COME TRUE (2020) Explained

In the mysterious sci-fi horror tale COME TRUE, a teenage runaway takes part in a sleep study that becomes a nightmarish descent into the depths of her mind and a frightening examination. It all builds to a strange and baffling ending that leaves with many more questions than answers. So we'll be breaking down the story, most importantly following the journey of Sarah, as well as explaining the ending and its deeper philosophical meaning.

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  • Josh Kerr
    Josh Kerr

    I like some of the art of it. Visuals are good. Music is excellent. The story is thin. It's so... "zoomer" Lemme esplain. Vaporwave teal/magenta EVERYWHUURRR. Lab uses crt monitors cuz retro aesthetics. Main character, and she is in almost EVERY shot, is a depression/anxiety, queercoded queerbaity, itchy-fidgety, "freak" trope come to life. She's not like other girls. I imagine she tweets things like: "Ugh I can't stand my mom I gotta sleep in the park cuz reasons #slidesmakeokaybedsiguess sigh." They give no context or depth to any of that. So we have no inroad to the character other than she's a stitched-together abomination of, like I said, trope parts. You're on the rails with her in vagueland, getting real vague, having vague dreams, here comes a PHILIP K DICK name drop tho!!!!! woooo!, more vagueness, and stuff happens.

  • Evan Isom
    Evan Isom

    I actually think the ending has nothing to do with Sarah, I think the text message is meant for the audience telling us to wake up and that we are in a coma, that’s why it stays on screen longer than the phone

  • Soppo Is Toppo
    Soppo Is Toppo

    12:10 Vin Diesel?

  • Nymeria Summerhall
    Nymeria Summerhall

    Dammit I hate this guys videos because he does almost no explaining and just summarizes the movie like a Wikipedia article. Was coming here for an analysis of the ending and saw it was this hack

    • Josh Kerr
      Josh Kerr

      If he'd move his damn mic closer, he wouldn't have to shout into the whole damn room like a carnival barker.

  • Chris mattingly
    Chris mattingly

    That’s actually Sara’s mom

  • Everyone has an opinion
    Everyone has an opinion

    This was an amazing FoundFlix for me! I recently had a dream where I woke up around 5 times, but was still in the dream. When I woke up for real on the last time, it took me a while to believe I had actually woken, and I looked at my phone clock multiple times to make sure the time was sequential as I've heard dreams don't do displaying time very well. And I also used to have a recurring nightmare where the dream starts off as a normal dream, then at some point I find some secret room or storey of a house to explore and it ALWAYS has a hidden shadow figure that chases and tries to smother me! Movie hit so many of my dream significant points, they must be quite common I guess. Awesome film!

  • John Jr
    John Jr

    I believe that this story is about psychic larvae that inhabit the unconscious of everyone. Larvae that, like vampires, suck the psychic energy of the individuals, entities which are not only unconscious thoughts but real demons that can be driven out only with an exorcism, and the final vampire teeth scene serves as a connection to the vampirism of the unconscious psychic larvae.

  • Jim Y
    Jim Y

    I couldn't follow your Tenet explanation. (not your fault. ) this one I could. (your fault. ) ;]

  • notrightnow

    I’m not certain this movie needs any explanation since the 3rd act hands it all to you on a silver platter. I like to think it was the guy in the coma and that Sarah is “The Shadow” and plucking out the dude’s eyes means he won’t see the message on the phone and remain comatose.

  • ErikJ Reddington
    ErikJ Reddington

    "philosopher" Carl Jung? Do you mean the "father of modern psychology" Carl Jung? Philosopher/ psychologist... Not EXACTLY the same if say, but maybe he once was...?

    • Josh Kerr
      Josh Kerr

      Jung is not a father of psychology. He was a speculator, symbologist... really I'd call him a myth maker. We have a shadow self? Okay, prove it. Until we can, that's all just mythology.

  • ArchitecturalRevenge

    This movie was awesome!! I noticed a bunch of this stuff in this movie that made me question "was that on purpose" quite. For example, Sara is walking through a strange place when she wakes up and the 3 creases in her jeans lines up exactly with 3 cables run to a computer. Jeans and cables were almost identically colored. Still wonder if that was intentional.

  • Jacob Phillips
    Jacob Phillips

    11:53 "Hail Hydra"

  • WankiTank

    I died when he floated from left to right as professor found flix ahahaha

  • skm_33 3
    skm_33 3

    Is she homeless? in the beginning I couldn't tell

    • Josh Kerr
      Josh Kerr

      By choice. She waits for her mom to leave then gets food n stuff. Her mom almost catches her, and legit the mom just seems concerned. Huge flaw that they didn't add meaning or context to the whole thing. Very shallow, vague, "you just don't get it," pseudo-deep shit.

