SON (2021) Explained
#son #endingexplained
In Son, a young boy falls ill to a mysterious illness, and his mother must decide how far she will go to protect him from terrifying forces in her past. We're breaking down the story, including whats real and imagined, just what the cult she escaped is really up to, as well as explaining the massive late twist that changes everything.
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  • Z. Rowsdower
    Z. Rowsdower

    I mean to be fair cops aren't trained to disable or shoot at limbs, they are trained to shoot for center mass and end the threat as soon as possible. Aiming for a small moving target like an arm is harder and has a higher chance of missing and possibly hitting someone else. So the shooting at the end wasn't that unrealistic.

  • Nemo Windsor
    Nemo Windsor

    What a disappointing ending...

  • Pixelchu

    You heard of “Ma”, now get ready for “Son (2021)”.

  • Farzaan Hussain
    Farzaan Hussain

    Is no one gonna address how she managed to shoot three trained policeman in the dark?

  • KGapanese SchoolGirlB
    KGapanese SchoolGirlB

    To be fair, even if Paul wasn't in the cult, he'd still shoot to kill. Cops don't shoot to wound, it's not a thing. You can actually get kicked from the force for doing it, as it endangers people, because rather than shooting centre mass, you chose to shoot for the hand, which is a very hard shot to make, and is very likely to miss, which is why it endangers people, and is a big no, no. Even if you hit, it's unlikely to stop them as many can continue doing whatever it is they're doing while in the moment. Tl;dr Paul killed her because he is trained to stop her, using deadly force if she proves to be a danger to people (trying to kill you (demon) son definitely fits the criteria) and was just doing his job. Paul killing Jimmy on the other hand, yeah that's because he's a dirty cult member!

  • Inked Latina
    Inked Latina

    From the beginning it was obvious the cop was one of the cult people. 🤷‍♀️

  • Koen Van Damme
    Koen Van Damme

    The twist at the end didn't really work for me, it was kinda obvious from the start

  • Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson

    Who didn't see the cop being a cult member?

  • Peachy Himiko
    Peachy Himiko

    I’m a bit confused. Didn’t Jimmy say the cult would never dare touch her?

  • BlackPoison Gamez
    BlackPoison Gamez

    I rather watch FoundFlix then the actual movies most of the time. Saves me hella time on movies that might be crap and its good white noise.

  • Aubrey Tucker
    Aubrey Tucker

    I watched it and I’m never going to marry a demon

  • CruddyCircle

    So its just another "child is the vessal for a demonic entity" story? Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo, havent heard that one before.....

  • Tea laBlu
    Tea laBlu

    Wait, it was a twist that Paul was in the cult? I automatically figured he was

  • Altamush Nayyer Khan
    Altamush Nayyer Khan

    I knew Paul was part of the cult from the beginning!

  • joy phillip
    joy phillip

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  • John W
    John W

    Nice review but I did not like the movie (maybe because I rented it and was disappointed).

  • MeoW


  • 1314Lermanlover

    I fucking knew he was a apart of the cult did not trust him for one fucking second

  • bobsagget823

    horror films: DAUTER MOMIE DAD SISTER NEIGHBOR BUDDY GUY retard studios 2021

  • Carlos Silvério
    Carlos Silvério

    ok, son

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore

    @ 10:46 *dual wield unlocked*


    "It all begins with a mysterious man leaving his home."

  • Locksher Mohes
    Locksher Mohes

    Dan, the worst part is the rapists got away unpunished.

  • Nunu

    I have a question. How did David get better when he was at the hospital? When Laura woke up right next to him, he had blood all over his face. Did he got something to eat from someone? Maybe Paul took care of it. I donno 🤔

  • Nunu

    I must admit I didn't see that twist coming at the end either. They actually gave it away in the scene where Laura says to Paul that David likes him and that he doesn't like people that often. David liked Paul because he is one of his father's servant. Man, other thing. It wasn't a scary scene or something but when David started swearing at his mother like 'find me food bitch!'..I was terrified for a moment. You don't hear kids swear like that in movies nowadays so it took me off guard haha. That was also the moment I realised yup he is the devil's child☠

  • Andrea

    I stopped watching this, watched the movie, it was good! Thanks again!

  • uhoh

    8:20 the police man is part of the cult isn't he?

