GHOSTS OF WAR (2020) Ending Explained

In Ghosts of War, a group of WWII soldiers are assigned to protect a mysterious mansion, where they encounter a supernatural threat more terrifying than anything they've seen on the battlefield. This has a massive unexpected twist and a crazy abrupt conclusion that will definitely the viewer asking questions. So we're breaking down the story, including the clues to whats really going on as well as explaining the twist and meaning behind the ending.

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  • Beaten Wenar
    Beaten Wenar

    I don’t understand the shawdow smoking the cigar at the main end .-.

  • Another Clever Username
    Another Clever Username

    So... _Source Code..._ again.

  • Anonymous

    Hope a part 2 comes out

  • wendigoking

    i actually had a 3 hour rant with my roommate when we watched this. the worst part is that if you separate the ending you have two good sounding movies. ww2 soldiers maybe trapped in hell that are secretly the nazis that did this, and disabled vets forced to confront the ghosts of the people they were forced to leave to die. but someone shit the bed and decided "nope. i want pinapple... AND a pumpkin pie..." and now we have to live with the diarrheic mess that is the result...

  • NickLimitless Rich
    NickLimitless Rich

    Please make ghost of war 2 I want a good ending

  • vaultboy971

    Hey, I watched this!

  • Nick L
    Nick L

    It would have been better if they were all ghost hunting the mansion with other ghost

  • Memes Inator
    Memes Inator

    The best thing about the movie was the (mostly practical) injuries and props

  • CreativeUsernameEh

    Ghosts of War shows the story of five soldiers in Hell. Haunted and tortured by guilt and regret and their past failure to sacrifice their lifes for the family that risked everything (down to the last second) to save others, they’re stuck in a simulation that is meant to be therapeutic for PTSD, but has been infected by a supernatural curse put on them by the mother they failed to save, causing the simulation to malfunction and torture them instead. Only by correcting their actions in the simulation (sacrificing themselves for others, as Butchie did by throwing himself on the Grenade to save his squad, a sacrifice he did not make for the family) can they redeem themselves by finally dying IRL. The movie touched on the existence of the supernatural, the afterlife, pragmatism vs. Idealism. The twist at the end showing that they’re in a looping simulation, but that the curse is still real and haunting them was a unique twist and an interesting depiction of a realistic Hell.

    • CreativeUsernameEh

      Another poster mentioned how in the simulation, they fought multiple cars full of german soldiers. The “ghosts” haunting the Manor actually fought on their side, killing Nazis for them. Contrast this with Afghanistan, where they refused to do such out of fear of dying themselves (despite being soldiers on a mission to extract them, who promised to protect them) and instead watched as the family who risked everything to help died alone, without their support.

  • Everyone has an opinion
    Everyone has an opinion

    Fucking Paul!

  • ArtsieFrog

    Man, that ending is very disappointing. Like, keep all the WW2 stuff and keep it about them being trapped in a loop till they figure out what’s going on. Leave out the sci-fi crap.

  • Raph K
    Raph K

    But it was all a dreeeaaam.

  • Retarded skellton Smith
    Retarded skellton Smith

    7:54 nice to se some grand theft semi auto

  • Charles Craft
    Charles Craft

    Butchy should have just screamed at the ghosts GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!

  • Random's Favorite Things
    Random's Favorite Things

    ive learned the hard way that a lot of netflix movies start off great with a lot of potential then shit the bed at the end

  • Anya

    Arabic isn't spoken in Afghanistan. Dari and Pasto are the two major languages of Afganistan.

  • justin Avila
    justin Avila

    I loved this movie but the ending i was like and.......(end credits start going) WTF 😧😂😂

  • Logan Searles
    Logan Searles

    Not gonna lie this shit is pretty stupid and it just feels like they are going after soldiers

  • Dec. gyrrl
    Dec. gyrrl

    With all due respect, I've gotta go. My head is spinning😖

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape

    16:02 OMG! The villain from the 1st The Mummy movie!

  • ali-cat

    This film is weird and stupid plot. There were men who survived those injuries during WW1 and they didn't die of shock of losing all limbs, they had to deal with their injuries with minimal pain killers while being transported in ambulance(just a van with red cross on it) which had no shock absorbers to get to field hospitals over craters in the road from the shelling. A quick fix operation another horrid ride over a warzone of a rode to sail slowly across the sea to Britain to finally get decent pain killers and full operation to remove badly damaged skin/muscle and then keep undergoing operations where surgeon's were struggling to fix wounds they had never seen before, BUT my point is they lived after all of that. WW1 was horrid for the men missing lower jaws, face shredded by shrapnel, just put ww1 injuries in google and see for yourself the horrific injuries people survived.