  • Michael Ekenbarger
    Michael Ekenbarger

    I watch these mostly to listen to his voice. 🥰

  • Dorrae Frazier
    Dorrae Frazier

    My are hilarious!!! The whole Sigmund Freud bit...I cackled out loud!!!! Watching ur videos everyday for the past 2 months...first one I actually lol'ed 😁 gratitude!!

  • Phillis Fadeley
    Phillis Fadeley

    Maybe weekend at Bernie's is sort of their way of telling you what it's like to be her like The Walking Dead maybe it's not necessarily about an 18-year-old enjoying weekend at Bernie's but it's represents what it feels like to be this person who can't get any f****** sleep maybe she feels like she's dead and walking around

  • martin carrasco reyes
    martin carrasco reyes

    I believe the truth of this film is revealed by it's themes. As in Carl Jungs analysis of dreams, themes are critical to interpreting inner conflict. The themes that are salient in the film, are violence, evident in the imagery of blood. Fear, specifically of a masculine figure, evident in the overbearing, broad shouldered shadow. And sex, evident in the sex scenes between Sarah and Jeremy. Throughout the film, the protagonist, Sarah experiences an internal conflict as she comes to terms with the truth, of where she is and how she got there. The story warns us that the character who "stalks" Sarah, Jeremy, is a man who she struggled to trust in her waking life. This is argued from Sarahs own perspective. While at times, in the film it appears that he is helping her, ultimately, Jeremy is who Sarah kills before attaining immortality within her dream state. There is also a dichotomy within the film between men and women. It appears that while the women steer her closer to reading the truth of reality, men steer her away. For example, the female student shows her the image of the shadow that initially triggers her, while the male professor negates the students pursuit of this remembering. Then, in the book store, Jeremy distracts her from perusing a book, where she might find the truth we come to learn about later. And at the laundromat, it is an older woman who wakes Sarah up to let her know that the boys have stolen her phone. The women in this sense are authentic allies to young Sarah while the men negate her self awareness. I believe this is because Sarah was violently betrayed by a man like Jeremy and the trauma is enacted within the dichotomy between men and women. Sarah's ignoring of her mother however, could be a result of a shame attached to the traumatic incident that resulted in her coma. What we know about Sarah's reality before the coma is that she was an intellectual teenager who was beginning to stray from the security of her school and home life. The night club scene, where she expects to find Zoey and the scene in Jeremy's bedroom as well as the scenes at the university/laboratory all take place at night. These are traces of memories and they are places she experienced in her waking life. Jeremy plays a central role in all these night scenes. Interestingly, it is when Sarah, in the depths of her unconscious leads Jeremy into the forest, that he claims, they haven't seen so many figures before - Sarah who is in control at this point is taking herself, this man Jeremy, and the other woman to a new and wild domain outside of any archetypes control. In the forest she finally sees her own shadow once the archetypes have been consumed. The shadow appears as a female for the first time, and this is evident in the narrow facial features. It isn't until after she has seen her shadow that she can kill Jeremy. The killing of Jeremy in the middle of sexual intercourse explicitly identifies how she feels about him, sexually. Her suspicions from the beginning of the story are finally confirmed. Once he is dead, Sarah finally gets her phone back and is able to see the truth. After seeing the truth she sees her fangs. The fangs are her minds adaptation to this new reality. Very much like Neo in the matrix, she becomes self aware and empowered within her constrained reality. I think the film ultimately shows us a tragedy with a silver lining. A woman comes to terms with her violent history, and while she cannot overcome the material reality of her coma, she is liberated within her dreams, as an immortal vampire. Vampirism here, is a cathartic sexual image. She can no longer be dominated, controlled and manipulated by men. She is free within her mind and the world to which she is constrained becomes her playground. She can finally sleep in peace. I don't know about the authors, however, being a cis man myself, I honestly believe the people who made this film made a genuine attempt at creating a story through the feminine gaze. In this sense I find it satisfying that she kills Jeremy by destroying his eyes - his masculine gaze.

    • martin carrasco reyes
      martin carrasco reyes

      @Dievas Saadi thanks, I think the first few paragraphs could’ve been said better, but how do you interpret the film?