  • Kian Rodriguez
    Kian Rodriguez

    3:45 damn, this shot is kinda cursed 😂. Looks like she's tiptoeing like Pink Panther

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost


  • Eric Prybylski
    Eric Prybylski

    Emile Hirsch is the man

  • Stevie Valour
    Stevie Valour

    Those 2 million subs are well deserved

  • Hoi_itsme

    As soon as a cult was mentioned I knew Paul was involved

  • Black bird
    Black bird

    ‘Snack for the road’ 😂😂

  • Komochirii

    Bruh there was no twist, I was able to smell the end when he made his first appearance on screen. A bit disappointing but at least daddy bones was nice looking.

  • NoArtisticLimitation

    SPOILERS BELOW, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK I saw the plot twist (in part) in the scene when he had a wound on his arm. I knew he had to be part of the cult, because of the “plot twist” you mentioned, and because I just had a feeling that he had to be part of whatever plot twist.

  • Adelina Boiangiu
    Adelina Boiangiu

    Do DAWN OF THE BEAST. Good and fun combination between monster movies, possession by wendigo, zombies and paranormal beasts facing off. Also it's about becoming a man by fighting. It's a great combination!!!!! A bit too dark shot sometimes but amazing and fun!

  • Xman

    This sounds like what happened to raven's mother from teen titans

  • Saul Alfaro Cano
    Saul Alfaro Cano

    Review Dark City...

  • Catalleya Storm
    Catalleya Storm

    Sometimes birth is that simple. One of my friends woke up with her baby in bed with her.

  • ShaneBIsMe

    This was really good. I never heard of it before seeing this review, so half way through the review i stopped and went to watch it. very good. last night I watched the empty man which was also really good. I've been waiting for the next good horror since hereditary. these 2 were it.

  • AllMighty Nerd
    AllMighty Nerd

    Explain the new daughter

  • Joshuaa Boykin
    Joshuaa Boykin

    This movie is dumb

  • im19ice3

    lol the moment i hear cult? oop! no bish that shows up can be trusted then x9

  • Nastasjjia Aguinaga
    Nastasjjia Aguinaga

    would it be ok if you can do an ending explain on "come true"?

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave

    I'm really getting tired of these terrible endings. Sorry. I like the "Happily Ever After" in movies, because real life is already hopeless emptiness as it is.

  • Actual idiot
    Actual idiot

    The ending wasn’t so awful, he atleast got to meet his father and accept that’s who he is

  • Video Nomad
    Video Nomad

    Was here

  • Crash

    You get funnier and funnier each video

  • Yasmin G
    Yasmin G

    That moment when Paul said he believed her that there were people in the room was a dead giveaway he was part of the cult. Why would a cop do all of that stuff Paul did if he had no ulterior motive.

  • Joied

    Dear Sir Foundflix, I want to thank you for making horror movies be bearable to me through these summaries. Horror movies make me scared but always get enticrd by their plots, so I thank you for bringing the plot to me without being scared :D. Sincerly, A Watcher

  • Elise Blair
    Elise Blair

    Called it from the start that the cop was in on it 😂

  • Honey Milano
    Honey Milano

    Hey! Can we get where we can stream these movies ? Pleaseeeeee

  • Prince Of Pokemon
    Prince Of Pokemon

    Paul was part of the cult! I totally called that! He said that he believed Laura right off the bat; dead giveaway.

  • Dalo Dulo
    Dalo Dulo

    Anybody else notice there have been alot of these types of movies out lately?

  • J The Frog
    J The Frog

    Foundflix you introduced me to my favorite horror movie the blackcoats daughter as well as other great horror movies, I'm so glad you finally hit 2 million subs you definitely deserve it

  • Blaze 2706
    Blaze 2706

    Yeh Paul fed him when he mysteriously got better the first hospital visit, good twist at the end. Enjoyed it.

  • Amber Brown
    Amber Brown

    This strangely reminds me of Eli on Netflix.

  • InnerZen

    So..... Bright burns cousin?

  • Andrew Robertson
    Andrew Robertson

    Cool demon

  • Andrew Robertson
    Andrew Robertson


  • fawnelles

    I just realized that the movies at the back are alphabetically arranged

  • Mamie Abd'
    Mamie Abd'

    This maybe a movie but it shows the power of cults in this world we live in reality.

