WILLY'S WONDERLAND (2021) Ending Explained
#willyswonderland #endingexplained
In Willy's Wonderland a silent drifter's car breaks down in a rural town and home to Willy's, where he finds himself having to tend with a group of evil animatronic critters. We're breaking down the story including what we learn about The Janitor, what made the gang turn evil, and explaining the ending that leaves one character's fate in the air.
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  • HeyItsGabe

    Bitch your from Plano Texas? What a small world

  • Elligons

    Five Nights at Freddy's is a horror game. So no, not really for "kids".

  • Carl Sheppards
    Carl Sheppards

    This Janitor could beat ultimate nightmare mode in any game without batting an eye.

  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip

    It has the storyline of Fnaf or at least part of it

  • Yoda

    Between the banana splits and this movie; both movies feel like they were scrapped pitch ideas for 5 nights at Freddies.

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez

    Go to soap2day you can watch free movies on it works for me .-.

  • ChompChomp

    I want more of silent nicolas cage character!

  • Dogbackwardsisgod

    Five nights move starts recording is spring!

  • ShadeDergü

    "They pull up to Wendy's" I forgot the timestamp, but I also could have misheard the line. Funny regardless though; cause I could imagine the Wendy's mascot going around slaughtering people

  • Red Lightning_
    Red Lightning_

    Nobody is going to talk about the Vine in the movie

  • ian vest
    ian vest

    Why’d they pop the hood to fix the car when he ran over spikes

  • Ananno Myss
    Ananno Myss

    Umm thr whole satanic ritual to put your mind into a doll is not new. It's literally what happened in Child's Play. Very old idea

  • tyler t
    tyler t

    Willys wonderland ''we did not copy every from fnaf'' me after the video watching fnaf lore ''LIES LIES I TELL YOU"

  • AngryCreeper 800
    AngryCreeper 800

    Animatronics: we gare going to win this move right Nic cage: is high noon

    • AngryCreeper 800
      AngryCreeper 800

      I put a typo I’m stupid

  • Big Potato
    Big Potato

    I like how this movie flips the horror movie idea on its head with the protagonist being the killer badass

  • TomGreek1980

    I believe the reason why they do Hotdogs over Pizza is because its less time consuming. This way they just boil a huge batch of hotdogs, serve them and then kill the parents and kids. If it were a pizza they would need to get the dough ready, sauces, cheese, toppings and then wait for it to come out of the oven.

  • Andrei Ventura
    Andrei Ventura

    This is basically Mandy, without the revenge plot and LSD and with animatronics

  • Iam Blackwater
    Iam Blackwater

    Siren Sara needs an O.F.

  • Juriel Rosa
    Juriel Rosa

    If your looking for goer just read the books trust me

    • Juriel Rosa
      Juriel Rosa

      For fanf the new one not the old ones

  • Dark Super1312
    Dark Super1312

    What I think that he was one of the swat people from the flashback

  • Perfect Shadow
    Perfect Shadow

    No more evil... the Siren ended herself and the two guys... The teenage girl got herself a new daddy... there Ending explained...

  • Eliana Edmondson
    Eliana Edmondson

    who heard him say "They pull up at wendys??"

  • bass meister
    bass meister

    “They pull up at Wendy’s “ I found that hilarious I wasn’t expecting it

  • Robben OG
    Robben OG

    Gay version of alice in borderland idfk xD

  • Captain America
    Captain America

    FOUND FLIX .... Assemble!!

  • Bumpkin

    Yes it's a five nights at freddy's but with a great fighter anialating the bots

  • Rtimes3

    Hey man you gotta be careful, the how to beat Willys Wonderland was copyright claimed, just a warning if you see this

  • wyatt Ross
    wyatt Ross

    Love the video btw

  • wyatt Ross
    wyatt Ross

    You said Wendy's at 4:25

  • Terminator Godzilla
    Terminator Godzilla

    Is this the FNAF movie?

  • VaultKing 99
    VaultKing 99

    There is all most no gore in fnaf. None if you ask me since there is not really any blood. I think only in the defeat screen. Btw im 4 years out of date.

  • Avocado Alex
    Avocado Alex

    You should do attack of killer tomato

  • Shannon Love
    Shannon Love

    Really creative solution to a concept hard to turn into a movie.

  • lolbitg X wolfer :3
    lolbitg X wolfer :3

    where can I watch this?