    • Dievas Saadi
      Dievas Saadi


  • coolasianbro

    the author didn't know how to end it hence the ending

  • Carol Warner
    Carol Warner

    Please do Little Things. Its about a virus in the world that makes you lose your memory. Would love your take on it. It jumps back and forth in time and it is somewhat of a sci fi film with romance involved.

  • ulises Barbosa Jr
    ulises Barbosa Jr

    It was excellent and original. Well done

  • MomBlk332CN

    I finally watched this movie along with the vigil on Saturday night and of the two movies I definitely think this one was the better film(not to say the vigil isn't good) and yes the cinematography was amazing

  • rat brain
    rat brain

    Maybe thinking far into this but I do think it’s interesting that she ends up “killing”the animus at the final stage Who from who we know and understand Jeffery to be he is a older man who followed her around, they have a power difference between them with him being a doctor, and he is constantly withholding the truth from her and is constantly bringing harm her way (not to mention the sexual stuff)

  • Jennifer Hanson
    Jennifer Hanson

    Hey thurrr cutey.. I love your vids. Great reviews, your touch of comedy and stuff.

  • Johnny Morris
    Johnny Morris

    I made it 39 seconds in. If this guy says it's good, that's all I got to know. Going to go rent on Amazon now

  • cookiimonst3r


  • Francisco Bonilla
    Francisco Bonilla

    I'm high af and cant stop laughing at Profesor FoundFlix omg

  • Lan Lan Reactions
    Lan Lan Reactions

    When watching this I kept wondering …….. did Harry Potter bang a minor!!?

  • Moon Memento
    Moon Memento

    visually stunning, but I kinda felt like I was in a nightmare the entire time

  • Master Munchie
    Master Munchie

    oh yeah, totally fans of Bernie's

  • Brandon Burgheimer
    Brandon Burgheimer

    How has he NEVER covered Donnie Darko?

  • the wonderer
    the wonderer

    This reminds me of of a creepypasta about a guy going through the the same thing but people on the "outside" use rabbit imagery to try and get him to understand he's dreaming

  • Jacob Liotine
    Jacob Liotine

    My sister was born in 2003 and Weekend at Bernie's, Breakfast club, and ferris burlers day off are her favourite 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • pork particle
    pork particle


  • Faheem Carter
    Faheem Carter

    Dreamscape 1980's

  • Leviticus prime
    Leviticus prime

    This reminds me of a creepypasta

  • Nick Sandz
    Nick Sandz

    Has a very interesting story line and i understood the story but however the movie was pure crap it was super boring!!

  • Ganja Maican
    Ganja Maican

    Why did I choose to watch this outside with a beaming sun over my head … I can’t see shit

  • TheWorst AtEverything
    TheWorst AtEverything

    “Nobody sleeps in the woods tonight”

  • Gadfly

    This movie was amazing....until the last 5 minutes. That kind of killed it for me :/

  • falseking989

    When a director does so many aspects of a film it could be budget constraints, but honestly I think it’s because if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself.

  • MAX BO
    MAX BO

    The edits on this video are fucking gold I love this guy!!!

  • TheUsoSaito - なまはげ
    TheUsoSaito - なまはげ

    is the Romero Phys. Ed shirt supposed to be a hint towards George A. Romero and the Living Dead?

  • J0hn Dobile
    J0hn Dobile

    12:30 You made me lol are "Been seeing shadows all over this fucking thing..."

  • Mark Aitken Guitar
    Mark Aitken Guitar

    Wow. Really great wrap up.

  • Alexandra Luster
    Alexandra Luster

    Sooo.....SCP 5000?

  • Angela Stauffer
    Angela Stauffer

    I wish this guy would explain everything to me….. so smart and I love his voice

  • Rock List
    Rock List

    this movie is an IRB nightmare

  • turtle kappa
    turtle kappa

    Love the shirt!!!!

  • Prismus

    "Emily, wake up." "Five more minutes..." "You've been in a coma for three years...!" "...OK, two more minutes."

  • Steven Guitink
    Steven Guitink

    Foundflix....what a concept....

  • Yves C.
    Yves C.

    I like the main actress. She is very good.

  • Patrick N.
    Patrick N.

    If Silent Hill was a dream😄

  • Sunforged Reliquary
    Sunforged Reliquary

    I know people will have different reactions and their own opinions, but for me I personally hate the coma reveal. I never liked the "It's all a dream" or "It's all in their head." I was always a bigger fan of eldritch horror or humans delving into forces they shouldn't. If you like this stuff, that's fine. For me it was disappointing.

