THE DARK AND THE WICKED (2020) Ending Explained

In The Dark and The Wicked, two siblings suspect that something evil is taking over their family at an isolated farmhouse. We're breaking down the story, the important family dynamic that guides it, as well as looking at just what is the evil on the farm and explaining the sudden ending.

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  • William Morgenstern
    William Morgenstern

    2:08 looks like spiderman suit in production process ;)

  • EzorielTV

    This movie received high ratings. I watched it and its quite a pretentious film about suicide. Its masked in good v evil, Christianity, etc but its all just a make up job. The point about the devil, being more powerful than Thanos' Snap, but not strong enough to kill old, comatose dad was also my overwhelming thought in the end... thats it. Way over rated and filled with plot holes but great if want to watch people kill themselves.

  • Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword
    Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword

    Tbh steangers was awful. Scream 1-2 did everything a lot better years before. And it was the one that set the rules for new age slashers. The strangers Is just ticking boxes, being formulaic and boring.

  • Michael Østergaard
    Michael Østergaard

    I never feel like you are explaining anything. You’re just giving us a summary?

  • Francois Dianne
    Francois Dianne

    EERIE please. Highly suggested. Big fan from Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Hate Me B1tch
    Hate Me B1tch

    Was the house cursed? Because the mother knew something was wrong in the house, she told them not to come as well.

  • Redacted

    She loves her dad now that inheritance is creaping closer

  • Mz Panther
    Mz Panther

    Love foundflix. Imma scary cat. After hearing all the spoiler it makes it much better

  • Lennart Chluba
    Lennart Chluba

    WTF that SOULKEBAB store @21:09 is down the street from where I live in Hamburg, Germany. That was creepy, my dude

  • SupahFly

    Just saw the movie and the ending kinda ruins it tbh. The movie did so much right but ending on a cheap ass jumpscare fucks it all up. It would've worked better without the scare. Just her being broken and cornered while you hear the singing. We all know what happens next as the movie makes it pretty fucking clear that there is no escape. But nooooo. The guy from the shitshow called "the strangers" saw sinister a few too many times and really wanted to repeat that same movie ruining ending. What in the actual fuck.

  • Pierce Pluenneke
    Pierce Pluenneke

    Probably the most unsettling demon/ghost movie I've ever seen. Effectively conveyed a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness. If you come into contact with it you are fucked. Even if you drive all night to get away your soul is stained and it cannot be undone. It also had scares that were subtle in their own ways. It was good at catching the audience off guard almost similar to something like the art of a good comedy bit. Also if you look closely you can get meaningful little messages that the movie throws you every once in a while. If anyone is reading this and has a more unsettling movie recommendation thatd be cool too.

  • Rex Mastersins
    Rex Mastersins

    All of Horror Movies would be half as long if their protagonists would more communicate which each other

  • Stephan Dormehl
    Stephan Dormehl

    Just checking, you don't think the gran invited the evil in? In the very first scene , as she walks past the goats she tells them to relax it's something good coming? And in the next scene when the chair turns it's like she was expecting it a bit,

  • Jennifer葛

    The moral of the story: Go to church and _communicate_ with your family!!!

  • Gnsd45

    You mean to tell me that you are properly going to explain a movie with no plot, no consistency, no nothing, just random scenes copy pasted from various different horror movies? I mean, anyone could create a random story to explain some 0 efford plotless garbadge like that.

  • AriNic

    What happened to the older guy in the beginning?

  • AriNic

    The phone call to the priest confuses me, so who was the guy saying he never met her?

  • Justin Graves
    Justin Graves

    I believe the devil saved the dad for second to last to destroy and bond of before pulling the lynch pin, so that the children had no one to lean on once he was dead, and nothing to keep them there.

  • Daniel Lamb
    Daniel Lamb

    Is it just me or do most horror movies have the same generic plot of "something evil causes hallucinations and breaks from reality"? Usually without explaining why or how the evil works?

  • Erin Jeanette
    Erin Jeanette

    Hahaha when your head was on the cowboy 🤠

  • HasherBrownz DoesNotLikeJB
    HasherBrownz DoesNotLikeJB

    The brother was actually just hella smart

  • Badazzgamer43

    Yeah i kinda feel bad for haunting that farm its just i kneed. SUSTANENCE! lol. Btw i shouldent of just put lipstick on the daughter i should of drew a clown face and put a red nose on her. U know souls. they are magicly delishious

  • kix land
    kix land

    The magenta trouble lately dust because captain chronically cure up a insidious era. thankful, kindly australian

  • Asad Khan
    Asad Khan

    Apparently the demon’s name is “the wicked”.

  • Silver Slingblade
    Silver Slingblade

    Suicide sucks. Don't listen to the Devil.

