WILLY'S WONDERLAND (2021) Ending Explained

In Willy's Wonderland a silent drifter's car breaks down in a rural town and home to Willy's, where he finds himself having to tend with a group of evil animatronic critters. We're breaking down the story including what we learn about The Janitor, what made the gang turn evil, and explaining the ending that leaves one character's fate in the air.

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  • Eric Canadian Gold Boy Gray
    Eric Canadian Gold Boy Gray

    Talk about being Caged in hahaha

  • Squirrel Washington
    Squirrel Washington

    Theory: So the Founder and His Crew of Physcopaths did a satanic ritual and possed the animatronics, so they sold something to the devil to become there animatronics and what if they sold there souls, and The Janitor was the Devil coming to collect them..

  • Calla Pratt
    Calla Pratt

    The most unbelievable part of this movie is that cleaner. Whatever it is I want it for my bathroom

  • Lizayda Hernandez
    Lizayda Hernandez

    Everytime the janitor was on break all the animatronics never attack them, they have standards so technanilly their not savages so they weren't blunt trauma killers. That's a lot to breath in at the same time.

  • Jaime McPhie
    Jaime McPhie

    Surprised slim Jim isn’t in the comments tbf

  • Ana's Domain
    Ana's Domain

    So this is basically John Wick but Chuck E. Cheese

  • Eric Judkins-van buren
    Eric Judkins-van buren

    Please do not mention salty meat in your mouth!! Lol

  • TRENT 2255
    TRENT 2255


  • AdmiralForged161

    0 words said 0 focks given 0 hesitations 100% chad reaction

  • Michael Hulsey
    Michael Hulsey

    I'm low key irritated by the idea that a spike strip is causing engine problems.

  • PhillY PHiL
    PhillY PHiL

    The girl is Lety from Mayans MC. She's a good actor.

  • Cresent Moon
    Cresent Moon

    Someone HAD to have been a fan of FNAF and made this script.


    All I can say is Freddy has a new enemy lol They mess with the wrong guy A guy who don't speak and takes his job serious is mostly a doom guy 😎

  • Vapemaster69

    0:30 Bruh what 👁👄👁

  • DysfunctionalBubble

    You didn't explain anything. It was just a summary.

  • DysfunctionalBubble

    His work ethic is impeccable. Truly inspirational.

  • Professor Wizard
    Professor Wizard

    Legit thought the movie was about a janitor killing people that dressed in animatronic suits trying to scare him

  • j jdelany81
    j jdelany81

    Remember when you'd pay to watch a Nicholas cage 🎥? The good ol days!

  • Bubbles Nations
    Bubbles Nations

    0:30 .. i’m gonna act like you didn’t say that. fnaf and sister location gave me real trama 💀

  • bon bon glitch
    bon bon glitch

    I mean Nicolas cage

  • bon bon glitch
    bon bon glitch

    I love Willy's wonderland I'm a fan of Nicholas Cage

  • Lydia Salem
    Lydia Salem

    you called it "wendy's" 4:24

  • cyrus james rabia
    cyrus james rabia

    I hope there's willy's wonderland 2!

  • Chaotic Blood
    Chaotic Blood

    wow Christian is in it lol.

  • DigilusionStudios

    I just made cage out to be a hitman or a cleaner for the mob just driving through, getting caught up in another situation. He just didn't give a damn and took care of business without having to speak a word. The locals didn't even suspect the badassery that was going to be unleashed.

  • The Gamers2017
    The Gamers2017

    Am I the only one that saw Tex and immediately thought dug digadome

  • NoArtisticLimitation

    “Salty meat in my mouth all day please” Alright mate, you do you...

  • Kenzie Leigh
    Kenzie Leigh

    freddys is NOT geared for kids the plot is literally about a man killing children at a pizza parlor and stuffing their bodies into suits lol sure a lot of kids play it but i mean it’s about kids being killed by a man who worked at freddys soooo

  • ArtsieFrog

    So, nick made. Fnaf fan fiction. I’m super on board for this.