  • Holly Stop
    Holly Stop

    LOL wait the ending is just a tumble post from years ago???? unless... i keep seeing this and

  • Holly Stop
    Holly Stop

    My dreams are basically just tlc family home movies. so cant relate lol

  • Zack Fair
    Zack Fair

    The present cause chronologically fool because sound unlikely visit across a used mail. nappy, stormy guide

  • Markus Sparkus
    Markus Sparkus

    dude just saying but not all young people are the fucking same. some like older flicks. chill out.

  • Sean Behrens
    Sean Behrens

    The first time I saw the concept of recording dreams was in Cronenberg's "Videodrome" '83. Another Canadian film.

  • Theo Sumper
    Theo Sumper

    This movie is literally one of the greatest shitposts ever made

  • Congruent Crib
    Congruent Crib

    The way I saw this as she was set in a coma after some serious event. I think her mom at some point died when she was young, because she has limited contact with her, and her inner consciousness telling her mom is dead, but her not being able to really move past it, so she avoids her mom. This is also solidified due to the fact anything her mom interacts with is considerably outdated; her car being a 70-80s era car; something her mom drove before she died. Sarah having no real home to go to in now homeless and that’s why she sleeps outside. Her friend is someone who she wishes to be like, maybe a real friend. Being in the persona part, you can see they both have similar short hair, pale complexion. Jeremy is one of her real life boyfriends she had, him being the opposite of her; for better or for worse. He seems to relate to her the most, both having the dreams since they were kids. The dream she saw of him was actually a Halloween dance which is why she has vampire teeth. This must’ve been a vivid unforgettable moment life. Finally near the end she gets a message on her phone explaining the coma. The thing I find very important is anytime she uses her phone it’s not how normal phons operate. This makes me think she knows what it is, but doesn’t know how it is operated. We’re never shown any of the common IPhone cellphone, pictures, phone, etc, apps; always just a basic clock, or phone ringing. I’m pretty sure Sarah in one of the lows in her life had the doctor as a therapist and that’s why he runs the test; Jeremy being her BF obviously would converse to Mae sure she’s ok. At some point she, and maybe Zoe were in an accident in which Zoe died and Sarah is comatose. Maybe it was even partially Jeremy’s fault. It’s a lot to take in but that’s what’s great about these movies; no ones’ right or wrong.

  • Congruent Crib
    Congruent Crib

    Honestly I watched it two days ago; watched it and bought it today. Love the song *Modern Fears* in the movie. By far best 2021 film I’ve seen so far.

  • M M
    M M

    I realized after I clicked that my brain made the video say True Crime not Come True, I think I’ve finally gone fully dumb...

  • Fullmetal Maine
    Fullmetal Maine

    You called Jeremy 'Jeffrey' at one point XD

  • Teya Ireland
    Teya Ireland

    Can someone actually be in a coma 20 years?..

  • Datura

    The movie title is a word play on 'Come Through', powerful stuff.

  • William Whitman
    William Whitman

    Once he starts to talk about weekends at burney's I had no idea what he was talking about

  • Breanna

    It makes me remember how at one point I fell asleep, dreaming I was back at my moms house (I was at my dads at the time) I woke up early and was looking for my tablet so I went and asked my mom. She said it was in my room so I went back but when I went through the doorway I was suddenly my at school. I was like ‘wtf’ I went through a door again and I was in a different area. I remember immediately realizing this and knowing I was in a dream because I could start to hear what my dad was watching right next to me. I could feel my body but yet was still in the dream world. I went through a door one last time and ended up at Walmart and that was when I started slapping myself in my dream world telling myself to wake up. I was awake but not and couldn’t break from that dream but finally I did. I still remember it years later and while I wasn’t scared I was getting rather anxious at the end lol.

  • Phantasmic Youngsters
    Phantasmic Youngsters

    I def feel disappointing in the ending of “its all a dream/meme/coma” ending but I think that’s because how well done the horror and scenes are shot. Even with the idea of it being deeply tied into psychology and all of those aspects it’s just like,,,, oh that’s what you’re going to end with. However I feel I’d at least recommend it to others simply because of the visuals

  • Basketcase

    Ok the end being a meme is just gold

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T

    I feel like whoever wrote this had just read an older George RR Martin novel.

  • Petre Anton
    Petre Anton

    Jung was a psychanalyst not a philosopher.

