THE CALL (2020) Ending Explained

In the Netflix thriller The Call, connected by phone in the same home but 20 years apart, a serial killer puts another woman's past -- and life -- on the line to change her own fate. We're breaking down the films increasingly complicated time shenanigans, looking at what we learn about our lead characters and who they really are, and explaining the final big twist that changes everything.

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  • Dann F
    Dann F

    If you're making a video that says "ending explained", why would you describe the whoooole thing before doing so?

  • KingofPho75

    The only thing that gets me mad is that the killer was switched with her mom to jail. Therefore I would’ve try to find out if she was still alive in jail. Also the main character had the upper hand cause she knows how the killer gets caught. She could’ve used that to bargain or wait it out since the killer will get caught no matter what.

  • Rui Prasatya
    Rui Prasatya

    The most basic lesson we were taught applicable with this movie, not to trust strangers or they'll kill you. Nice.

  • JJDrag0n68

    The second/ darker ending doesn’t make sense to me. How does the serial killer call her past see to warn her? How did the serial killer survive to then warn her past self or how did she know to warn her past self if it had not already happened in the present

    • Yellow Mesh
      Yellow Mesh

      It is because that version she lived a similar experience beforehand and it's recalling her mistakes so in the present she warns her past that she is going to be 'killed' not to avoid it but the key point is to tell her to keep the phone on her. That's why there's a moment the mom is still alive In the present but disappears once the serial killer, in what I assume an offscreen moment, gets to contact her past self and changes her a actions killing the mom in the past and kidnaping the other girl in the present. In a sense she waited for a moment in the future so that she could tell herself to hold onto the phone cause she herself had experienced a life without being able to get to the phone in the past. So now that she has both past and present synched she can change everything by herself whenever she wants to as long as her past self keeps the phone

  • teeheesity

    The only loophole i could think of was that if young Seoyeon & her mum survived the whole shebang, wouldn’t adult Seoyeon remember what happened to her in the past for her not to know who Youngsook was?

  • angela palmer
    angela palmer

    You're right about Korean horror movies being better than ours. My favorite has to be Train to Busan!

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown

    The aunt was a hero

  • Sencilia

    I think there's a Japanese video game with the same name. Except the phones let you teleport to other phones.

  • Pranavan

    Can anyone tell what is the name of the android mobile she using in this movie

  • shaniah louis
    shaniah louis

    I know I'm extremely late but I still wanna point this out. In the supposed alternate ending, what was the point of future YS calling past YS to warn her about SY mother and the police officer coming to the house? If the past corresponds with the future wouldn't YS existence show her that regardless of calling her past self, somehow she still made it out of the house alive thus making that phone call useless? And furthermore, if she's alive in the present and still murdering people (as seen with all the fridges of dead bodies) that would also prove to future YS that she survived that night. This is also confusing because if she's still alive and murdering people that means past SY survived and was able to stay alive in the future to try stopping future YS. Meaning YS didn't kill her and she probably escaped. Remember YS also had scars on her neck which probably means she fought with the mom and still survived. So that leads me to this point if past YS survived the day Sy's mom and the police officer came over how tf is she still able to live in that same house? We know her being there was the result of burning the knife and evading arrest but the officer and Sy's mom still came to the house afterwards regardless because time hadn't changed yet (I also think that's why future YS possibly called bc she maybe knew SY would try to call and stop past YS from killing her mom) Wouldn't SY's mom tell the police what happened which could have led to her arrest and thus her future self being in prison? Did they escape and tell no one what happened? Did the police never do a follow up? Did they never go looking for officer Baek and SY because the mom reported her? The biggest question is what happened during the 20 year gap leading to the night of future YS in the house. There are either MANY plot holes in this story or I'm just plain stupid

  • Hipiodi L
    Hipiodi L

    Very interesting film 🎥 I enjoyed watching

  • Average Zay
    Average Zay

    Me and my family watched it this weekend and loved it BUT there is one part that we don’t understand. So in order for the future to change someone must die. When the crazy girl and the mom fall from the 2nd floor, the future crazy girl disappears. But at the end the crazy girl is not dead, so why did she disappear in the future?

