THE BABYSITTER 2: KILLER QUEEN (2020) Ending Explained
#babysitter2 #endingexplained
In The Babysitter: Killer Queen, two years after the first film, Cole finds himself having to tend with evil forces once again, as well as navigating the difficulty of high school and young love. We're breaking down the story's twists and turns, digging into Cole's continuing character arc, and explaining the ending and credits scene that sets the stage for a part 3.
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  • never gonna
    never gonna

    Killer Queen has already touched the like button.

  • Scaleb160

    Killer-queen. Just think about that name for a sec

  • Shannon Hill
    Shannon Hill

    Still would have liked an explanation for how Cole fit into the whole thing. I mean why did the babysitter try to kill him in the first movie if she didnt predict anything of Cole and was actually somewhat good??? I find that to be a plothole.

  • Matthieu Leperlier
    Matthieu Leperlier

    FFS Mel, you were supposed to be the ONE!!

  • Jay Con
    Jay Con

    Australian actresses always have that skinny crack head blond look

  • Bryce Smith
    Bryce Smith

    But the real question is... how many fortune cookies before she got that fortune?

  • Bryce Smith
    Bryce Smith

    I mean why would Max be mad eitherway he just wanted to kill people so I mean he just wants to murder and be shirtless. To be completely honest he was the nicest of the people who tried to kill him.

  • Braden Raines
    Braden Raines

    10:14 ...sorry, guitar?

  • Braden Raines
    Braden Raines

    2:50 isnt he like 14????

  • the war storyteller
    the war storyteller

    Jojo fans rise up

  • IYONA14 GranTurismo GT6,GT SPORT Legendary Racers
    IYONA14 GranTurismo GT6,GT SPORT Legendary Racers

    Dude,you must not be American, the pose that she is doing on the boat is not attitude, its an homage to George Washington.

  • Michael Kos
    Michael Kos

    Hoping to see cole and Phoebe are still together as boyfriend and girlfriend in the babysitter movie

  • 4E till deaf
    4E till deaf

    i didnt watch the vid cuz ik part 2 was fuccin dumb

  • Martin Lau
    Martin Lau

    That's a banjo, not a guitar. But I love this channel! Keep up the great work!

  • Aidyn La Rosa
    Aidyn La Rosa


  • Aidyn La Rosa
    Aidyn La Rosa


  • kelnhide

    If the third movie isn't called "King Crimson" then I'll be miffed.

  • KageNoTenshi

    mate, the fight shouldn't have lost you, this isn't a horror film, this is a comedy

  • KageNoTenshi

    third movie, their kid and the new babysitter hahahaha

  • trudy101

    It would be cool to see what Hell looks like in this series and I would definitely like to see Bee "redeemed" at the end. I also hope that they will have Phoebe back for the last movie, but have new baddies.

  • YerDrunkDad

    3rd installment: I pin Cole's Mom as the true leader of the cult, doing something to ensure B kills Phoebe's parents creating the ability to recruit her (maybe based off of the concept that she got a good person to sell their soul willingly). The rest I agree with you on, sounds like it could be just as over the top of more-so than these past 2 films.

  • The Angry American
    The Angry American

    Muscle car not sports car

  • K3NZ1E

    There are huge plotholes in this movie

  • Liam Cudlipp
    Liam Cudlipp

    i think pheobe is better than mel in coles perspective

  • jamaine gardner
    jamaine gardner

    I didn't trust Phoebe for a second. If I were in charge of the 3rd movie I'd focus on developing Melanie by having her reveal that during the time between Babysitter and Killer Queen she TRIED to be with Cole but he never got over Bee. Then have her rant about how EVERYONE loved Bee despite her being a murderer, so she tried to imitate Bee.

  • Jamie Alexia
    Jamie Alexia

    so, this series is all about cole growing up. he faced his fears, he got laid, what next, MURDER? he's already done that

  • phoenixrising7777

    I don’t like what they did what they did with bee, it was obvious in the first movie she made a deal to become more confident etc and now they are completely rewriting just to redeem her. There’s nothing wrong with Bee being a villain. I thought she was going to be the Devil or a Salem witch but nope.