  • Brandon Mena
    Brandon Mena

    As a self claimed desensitized horror movie viewer, what other movies made you feel scared? I'm also kinda desensitized so I'd love to know. Thank you!

  • Peeped Poopoo
    Peeped Poopoo

    @foundflix why take the nurse’s words so literally?

  • algol29

    It had potential, but in the end, the movie made no sense because the creators had no idea what they were doing with the ending. The acting was surprisingly well done (not so much the brother). The sister/daughter is great. She'd probably be a real actress if Hollywood wasn't complete trash today. I saw The Conjuring 3 two days ago, and that couldn't be further from scary. I hope the series is done.

  • PD Zombie
    PD Zombie

    Hey, you didn't explain the ending!!! I want my money back!! Oh, that's right... Well, the way I see it, the "devil" is the guilt and impotence of the family while the father is dying. The mother goes insane with grief, the siblings are consumed by the depressing nature of death's finality (You can't talk to people after they die, that's why the brother is haunted by the mother; and the sister doesn't feel capable of taking care of the father, that's why her alucinations revolve around him). The "devil" keeps telling them to get out of the house, but not even love prevails when everyone has to die in the end...

  • Slime Glixzz
    Slime Glixzz

    Do the Conjuring 3 The Devil Made Me Do It❗️

  • Bradley Noneofyourbizz
    Bradley Noneofyourbizz

    "a rural goat farm" as opposed to an "inner city goat" farm?

  • Christopher Bardier
    Christopher Bardier

    Would have been a great end credit scene if the brother was shown in a hospital bed having survived his attempted suicide but was in a coma like the father. His wife watching over him from a chair and in the background they show the priest, out of frame, steering into the room from just outside the door.

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones

    1:57 I knew watching this video wasn't a waste of time.

  • smiley satanson
    smiley satanson

    yeah... me and my sister would burn the house down if we knew a demon was after our dads soul

  • Hailey

    So in the end the daughter is the only one seen really being attacked by the entity, because as her father died so did the only soul left in the world who loved her. As soon as he died, she was truly alone and unloved, and that is what the entity needed the whole time.

  • justin steffan
    justin steffan

    Why the fuck are there so many ghost movies? Theyre all literally the same movie.

  • Ryder Hall
    Ryder Hall

    I feel like that’s how everyone imagines Texas really is 😂 it’s pretty accurate...

  • Roger Gonzalez
    Roger Gonzalez

    Very irritating manner of speech. Only made it about half way through the review. Then decided to just go watch the movie.

  • Queen.oftheclouds 420
    Queen.oftheclouds 420

    I can’t stand when characters can’t communicate. Sure there wouldn’t be a show/movie if this didn’t happen, but like holy fuck. OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!

  • Duan Torruellas
    Duan Torruellas

    Made them all commit suicide , except the daughter , wow .

  • Trevor Burke
    Trevor Burke

    Cinemasins, Foundflix, Dead Meat, Nostalgia Critic.... who needs to actually watch movies anymore?

  • Don’t !
    Don’t !

    Yes, she’s so smart for keeping it to herself like her mother, thumbs up to her

  • Don’t !
    Don’t !

    Yes, she’s so smart for keeping it to herself like her mother, thumbs up to her

  • Pdrew


  • Rageoholic

    My family might be loud and volatile but at least they communicate, even if it's at loud angry volumes. We would have gotten through this movie in half an hour.

  • Duan Torruellas
    Duan Torruellas

    Every body dies hahahahaha that's some cold sh#+*

  • Duan Torruellas
    Duan Torruellas

    I love this channel , found flix is amazing and addictive lol.

  • Matthew Herring
    Matthew Herring

    The Devil really isn't thinking here. He left plenty of blatant hints that something supernatural is going on. So much for subtlety. :P

  • Saiol1000 The Crossover
    Saiol1000 The Crossover

    5:27 - 5:37 Hm~hm! Chopped fingers! My favourite... 😋🤣

  • R H
    R H

    When your relatives tell you don't come to visit; don't come to visit!

  • Char H
    Char H

    How is this an explanation of the movie? You just described everything that happened 😒

  • KarmicYogi

    bruh i got my volume at 30% still this guy yells like nobody's business.

  • Sheldon

    Will FoundFlix ever explain the ending of a movie, or just summerize films?

  • Mmhmmm Yea right
    Mmhmmm Yea right

    The daughter/sister was beyond dumb

  • MiSTR JT
    MiSTR JT

    🐐 not today, satan 🐐 leave the goats alone!!

  • MiSTR JT
    MiSTR JT

    Daaaaaang boy, a million views in 4 months! Don’t forget us simpletons when you’re hanging with the big boys!