  • Meistro _
    Meistro _

    4:24 Wendy’s wonderland though.

  • Cowboy Quebec Animations
    Cowboy Quebec Animations

    His character must be the Tough and Scarred NCO who lost good men just keeps to himself

  • Ray Jenkins
    Ray Jenkins

    Internet? Nah dude I have a credit card.... they use landlines. You dont have a phone? Or... This looks like a Walmart town, let's go get a Money Order

  • Sir Regenalde
    Sir Regenalde

    “Actions speaks louder than Words.” Nicolas Cage: *Makes the “And I took that Personally.” Pose*

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang

    This Kathy actress Caylee Cowan is a fucking smoke show. She looks like a hybrid mix of Emilia Clarke and Brittany Murphy but with the best body I’ve ever seen

  • Leslie Calvert
    Leslie Calvert

    I want an ending explained on the no escape room..anyone else see this yet and confused by the ending?

  • Leslie Calvert
    Leslie Calvert

    Only nick cage can pull off an entire movie not speaking and it be pretty awesome...I love that man

  • Ghost Witch
    Ghost Witch

    The teens have no personality because Nick Cage took it all.

  • DeeLee The Oddity
    DeeLee The Oddity

    I love the tagline of the film. "2020 isn't over yet, kids!"

  • LoftGaming

    He said a thrill ride but in my opinion was very boring

  • misa9204

    nicholas cage as gordon freeman

  • Thatlonly Knight
    Thatlonly Knight

    i agree that its not fnfaf as a long time

  • Dude

    Plot twist: the protagonist is the doom slayer

  • Ashes The Clown
    Ashes The Clown

    Ok first before reading this pls understand that this is just my theory of what was truly going in the movie and everyone is entitled to their own idea of who the janitor is, that being said here we go: I believe that this actually all takes place in a video game parody of fnaf represented in film form. The evidence is all here, the fact that our main character is silent like the security guard, his addiction to drinking fruit punch obviously being his power ups/ way to gain health, the fact that he just easily runs through the animatronics so swiftly, the pinball machine segments clearly being a reference to how when you would beat a night in the sequels of fnaf you’d be introduced to this 8-bit mini game and last but not least his nonstop persistence on doing tasks even tho he has every reason to leave (clearly a reference to how when you play a video game the only thing you can do in some is to progress and win).

  • Beach1414

    I actually really liked this movie lol

  • PeWeeHermanUK

    Shitest film I've seen in a long time

  • samuel collins
    samuel collins

    I watched three times and can say this movie might end up like skarknado, a cult classic.

  • Seaborn Gaming
    Seaborn Gaming

    I’m not trapped in here with you, you are all trapped in here with me 😂 it’s so true honestly. Nick was so cool even without saying anything

  • Ian Cuspinera
    Ian Cuspinera

    Mexican: Pendejo FoundFlix: Pahn deho

  • Ian Cuspinera
    Ian Cuspinera

    This is exactly what I've been waiting for

  • Villainous

    Rip and tear. Until it is done

  • Frederick Lee
    Frederick Lee

    Can we talk about, how Gus (The giant fat Gorilla) has 100 stealth! That it can somehow sneak attack and hide his massive body on top of a stall!

  • Spencer

    god damn his stogie is all cracked.........

  • Philip Martin
    Philip Martin

    Fnaf animatronics: Tch, we could’ve kicked this guys a## without breaking a sweat.


    16:25 why the actual hell they do this ARE THEY BLIND Dont they know there are god darn Killer robots around

  • Austyn Nelson
    Austyn Nelson

    Eating hotdogs? That's so much better than pizza

  • xKey.

    4:22 ik I'm not the only one who heard wendy's

  • Brand

    willys wonderland: FNAF but you can fight back and you are Nicolas cage but still a silent protagonist

  • The Sour Lemon Goober
    The Sour Lemon Goober

    freddy fazbear but william has had enough

  • Oz Mul
    Oz Mul

    Why do I feel this show is the spiritual sequel to Mandy.

  • midnight moon
    midnight moon

    Weee sure this isn't a off brand fazbears pizza? Serial killer with a w name william afton, Willis? I don knowww xD

  • Mike MEME
    Mike MEME

    Nicholas doesn’t even feel a tap of pain in this movie. Until the part where Willy scratches his back.

  • Fates Karma.
    Fates Karma.