  • Peter Kompiš
    Peter Kompiš

    If she just didn't tell her that she is going to die everything would be great

  • Serigof

    Rule 1: Don't do time travel. Just don't. Rule 2: Don't help anybody ever.

  • A food Lovers Diary
    A food Lovers Diary

    You're not explaining the ending, you're telling us the whole film though. This is not an explanation.

  • LouilliGM

    Holy fu…, the dog is so cute

  • TheUsoSaito - なまはげ
    TheUsoSaito - なまはげ

    This movie sounds amazing. Normally I avoid movies that have simplistic names in terms of ones like "The Call" or "Host" (zoom call haunting one) but find that sometimes ones like The Call are actually gems in the rough among the sea of Host movies that are overly played out multiple times.

  • Aleesha Chavez
    Aleesha Chavez

    Koreans and Japanese know how to make a horror movie! My husband always says that watching the grudge when he lived in Japan as a kid is still the scariest memories of his life

  • Grissel Rosales Ochoa
    Grissel Rosales Ochoa

    Pathetic, I thought you were going to reaaaally explain the ending of the movie but you just said what is already obvious by just watching the movie, I believe there are much moooore things to say about it independently if you whether you liked the movie or not but you just told the whole movie without saying that you could thing by your own :(

  • Elizabeth Tangora
    Elizabeth Tangora

    ‘Magic time-travel phone’ is almost becoming a thing in Korea; my all-time favorite K-drama ‘Signal’ uses police radios to stop a serial killer in the past by communicating with a cold-case squad in the present. I remember hearing that it was based off an earlier movie. Crucially though, they never let the killer know about their time-travel radio.

  • Nes Tungnung
    Nes Tungnung

    Takeaway: Don’t try to change the past coz it can always get worse.

  • Joshua Fraim
    Joshua Fraim

    if she intervened then why did we get the happy ending? that never should of happened. i don't think this is a real ending but a alternate one. the bad ending.

  • Joshua Fraim
    Joshua Fraim

    this reminds me of a horror version of the movie frequency.

  • Joshua Fraim
    Joshua Fraim

    i loved that movie and the mid credit scenes didn't bother me. i saw them as an alternate bad ending.

  • Sopan Roy
    Sopan Roy

    Korean movies and shows are just on another level. Acting Story Screenplay Dialogues Atmosphere Basically everything is just better than anything I've seen in American shows. It's really noticable really.

  • Sopan Roy
    Sopan Roy

    It's okay to not be okay 🥲

  • Alejandro Felix
    Alejandro Felix

    Bummer ending, man. Writers these days are really anti-happy ending. It’s become a cliche of sorts. Ending on that happy note would have been sufficient, but I could also argue the ending they give definitely cranked it up to 11 and made it much more memorable. Don’t mind me, just arguing with myself.

  • Alejandro Felix
    Alejandro Felix

    This movie looks awesome. Definitely going to have to give it a watch now. Thanks!!

  • Alejandro Felix
    Alejandro Felix

    I love Found Flix.

  • Niles Wright
    Niles Wright

    viscous slippery when evil, vicious AND a really worthless flick...... Freddie Fender comes to mind: '🎵.....wasted days and wasted nights....... 🎵"


    My theory is that the end credit scene where the mom is killed was actually an alternate ending. This can be explained by the fact that in the original ending, future Young-sook disappears as she is about to strike Seo-yeon. This indicates that Young-sook dies in the original ending. So, it's likely that the end credit scene is a "what if" scenario. What I think happens in the alternate ending is that Young-sook plays dead long enough for Seo-yeon and her mother to suspect that they won the fight. So, this results in future Young-sook to stay alive long enough to warn past Young-sook about Officer Beak and Seo-yeon's mom.

  • Ethan West
    Ethan West

    I was following this with ease until shortly after the 18-minute mark. I'm so confused.

