TERRIFIED (ATERRADOS) Ending Explained (2017)
#terrified #endingexplained
In Terrified AKA Aterrados, a Buenos Aires neighborhood is plagued by a mysterious evil, and its up to a trio of paranormal experts and a cop to investigate, and hopefully put a stop to it. We're breaking down the time twisting story, just what the evil creatures are, as well as explaining the cliffhanger ending and what it means.
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  • Rori E. Hammock
    Rori E. Hammock

    How can I get juice at night??? I’m sacred!! And my man laying wit me...

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    ‘Nam Veteran

    More like aterrADIOS

  • BerZek

    this isnt ending explained but a summary of a movie . wasted my time for nothing . what a bait.

  • Zyklon W
    Zyklon W

    Hello, please do "The Tall Man" (2012) (And yes, I am watching all this videos, again.)

  • Martin Perez
    Martin Perez

    No lie, speaking Understanding the Spanish language makes this movie sooooo…ooooo…ooooo much better. And more scary. Also - that ghost boy zombie thing wastes perfectly good cereal. (As a side note)

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    Benjamin DEREMARQUE

    Quelle merde ce film, j'me suis fait chier pendant 1h30.

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    My ball's greatest hits

    That corpse kid looks like a character that still hasn’t been unlocked

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    Judas Lane

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    James Mayle

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  • Giggitycore

    Walter's increasingly amount of cups.. the fuck man. Either reuse or throw them away.

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton

    Reading subtitles is a small price to pay to actually watch a movie thats original and scary unlike almost all movies made by Hollywood nowadays that are sloppily made remakes or just not scary. Only a few have actually been worth a watch over he last couple of years.

  • Anonymous

    "Damn evil creatures, always trying to do home remodeling. The problem is, they stink at it!" :D

  • Prada Store
    Prada Store

    this sounds like the most nonsensica and tryhard movie ever made

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    Ryan Perkins

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    Kristie Belanger

    Anyone else watch these in place of actually watching the scary movie? Such a better, less scary option

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price

    Why do American producers not realise horror is not fkn jump scare after jump scare. For example the scene where the boys body is just sitting at the table made me more uncomfortable than the whole of the conjuring series.

  • Aan andi Haryandi
    Aan andi Haryandi

    Terrified (2018) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘ ------------------ ► playmoviesnowhd.blogspot.com/tt7549892/.html √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский √™должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы 00:59 уничтожить группу, √™ответственную за ее создание"'"'"-115

  • wendersnaven

    You just narrated the entire plot but didn't really explain the ending as stated in your title

  • The Concan
    The Concan

    captain pubis is my favorite character

  • Echo Echo
    Echo Echo

    I like how the entities don't discriminate when and to whom they manifest. In most movies, they often go quiet when police investigate or they mess up the recording when the haunted try to capture them on camera leading observers to think the haunted are just crazy. Here, they are bold enough to appear clearly on cam and even display haunting activities with police and investigators.

  • Aidyn La Rosa
    Aidyn La Rosa

    👫👧👦 👦👐

  • DerpyGamer0013

    "Unknown malevolent entity..." Poltergeists: Wha-wai-huh?

  • Jacopo Cesselli
    Jacopo Cesselli

    Alicia didn’t exhume her son. He most probably broke through the cement and dug himself out of his grave as he already did before, and Alicia, incapable of accepting his loss, treated him as if he was still her living son.

  • Pablo Vega
    Pablo Vega

    Let's hope the remake is good too. Guillermo del Toro tends to make good movies

  • Totesfleisch

    honestly, the first scene, this dudes wife just flying around the room continiously, was one of the most fucked up scenes i have ever seen in horror movies lmfao. Not even gory, just fucked up!

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    Sauron Tea


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    vea cabilogan

    I've been watching Foundflix for 3 years and I'm very happy I've found Foundflix

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    Lizard Person

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  • Lizard Person
    Lizard Person

    When he said howdy folks I heard horny folks

  • Rita Andrino
    Rita Andrino

    3:48 ".. a pale leg shoots from under the bed..." ma dude... there's a whole person under there! just behind the leg!