  • EnglishEggwhites_

    I can't be the only ones who think the shadows look like the Dentist in the paintings from Payday 2 (if you know you know)

  • MovieJunkie ForLife
    MovieJunkie ForLife

    I love FF but this I don't think any of the past videos ever made me laugh so hard. Prof Found Flix for the win!

  • Shamaazin

    Her dreams remind me of the void visions

  • Simple Jack
    Simple Jack

    I love the little skits. Slenderman one was great.

  • Sean Stanton
    Sean Stanton

    I don’t think there’s I weird timeline I think weekend at Bernie’s is just a good ass movie.

  • Avijit Saha
    Avijit Saha

    please explain FLASHBACK 2021

  • 5th Circle
    5th Circle

    Absolute genius.

  • AlienDragQueen

    She looks like 15 and off brand Daniel Radcliffe look like he's in his late thirties it make me uncomfyyy

  • Kazuyah

    wish I had Professor Foundflix in philosophy class back then, when I was in high school


    Moral of the story: Memes are fucking powerful.

  • Victory!

    Great movie, wanted to watch it first before watching the movie.

  • lucy laferriere
    lucy laferriere

    i hope professor foundflix has lectures on skillshare

  • Rice Krispies
    Rice Krispies

    Bigger twist, turns out she hasn’t been in a coma, and the doctors getting taken really did happen

  • Despond

    Such a lazy overdone concept. "Oh it was a dream the whole time". zzzzz

  • Tay Von72
    Tay Von72

    This guy is just so silly I love how he approaches these potentially terrifying topics while still being a goofball

  • Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
    Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

    The Red book is more terrifying than this movie.

  • Jumping Man
    Jumping Man

    this movie is the literal defenition of trying to be edgy and falling flat on the face.

    • Jumping Man
      Jumping Man

      @Josh Kerr true.

    • Josh Kerr
      Josh Kerr

      pseudo-deep too, like some Jordan B. Peterson word salad shit

  • Jason Blundell
    Jason Blundell

    Is this a persona reference?

  • Kyle MJ Esmenos
    Kyle MJ Esmenos

    Imagine Freddy Kruger just happens to stumble in on Shadow guy one night 😂

  • Gravuuna

    I want Professor Foundflix to be a regular guest pls

  • Joe Sylvester
    Joe Sylvester

    So she’s been in a coma for 20 years and enough of the real world has gotten through that she is able to conceptualize an iPhone complete with Apple logo?

  • Rickster Drummer
    Rickster Drummer

    As someone who has had experience with the “sleep paralysis demon” I really found this movie utterly scary and thought about it for days. haha

  • Ham Fan
    Ham Fan

    Started watching this review awhile ago, immediately turned it off and watched the movie instead. Great flick, right up my alley.

  • THEJoeDub22

    Well, I can say firsthand that so many aspects of this movie are totally legit. Back in 2017 I went into septic shock and had to be intubated and put into a respirator - and was in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks. I would completely dream while I was under, but very specifically, things that were happening around me, to me at the hospital were 100% seeping into my coma and being reworked by my mind and interpreted as something else but most certainly whatever would be going on would be reflected in some way or another when I was under, first and foremost sensation and physical movement-wise. For instance, when I was coming out of the sedation but still MOSTLY under, whoever they would be wheeling me through the halls of the hospital I had the feeling and was dreaming I was in the back of a van being kidnapped-interestingly enough, my hands were also strapped to the side of the bed so I wouldn’t pull the tube out accidentally and because I had that tube, it acted and served a similar purpose gag, both in terms of feel and how a gag affects a person, like, say, a kidnap victim who often times WOULD in fact be having their hands/arms bound so they couldn’t move or escape as work as a gag so they couldn’t make noise... to date, all the experience I had when I was under remain some of the scariest shit I’ve EVER experienced and while I remembered most of it, bits and pieces come back every now and then. Such as when I finally woke up, the nurse taking care of me was his big burly guy-and I was inexplicably scared of him almost. Reason being because he made it into my subconscious dreaming as well and while in it was one of the supposed kidnappers... so because that happened deep down on a much lower level , that’s where it remained until I saw and interacted with him which is when it triggered the fact that I knew him and how I knew him. I need to see this movie


    I demand more Prof Foundflix 🤣

  • MJ's Art Show!
    MJ's Art Show!

    I would love if that Machine was real and could record your dreams because I tell you I got some real zingers


    The doors opening reminds me of old resident evil games

  • MaddenMobile415

    i dont understand the vampire fang thing or why she "wakes up" killing jeremy