  • phoenixrising7777

    Hot Take: Bee shouldn’t have been redeemed, Melanie should’ve been redeemed because the twist would be that Cole only survived because she sold her soul for him to Bee.

    • phoenixrising7777

      jamaine gardner I would’ve taken that too over what we got.

    • jamaine gardner
      jamaine gardner

      That's a stupid way to pull that sort of twist. I would've had Bee possess her because that actually makes more sense.

  • YA

    I wish I could get stuck on a boat with Jenna Ortega 😞

  • pog

    6:34 ah yes, a *sports car* tootally not a muscle car.

  • TheZypher94

    i didnt watch the movie, but this video plus your commentary is just hilarious. I love your quirky comments on all of these, they light those things up exceptionally well. Even though im not a fan of horror movies in general i love watching your videos

  • max mustermann
    max mustermann

    what would be the point of a third movie, Cole has already reached climax


    Killer Queen. Bites the dust has already go to the future to see this

  • syntaii

    your theories at the end were SO accurate and makes total sense. can’t wait to see if they’re true😲

  • Kast

    As soon as i read the title, the song got stuck in my head for the whole video lol

  • Meh was Here
    Meh was Here

    Ok I found this movie under comedies and I am so confused

  • Everyone’sfavoritelesbian

    I wholeheartedly believe that the main reason they called the movie killer queen is to use that song 💀

  • Dylan Powell
    Dylan Powell

    Why does Jaun look like shaggy

  • Blight

    I think babysitter 3 could possibly be about how cole’s dad gets obsessed with the cult and joins them because of his encounter with dead bee

  • Estacion Geek
    Estacion Geek

    Somehow the Street fight scene as well as the odds stats and others reminded me a lot of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, I wonder if that was deliberate... ? maybe they were testing how wacky or quirky the movie could be for the 3rd installment... either way I'm looking forward to the final chapter : )

  • SiahhK

    Im still stuck on the fact that mel switched up so face for a chance of a billion followers In the first movie she was so loyal to cole and in the second she was until the day cole found out he was moving schools Bee told her earlier that morning and that's why she wanted him to go to the lake so bsd I wish Phoebe would take the place of mel and Mel and cole try to hide from Phoebe

  • Patrick Julien
    Patrick Julien

    The end of the movie shows why you don't make deals with demons

  • Communism Russia
    Communism Russia

    Big Carl got them CROCS

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Bruh. If she caught a rattlesnake inches from my Face ID probably die anyway from a heart attack

  • Wonderland AfterHours
    Wonderland AfterHours

    They were trying to channel that Scott Pilgrim quirkiness but made it awkward.

  • carl avner landicho
    carl avner landicho

    everybody gangsta until bee summons killer queen

  • Jenny Elliott
    Jenny Elliott

    I honestly hated the first film. I thought it was stupid. Like, it wasnt bad but it wasn't that good to me. But I loved the second one! It explained more and had back stories. And I'd love to see a third one! I thought they would when I saw the book still at the end

  • Fraxtor Gaming
    Fraxtor Gaming


  • Rori Frongillo
    Rori Frongillo

    I love how Cpt. Mal (Nathan Fillian from Firefly) plays Cole's father. He's seen some weird sh@t for sure!

  • HotMess Mum
    HotMess Mum

    Do you guys think the Alice and wonderland references are foreshadowing the 3rd movie? They have to go to a odd scary place to save someone maybe lol

  • Nuke Stadnyk
    Nuke Stadnyk

    I love max

  • Prince Of Pokemon
    Prince Of Pokemon

    After learning all this, I see no point in a third movie.

