SOUTHBOUND (2015) Explained

In the horror anthology Southbound, intersecting tales of highway terror revolve around malevolent spirits at a truck stop, a mysterious traveller, a car accident and a home invasion. Through each segment we start to piece together a bigger story that explains just what the small town really is along with its locals, as well as how the stories are thematically connected.

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  • Whimsy

    I really really love the designs of the reapers here. Is that completely original? I’ve never seen it before and it’s really cool, the way they open up to show a skull. Unironically awesome

  • SS S
    SS S

    Has ending explained done any other horror anthology movie? I would love to see another

  • Betty Lamberd
    Betty Lamberd

    On a dark desert highway.... Cool wind in my hair...

  • trence5

    It's "purgatory" I guess.

  • Sandra Weilbrenner
    Sandra Weilbrenner

    I like the fact the one guy redeemed himself.

  • Npc I'm knot
    Npc I'm knot

    Good.. I'm glad the doctor got to leave.. he tried.

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar

    Why do I watch this?

  • lizette c
    lizette c

    Hey dude love your vidz... I have a recomendation that is similar to this film. And when I say similar I mean not that similar. It's a movie called SAM WAS HERE. ... takes place in a highway and the desert... can you explain the ending? Thx. Peace out✌

  • Kay Smith
    Kay Smith

    This reminds me of Event Horison in the way the ghosts take advantage of the characters weaknesses

  • xX Valtiel Xx
    xX Valtiel Xx

    I'm on a Hiiiiighway to heeell~ So, no Silent Hill mentions?

  • Fastbandit185

    18:11 Is it just me, or did the audio go weird here?

  • Muffin The Gamer
    Muffin The Gamer

    This sounds like so silent hill stuff

  • Rito Mandamiento
    Rito Mandamiento

    If you love horror/thriller/mystery movies, you should subscribe to his channel. All good content and excellent explanations for every film that has been viewed. 10/10 foundflix thank u for making me understand some confusing movies.

  • Betty White
    Betty White

    Kind of like the Bermuda Triangle... ? ..

  • Xcyper33

    Ash Williams vs. this town, who wins?

  • Cameron Steven
    Cameron Steven

    12:06 why didn't she just move out the way

  • PowPowSkrrSkrr

    you should just show video footage and explain whats going on instead of giving your opinion on what they did or didnt do well

  • PS2 Gamer
    PS2 Gamer


  • gearhead 36
    gearhead 36

    I'm upset that hassie gets killed lol. She f***in hot!

  • Squidward 915
    Squidward 915

    Once I clicked this and saw that foundflix thinks it’s good I saw it myself, this was one of the few horrors where I was 100% invested the whole time 😭 so so good

  • Blackdragon6

    Still doesn't explain why the other two girls in the band got condemned too when they apparently didn't do anything 🤷🏾‍♂️.

  • Kelly Mungomo
    Kelly Mungomo


  • Poodleinacan

    Are they really technically demons if judgement people for their sins?

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C

    I remember seeing a gif of the alien killing that one dude and it stuck with me lmao Glad this movie popped up again. I heard it sucked but I was still curious

  • Tara

    I'm not convinced Lucas is actually let go. Seems more like they reset him so he could repeat a loop of accidentally murdering someone and then running away from the consequences again. While you can say he tried everything in his power, he still ultimately ran away and never wants anyone to know it happened. That's the same as the girl he hit's 'sin' - and she arguably had less culpability in her friend's death as just leaving someone alone at a party isn't manslaughter while running over a person is.

  • Anonymous

    You should check out Black Mountain Side and do a video :)

  • Melogen


  • Emma Howie
    Emma Howie

    lol i had to look up an explanation for this movie half way through bc i was like.... what now ? like i got that it was an Anthology but i was just so confused

  • IRegretMyLifeChoices

    That thumbnail looks like an avenged sevenfold album

  • AlphaDog Elite3
    AlphaDog Elite3

    So Southboud is basically the Joe Rogan podcast.

  • geospasmic

    Just watched this! I didn't realize it was great until the third vignette, where the seriousness and ridiculousness of the situation collide wonderfully, but I was on board from the start. Very Silent Hill-esque throughout. My kind of stuff. E: Anybody ever see ROT by the Corridor crew? It has a very similar vibe.

  • Krish gw
    Krish gw

    This is a much needed explanation. I watched this movie, and got confused in the end.

  • Bangerrr

    Wait I still don’t understand why jack and the other guy killed gems family? What did her dad do? They seemed like a fairly normal family.

