending explained? more like step by step summary of the whole movie

  • THEJoeDub22

    Likely just pushed the feelings, emotions, way deep-down inside & locked them all away leadin them to as they become repressed memories that could ultimately end up getting triggered just as easily only you just never know when that’s gonna be nor what it ACTUALLY is that even caused it to begin with - but once it IS triggered, if comes right to the forefront of their mind etc etc l

  • TheSwordfish009

    The forced way you speak is soooo annoying. Speak like a normal human being. Wtf is wrong with you...?

  • GalakStari

    2:19 - 2:20 “She wakes up several years later.“ I mean, I know she just gave birth to a demon baby, but come on lady!

  • faust Love
    faust Love

    There's an excellent opportunity in this movie for a Tupperware party....and a deep freezer.

  • Timothy C.
    Timothy C.

    I’ll come here with no desire to actually watch the movie. Lol

  • Dannie Richie
    Dannie Richie

    I knew Paul was up to no good cause he was too nice

  • Nyaavii

    She can fatally shoot 3 people in the dark without night vision? Someone enlist her to the special forces or something!

  • marcus t
    marcus t

    Is it just me or does the boy look like Chris?

  • Erin Jeanette
    Erin Jeanette

    I'm so jaded cuz I knew immediately Paul was going to be on some bullshit

  • IJN Kaga
    IJN Kaga ::::::::

  • xAlphaGMRx

    I just have to say it....David is really handsome at his age.

  • jo morken størseth
    jo morken størseth

    I made a comic strip about a boy going to meet his father for the first time. At a stone circle in the forest he starts chanting dark magic spells.. The earth cracks open and a demonic hand emerges for a greeting "Hi dad, mom says hello"

  • Terrellible.TV

    Kinda thought the detective was too helpful

  • Mahnoor Nadeem
    Mahnoor Nadeem

    It was really good movie. I did enjoy it , some part it was little con, like what did Laura husband and her dad do to her ? What kind part of cult was anyway? Why did Laura put he is coming every 2 scenes? Witch house was it anyway on last part, her husband , oh her father ?? The ending was twist , how Paul is part of cult?? Why Paul killed Laura if she was telling the truth ? I think Paul was working with Laura husband and let him get son to him !! Can someone plz explain to me ?

  • Courtney Kirschman
    Courtney Kirschman

    I mean... This is another reason for me to be afraid of children... and men that trust me

  • NV. S
    NV. S

    I’m sure that was Emile outside the door window when she called the second time. He said the cops were watching, and it seems he meant that literally

  • Destroyer of Cringe
    Destroyer of Cringe

    Who just wanted to shoot the demon child

  • cathef 108
    cathef 108

    Good to know the demigorgon is expanding his trade

  • SourGrape

    Movie was mad weird. Definitely not for kids I screwed up. I’m 12 and will never unsee it. Definitely great acting and story line.

  • Jack Yallop
    Jack Yallop

    where do i watch this film?

  • hellrider22393

    25:20 damn that's fucken dedication

  • hellrider22393

    24:44 really? I mean yea in the movie verse they could probably do that but not in our universe with the knife already moving

  • CͨEͤOͦ Y.
    CͨEͤOͦ Y.


  • Văn Vinh Nguyễn
    Văn Vinh Nguyễn

    Lol I can see that twist from miles away

  • Phia

    I’m gettin a “feed me, Seymour. FEED ME” vibe from this kid.

  • NekoNinjaNightmare

    Thats actually really sad

  • Diy_CaT

    Shooting because you're in fear for your life isn't cold blood. People need to stop misusing that phrase. Nah, I knew Paul was part of the cult immediately.

  • I love u Little mix
    I love u Little mix

  • Samuel Ling
    Samuel Ling


  • Densil Grant
    Densil Grant

    Like how this dude explains movies leaves you wanting to watch the movie if you choose too still

  • Annabella-Bug

    Ugh....ending was horrid 😒

  • LevixxX milkNekko._.
    LevixxX milkNekko._.

    cucumber cucumber choww🥒🥗🌶️🍅

  • Chicabbage

    I'm actually shock she's concerned of her son despite looking crazy, I rarely see those in film-

  • Dream Youniverse
    Dream Youniverse

    Yep. That’s the essence of incest: you get screwed by the creep AND the demon he carries

  • Dream Youniverse
    Dream Youniverse

    “Too much foreplay for this guy” 😆 love your channel

  • Sandra KM
    Sandra KM

    Great horror film 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Kramer Richardson
    Kramer Richardson

    Wasn't terrible but thought Paul was a bad guy from the start and the son wasn't the greatest child actor i've ever seen lol.

  • Caron Esslinger
    Caron Esslinger

    I will say, childbirth isn’t normally as easy as it is in this movie but my cousin did have a similar birth just yanking her baby out of there and he was fine, she didn’t even have to have stitches or anything

  • squishi rox
    squishi rox

    you should rename them as summaries since you just retell the movie in your own words... explained would be after 26:00

  • Cornell Glenn
    Cornell Glenn

    Your awsome dude.....i love people🎬🎥

  • God of Chaos Khorne
    God of Chaos Khorne

    Damn... Why did I watch this review and spoil whole the movie. This seems like a really good movie

  • Canaan_Crystal wing
    Canaan_Crystal wing

    I could feel paul was apart of that cult muddo such a bad guy


    Yeah isn't easy to shoot someone in the hand in a high intensity situation


    “Snacks for the road” 😩🤣🤣🤣