  • Joey Nagy
    Joey Nagy

    6:08 I want someone to look at me like that guy in the picture looks at Cole

  • K1R1N

    Max is a Chad

  • No way
    No way

    I dont think it made sense that no one believed him. 6 people he can describe4 in great detail all went missing around that time, along with 2 cops who went to his house. He knew the last code the cops said inside of their walkie talkie. Is it not suspicious in the slightes that this house was the last place 2 officers ever visited?

  • Kuruma Uzamaki
    Kuruma Uzamaki

    What I wanna know is how melony went from love interest in the first movie to villain just from wanting followers and she was interested in him as well so I wanna know what happened

  • Devin The Anime Dude
    Devin The Anime Dude

    We all know big carl was the real MVP here

  • Mrsteel xy
    Mrsteel xy

    Why didn't you play what max said when he died

  • Bready Breadsimpson
    Bready Breadsimpson


  • Zoe Lepholtz
    Zoe Lepholtz

    I'm still confused as to why cole didn't just pee in the kitchen sink instead of the vase. That would've been a lot smarter


    I was expecting a guy in a pink cat suit that would explode stuff in the movie

  • TheEverything Place
    TheEverything Place

    Did anybody else think that when BoomBoom died it was just a trauma induced vision

  • Eromonsele Ukpedinjagba
    Eromonsele Ukpedinjagba

    Max best big killer brother

  • T.V Boi
    T.V Boi

    JoJo fans seeing the name: bonjour

  • rayden&ruben1231

    😂😂🤣- phone from 1993- you make me laugh so much with your commentary- why do film makers do that, they always use flip phones- 😂 lol

  • Pondredia

    I'm thinking that for the third movie, obviously the devil worshipers will come back. They will put some kind of strain on his relationship with his girlfriend somehow and the movie will be focused on showing his growth, with him most likely resolving the incident on his own or with very little help.

  • Huevote


  • Adam Russell
    Adam Russell

    Max fell for the trap

  • Alix312

    27:50 HEY LISTEN UP PRODUCER MAN FROM BABYSITTER 2 MAKE THIS ONE OF A KIND IDEA IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN IDEA FOR BABYSITTER 3! I would love it if you make Babysitter 3 anyway you like it producer man i just want Babysitter 3 #NETFLIX #DanLagana #BradMorris #JimmyWarden #McG #MaryViola #ZackSchiller

  • Alix312

    spoilers : Cole got laid

  • Aaron David Kapner
    Aaron David Kapner

    **Spoilers** While I appreciated the plot twist about Bee making a deal with the Devil to save Phoebe's life, it trips me out that they were trying to make her into a "good guy" at the end here considering she plunged a couple daggers into some poor guy's head, slit a cop's throat, and killed some random firefighter in the first movie! I mean, she did end up going to Hell at the end here, so....fine.

    • dflowers30

      She part of the ritual is sacrificing people and she killed those people to make sure she never got caught. That's why she was willingly to accept her fate. She knew she did alot of terrible things and had to pay her sins but she just had to make sure she saved Cole and Phoebe first

  • Phantasmic Youngsters
    Phantasmic Youngsters

    The problem this movie truly suffers from is not connecting enough with the first one with just enough plot points. While I don’t like gore which is why I didn’t want to actually watch it seeing the explanation for the 1st film and 2nd film back to back you can start to really pinpoint the disconnect. My two biggest noticeable things are Bee and Mel as characters. Bee was a strong and creepy villain in the first one who might have cared about Cole but still willing to kill him. Why does she save the other kid with the demon soul bargaining thing then? Or it’s mentioned she’s done this sort of thing with many kids so why was with these two so different? It’s nice to have a 3 dimensional villain but it felt like a cope out and that the character arc fell flat with a new approach to Bee. Mel too, while I don’t think her reasoning could have been bad if they gave more detail on why she wanted so many followers, what happened between her and Cole in the first movie to now. Their relationship was rocky and it made the story fairly weak if you see them back to back which could have been an easy fix. Also Sonya’s backstory wasn’t justified, the others I felt we got some inside but hers was garbage and it sucks cause if your going to do all of them than you should give them something that makes sense. I don’t think this is the worst thing that could have been made, there was at least some thought for the arcs put in which is nice but yeah just it feels everything built in the first movie is kinda lost in the 2nd. Even as a “so bad it’s good” it makes me just go “oh, disappointed” at the interesting development/speculation that is lost from the first movie.