  • Hexted

    Just change the title from ending explained, for fucks sake none of the videos aren’t about the whole movie, and literally more people would watch if you just called it what it was, I would’ve earlier

  • Blerdwords

    Reminds me of the 2019 flick Don't Let Go with Storm Reid

  • Peel yo Potato
    Peel yo Potato


  • Squash3k

    Most american movies are bogged down by pc culture the japanese and koreans wouldnt give a damn

  • skaiiripa ss
    skaiiripa ss

    If i was her the second i found out about the first person i would pretemd to be her friend and eet the cops fimd her

  • Saios

    The real scary movie is the shirt I'm watching right now =P

  • subra maniam
    subra maniam

    dude korean writers are next level

  • lucas bai
    lucas bai

    This movie is like a perfect strawberry cake with a shit as the cherry

  • Everness

    i still don't get that scene.. but good movie :)

  • Allison Mudd
    Allison Mudd

    I like it but it way to close to the movie call "The Caller" lol but it still a good movie

  • runk

    I would’ve liked this movie more if the protagonist wasn’t an idiot. She saw red flags that her friend was a murderer and then when she confirmed it she just decided to piss her off. And not only did she know her friend was a murderer, she also knew that SHE KNEW WHERE HER PARENTS LIVED. Literally what did she expect to happen? Everything would’ve been fine if she just never called her back after seeing the red flags, or if she just played along and tried to kill her with the same accident later in the movie. And at the end when her mother tries to save her, WHY DID SHE JUST WALK OUT OF THE DOOR WITHOUT CHECKING FOR THE MURDERER? THE BAIT WAS SO OBVIOUS. Gosh this movie was frustrating, but I have to say I did enjoy the concept and the drama. It’s certainly an interesting Korean thriller film

  • Marcus Walker
    Marcus Walker

    My issue is with the writing at the end there. Its like why did you show us one thing, set a certain emotion and then go, nah actually this happened and everyone is dead. Ok so according to time travel, thats what we should've seen, but its not, if she got that call before the final showdown then we shouldve seen that play out but we didnt, leading us to the real ending. But then you do an "ACTUALLY" right at the end that basically renders the whole third act useless. This reeks of a Shamamalama twist attempt and im not a fan. Rest of the movie solid though.

  • yo2992

    I hate to be that guy, but the main characters name, Seo Yeon, is actually pronounced, "Suh-Yun". I don't blame you though, Korean to English romanization is so awkward.

  • Tadeo Davidsson
    Tadeo Davidsson

    I´ve got a problem with the final scenes: their connections happen in real-time. When Young-Sook (the crazy killer) "dies" the older version of her disappear and the mother of Seo-Yeon (protagonist) live. Right before the disappearence of older Young-Sook she was minutes from killing Seo-Yeon. When people in the pas die they disappear in the new time. Then my question is this: If Young-Sook did not die, why would the older Young-Sook disappear?

    • Tadeo Davidsson
      Tadeo Davidsson

      @good guy I do not understand how

    • good guy
      good guy

      She might have been relocated.

  • Alejo Rostata
    Alejo Rostata

    Lesson: If you ever meet or if you talk to someone from the past, make sure to always Google the current timeline to what happened from the past, specially you and that person.

  • Alejo Rostata
    Alejo Rostata

    Lesson: If you ever meet or if you talk to someone from the past, make sure to always Google the current timeline to what happened from the past, specially you and that person.

  • Thabooka

    I made it to 9min before I stopped and decided to go watch the movie - seems interesting

  • Joyce

    I hate scary movies but I'm so interested in them, so instead of watching the movies myself, I watch these short summaries 🤷

  • natchan

    I swear to god I raged so much at the ending

  • Jay

    you didn’t really explain the ending.. you just did a recap of what happened

  • Matthew Bowen
    Matthew Bowen

    This film was entertaining but the time bending stuff doesn’t make sense. Why does everything change except for the girls’ brains? Why do the changes take place in the future at dramatically convenient times? The protagonist receiving scars, changing clothes etc implies her body is affected by the past, so why does she wake up in a tunnel without a car if she had no reason to be there if her dad had been dead for 20 years? It was a fun watch but you can’t take it seriously narratively.

