GHOSTS OF WAR (2020) Ending Explained
#ghostsofwar #endingexplained
In Ghosts of War, a group of WWII soldiers are assigned to protect a mysterious mansion, where they encounter a supernatural threat more terrifying than anything they've seen on the battlefield. This has a massive unexpected twist and a crazy abrupt conclusion that will definitely the viewer asking questions. So we're breaking down the story, including the clues to whats really going on as well as explaining the twist and meaning behind the ending.
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  • Victor Cuevas
    Victor Cuevas

    That is so horrific

  • Jurrien Vallo
    Jurrien Vallo

    This is what a ghost would feel, an endless loop of suffering still existing in the world it once lived in.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Honestly it wasn’t terrible I enjoyed it

  • Henry Lei
    Henry Lei

    The abaft badger regretfully steer because birch lovely satisfy despite a abhorrent women. far-flung, disagreeable keyboard

  • Devin White
    Devin White

    I was expecting a twist. There was no way they'd kill off Billy Zane that early in a movie never to be seen again lol

  • Mirza Khalid
    Mirza Khalid

    the cast was great, the acting was pretty good but clearly the writer was changed in the middle of the movie. who gives the idea of putting a simulation and Afghan war in a WW2 movie! I won't blame the director because he directed extremely fine till the Nazis showed up in the house

  • RogueVoid

    This movie sounds confusing

  • Arebea Bridgewater
    Arebea Bridgewater

    I've watched the movie and it was good. Nice twist

  • Ika Patino
    Ika Patino

    They should have listened to their friend Billy Zane he's a cool dude he was trying to help them out.

  • Viper01

    Muslim here: Vetrulek isnt real

  • Funny Bone
    Funny Bone

    Their should be more war/ghost movies, or war/supernatural spin

  • Anna *****
    Anna *****

    4:59 - that dollhouse in creepy kid room - does anyone know, was it normal for the insanely rich in the early twentieth century to have a dollhouse like that? Did old dollhouses look like this? Anyone know?

  • Megas_ Pastırma
    Megas_ Pastırma

    They had to end that sh.тту ending, hadnt they

  • Roboslaya78

    Ngl if we get rid of the ghosts with zombies this would be call of duty

  • Kevin Alisson
    Kevin Alisson

    The psychotic sailboat unequivocally list because beret firstly mourn unlike a frantic structure. grateful gratis, groovy cement

  • Steven _TH
    Steven _TH

    they can't escape the house cus the simulation map isn't big enough

  • Steven _TH
    Steven _TH

    dude I was totally sure theres gonna be a plot twist where it wasn't the Nazis who killed them, and the glasses guy knew about this, turns out we really did get a plot twist but not what anyone would expect, it's such bs

  • Near Darkroad
    Near Darkroad

    afghanistan, arabic, Isis, what? Afghan speak their own language , not arabic. Isis? Taliban maybe similar to Isis but they are not ally with isis nor isis with them. I'm pretty sure Isis won't even go to Afghan. The curse is completely fictional, vetrulet or whatever the name is, its not even arabic in origin, since the movie said "ancient muslim" whatever the hell it is.

  • Yoshua Martinez
    Yoshua Martinez

    I actually enjoyed it the whole way through

  • HK Web walker
    HK Web walker

    . Soldiers in war are only afraid of the enemy, so just say hello when soldiers meet a ghost? Stupid..

  • HK Web walker
    HK Web walker

    .. Soldiers in war are only afraid of the enemy, so just say hello when soldiers meet a ghost? Stupid.

  • HK Web walker
    HK Web walker

    Soldiers in war are only afraid of the enemy, so just say hello when soldiers meet a ghost? Stupid.

  • Jungle_Twist


  • Hastur

    I watched is when it was on Netflix and I loved it until the 3 act.

  • Pamelq Taylor
    Pamelq Taylor

    Why does the Vertulek sound German?

  • HISHAM 888
    HISHAM 888

    As a Muslim and an arab, i can confirm the vetrulek is bullshit. There is no V in Arabic, and in islam, curses don't exist. The closest thing to this is la-na, or damnation, which is when you do an act so sinful, Allah automatically sends you to hell. But even this can be avoided if you truly repent

  • miko Freeman
    miko Freeman

    Is that Thad?

