THE CLEANSING HOUR (2019) Ending Explained
#thecleansinghour #endingexplained
In The Cleansing Hour, two entrepreneurs run a hit exorcism web show that is actually fake. But they get more than they bargained for when it appears that real evil possesses their latest subject. We're breaking down the story, including the characters past that unravels bit by bit, along with what the demon is really after, and explaining the bonkers ending.
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  • Parker Nolan
    Parker Nolan

    Hope they were streaming on Live Leak

  • BankHead Made
    BankHead Made

    The ending is definitely relevant to our reality today!

  • Tony bubonic
    Tony bubonic

    Watching the nun scream with a pencil in her eye made me happy

  • Brad Rankin
    Brad Rankin

    WOW....What a great movie I NEED TO SEE!

  • Alex Hanson
    Alex Hanson

    Is Prince is this movie?!?

  • Ozil Gzbsj
    Ozil Gzbsj

    The racial airbus neurophysiologically mate because nurse suprisingly belong aside a splendid clerk. resonant, yielding keyboard

  • Hold Up
    Hold Up

    Out of all of the demons they got the king the ruler of hell bruh

  • Happy Lyfe
    Happy Lyfe

    Nobody: Jimmy: at the BaAr

  • Agent Kane
    Agent Kane

    He engaged her after finding out about her and the douche "preacher"? Pffft, "BYE FELICIA!"

  • Jules King
    Jules King

    This movie is peak “you may be verified on Twitter, but are you verified in the eyes of God?”

  • McArcher07

    7:11 *EHE TE NANDAYO!?!*

  • Neithon

    Why did Brandon Herrera exorcise a demon? I mean are AKs not enough for him anymore??

  • shyguy118

    Max and Drew had the most sexual tension i’ve ever seen in a movie

  • joey schneider
    joey schneider

    Dont let logan paul see this

  • Nova of the North
    Nova of the North

    1:22 Lmaooooo anyone who's ever worked in a mexican restaurant and made fajitas knows what sizzle sauce is

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson

    I think Biblically that the Devil isn’t in Hell but technically on earth until judgement day.

  • babi eats nuggies
    babi eats nuggies

    the devil kinda..... yknow..... ;)))

  • Vittorio Leonardi
    Vittorio Leonardi

    Previously on Supernatural. THE ROAD SO FAR... *cues Carry on My Wayward Son*

  • Heath Anderson
    Heath Anderson

    This movie sucked balls

  • Totesfleisch

    ngl, i want a cleansing hour towel.

  • D-LO 305
    D-LO 305

    Im gonna be honest, Nuns dont have the right to be hitting kids. That nun deserved that. I hate that people use religion to justify their abusive acts sometimes.

  • Gullit Etienne
    Gullit Etienne

    The devil is working as a part-timer at a fast food restaurant

  • Cadan Cheen
    Cadan Cheen

    7:11 emergency food

  • snickelfrits fellow
    snickelfrits fellow

    Hunting more channels like this. Any suggestions?

  • Da Jed
    Da Jed

    I can't find this movie on any of my streaming sites.............

  • Mickael Chiasson
    Mickael Chiasson

    7:13 tfw peeking at the second monitor while playing Genshin Impact.

  • Jacopo Cesselli
    Jacopo Cesselli

    The crew streams live exorcisms" that are in fact "elaborately staged" hoaxes You mean that they could be "poorly improvised" ones?

  • Muhammad Abiyyu Rohman
    Muhammad Abiyyu Rohman

    i kinda want to see a exorcism movie where the priest throw some holy water, and when the victim's body sizzles they start throwing salt and pepper

  • Robo Bitch
    Robo Bitch

    I’m just imagining if someone live streamed exorcisms on twitch

  • More It is
    More It is

    If a second movie is made that would be epic

  • 10% for the big guy
    10% for the big guy

    I knew Paimon was a demon. Guess being called emergency food crossed the line.

  • Natasha Reis
    Natasha Reis

    My view of it was based on something Max said earlier in the movie, plus his happy reaction by the ending: “what I wouldn’t do for an audience like that!” Referencing someone with a 5M following. So my reading of it all is that Maxi himself knew it all along cause he made a pact with the devil in order to be famous.