  • Jerry Torres
    Jerry Torres

    Moral of the story: don't mess with stuff that happened in the past. They happened for a reason.

  • Isaiah Mendoza
    Isaiah Mendoza

    so the fucking mom was right

  • Ronny Schedler
    Ronny Schedler

    But how does holding on to the phone keep her alive?

  • Duchess Archer
    Duchess Archer

    The butterfly effect...via phones.

  • B C
    B C

    I still don't get it

  • 無制限 丶limitless
    無制限 丶limitless

    i was hoping to have this movie explained. why did i get a synopsis from a guy who cheerfully narrates everything i just watched.

  • N. B.
    N. B.

    Bruh this is just the Caller 2.0 some things are literally the same

  • Camren Kyle
    Camren Kyle

    I watched this movie last night and had so much trouble following it... it seems to be just way too far past my brain capacity

  • C K
    C K

    She easily could’ve avoided this by giving YS the winning lottery numbers or something that would distract her considering she did change her entire life... I still wanted YS to lose in the end though. Oh well, she played with fate and got burned! Not bad of a movie at all. Very interesting and entertaining.

  • Desigan Duraisamy
    Desigan Duraisamy

    I liked the movie but the post credit where Young Sook calls from the future to warn her past self is a let down...throughout the movie Seo Yeon always waits for a call...this means there is no way that call can be made from future to past.. neither is Seo Yeon dumb that she never tried to call back...she was super smart with her 5 pm trick with which she tries to kill young sook

  • Memes Hub
    Memes Hub

    I watched the movie but didn't watch the last scene. I thought it was over with a happy ending but fuckkkkk

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G

    Great movie and very good acting, especially from the girl who played the killer. However, she could have saved herself a lot of hassle by just saying 'You never got caught.'

  • Mrudula R
    Mrudula R

    I genuinely think that the call should've been a 'limited' series rather than a movie. Cuz there are so many things to figure out like how a phone can connect past and future, how SY's mother and YS have scars and the most important thing in movie is that, at 42:50 the stepmother knew the future of YS and in the next scene SY wakes up as she had a bad dream which is connected to the previous scene of stepmother? What is connection of that stepmother's moment with SY's waking up with frightedness? And as we all know the confusing ending which needs to be exposed too.

  • Crimson tears
    Crimson tears

    Despite me not really being into Korean movies this was REALLY well done!!

  • dlwleuns🧃 ㅇㅈㅇ
    dlwleuns🧃 ㅇㅈㅇ

    i absolutely hate the ending, i watched it twice and both times i got upset over it. the movie is so good tho, park shinhye and jeon jongseo played their parts so well.

  • Leslie P
    Leslie P

    The movie was pretty good for the most part. The ending was horrible though. Anyway, moral of the story, don't be a nosey little shit.

  • PD Zombie
    PD Zombie

    Thanx for saving my time to watch such a bummer ! Don't get me wrong, I love movies like Se7en, but having the serial killer win and get away with all the murders just screams F* the world!!!

  • Cassandra

    It would be amazing if you covered The Closet. Would love to hear your perspective of it. A 2020 Korean horror flick. 🙏🏼 Thank you for your continued excellent content!

  • ABN

    Why is it that horror movies are now ending predictably unresolved with the evil entity living on?

  • Romy

    Did the spirit of young seok making a connection to the cordless phone 20 years apart to help stop her from getting murdered?

  • Potato Master
    Potato Master

    This is not "explained", this is just "retelling" the whole movie in your word

  • Fire Godess
    Fire Godess

    Can't believe this was the movie that inspired flowers from 1970

  • MiL_BoT

    this movie definitely did NOT deserve it’s high RT score.