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl

    03:17. "Obsessed with Horror. Wonder what that's about." Everyone in the comment section: Indeed! XD

  • Dyllan Rodriguez
    Dyllan Rodriguez

    I wanna watch this but idk where

  • Ben y
    Ben y

    .... schloop? :D

  • so bored
    so bored

    My volume while watching this movie. Normally it's on 8. Not too loud not to low. While watching this movie, dialog 12. Nothing happening 9. Something happens 4. Decent movie hated the range for the sound. Jump scares is one thing, jump scares that hurt ny ears is another thing. This movie is heavy on both.

  • Roeuth

    Was kind of obvious her live interest was part of the satanic cult, I mean seriously trust no one. Trust can only get you so far when everyone is out for your magical creature child.

  • WinchesterAngel

    “Rather than leave this whole big guy why not take some with you. I mean he could eat off that leg alone for like a week.”😂😂😂

  • Egypt *
    Egypt *

    Another Damian flick

  • Hellen Kellen Productions
    Hellen Kellen Productions

    Five minutes into the video, and I'm calling it now: that detective is in on the cult. EDIT: Called it.

  • acidbath32

    aye son reel tawk the movie

  • Briant Robles
    Briant Robles

    What has been the scariest movie you’ve seen?


    There are too many movies trying to make demons out to be destroyers of worlds and usually have many based on the “spawn of satan” or whatever. Clearly these movies are just that. Movies. If they knew of the Bible, they would know that satan has no power. It even has to ask permission to do things. Example: the story of Job. Just food for thought...

  • Clayton Kennedy
    Clayton Kennedy

    Your comment about simply shooting her hand as its holding a knife. Have you ever shot a gun? Shooting that fast on that small a target that can move very quickly is pretty much impossible. Head at that range is very possible. Neutralize the threat.

  • SundayMorning

    *odd detail in a movie ME: WELL OBVIOUSLY THATS THE TWIST, they mist be the bad guy

  • Babet L
    Babet L

    That was the most weak looking demon I have ever seen.

  • HiImRawr

    Man they should have had a different ending

  • Hafsa

    I thought the cop doctors AND the neighbour were planted by the cult 😅 sorry for doubting you susan

  • Laren Begay
    Laren Begay

    Had a feeling they dude was part of the cult from the start 👀

  • Hafsa

    smh that boy doesn’t even finish his meals properly

  • Genesiscoupe3000

    It was soooooooooo obvious that Paul was part of the cult right from the start. Very disappointing.

  • Catt Fresh
    Catt Fresh

    I get to "watch" so many movies with these breakdowns and I truly appreciate it 💞

  • KAEL Is Her Name
    KAEL Is Her Name

    7:40 🤣🤣🤣

  • KAEL Is Her Name
    KAEL Is Her Name

    Son "explained"??? Not "ending explained" while he actually tells the whole story ? Did i miss something ?

  • John Snow
    John Snow

    Shot her in the hand or something?... SMH 🤦‍♂️🙍‍♂️

  • cptwiggles

    Need more of soothing voice,comedy gold

  • A S
    A S

    The mom is cute af

  • Jaden Del Rosario
    Jaden Del Rosario

    How many money did the box office of this movie made?

  • cold hearted
    cold hearted

    I knew she was crazy from the start

  • Duo 20
    Duo 20

    Will this be consider Folk Horror??

  • LowKey LowKey
    LowKey LowKey

    The title. The year. The woman on the front. PHub had me thinkin it was....... >;D

  • Jonathan Gresham
    Jonathan Gresham

    Can you do one on rose red

  • PS2 Gamer
    PS2 Gamer


  • the salvaged
    the salvaged

    You should explain the movie astral on hulu it's a decent movie but would definitely be better if I had a more thorough explanation

  • Dj Diamstat
    Dj Diamstat

    I knew it! From the moment the cop said he believed her I knew he was in on it.

  • Apurv Joshi
    Apurv Joshi


  • Melena db
    Melena db

    Can you please do deadly illusions!!?

  • Steven Brawley
    Steven Brawley

    The cult was real, not surprising. The nice guys a seducer, not surprising. The cult has members in high places of authority, not surprising. The mother wasn't hallucinating in the present, and the past she remembered was real, not surprising. The demon was real, not surprising. Everything that would paint someone as paranoid and losing their grip on reality was real and the protagonist was saner than she seemed despite the past trauma and current stress, not surprising. Why was none of this surprising? Because it was a horror movie. And it looks like a damn good one.

  • Javon Hyche
    Javon Hyche

    Do a ending explained for deadcon😂

  • Avery perry
    Avery perry

    Explain “𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙲𝙰𝙻𝙻 (2020)"