  • Eric Panissidi
    Eric Panissidi

    Everybody knows what is pure horror.old naked soggy the shinning and heredity.

  • Jagan Gamer
    Jagan Gamer

    The fact that they never wanted to talk about anything is actually mind boggling. How can you be in such denial??

  • MikeeYo

    ????? He just described scene after scene without really explaining anything.

  • kyle irving
    kyle irving

    Gods not real though

  • J L
    J L

    Damn, she just opened the curtain like that, thinking it was her brother???

  • Okosun Tom
    Okosun Tom

    Movie is very creepy...On the same level as that movie Heriditary

  • Poker Face
    Poker Face

    This and It Follows are two of the best horror movies ever

  • Elizabeth Barnes
    Elizabeth Barnes

    I scare so easily.....I even have to skip parts of Found Flix, I am ashamed 😅🤣🤣

  • Johnny Stephen
    Johnny Stephen

    I strongly dislike movies where the evil wins

  • vorpal blade
    vorpal blade

    The goats and the darkness.

  • Vision Scream
    Vision Scream

    the mom hanging herself with only one and a quarter hands with the maimed one wouldve had so much blood and been hella difficult..... just saying

  • Bolinas Burks
    Bolinas Burks

    My theory is: The love wasn’t really there because if it was the devil would not have got the chance to get so close to all of them eventually ending all their lives #horribly 🤦🏾‍♀️😬

  • Dirk hambone
    Dirk hambone

    The editing on this one is so fucking on point, I don't mean to sound like a teenage girl but this was a very interesting video

  • Jwils The M.C
    Jwils The M.C

    I kinda hate movies like this especially with how they view Christianity. The Devil is just this all powerful nearly unstoppable force that can torment people for the entirety of their lives and then they're punished by God essentially for not being strong enough to endure it till they die a natural death. Like if God made this being this does he expect humans to survive encounters with it? It's one thing if they purposefully summon it into their lives but to my knowledge this family didn't do that so 🤷‍♀️

    • Mizako 96
      Mizako 96

      He wasn’t portrayed as unstoppable though. It’s hinted many times that they had the power to stop him through their bond and love for each other. But they could never set aside their differences to love one another.

  • HellRains FromAbove
    HellRains FromAbove

    Is it just me or does it seem like the dad only coughs when people are trying to leave the house? Like it’s the devil baiting the victims back into the house?

  • Diana

    The reason the dad lasted so long was because he was so loved by his children especially his daughter.

  • Naren Pradhan
    Naren Pradhan

    I'm not Christian, but I can see quite a few religious metaphors in here. The siblings and their mother start out as nonbelievers, not believing they need any spiritual assistance. But as the priest says, just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it won't come for you, something they realize too late. The mother starts buying crosses frantically in hopes of salvation, but it isn't enough to save her. Before this she tries to tell her children not to come, but they don't listen, maybe a metaphor for people not listening to Jesus's warnings. After the diabolical presence becomes clear, the focus shifts from believing in it to remaining faithful. The nurse tells them that one of the worst things they could do to their father is allow him to die alone. Yet this is exactly what they do- Michael abandons them straight out, and Louise stumbles out of the house just long enough for their father to expire without her by his side. This could represent people trying to save their own skin in the face of evil instead of remaining true to God. Both of them are killed for this, in Louise's case after hearing Michael's agonized voice, presumably from his punishment in hell, and her mother singing a song about Jesus's love, something she failed to value in her ordeal and ultimately pays the price for. Other metaphors might include (I'm pulling stuff out of my ass here: -The priest is standing outside and they rip out the phone from the wall, thinking that it's the work of the devil, when in reality it's Charlie. This represents how when faced with evil, people will often turn away help from God in fear, thinking that He is one of them. -The siblings want to bring their father "somewhere safe," but the doctor refuses to unplug him. This could represent how people think that they need to "protect" or "save" God, when in reality all they need to do is stay with him. -The real priest is far away and had a daughter named Louise who killed herself. This might represent how God's son died, and he doesn't want others to suffer the same fate. -The nurse says that although all the siblings see in death is sorrow, she sees a lot of love. This love could have saved them, as well as their mother, but they couldn't see it. - The one goat that survives the massacre has one leg. Jesus said "If your foot leads you astray, cut it off, lest it lead you into hell." Naturally, the other goats are thrown into a fire like dry twigs, also a bible reference. -The lamb is probably also Jesus, or maybe just the last glimmer of hope in their situations, and Michael says that he will work hard to protect it. He forgets that, of course, and dies for it.

  • José Ribamar Jr
    José Ribamar Jr

    I don't know why, but this movie just didn't do it for me unfortunatelly.

  • Lessons Learned
    Lessons Learned

    I like the review (as always) but the movie... not so much.