  • Surgeons Console
    Surgeons Console

    How many here dint understand even after seeing him

  • Minaide Sawaruna
    Minaide Sawaruna

    To anybody confused by the end credit scene, let me explain, the end credits scene is the TRUE END! tl;dr? scroll down bottom. One rule you need to remember is THERE IS NO TIME TRAVEL! but how can this be? wasn't the dad brought to life? Yes technically but can YS killing the dad be undone like the gas? NO! it's simple logic that from the first ever call from that phone to the future is the start where these two timelines are linked and run in parallel, 1 minute is same for both timelines. ONLY the past can call the future NOT BACKWARDS! So what that means? whatever in the future is irrelevant! IT ISNT REAL! IT CAN BE CHANGED MULTIPLE TIMES! So what is the "real" timeline that can never be changed? ITS THE PAST YS! yes that's right, there is 0 way to revive the strawberry farmer! there is ZERO way to revive the dad! there is ZERO ways to remove the burn marks on SY! The future is nothing but a figment of illusion that can be changed in a wimp by past YS, the director has been misleading us the whole time making us think SY in the future is the main character where actually the PAST YS is the main character!!! THE PAST ISN'T CHANGING!! THE FUTURE IS!! So lets think in the PAST YS perspective, whatever future shown in the show are just a "WHAT IF", "WHAT IF" she didn't destroy the evidence? she goes to jail! "WHAT IF" she didn't believe her step mum would kill her? she dies and so on. Now the PAST YS doesn't have total control of the future as future SY wasn't willing to tell any truthful info to her advantage, there are 3 points of time that be prevent PAST YS from total control. 1. PAST YS get killed by mum.( died THE END never touches phone) 2. PAST YS got jailed.( life sentence THE END never touches phone) 3.PAST YS got jailed BUT KNOWS IT IS GONNA HAPPEN!(still don't know what evidence led her to be caught and got caught THE END never touches phone) Notice something? in all the ends FUTURE YS NEVER GOT TO TOUCH THE PHONE BECAUSE PAST YS IS UNABLE TO! Everything fell apart when PAST YS knows the evidence because this time, the future self is always ON PHONE WITH HER PAST SELF! THE STORY ENDED HERE! what you see from this point of the movie is PAST YS as the mc. Now when the past YS called the future YS, and learned new info from the future, the main point of the talk ain't the "be careful of the mum and the police" ITS KEEP THE PHONE WITH HER AT ALL TIMES! Now remember this is where the story is CANON, NOTHING can prevent the PAST YS from calling future YS. THIS MEANS THAT PAST YS NO LONGER HAVE TO DEPEND ON FUTURE SY FOR ANY INFO THAT CAN SAVE PAST YS!!! Future YS is saving past YS THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE 20 YEARS! This means that PAST YS will be constantly calling and on phone with her future self to prevent any bad things from happening to her. Likely scenario she keeps the phone line on to future self for 20 FREAKING YEARS, knowing everything in future! PAST YS suddenly don't hear her voice anymore on phone? Means something bad happens better do something different until you can hear yourself again! So we get tons of alternate reality of FUTURE YS from the "WHAT IF" each guiding the PAST YS to a favorable outcome. So how do you explain the scene with SY MUM in the graveyard? Simple, that was the time period where the PAST YS was still scrambling around calling multiple future YS listening to them and eventually reach a timeline where she kills SY MUM and kidnap SY which is PAST YS ultimate goal. The scene with SY MUM is a "WHAT IF", and the credits scene is what had be done and set in stone CAN NO LONGER BE CHANGED. SY lost all control the moment PAST YS wasn't caught and her future self is giving whatever info she needs. TL:DR SY was never the main character, it was PAST YS with a phone that calls upon her future self to guide her through her life and ultimately reach the credit scene, the moment where PAST YS heard she jailed in future SY fate was sealed she is no longer the MC.

  • Jhea Mendiola
    Jhea Mendiola

    I enjoyed this movie very well. I feel like it deserves a second movie. I'm so hyped about this. At first i was so confused but then, it turns around pretty well.