  • MutedMayday

    Man I really hate cliffhanger movies

  • Oʊdɪn

    unpopular opinion, i actually liked the movie and the concept

  • Pyros Nine
    Pyros Nine

    IF they were gonna go the secretly scifi route, probably would have been better if we'd instead flashed between multiple time zones, multiple wars, and had our protagonists actually be old men or even just AI's based on the memories of dead soldiers used for training and archival purposes- and reveal that Chris was actually a person playing a video game in the year 2058 or something, because that's what makes more sense than "Our soldiers are deeply traumatized from war, let's put them in a WWII sim to heal their brain somehow", especially since if the house wasn't meant to be haunted in the sim, why were the simulated soldiers sleeping outside? If it's just like today, with someone deciding to play a WWII shooter to experience a thrill ride version of the great war, it'd make way more sense. It'd make sense why Chris is so optimistic and intent on appeasing their spirits, because it's like a game and he's being the hero, and the other characters having initially flat but pointed personalities to fit the standard band of brothers stereotypes, but having combat and the ghosts reveal the horrors that they had in war, with the ghosts just being living nightmares born from PTSD. The horror comes from Chris discovering the game truly is haunted, just not in the way he thought. And if they were gonna go ghost story, this could have just ended with the reveal that Chris is really an old man in retirement home, haunted in his dreams of his time in war, and end with him telling his nurse about the things he's done that he never told a soul after the war was over. Even with the plot decision they took, they could have used it differently- what if leather jacket CIA guy was actually pulling an "I am the cheese' moment and is actually attempting to use the sim to cover up an intelligence SNAFU by determining if they can remember the incident before killing them? Having ghosts infect the matrix is dumb, having him go back in and forgetting is dumber, and the staff having no clue that there's ghosts in the sim is dumbest.

  • Kevin Goodchild
    Kevin Goodchild

    this was a pretty good film for 70 minutes ........

  • Hope Kunda
    Hope Kunda

    Please explain the movie called them

  • Enrique Esquivel
    Enrique Esquivel

    It was a ok movie 7/10

  • grace ellis
    grace ellis

    I only watched it for Brenton Thwaites - but this movie is batshit insane

  • The French on the hill
    The French on the hill

    I couldn't really finish the movie. I fall asleep.

  • mike roebauls
    mike roebauls

    Too bad they couldn't simulate a better movie...

  • victor rodriguez
    victor rodriguez

    That’s thadd castle

  • Ian 01
    Ian 01

    Plot hole city.

  • Jim Y
    Jim Y

    15:24 you said "he was missing the bottom half of his legs." not to be a wise ass, but you could've just said he was missing half his legs. we could deduce which half were most likely missing. then I thought if he said he was missing half his legs it could mean he was missing one entire leg. that's half of two legs I guess? ; ]

  • Abdesselam Faiz
    Abdesselam Faiz

    Oh great ! An other propaganda movie islamophobic bulls##t

  • Sleepless

    I think Iam the only one who absolutly loved the twist.

  • AshHole NYC
    AshHole NYC

    man what a waste of squirell

  • Maud Loomis
    Maud Loomis

    The super success expectably dream because wrinkle statistically wrap in a feeble feigned timer. boiling, red shirt

  • Dalton Frazier
    Dalton Frazier

    If you hate assassin screed if you hate the modern day if you hate the whole Animas bull crap you were going to hate the ending of this film I however like assassin’s creed and like the modern day and I still hated this film.


    It was good but The ending is so low Down to the GROUND

  • luke baker
    luke baker

    I have to admit I'd like to watch this film now. Hope you can get it on Blu-ray or DVD.

  • Mrs. Voltage-Cruelly
    Mrs. Voltage-Cruelly

    This is very real even without the supernatural and sci fi elements. There are former soldiers right now that are haunted every day by memories and dreams of what they could have done differently in a combat scenario. It’s like phantom limb syndrome for the entire body from the mind. PTSD is the body’s way of saying you were not supposed to survive a near death incident. Support our troops always.

  • Bill Rich
    Bill Rich

    Well. This is depressing.

  • TheSiddiqie

    which branch of Animus is this

  • Pain Gain
    Pain Gain

    THE CYBERSTALKING (1999) meets SOURCE CODE (2011)

  • Nate Spinney
    Nate Spinney

    So this movie is just stupid.... glad I didn't watch it.