  • Aj Rivera
    Aj Rivera

    I didn’t expect much from this movie, but when I saw it I was surprised that it was okay

  • Justizz of NOD
    Justizz of NOD

    Saved me from many bad horror movies I mean a lot

  • Victoria

    Poor Dante :'(

  • The Strangler
    The Strangler

    So the apocalypse was starting through the internet??? *N O I C E*

  • big nïce
    big nïce

    The movie was amazing it was a 8.9/10 I wish they had more budget for satan

  • Shy Owl
    Shy Owl

    so uh how do I say, thats not what burns look like

  • Christian Ranger
    Christian Ranger

    It's pretty stupid for the devil to do this. It actually plays in favor for God. A lot of people will turn to God for saving. 🤷‍♂️

  • Nick JD
    Nick JD

    The end was pathetic. Felt like a filler and it wasn't the devil it was a demon.

  • Diesel Maniac
    Diesel Maniac

    I'm sorry but I saw paimon in the book and thought of other things

  • Elmer King
    Elmer King

    This guy is the real bad ass he watches horror movies for a living

  • Ryan Cornwell
    Ryan Cornwell

    Wouldn’t that only be like 20 million losses violent people against the rest of the population of the planet so no real threat compared to something like how things end

  • Quatro Bajeena
    Quatro Bajeena

    The ending was the best part.

  • William DiStefano
    William DiStefano

    One time I got a cleansing... I think they cleansed the wrong end of that woman though.

  • Megan Espeon
    Megan Espeon

    Still waiting on a Donny Darko video. 👀

  • Cheerful Satanist
    Cheerful Satanist

    Call me stupid but I for some reason am unfathomably happy by the fact that in the soldier of God's live stream super chat there is someone talking about how they work from home and make $20,000 a month. That's just delightful.

  • Hide Nox
    Hide Nox

    it's finally over jk

  • Unintelligible Wheeze
    Unintelligible Wheeze

    As much as I love the twists and story, it’s basically just truth or dare

  • Reuben Gurung
    Reuben Gurung

    just watched it, hate the ending

  • Andrea Nicole Soto
    Andrea Nicole Soto

    Foundflix I’m your biggest fan I’ve seen all your videos your so awesome

  • ECHO

    *Wait.....Online Video, telling people about the bad-demon booboo business...WAIT IT’S TRUTH OR DARE 2*

  • Crisis Nova
    Crisis Nova

    Imagine being one of those guys who panics when an old lady jumps up from giving you head, but you're into that, so satan just got you off faster, but shes still a demon, and that gets you too.... the devil would be screwed.

  • Aj00098

    9:50 these effects XD

  • Reelable Tea1
    Reelable Tea1

    my favorite parts in the movie is when the Devil says "Time to go off script"


    Sequel but then covering the following events

  • Logan Littell
    Logan Littell

    my mans has a FOCKIN COLLECTION of over 625 movies (yes i counted but stoped at 624 but was around half weay with the last row if someone wants to tell me the real ammount) just in the visable part of the background thats MAD FOCKIN PROPS thats alotta movies

  • Sleepy Meadow
    Sleepy Meadow

    7:16 this might be because I’ve played genshin impact all day for two days but I’m just going to imagine paimon floating menacingly

  • Mugman

    Fun fact:the music is made by kevin MacLeod

  • Crow

    This is the scariest game of Phasmophobia I've ever watched...

  • Oofily Doopily
    Oofily Doopily

    Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that in the devil's database there's Paimon in it.... *if you play genshin you'll understand*

  • asha

    Kind of reminds me of whats happening now. The online world hypnotising people with lies breeding violence and cruelty.

  • xiao wei
    xiao wei

    The Devil sells insurance...yeah totally sounds like him..

  • Eddiemakesart

    To be fair, they decided to fuck with demons. It’s not like they attack people without reason. If you fuck with them, they punish you.