  • Natrix team
    Natrix team

    His edits are bloody brilliant

  • KayKay2513

    Here just at 13:00 after neighbour killed himself, it made me think....I wonder if the afterlife would be civil enough to allow court. CLEARLY, that man was coerced into killing himself. If the demons methods are that out there, surely he wouldn't be allowed to keep the souls because more than likely these people would have never killed themselves if it weren't for the demon harrassment. But we all know how barbaric the Bible is. I think I'd rather stick with the devil who wanted humans to have knowledge rather than be ignorant for humanity.

  • zomblification

    This was one of the best demon/satan movies I’ve seen in recent memory.

  • Estacion Geek
    Estacion Geek

    This is the type of movie that annoys me the most actually, because the only thing they needed was to communicate, to talk to each other. They could have known something was going on and help the mother, help the father. They could have stayed together and help each other, protect each other. But nope, from the very beginning it was each for their own and that's how they died.

  • Tom Ford
    Tom Ford

    I wonder why tha devil used tha form of that priest since he was all tha way from Chicago? Everybody else used was local... Also why did it use Louise to torment Charlie saying u did this 2 me? Wat happened did he abuse her in tha past?

  • marc Lorenz pimentel
    marc Lorenz pimentel

    Ayo let my man charli alive

  • Joko Sulistiyo
    Joko Sulistiyo

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  • Marisa Garza
    Marisa Garza

    I realize the main actress is Missy from Umbrella Academy season 2. I can't unhear her little twang haha

  • Selene Silverwolfe
    Selene Silverwolfe

    This movie didn't ever scare me slightly. I kept waiting for it to pickup and get scary and then the movie was over. Visually it was great, though.

  • Regina Lannister
    Regina Lannister

    It аll feels so predictаble аnd sаmey аt this point. I meаn most horror movies, you're doing а greаt job))

  • earlorr69

    and the moral of this story is do what your mom tells you to do

  • Plus Ultra
    Plus Ultra

    16:29 i don't think she was checking for pulse. there were scratches on her father's neck.

  • Randy Martin
    Randy Martin

    Video Edited by Zach Rogers

  • Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter
    Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter

    Pretty good movie, i have a thing for satan movies and middle of nowhere SW region movies. 6.5 or 7 of 10.

  • Tehilla Siboni
    Tehilla Siboni

    I can't watch the movies, but having such a thorough, entertaining explanation really REALLY makes me happy to have found this channel LOVE YOUUUUU

  • I Flayed My Face Again
    I Flayed My Face Again

    I watched this movie for the third time now and still i cant figure the fuck out 2 things. Thats scene when Charlie meets this demon Luiz and kills himself and the phone call to the "priest" in chicago. Can anyone explaine?

    • I Flayed My Face Again
      I Flayed My Face Again

      @Mizako 96 i didnt understand what connection they had with the priest and why would fake one give number of the real one. Seemed like there was more to it that i didnt get.

    • Mizako 96
      Mizako 96

      I don’t really know what you didn’t understand specifically but, the “priest” that they met with and that entered their house was never actually there. He was really in Chicago the entire time and the demon was simply playing a game with the siblings by pretending to be the priest.

  • Achillès

    For me the whole movie felt like a oddity especially since they showed the "demon" so early on. I was expecting for some closure on that part. What is that exactly? a Wendigo? an actual "Demon"? because "demons" wouldn't kill flocks of Goats just like that Skinwalker/Wendigo maybe since it changed its appearance so very often. And what was the reason they were targeted in the first place? is the whole movie literal or metaphorical ? The movei felt like it was thrown together in a blender and whatever popped out that was it.

  • Thatfathipo

    Did anyone else notice the demon at 8:44

  • Masen Brown
    Masen Brown

    What I don't get for these type of movies is they always let the demons in the devil do anything they want to the victim willy-nilly. But God is never in any way shape or form involved? Even when the nurse was a firm believer?I'm not religious or anything but if the devil is there shouldn't there be an opposite to that?

  • Mmmiss Miss
    Mmmiss Miss

    this is an amazing movie, i'm so glad i heard about it through you, foundflix!!! i saved this video of yours, waiting to watch it until i'd seen the film myself and now just watched it today before watching this video. awesome!!!

  • reincarnashan

    might be Mr. Pipes

  • mike M
    mike M

    Things that make you sound like rodney dangerfield?

  • TheHungaryWaffle Inc.
    TheHungaryWaffle Inc.

    Why would a demon give someone a sacramental?

  • TheManWithManyNames

    A couple of stupid children who refuse to leave a dangerous situation out of a stupid since of love for a dying old man. Mother kills herself then seeing all the spooky stuff and still refusing to leave. Where is their common sense?