  • freya Massey
    freya Massey

    im confused bea was bad, melanie was good in the first one now melanie is bad, bea is good because of phoebe? someone explain plz

  • Weasel Fartood
    Weasel Fartood

    This is a bad sequal, the number 1 reason why is no one believes cole even though tons of evidence, they killed 2 cops in the last movie.... so those cops disapeared after being called to coles house but no one believes cole, the 911 tape of him calling doesnt exsist, or his "gf"melany or who ever calling also doesnt exsist? Speaking of his girlfreind melany shes not even his gf in this movie for whatever reason.... and ontop of that she saw b try to kill him and helped him, but then in this movie she makes a deal with b wtfff.... theres just so many mistakes like this, also thr bullys in the first movie he stood up for himself got a gf progressed a ton but this movie gives takes his gf away, takes away him standing up to the bullies and brings the bullys back... the bullys left him alone in the ending of the first movie but i guess his stupid cordorough suit made him a target again. I liked the movie alot loved the first one, but hated how his character regressed in this movie only to basically have the same point or slightly better by the ending...

  • Lloyd Thompson
    Lloyd Thompson


  • Julian F
    Julian F

    This movie just wasn’t good

  • souske25

    I enjoyed it but it feels like a parody of the first one rather than an actual sequel. And it sort of ruins the conflicted nature that bee had in the first as well turning her into martyr.

  • zora z
    zora z

    When I saw that rock fall I had trama JHONNY WHY JHONNY WHY DID YOU DIE

  • Vivian Wong
    Vivian Wong

    Wasn’t cole like 7 in the last movie lmao

  • doge creeper_173
    doge creeper_173

    The next one gonna be Babysitter:21 schizoid man

  • victim109

    killer queen has already touched that chalice *click*

  • ZKP

    Bruh wasn't a whole car driven into their old house? How is the dad just passing that off like nothing happened?

  • Dr.bright

    Max is the best character

  • Waggly Tag
    Waggly Tag

    Dont use screen shots use actual clips from the movie like dead meat

  • Casey Pierson
    Casey Pierson

    I actually loved the film. Stupid slock...and I love every second.

  • Jordan H
    Jordan H

    I LOVED this movie

  • Kyfreak


  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner

    It would be funny if Bee comes back and tells Coles mom " Your a stuck up bitch."

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner

    Why did Mel turn completely evil? Her motive is totally stupid.

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner

    When I watched killer queen I wanted it to give more back story to the babysitter and find out who the baby sitter got blood from for the first ritual

  • Adam B
    Adam B

    *GOOD GRAVY, WOMAN.....*

  • GS B
    GS B

    Hi jojo fans I know why you're here

  • Doris Chua
    Doris Chua


    • FxKaitou

      Killer Queen daisan no bakudan..bites the dust

  • Zak de Robillard
    Zak de Robillard

    How will they revive in the third movie? If they didn’t get the blood of the innocent??

  • Mr Yuggins
    Mr Yuggins

    Max is legit just a bloodthirsty killer but admires shit about a kid doing his best in life to survive and figure shit out he’s hilarious and I loved him

  • Grichka Bogdanoff
    Grichka Bogdanoff

    I love how he starts in that corduroy suit and by the end looks like a GQ model, just to show he lost his v card.

  • Landon Washburn
    Landon Washburn

    Wait did pheobe and the kid do it or?

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore

    The fact that this bonkers movie had more of a coherent moral and plot than nearly every horror movie to come out in the last 20 years will always blow my mind.

  • Rose

    How is there gonna be a 3rd so how can Cole be targeted not being the innocent..

  • The Immortal
    The Immortal

    I swear i cant take the dad seriously after captain Stanley