    It's John wick only he didn't have a dog and they hurt his car.

  • PlaceHolder

    "More geared towards kids" Buddy, look up the lore of fnaf. Doesn't matter if it's the currently believed one, You will see that FNaF is not geared towards kids

  • Jack Crow
    Jack Crow

    Foundflix:Fnaf is more for kids Me:you are so wrong we have like 3 piles of dead children and the books alone have some gorey shit like a guy getting an animatronic slowly grow inside him until it explodes

  • Suzuki Satoru
    Suzuki Satoru


  • ttv temper
    ttv temper

    Dude he gets attacked by a killer animatronic then goes right back to his janitorial duty what a badass

  • cøcønūt øreø
    cøcønūt øreø

    22:52 *the power of cocaine*

  • Dominic Gonzalez
    Dominic Gonzalez

    Fnaf is sort of graphic We see the purple guy in the suit We scooped in sl we hear the sound of bones and guts when it happens Michael afton vomiting ennard

  • ttv temper
    ttv temper

    It is so satisfying to watch people beat the shit out of the animatronics just I love it I wish we could actually do that in the games

  • Ethan Monahan
    Ethan Monahan

    I love this movie

  • Jason Santos
    Jason Santos

    Can I do ending explain on PG

  • Fowlee

    So it's basically just a bad angsty FNaF fanfiction?

  • Toru fujisaki
    Toru fujisaki

    this is like fnaf bc fnaf has dead kids inside of the animatronics

  • access The code
    access The code

    Hope this is not the real fnaf movie. If it is: i will hate blumhouse

  • Eddy R Emig
    Eddy R Emig

    Holy crap this looks like a five nights at Freddy type of movie if you are familiar with that video game that's what this movie kind of looks like but with a different name to where they don't get sued for copyright infringement

  • Melware

    If the Five Nights at Freddy's movie ever actually happens, I want Nicholas Cage to be in it I don't even care which role he gets, I just need him there

  • Max Van drongelen
    Max Van drongelen

    The janitor is probably a kid who got attacked when the attacks just started

  • Cheyenne maier
    Cheyenne maier

    "mom can we get five nights at freddy's" "No, we have five nights at freddy's at home" The five nights at freddy's at home:

  • The Best of TikTok
    The Best of TikTok

    this movie is so funny to me

  • Harleyistic

    4:24 sounds like says "they pull up to wendys..."

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy

    they say that he was one of the original kids that's why he acts like a kid and plays that pinball and that's why he is familiar with it

  • Anti Anti
    Anti Anti

    I just watched this movie last night... it was awesome.

  • AAC 9950
    AAC 9950

    My head cannon is that the punch soda gave him super powers or something.

  • 3nvyboiii

    For once, the protagonist doesn't give a flying fuck about the animatronics lmao, he's not scared, he just seems mildly inconvenienced

  • Ashroy Fong
    Ashroy Fong

    How to beat Willy's wonderland: walk

  • Chris Cole
    Chris Cole

    I honestly really enjoyed this movie

  • Eric Osoba
    Eric Osoba

    Do the Hug (2018) next! It looks like this similar

  • Gamer Saurus Rex
    Gamer Saurus Rex

    He’s not trapped in there with them. Their trapped in their with him

  • VVGirl

    Satanic rituals and other Satanic related things are so overdone at this point. It looks stupid and silly, and it just takes away the tension and mystery. Take FNAF for example. No Satanic thing in sight. And the actual reason for the animatronics possession is hidden deep within the lore that it's not needed to make the animatronics scary or make sense. People died with intense emotions, possessing animatronics with one in particular innocently helping ghost children killed by putting their souls in animatronics so that they can get revenge on their killer. The scary part was that souls are inside inanimate objects and are out to kill you just because. (more so wearing the uniform their killer wore)

  • Scarygoose

    Sarah getting yeeted is funny to me

  • Rachel Terry
    Rachel Terry

    I love these types of videos

  • Kensho Beasley
    Kensho Beasley

    hold up did he just say they pulled up at WENDY'S 4:23

  • Zane Haselau
    Zane Haselau

    Fnyf is at better ten willy's wonderland

  • Brain rich
    Brain rich

    Why was the mechanic looking at the engine when it was his tires that got fucked up? Lol

  • Zander Tamez
    Zander Tamez


    • Zander Tamez
      Zander Tamez