  • RealRyGuy

    I like to think the nazi killing scene is actually when he comes back from the real world and tries to change his history by actually defending the house and them actually being able to stand a chance with the help of the family members. but obviously, they didn't do that in the real world part of the movie. I like that small touch signifying that maybe they would have lost one of their own but could have stood a chance having the jump on them. Hiding behind the makeshift boxes....hiding behind the wall. I love this movie for small things like that! :) Edit: also how Buchie jumps on the grenade in the simulation he also jumps on the charged explosive. small things

  • _rose._._

    I just finished watching it...the ending was super disappointing and DOESNT make ANY SENSE....AT ALL.....they had good shot angles super impressive vibes and story line....the infinity loop that they did was a nice touch. But the ending RLLY????? it was just like the first grudge movie and the "rings" movie. All three are disappointments...don't waste your time on them.

  • Bcav712

    I love a good WWII film

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?

  • The Pinnacle
    The Pinnacle

    This could have been such a cool movie if it just stuck to the WWII ghost story idea

  • Sez James
    Sez James

    A woman terrorist blows up some guys and curses them, they get put in a computer simulation along with said curse. That's the basis on the story which is terrible. The film is pretty good though aside that.

  • *Boom*

    Ehh, recently finished watching. I can say the only part that ruins it for me is when it ended up being a loop because the characters had their memories reset like damn when he(protagonist) wanted to correct their mistake for actually summoning the ghosts satan style. I don't understand why the ghosts needs to be so hostile like how ungrateful but the loop is still the worse it could've been better if they just managed to correctly bury the bodies and then move on. I love the concept of healing wholely with ptsd simulation treatment presented in the movie. The time travel/affecting part, I can accept that but they shouldn't end it like a cliffhanger.

  • ssej llenrad
    ssej llenrad

    Simulation twists are atrocious. Machina ex Machina is every bit as cheap as Deus ex Machina.

  • Ren-Ren

    So this movie is basically a shitty cabin in the woods and triangle?

  • x3_nuzzles

    I think how the hunted family in the sim killed a lot of the Germans, it was saying that if they helped the family in Afghan would have helped them and they may have lived. Far fetched theory but meh.

  • Dezmond Huston
    Dezmond Huston

    If I understood this video correctly, the twist seems to be saying that he lost his memories, so when he goes back in, he won't be able to help them, presumably that this would repeat endlessly. My concern is that, the scientist didn't lose her memories, so assuming she can work on a solution, wouldn't he just wake up again, then she can let him know he did it before, and how he should do it differently this time, to keep his memories?

  • mikros koust
    mikros koust

    I feel like Netflix has overused the whole "its all a simulation" bit

  • Yaasir syuhada
    Yaasir syuhada

    What's vetrulek means? Please

  • T J
    T J

    It was a great watch in my opinion. The ending twist just messed up everything

  • Surviving Chicago
    Surviving Chicago

    I enjoyed this more than a movie

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones

    It crossed my mind for a split second, but the thought left just as fast: they're in a comput- no, that'd be stupid...

  • Samuel Ray
    Samuel Ray

    I found myself enjoying this, ya know, ww2 soldiers stumble on an abandoned haunted cultist arabian mansion and they are somehow cursed in the process Most of the story twist i do enjoy until the part where *its all a simulation* Yeah, that dont work in my book chief

  • Tony Sunshine
    Tony Sunshine

    From what I understand (maybe) is to erase whatever gives these military men PTSD. I have it and it sucks. I wish when my tour overseas was over that someone placed me in a simulation and some how deleted the exact (probably not possible) moment for lack of a better term, that would cause me to relive a memory triggering that PTSD. Just my 2 cents. Please don't bash me people!!

  • Pepe Silvia Pennypacker
    Pepe Silvia Pennypacker

    This movie pulled a Game of Thrones

  • BaconNDCheese

    nah, the soldiers weren't good. They would have died, 21:13 you see him shooting with 1 eye closed with no scope

  • NegativeJam

    Although I know what the movie is trying to say about inaction. But the woman cursed the soldiers. In this reality curses exist, so it doesn’t matter if the curses are deserved or not. If you shoot someone, the bullet doesn’t care if the person deserved to be shot. The curse does what it does regardless, set off by emotion. It just makes good writing that the curse is deserved and that there is a lesson to be learned. It’d be cool to watch a movie where a curse isn’t deserved, and the one who is cursed tries to reason with the person who set off the curse and to have them come to terms with the emotions that caused them to do it. Idk sounds cool but might be a hard movie to write.