  • Jack Valderia
    Jack Valderia

    You asked for it, happy to oblige :) - "The Fountain" gracias

  • HOBbz

    I don't think you know what "pretty good" means...

    • HOBbz

      @Rem Mo I'm not even a cop bro, and to me, it sounds like you are the one taking things personally. Also, I don't think blm had much to do with it, it was anteefa. They are the ones (along with many democrats) who are screaming for defunding their local police. Good luck with that. There are bad people in every profession. There are doctors who amputate the wrong leg, or sexually harass their nurses, what then?? will we defund doctors next? What about you? Are you perfect? If not, will you defund yourself? Shall society defund you? Your logic is immature and juvenile. It's time to grow up, put away childish things and think like a grown ass man.

    • Rem Mo
      Rem Mo

      @HOBbz Fun fact, in training to be an EM and we have nothing to do with the police. Y'all were started for shit reasons and most of you hold bigoted opinions you refuse to check. Your icon is in direct response to BLM which in itself isn't an anti-cop movement. You should be happy people are pointing out shitty cops. Instead you had to go and take it personal.

    • HOBbz

      @Rem Mo uh oh, we got a cop hater here! Don't call 911 every again and prove to the world that you don't need us. Don't call for an ambulance, the fire department or police services ever again in your life if you hate us so bad. Think bro, your opinion is juvenile, you know you need emergency services, that's why every municipality in the entire world has them. There is a good reason why every county or province pays for emergency services with taxes. They are necessary.

    • Rem Mo
      Rem Mo

      Your opinion already seems lacking considering your icon

  • Daniel Doo
    Daniel Doo

    " .... a massive unexpected twist and a crazy abrupt conclusion that will definitely the viewer asking questions ..." It's....WAY MORE than that... * Worst ending in a movie that I've ever watched, seriously.. World War 2 movie my ass.... I'm moving on from this.

  • DerpyGamer0013

    The group: *knows the ghosts are dead, and therefore cannot be killed again* The ghosts: *attacks them* The group: *tries fucking stabbing them and shooting them to try and kill them again*

  • Nicholas Ong
    Nicholas Ong

    Suggestion: Thirteen Terrors Thai horror film.

  • Steve K
    Steve K

    almost missed is the journal's date @10:24 is 9-11

  • -Attack of the youtube copyright bot-
    -Attack of the youtube copyright bot-

    22:27 most netflix movies in a nutshell

  • -Attack of the youtube copyright bot-
    -Attack of the youtube copyright bot-

    lol breakdown on the xbox is the only thing that did this concept good and star trek i guess

  • Gerald Thompson
    Gerald Thompson

    What utter 'Tosh !

  • 한국어TCG

    When your friend wants to watch the Grave Encounter movies but puts this on instead

  • Oscar Bushell
    Oscar Bushell

    is that Thad Castle haha?

  • Sabrina E.
    Sabrina E.

    how many times do you watch these movies before filming?

  • WereSoClueLess

    This movie was great highly recommended

  • Sunshine Skystar
    Sunshine Skystar

    thank god I watched this first. the whole afghanistan, simulation, and curse being real in such futuristic setting would piss me off. they could just gone with spooky ghost or time portal instead.

  • The Sharktocrab
    The Sharktocrab

    Why didnt she curse the ISIS guys though

  • Señor Grinch
    Señor Grinch

    This was such a good movie ...

  • Eve D'arc
    Eve D'arc

    why are you yelling?.. its fkn annoying

  • 10% for the big guy
    10% for the big guy

    Maybe if they didn't want to be put in camps , they shouldn't have tried to destroy their host country through marxist usury , boycotting and degeneracy.

  • Glitch

    The scene jumps make zero sense. It was a bad movie. Can anyone explain the radio scene at 6:50? They all have wounds and looked like the scene was suppose to come after the nazi battle, yet it happened before it lol.