    • FGC PEAK
      FGC PEAK

      keyword: seemed. father likely assaulted that girl and murdered her

  • EveryTimeV2

    Emotional purgatory is for irrational people though, everyone knows that in the real world, terrible people never have to pay in a meaningful sense for 'their' """"sins"""". The rhetoric is all superstitious and only works if you take it seriously. Empirical evidence is better, because it's capable of actually changing the world in a meaningful way.

  • Shadow4629

    vhs pls

  • Epic PHail
    Epic PHail

    I remember finding this movie randomly, a nice find

  • Jeffrey H
    Jeffrey H

    Oh shit..... this looks like an AMAZING movie to show my friends !!! THANK YOU for making this video

  • octobur r
    octobur r

    i'm sure that someone before me pointed this out, but the part in the first story where they continually pull up to the same gas station is extremely similar to an episode of the original twilight zone where a guy finds that the same is happening to him.

  • freeland256

    thanks this is one of my fav movies...

  • Mattteus

    That “stay and fight or flee and live” thing reminded me of Blue Ruin

  • Azra Sashima
    Azra Sashima

    his speed coupled with how dark it was, it wouldnt of mattered if he was distracted while driving or not. he never wouldve seen her in time to react.

  • Chux

    Wait. They killed Alex? By a car accident on a way to a tour? How? That sounds purposeful. Did they think no one would notice when they perform., and if it was an accident why not call the police?

  • Chux

    If they’re in purgatory aren’t they too dead? So the family are weirdos who were also killers but they enjoy being there and have gamed the system and take new followers as they enter purgatory. Oh wait... whaaaat. They’re not dead? It’s an atctual place. Oooh.

  • Strooberry-Milk

    Cheesy as the effects may be, the way the monsters move is unsettling.

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia

    Please cover Eden Lake

  • collbn

    the night they knocked (please)

  • streaky

    22 minute summary, 2 minute explanation

  • Kristen Park
    Kristen Park

    Can you do a ending explained of Starfish 2018 Plot Synopses: With reality fraying at the edges, Aubrey finds herself following a string mixtapes left by her Deceased friend, the clues unravel the secrets of a mysterious signal, one that could either save the world or condemn it...: It Stars Virginia Gardner.

  • Corey Draper
    Corey Draper

    Why did those guys kill the last family? I think I missed that plot point.

  • orbital Hydralander
    orbital Hydralander

    Speaking of VHS, I want to rewatch ABC's of death

  • Gift Mpho
    Gift Mpho

    What a Great review, Southbound is scary somehow traumatizing , well my best horror Anthology without mentioning Southbound has to be Vault Of Horror

  • Dingo GAMING
    Dingo GAMING

    Man, I don't want to be dead. And this is where I am going. This shit too scary for me.

    • Dingo GAMING
      Dingo GAMING

      @akhbar allahu Wait a god damn minute.

    • akhbar allahu
      akhbar allahu

      Just live

  • Stevie Valour
    Stevie Valour

    Always appreciate videos from this channel

  • Franz Lee
    Franz Lee

    Wish we knew what happened to the little girl, it seems to be a strange missing link that ties the 2 guys with that couple at

  • Damian Starks
    Damian Starks

    I got this in my liked videos on Hulu.

  • Gustavo Aguilera
    Gustavo Aguilera

    So the highway is like silent hill?

  • Bleach Bomb
    Bleach Bomb

    Please cover population 436

  • Te lo kuento
    Te lo kuento

    oye bro no se si entiendes español pero cuando aparece esa luz roja danny le dice a jessy que se detenga osea ella queria abrir un portal o una puerta para que danny salga pero como danny se detuvo no se abrio yo creo que eso fue lo que paso

  • Kehwanna

    You see, us regular people driving on the boring interstate through the middle of nowhere don't have to deal with these pocket dimensions and Hills Have Eyes delays in our traveling plans.

    • Kehwanna

      Well, unless your GPS tells you to take a detour.

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    This movie was pretty darn okay

  • Kaigai Kaiju
    Kaigai Kaiju

    So, it's just Silent Hill. Got it.

  • im19ice3

    that one was scary plenty of times, full respect

  • Callie L
    Callie L

    This movie seems incredibly underrated 😳

  • Luigi Guy
    Luigi Guy

    Got a number one victory royale Yeah fortnite we bout to get down Ten kills on the board right now Just wiped out with out tomato town Ooo my friend just got downed I revived him now where heading SOUTHBOUND

  • earthrocker 48
    earthrocker 48

    Fear street

  • Native2458

    Interesting never hard of this movie. Also don't always take what the other person is giving you instructions on.