  • Bekaloo Speakzy
    Bekaloo Speakzy

    Okay, so what was up with the crawling homeless man and the drag queen? They just vanish and are never mentioned again?

  • vernon ward
    vernon ward

    When your on your porch High as fuck watching some shit about demons and the devil at 2 in the morning and you hear some shit in the dark distance IM GOING TO FUCKING SLEEP

  • L3gion

    7:16 Emergency Food a demon? Hmm

    • Kreoses S
      Kreoses S

      Spoiler for the end story 😂

  • Shawn Wilson
    Shawn Wilson

    This is a movie about google



  • Animal Dude
    Animal Dude

    I think the miracle cure was cyanide tablets

  • Lemon 98
    Lemon 98

    He still wanted to marry her after seeing his bf and gf going at it...

  • Nitara Jones
    Nitara Jones

    Plot twist: The devil is a Kardashian

  • Nitara Jones
    Nitara Jones

    So...the devil wanted clout? Seems accurate

  • Glenn kellstreek
    Glenn kellstreek

    why couldn't the devil be just like dude like lucifer

  • tman 213
    tman 213

    why does he have voice cracks

  • Pumkinsmasherok

    The demon: so many sins so little time Me: sonic.exe?

  • Marc Santos
    Marc Santos

    Devil peaced out the moment he heard BFG Division playing in the distance

  • Rainbow Minion
    Rainbow Minion

    You've forgot to mention that he sold his soul to the devil for social media game for him and his friends. Seeing how quickly he bodied the others and can control what shown on screen. He obviously didn't really need them.

  • Nj Noiser
    Nj Noiser

    Never going to watch this movie but based on the clips the possessed lady and demon morphing effects looked pretty good 👍

  • ScenicEagle 100
    ScenicEagle 100

    At 8:13 you can see a hun bot in the chat

  • Heat Wave
    Heat Wave

    17m were watching the feed but some people were watching together so I bet it’s more like 20m but even that many people couldn’t take over the world

  • Ac Duck
    Ac Duck

    Why is it the guys fault that the girl u wanna marry was sexin him too... Find a better girl. She knew u were friends with him why ddnt she tell you. Its her fault not his. Guys cant sleep with chicks unless they let it. How is that taken advantage?

  • Tsultrim Zala
    Tsultrim Zala


  • Yosh Boi
    Yosh Boi

    Homeless guy be like: *Ur Going to gulag*

  • King Aza
    King Aza

    She yells getting angry screaming "you cant defeat me!" Lmao the way you said dat was 😭😭😭😭

  • miniondraws

    I literally started praying and repenting halfway thru this video LMAOOO

  • ToonPlays

    I corrected him every time he called the drag queen a "he" and that was the most productive thing I've done all week


    Who else comes here before watching the movie

  • Dalton Pelow
    Dalton Pelow

    The new younger Joseph seed is Max

  • Qrow

    Bruh not only was Max inside Drew's girlfriend but also the devil. Can my mans not catch a break?

  • Nerdy Turdy
    Nerdy Turdy

    Ok i believe to defeat satan. you must be brave, spiritual, and smart. Basically there is evil in every religion and there is/are a god(S) So having a powerful high religious priest from each religion come together and chant their scriptures that rid away evil. I think they can get rid of him. To do this you need to stream is on any and every technology. like satan did with the technology there.

  • Marcus Mulethaler
    Marcus Mulethaler

    The design for the devil wasn’t so much scary as it was badass. I thought the devil looked pretty dope.

  • The Shöcker Pit
    The Shöcker Pit

    I always thought of the concept of people are filming a horror movie and then they find out that people are actually getting killed it’s just so crazy

  • IMperilbuster

    *loads shotgun with malicious intent* *heavy metal intensifies*

  • Monkalas games
    Monkalas games


  • Ami Augusto
    Ami Augusto

    Wanna be friends?

  • TonTab3

    I enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining and had a twist ending.

  • Andrija Gacic
    Andrija Gacic

    That vatican merch dope

  • AniPhoenix

    9:07 that voice crack tho

  • Hip Hae
    Hip Hae

    7:13 I knew it. That emergency food is a demon