  • Branan Andreu
    Branan Andreu

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  • Bat Mourning
    Bat Mourning

    I Enjoyed this even with the somewhat bad special effects

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    GoddeSs statue

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    Noah Mueller

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  • Pedro Guio Romero
    Pedro Guio Romero

    I speak spanish

  • Gurtington

    This movie scared the literal shit out of. I crapped my fucking pants by accident. I've never so fucking terrified of a movie during and LOOONG after a movie ended. I highly recommend anyone and everyone watch this movie.

  • Rosemary Frye
    Rosemary Frye

    Am I the only one who adores this content but gets scared from it? Even though he’s telling the stories in the happiest, most casual way possible? Lol I’m like ready to watch David dobrik after this 😭


    Does anyone else find these videos more entertaining than the actual movie.

  • Kev. M. Mwaniki
    Kev. M. Mwaniki

    This was crazy!!! Forget superhero movies waat!!

  • Frederick Lamb
    Frederick Lamb

    I actually love that he explains the whole movie

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    B- Roller

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    Thanksfor Thesub

    This guys are literally messing with the supernatural like a cat playing with nuclear reactors

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    No Name

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    LatteralDruid 44

    This movie is great, but that chair ending is suuuper wack

  • toast

    somehow missed this one. This was an amazing movie!

  • BurntLoaf Productions
    BurntLoaf Productions

    This honestly, not watching the movie, but being the MC in this movie would be the worst. Most horror movie ghosts are shy and just do stuff like open doors. This ghost it fucing pops up hides in his closet knowing that there’s a camera and terrorizes this man in PYISICAL FORM.

  • jrch mgn
    jrch mgn

    Where's my popcorn??? Love this channel, free movies.

  • Mario Mcmeans
    Mario Mcmeans

    Always wanted to watch it! And I'm glad I didn't as the dead boy was creepy enough for me.

  • AE Edwards
    AE Edwards

    I feel sorry for those who cannot appreciate the work in its original language with subtitles. Perhaps they can use a Hispanic cast at least, since representation in films has been low lately while others garner a lot more screen time.

  • AE Edwards
    AE Edwards

    Absolutely love your reviews....don’t know how you manage to watch so many spooky movies and still be such a cool and down-to-Earth guy.

  • XxGamingdolphin R6
    XxGamingdolphin R6

    The creature looks like scp 096

  • Midnight Fenrir
    Midnight Fenrir

    South America seems uniquely able to scare the absolute crap out of me.

  • Symba_ Lysm
    Symba_ Lysm

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  • JustLookingAround

    Ngl but a creature butt naked standing beside your bed is pretty funny.

  • Melinda Hodge
    Melinda Hodge

    A y suggestions for more movies with this type "scare"

  • Melinda Hodge
    Melinda Hodge

    This movie freaked me out and I consider myself a horror aficionado. I love a good creepy af movie &this one hit the mark. I just want to make sure I didn't overlook anything.

  • Reggaeton Remixes
    Reggaeton Remixes

    Id love an ending explained for horsehead

  • Esteban Rodríguez
    Esteban Rodríguez

    Seems the writer is really into Lovecraft... I'm from BsAs, kinda weird seeing a bus driving in such a narrow street... but by how the houses look, I would say it wasn't filmend in the city... can't tell which bus it was.

  • Ghost Spirit
    Ghost Spirit

    I fall asleep watching this movie

  • I'mASham

    is it just me or are the posters of Aterrados and Winchester kinda similar?

  • Yosh Boi
    Yosh Boi

    Kid: **backs up into the street and gets ker-blonked** Bus driver: *rut ro raggy we gotta scoot*

    • gabs

      is South America, that's how the people make the things here

  • Achillès

    I didn't understand where or what these "monsters" were

  • GraveX


  • Alex Christian
    Alex Christian

    Scp 096

  • Marcus Mulethaler
    Marcus Mulethaler

    Albrechts twisted body running up to the car is deff the creepiest part of the movie in my opinion. I just don’t understand the ending. Or the plot of the movie tbh. Like why were those 3 or 4 houses the only houses on the block/neighborhood being fucked with? What did the ghost follow those guys at the end?