  • Moonv Sam
    Moonv Sam

    SCP spotted. time to deploy all the teams

  • bvanwart

    @foundflix how much would you charge to do a watch party for that new shudder movie Superdeep

  • Rosie Tunnicliffe
    Rosie Tunnicliffe

    Can I just say that I LOVE this channel, his passion for films is fantastic and I honestly don’t think that I have ever heard him say “Don’t forget to subscribe” or- “Smash that like button” Thank you for watching all these movies, good and bad 👏🏻

  • Jaylyn Flow
    Jaylyn Flow

    My friend just got downed, i revive him, now im heading *southbound*

  • Danny Dethanos
    Danny Dethanos

    I would say he’s probably more likely somebody like me who has a fair ammount of knowledge of treating and identifying wounds, but he doesn’t seem to be a doctor as he doesn’t seem to have given an intubation before this and he just follows their incorrect information, and he also would’ve been more careful with carrying someone that injured.

  • ju

    one of my favorites‼️

  • Lydia Glassley
    Lydia Glassley

    Yessss I loved this movie! It deserves more attention.

  • Josh

    I'm so glad you've grown to 2 million subscribers you deserve it.

  • V T
    V T

    Saw your video uploaded and then saw that you are appreciating it. went back to watch this movie and now I am completing the circle coming back to your video to watch its ending explained

  • K Kalniņa
    K Kalniņa


  • Jose Magana
    Jose Magana

    Can someone ask him if he could do an explanation on “population 436”

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf

      Love that movie

  • Mirasol Madridejos
    Mirasol Madridejos

    I hope theres a game of this.

  • Mirasol Madridejos
    Mirasol Madridejos

    Vhs? Diba un ung nakalagay sa tape? Na malabo?

  • Nagib Mahfuz
    Nagib Mahfuz

    Great video

  • Nagib Mahfuz
    Nagib Mahfuz

    Good stories

  • ndiaz7829


  • SouthernYankee

    Ok first two guilty for hunting down innocent family. In return they where hunted down. Danny died alone being ignored by sister as he ignored any signs that she murder their parents. I don’t get the tour bus group deaths and Semblance to the past crimes

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis

    There's no way the guy from the car accident was a doctor. Everything they told him to do, from a medical standpoint, was insanely wrong and could only hope to worsen or kill the patient, such was clearly the point. And when he went to intubate her, he grabbed and used a nasal cannula, meant to administer oxygen from the nose. Otherwise, excellent video!! I love your channel :)

  • Pearl S
    Pearl S

    Sssssssoooooo... It's Silent Hill, desert style?

  • weebkid

    I feel bad for the doc guy. Mans got pulled into the mess bc they thought he did it on purpose, and then when he said it was an accident, they were like "frfr? my bad homie, ayo, but i got you a sweet whip in the front"

  • TheDarknessIsWaiting

    This Movie is one of the Best articulations of Western Lovecraftian style of movie aspect similar to David Lynch. The Most amazing scene is the realization that some demons are real and have their own domains and do not go looking for them.

  • Joe Blobb
    Joe Blobb

    Been watching for years. Just saw i never subscribed. Wtf?! 😂

  • titus flowers
    titus flowers

    4:28 welp good thing im home, have hot water and clean underwear

  • Connor Evans
    Connor Evans

    Can u do fantasy island.

  • eonk4

    Explained means super detailed plot summary?

  • Fleece Johnson
    Fleece Johnson

    Reminds me of Silent Hill

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson

    I dont know exactly where we can go to suggest films, but id love to see an ending explained on Ghost Stories from 2017.

  • Antoinette Lashelle
    Antoinette Lashelle

    I watched this movie only after watch this review. I find myself doing that a lot. I come here for good movie recommendations. Thanks Foundflix❤️

  • Xitlalic Paz
    Xitlalic Paz

    Can you please explain the movie “the influence”.

  • Frenchie Omega
    Frenchie Omega

    If you have any platform for suggestions you should definitely do all the films from the tales from the hood series

  • Leonel Sus
    Leonel Sus

    Love it

  • Dizzy Booth
    Dizzy Booth

    Please do ‘Caveat’ if you get the chance 🎞


    I gotta say I love the creature design for the reapers

  • Obama Bin Laden
    Obama Bin Laden