  • Spectrum

    This movie proves everything is improved by Doomguy

  • Marshall Redfern
    Marshall Redfern

    The fact that Nicolas Cage got paid to not say any dialog in a movie that gives me fnaf vibes

  • B M
    B M

    Dumbest characters in a horror move, bar none.

  • normal dude with free time
    normal dude with free time


    • normal dude with free time
      normal dude with free time


  • abra kadabra
    abra kadabra

    Watched this for the first time yesterday. Honestly a instant cult classic.

  • Yonte gibbs Gibbs
    Yonte gibbs Gibbs

    PAUUSEEEE 4:14

  • Trey

    *The Only Thing They Fear Is You*

  • Secret bun
    Secret bun

    Nicholas cage is to OP He fought all 7 barehand and only decides to arm himself to fight the last one with a sack of punh soda cans and a stick

  • wc American made
    wc American made

    The true crime is how much money was lost on this work of art

  • Ashen One
    Ashen One

    Gonna be real with you chief, FNaF was definitely NOT for kids. It got real dark and messed up past the 2nd game

  • cheshyr1

    Duct Tape fixes everything.

  • Retarded skellton Smith
    Retarded skellton Smith

    Nicholas cage is such a good actor even his presence makes it a great film. Without him this would be 90% less entertaining

  • Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Robinson

    That's the same ritual that was used in child play

  • TheAmazinRaven

    Child these mascots look like the monsters in the Kids music video by MGMT

  • Edit Passion
    Edit Passion

    4:25 anybody else catch him saying Wendy’s?

  • SuperSainity

    This was literally a side quest for the janitor

  • dragonaffliction23

    After Liv beats up Tito on the road you can clearly see that the cop is still breathing but Liv doesn't even check on him, just leaves. Still bugs me.

  • Ashley

    This movie is ghost rider 3

  • Everything with Ashton
    Everything with Ashton

    The Animatronics when Nick Kills the Ostrich:(O_O)

  • Tina Dugay
    Tina Dugay


  • Tina Dugay
    Tina Dugay

    Hayesville Town in North Carolina

  • Da zombie Slayer
    Da zombie Slayer

    the fact they are making a second one puts a smile on my face

  • Kan

    Why did I actually adore this movie

  • TheDude Lebowski
    TheDude Lebowski

    Fucking awesome movie. Only, it was kinda weird that old Nick rides off into the sunset with a chick that could be his granddaughter.

  • Walter Webb
    Walter Webb

    So five nights at Freddys

  • Connor Bryant
    Connor Bryant

    This is literally Five nights at Freddie's but with a Bad ass character nick cage

  • LUKEV123

    Nicolas Cage does what any security guard would want to do in a Five Nights at Freddy's situation, beat the s*** out of the animatronics and stop this evil, if they decide to make a Five Nights at Freddy's movie they need to add Nicolas Cage to it and do exactly like how this movie is I guarantee a lot of people would enjoy Freddie & the Gang being destroyed

  • Tanzi Mark
    Tanzi Mark


  • Tf2Engie21

    This is a slight bit better than watching the actual movie


    So Nic Cage is the DoomSlayer but at janitor mod??

  • Levi McGee
    Levi McGee

    SMH Nicholas Cage. Your “Raising Arizona” and “Leaving Las Vegas” days are far behind you. This movie is a muppet’s bad acid trip

  • Clifton Photographer
    Clifton Photographer

    Nearly 30 minutes to explain the ending to an 88-minute movie? Nope.

  • Jace Harrison
    Jace Harrison

    When the jantor kills arty it's like when king kong kill t rex in King kong 1933 & 2005

  • Jace Harrison
    Jace Harrison

    I know Nicholas cage dosent talk in willy's wonderland he does yell when his fighting the evil animatronic robots

  • Jace Harrison
    Jace Harrison

    I love willy's wonderland it's my favourite Nicolas cage movie

  • Ryunaga Arafat
    Ryunaga Arafat

    Here's my theories on The Janitor: 1) A former/active special forces or assassin - Calm in the face of death 2) A serial killer himself - OCD, no remorse to the dead kids. Cleaning expert 3) A devil or The Death - He's takes deals/contracts very seriously, even unfazed to the supernaturals. 4) An angel/Nephilim - Probably under the order to clean the satanic location. 5) The god damm Ghost Rider. P/S: I love the damm Willy's Wonderland song