  • Muhammad Al Furqaan
    Muhammad Al Furqaan

    "First of all that's horrible and secondly changing the past doesn't change the future" - Bruce Banner

  • ・゚: * kirakira * :・゚
    ・゚: * kirakira * :・゚

    Stopped at 15:22 cuz I got too frustrated 😂 I'm so glad I didn't watch this myself cuz I would have been very pissed. Girl got whatever happened to her in the end coming

  • Francis Bulatag
    Francis Bulatag

    "cee-oh-yoon" no honey it's "saw-yawn"

  • Ruiki Toji
    Ruiki Toji

    What I love about Korean and Japanese horrors is that they don’t rely too much on CG and jump scares, but mainly psychological impact. No creepy music, sometimes simply dead silence is scary enough

    • Jessa

      Horror Movies and thrillers with no score are scary affffffff

  • Terrence Jezzelle Imperial
    Terrence Jezzelle Imperial

    Kapareho ba to ng MIRAGE?

  • Middley Of Hills Of Crystals.
    Middley Of Hills Of Crystals.

    WAIT A MINUTE is that Park Shin Hye? She’s in a boatload of Korean TV shows and movies.

  • Nathan Pena
    Nathan Pena

    Yoooo wait theres another movie in America just like this I forgot what ot was called but I know the main protagonist is blond and the chick from the past is named rose if anyone knows the name tell me it litterly has the same concept

  • annick roussem rou
    annick roussem rou

    I think there is an us version of this movie but with some changes.

  • Alice Bella
    Alice Bella

    The Call (2020) ۞ Fúll MöVíé ۞ -------------------- √ !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品: √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour -faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™.11- nmbnvcbvsvdfxxxxxxxxxxxxxcmsdfsdfsdfllllllsdfsddddddddddpppp

  • sophia isabelle
    sophia isabelle

    I still find the whole movie completely eerie and even traumatizing to watch. I've watched the whole thing about two times, and during the second time around, it made me fully grapple the plot of the film. I wish there would be some sort of sequel or spin-off. I would absolutely love to see the actress playing Young-sook's character to be in another thriller film like this.

  • Nostalgia

    The ending “ending” ruined it. The happy ending wasn’t too ”Hollywood” or cheesy. It was beautiful and poignant, probably the most beautiful ending I can remember from a movie in a long time. The scene where the mother fades away was ridiculous. Movie should have just stopped at the first ending credit.

  • Isis Joelyn Dejesus
    Isis Joelyn Dejesus

    Seems almost very similar to “The Caller”

  • Alexandra Pierce
    Alexandra Pierce

    I believe they call it the “lake house Affect” when there’s some magical object that can time hop with no explanation

  • cladal Mar
    cladal Mar

    Gosh, you're butchering those Korean names. Seo=Suh. I love Park Shin Hye. I'll watch this then come back.

  • MakeItEasyWithCheat

    LOL it's a simple, the director just want to show us the alternative story in post credit! There are multiple endings in this movie! 1. yong sook died, seo yeon lived with her mother forever! 2. yong suk lived and seo yeon become the captive forever! Each ending is not related to one another for example, if yong sook lived, so the seo yeon will not meet meet with her mother in cemetary, because yong sook has killed seo yeon's mother in the past, and OLD yong sook will not disappear in the present and the room will not change in the present! so The post credit ending just show us HOW IF yong sook survived and killed seo yeon's mother! so it's up to you to decide which ending that is better for you! if you are a gamer you will be easy to understand these endings!

  • sur S
    sur S

    DO NOT, PLEASE DO NOT watch the post credit scenes. It’s better that way.

  • Jessica T
    Jessica T

    I just watched this review but now I need to watch the film

  • F FG
    F FG

    Lmao this is almost the same story as flowers from 1970

  • F FG
    F FG

    Flowers from 1970?🥵🤡🥶

  • estefany gabriela
    estefany gabriela

    flowers from 1970 👁

  • Gamer1288

    8:48 Be honest, though, What are the odds of something ELSE happening to the Father in the intervening years? He could have easily died over the years to illness.