  • Marcus Mulethaler
    Marcus Mulethaler

    I just watched this last night and I must say, this movie was deff creepy as fuck.

  • TerijakiGaming

    I was still terrified even when you if you only explain it

  • A Which love
    A Which love


  • Black Liberalman
    Black Liberalman

    I think the three were trying to get this to happen more. M.O.

  • Juaanchoo Rodriguez
    Juaanchoo Rodriguez

    When he said that the bus driver bailed out of the scene I knew this was Argentina for sure

  • Oscar Kunze
    Oscar Kunze

    damn man, your voice just takes away from all the horror and scares. big love

  • Sir Arvel Stories
    Sir Arvel Stories

    Good horror movies do not give away their lore. They always maintain a vague and mysterious ambience til the end.

  • Nikki Pappas
    Nikki Pappas

    Followed your advice. Stopped your video, went and watched this movie. Eeeeeeeff... Scariest movie I have seen in YEARS! Thank you!

  • William Kelly
    William Kelly

    The main characters are idiots I would have committed suicide after seeing that twice

  • Animals Rock
    Animals Rock

    That scene with the dead kid was like nothing i've ever seen in a horror film before.

  • Dogma 43
    Dogma 43

    I like subtitles let’s me see and hear what the characters are saying

  • Tyler Hussin
    Tyler Hussin

    That guy at the beginning looked... #TERRIFIED

  • Stained Glass Leaves
    Stained Glass Leaves

    I watched this with my mom but i didn't pay attention so now i'm here to see why tf my mom was so scared

  • Alaric Linlaw
    Alaric Linlaw

    the contorted body coming at the car, freaked me out so bad, I gotta check my whole house now lmao!!!!

  • WTFCharles

    bruh i hate watching these cause most of the movies he covers look so cool, but after watching there's no point in checking out the movies lol.


    I can’t believe this is *Happening*

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    P N W

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    Griphy Mathai

    I just don’t get why they don’t get beds with storage saves all that space in the bottom. Yes it is the actual reason I have storage bed.

  • Cami Guerra
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  • M-T

    This movie looks scary... but I'll be honest, it suffers from the same trope that a lot of horror movies have. They don't know how to "end" it. Granted, this movie is like way scarier than a lot... it's just the ending. Why I think the ending isn't so great is, is that it's what exactly? Like, I thought it was just plain evil since the wife was just killed brutally... and then I thought it was a vampire of sorts since it sucks blood, and then now there's the child being alive again, and then it's a microorganism, and then it's 2 naked dudes, and then it's an alien etc. etc. Lastly, why didn't the dude shoot the guy in the end? I mean, if they're not hallucinations, then he could've killed the alien no? I really don't know how it should've ended, but I just didn't like how this ended. Really unfortunate, because I was very spooked RIGHT up until the last scene with the interviewers. I guess if I really have to make a decision, I think it would've ended great if they just ended it when the guy blew off the match stick. We don't see whether he lit the houses on fire etc. etc. just that the dude blew the matchstick, and then cut to black.

  • M-T

    Am I wrong? Why does the background look like green screen, especially when you look at the hair? Has it *ALWAYS* been a green screen????????? HELLO

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    Haitham Yassen


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    Please explain American Psycho! :)

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    Thanks for watching FoundFl-

  • TheWilderCat

    Thanks for watching FoundFl-

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    Love Underwater

    stop yelling for fuck's sake

  • Gray

    Honestly this is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while. It’s so goddamn disjointed. It’s scary, yeah. Only because nothing makes sense and anything could happen next. What was up with the kids corpse? There is an alternate dimension that these creatures come from microscopically? Why do they look human? Do they have any involvement at all with the beginning of the movie? This is honestly a 1/10 movie.

  • Mr. Coupe
    Mr. Coupe

    Both Grunted* “HARUMPH”

  • Rachel B
    Rachel B

    Great film just finished watching it and as with most horror films, I watch ur explained video right after. Only question I have is Juan says "his wife disappearance" at the end, but he also claimed at the beginning of the film that he has already seen the photos of his dead wife. So did she disappear or not? How could he have seen police photos of her corpse if she disappeared? Translation error or am I missing something? X