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner

    You mean the sixth sense ending where they realize they are already dead. Right?

  • Big Boah
    Big Boah

    This movie was a complete mindfuck

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner


    Hate the movie

  • Imma Leaf
    Imma Leaf

    They certainly Stephen King'd this idea

  • Claire Baire
    Claire Baire

    So they were used as an experiment?

  • justin steffan
    justin steffan

    I like to think the real twist is that it went from purgatory to a simulation but it turns out it was purgatory and the simulation was just part of it

  • James

    Does this dude just narrate films? All the 'ending explained vids' I have watched is basically just a bad e-book 😂. For me, I feel like they changed writers in the middle of scriptwriting because the last 15 mins, especially the acting in the lab scene, was terrible...they had memories on some bad projector which was worse than your average 80s sci-fi. The story just goes random in the last 15 mins 🤦‍♂️.

  • Nemo Emo
    Nemo Emo

    i read many commnts of many videos online...about ...dying terro ism ...and as none western human ...u know what i saw?( u ppl are oddly making joke of annnnnythig in sadismic way! even about terror ism attks! and war and dying of ppl)....beware ....this will lead u to a state u cant return from!

  • Sean Binkley
    Sean Binkley

    Man this could have been something unique. Great premise and even the whole idea of it being simulated or an illusion could have worked. Yet nothing was executed properly and the ending connection to Afghanistan was really shoehorned and ridiculous.

  • Gamer1288

    19:00 What confuses me is WHY curse them? It was only dumb luck that they survived in the first place.

  • Spring Blasty Animations
    Spring Blasty Animations

    The Ending is perfect

  • Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea
    Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea

    The doll room. That massive doll house is nuts! Could only imagine how much something that big would cost these days. The plastic ones they sell on tv are mad expensive.

  • シ Oreo Dealer • 6 years ago
    シ Oreo Dealer • 6 years ago

    The wife can’t blame them. If they came out all of them would of died anyways. I mean, did you see the shit tonne of back up they had? Shoulda cursed the people who killed her god damn family .

  • Pajama Nerd
    Pajama Nerd

    Also...whose health insurance covers this?

  • NubeTube 24
    NubeTube 24

    The movie would have been next level amazing if they just kept it in a ww2 setting

  • J Hsieh
    J Hsieh

    Might as well go out guns blazing than what they went through, would have lived or died in peace with honour.

  • BANE

    The first half was original and kept me thinking, the beginning scene was a ghost scene that I have never thought could happen(when he smoked a cigarette and pointed a gun at him) it was great The second half however.....

  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez

    This movie sucked

  • Masked gamer 9909
    Masked gamer 9909

    These soldiers are playing phasmaphobia

    • Fabian Weber
      Fabian Weber


  • MellowMadnessRMX

    The burned carpet with the chair was a nice touch

  • 趙某人

    NO one notices at the end of the movie, when chris woke up and looked to the right , Butchie didn"t show up. and what is meaning of ""Jersey" Rucksack""?

  • BoyvenZ

    I love this movie, love the plot. They get stronger everytime they go in.

  • SGT. Zachary Rothschild
    SGT. Zachary Rothschild

    Yeah the u.s. soldiers were there to help and would have been slaughtered had they come out are the bad guys. Not the woman who blew them up or the soldiers who killed children makes a lot of sense.

  • Anderson

    Could not get past the first fifteen minutes. Wrong guns. They were carrying British Lee Enfields. Substituting tanks I can see but small arms, sloppy.

  • thesilver j
    thesilver j

    The ending was kinda cheap but the movie itself was not ta bad in my opinion

  • Obama’s Soda
    Obama’s Soda

    Ive never seen such a great movie

    • Fabian Weber
      Fabian Weber

      This must've been the first movie you've ever seen then 🤨

  • Reply

    This movie SUCKED

  • Dr_Dynamo

    This was shit

  • Binush Sagar
    Binush Sagar

    Assassins creed

  • *S H O O K T*
    *S H O O K T*

    it would've been better if the movie stayed with it's overall spiritual horror and war (WWII) concept then the ending just went "it's all just a simulation" like what?? they butchered such a potentially good movie from the start.

  • 6 ___
    6 ___

    Imagine being cursed for not dying for someone you don’t know😭

  • Matthew Arenson
    Matthew Arenson

    What a Twist!

  • Karim Sydney
    Karim Sydney

    You should change the tone of your voice in your videos.