  • Beary White Bear
    Beary White Bear

    if the man without jaw received a message "i have no mouth but i must scream" it'll be a cool reference

  • Charles Souza
    Charles Souza

    The producer should have hired a military consultant. All credibility went out the window in the opening sequences: they are wearing patches of both the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions, one above the other. Officers wearing NCO stripes. Helmets with 101st division stencils. Two soldiers wearing 82nd and First Division patches on the left sleeve (against regs, guys.) The soldier asleep in the jeep who is insulted and verbally abused, is a lieutenant, according to his helmet. Certainly neither last or least, the sniper rifle is a British Enfield (never issued to U.S. troops, and used the wrong ammunition: .303 British)! Ah, well. It puts the fiction in sci-fi.

  • John Burns
    John Burns

    i loved this movie

  • Anjuleus Y
    Anjuleus Y

    Hellooo! No Thanks, Billy Zane!

  • capn jack gallows
    capn jack gallows

    The lab , the ending completely ruined this movie!! I was really enjoying it too , the setting was excellent the characters were awesome , the acting was pretty damn good......and then they had to fucking ruin it by trying to be clever.....what a damn shame

  • Shady Youngster
    Shady Youngster

    Is it just me or is Billy Zane looking like Marlon Brando?

  • Joshua Sweetvale
    Joshua Sweetvale

    I liked these bad guys better when they were called the Family of Blood. :v

  • im19ice3

    seems like a fun schlock ride, i mean weird as fuck but still, the ghosts looked funny

  • Nobody From Nowhere
    Nobody From Nowhere

    21:20 Standing by and letting people die to protect yourself is cowardice of the highest order. Those were well equipped soldiers in a defendable position with plenty of time to set up an ambush; if they are willing to watch people die just because the odds are against them, then yeah, they deserve to suffer. You don't become a soldier to protect yourself, and if you aren't going to protect innocent people and children, then why even fight?

  • Shivon Nevius
    Shivon Nevius

    So then how many times has that lady sent him back in there?

  • juicewar3

    Am I the only person who thought this movie was a banger? The twist with the lab and what really happened to the family was really good in my opinion

  • Brick Craft
    Brick Craft

    I already watched the movie the sniper is doing criss cross apple sauce on a star

  • Denis Nadein
    Denis Nadein

    How is going to nazi occupied france therapy ??

  • Johnny Gaston Jr.
    Johnny Gaston Jr.

    Why did the mom blow them up and not the isis guys that killed her fam??

  • Mariam Ossama
    Mariam Ossama

    the plot of the movie is cool but i am a muslim from a Muslim country and We don’t have anything called “ vetrulek” what’s so ever and i am pretty sure it doesn’t exist as we don’t have any kind of curses in islam, maybe it’s an Afghanistan thing I don’t know and I don’t think so either but its for sure not a Muslim thing

  • VolublePauciloquent

    2:17 nice war crime

  • Jared Lewis
    Jared Lewis

    Shoulders in a haunted house

  • Mad 1
    Mad 1

    The trailer looked good but god was this movie shit. I mean even the guns were shit. The ending was dumb, the plot. It was just shit

  • Raven Bloodrose
    Raven Bloodrose

    I've never heard of half the movies on this channel

  • Gymbagel

    This is nearly beat for beat the plot of Little Hope the game

  • Jadyn mj9032215
    Jadyn mj9032215

    when i watched the ending i was just like, ¨so thats it? thats so stupid.¨

  • hot mantap
    hot mantap

    ghosts of war (2021) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘ Here ➤ -All Subtitle Available √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский √™должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы 01:59 уничтожить группу, √™ответственную за ее создание"'"'"+17"

  • Pheng Yang
    Pheng Yang

    Having a cyber jaw would be pretty cool though! I guess maybe I'm playing a little too much CYberpunk 2077.

  • CoolBudy1

    The whole simulation to fix mental damage is just SAO Alicization.

  • A Little Bit Of History
    A Little Bit Of History

    Well at least it being a simulation can be used to explain why the 2nd World War equipment, uniforms and weapons are so messed up.

  • TheFXPlays

    Okay I JUST watched this movie and this popped up in my lol

  • Cyril

    A mediocre Black Mirror episode at best.