  • MaddiLongLegs

    Getting serious Deja Vu from The Banana Splits movie

  • minik pedersen
    minik pedersen

    What a bad Channel …ending Explained.. and then just makes a bad resume of the whole movie 👎👎👎👎👎

  • bigfungus

    incredible movie

  • Paper oof
    Paper oof

    Top ten reasons why five nights at Freddy’s shouldn’t have a movie:

  • Sacred Preacher
    Sacred Preacher

    I just got done watching it and tbh it was good. I’ll give it a 3.9/5

  • Patrick Cogar
    Patrick Cogar

    Why tf would this movie explained

  • Madison Scebra
    Madison Scebra

    You lost me as soon as you said that FNAF was geared towards kids. XD

  • TL;DR

    all of these kinds of movie always seems to emphasize how there was no other way than a Faustian bargain with the evil entities. Then enters the protagonist, often a normal everyday man, who fucks up shit relatively easily. And you're let thinking that nobody else thought that this was possible?

  • LeRealMilk


  • ho ho
    ho ho

    That Janitor is the BEST protagonist ever!

  • Jon

    willy wonderrland reminds me of the banana splits movie but axept its 8 instead of 4

  • Ben Bledsoe
    Ben Bledsoe

    4:24 "they pull up at wendys"

  • Shapzey

    13:29 half of this just sounds like the fnaf lore/timeline

  • Mushy Pork
    Mushy Pork

    This channel is annoying with the misleading titles

  • Naiddos - نايدو
    Naiddos - نايدو

    that movie was sponsored by FLexTape

  • Michelle Muckelvaney
    Michelle Muckelvaney

    Could you do spiral

    • Michelle Muckelvaney
      Michelle Muckelvaney

      Oh ok I need to watch it thanks

    • Sal C Daniel
      Sal C Daniel

      He has

  • Jack Deneke
    Jack Deneke

    Cage in this movie is just like the doom slayer

  • Pyro Bunn
    Pyro Bunn

    Still a better story than the whole FNAF series.

  • QAL 14MI
    QAL 14MI

    i can hear "Rip And Tear" everytime he fight the animatronic

  • Inflameddrip 180
    Inflameddrip 180

    I'm so glad foundflix made a video on this movie I couldn't find willy content anywhere on UZmatch mostly because the director Is heavy copyright claiming videos

  • Ryan

    I had to go look up the song to hear how it actually went. Your version was better.

  • Tolis Poulos
    Tolis Poulos

    You didn't explain anything! This was a just recap. WTF

  • Tolis Poulos
    Tolis Poulos

    You didn't explain anything! This was a just recap. WTF

  • sizzle spice
    sizzle spice

    Just watched and loved this movie.

  • Eduardo Marcial Jr
    Eduardo Marcial Jr

    he did have a line, he said "ahhh" after drinking a canned drinks :|

  • gacha Jazzy
    gacha Jazzy

    Foundflix says that for fnaf is for kids me staring at the posters of all the murdered children from the game

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario

    This is no competition for Scott Cawthon, he can definitely make a better film

  • Daan Farhan
    Daan Farhan

    Listin kids if you live without tick tock,twitter and face book you'll be just as strong as the janitor

  • Drew T studios
    Drew T studios

    Just like a great crazy warrior say one time. IM NOT TRAPPED HERE WITH YOU. YOUR TRAPPED HERE WITH ME HAAAAAA HAAAAA

  • Phillis Fadeley
    Phillis Fadeley

    Similar To The Process Charles Lee Ray Went Through In That Good Ole' CHUCKY Flick

  • NothingNew

    Anyone else notice the 6 time cards next to the punch in clock at 16:15 ?

  • Zackattack04

    0:30 Ok the gore part I can understand by what do you mean it's geared for kids?!

  • 21Ds


  • John Smith
    John Smith

    How did he fix the roof? I mean the kids fell through it. Did he really repair that?

  • Blake Lol
    Blake Lol

    New game: take a shot every time he says something that includes “will” in it