  • G Thompson
    G Thompson

    Great movie until the end... what a waste

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts

    I only watched this because Alan Ritchson is in it

  • Ky Cooly
    Ky Cooly

    Things went downhill for Jesse after the Acapella finals

  • Grabnok The Destroyer
    Grabnok The Destroyer

    When it comes to debilitating conditions, my big requirements are being aware and being able to use my hands or being able to recover the use of my hands. No legs or no jaw I can live with if I can get accommodations, so long as I can play video games.

  • Erica Stein
    Erica Stein

    I was really enjoying the movie especially Kyle Gallner’s scene but the ending completely lost it.

  • None Your business
    None Your business

    Movie started good wtf happened did they run out of money? It just ended with at least 30 mins left

  • Isaac Langdon
    Isaac Langdon

    Explain "The Final Prayer"

  • lolz

    This is just a huge metal gear solid reference.

  • Stan Gable
    Stan Gable

    Why is Theo Rossi playing a solder ? He’s like 45.

  • P Lac
    P Lac

    The ending was dumb. Had the soldiers tried to help the family, they'd have just been killed by ISIS anyways. You're no good to anyone if you're dead.

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith

    Absolute sh*t movie


    So do they just keep waking up and telling the doctors what happened over and over?

  • codafett

    I feel like they couldn't figure out how to end it.

  • Twitch SmackedByKrispy
    Twitch SmackedByKrispy

    It was such a good movie till the end...

  • Noobie WatcherZ
    Noobie WatcherZ

    So it's like Inception ... but with ghosts.

  • mike dubovs
    mike dubovs

    Sucide bomb to kill people that wanted to help her family and cursed them instead of the sick crazy mujahis that destroyed her family.. Ending went sooo far lefty bs .. Making American soldiers into the evil instead of jihadist murders

    • mike dubovs
      mike dubovs

      But she didnt try to kill nor curse the ones that killed her family.. And it was a messed up.. Nazi and jews thing then turned to islam and Christian and jihad thing with a curse.. The ending was so left and usa bad thing

    • Big Boy
      Big Boy

      Well yeah she was gonna suicide bomb them because they didnt try to stop ISIS from killing her family. But honestly from a realistic point of view, 5 guys vs 50 wasn't gonna turn out good

  • Mr Jamieson
    Mr Jamieson

    I think the one who woke up should have woken up at the start as if it was dream and didn’t happen kind of like Groundhog Day Skip the whole Afghan thing

  • Miguel Schamne
    Miguel Schamne

    I have a lot expectative but this movie...and disapoint me...include endig...worts ever movie scary....puaj

  • Joe Saba
    Joe Saba

    The ending was a disaster. The movie had potential.

  • HaveN

    The cgi is so bad

  • mercedes drake 91
    mercedes drake 91

    my review of this on letterboxed: i liked the premise the execution could've been better it was an ok movie until that terrible plot twist a WWII ghost story was interesting but then adding the computer simulation iraq war plot twist ruined it.... like why??? thought about the plot twist, the whole ghosts from real life putting a curse on you and following you into a computer simulation is a good premise on its own... but just not for this movie.

  • Aidan D.
    Aidan D.

    My theory is that they're all actually in hell. That was the curse. She cursed them to an eternity in hell. Some say hell is an endless loop. Chris's hell is an endless loop of waking up in WW2, going through a haunted house, and waking up in a futuristic hospital, still unknowingly in Hell, doomed to repeat


      Yea makes sense when you remember at the end when the nurse puts him back under she attempts to wake him back up because his memory is being erased

  • Aidan D.
    Aidan D.

    This movie was fucking amazing. Love Brenton Thwaites

  • Connie Shultz
    Connie Shultz

    I loved this movie, right up to the "hard turn". Wish it would have stayed the original course.

  • spotme3000

    I liked the rant at the end ... this movie deserved it.

  • Kubaadamiec

    call of duty ghost

  • S. Kanninchen
    S. Kanninchen

    the film would have been better if it finally came out that the boys have long been dead and their souls are trapped in purgatory because of their war crimes until their victims forgive them.That would also make sense since the boys are being haunted by the ghosts of the family they tortoured and murdered.I didn`t like the ending!I would have preffered an end in which the perpetrators had to face their sins and their victims daily until they finally find peace and forgiveness through their victims.