SPELL (2020) Ending Explained

In Spell, a well to do family crash lands in rural Appalachia, where father Marq finds himself held captive by a hoodoo cult. Here he is forced to face his past he tried to so hard to escape, and rediscover who he really is. We're breaking down Marq's personal journey at the heart of the story, as well as we learn about Hoodoo, and explaining the ending.

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  • DeJuan Ballard
    DeJuan Ballard

    You keep saying race, and referencing racism, but that is not the correct term. It's more classism/elitism and the need to distance yourself from those who you view as less than you because they don't have what you have.

  • Kshaw954

    Why didn't she look for white people instead of her own kind stupid movie if it was a white guy she was doing this to it would have been a great movie

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez

    Sweet! The captions are transcribed by a literate person. Even the there, they're and their are utilized aptly. The world might be spared from Cloud Atlas.

  • C Nelson
    C Nelson

    I actually worked at a door store for a few years, $1500 isn’t that crazy of a price in those kind of homes.

  • Bru

    Lots of people here discussing racism and whatnot and I am just hung up on how that bitch made him eat his son's hand. Jesus, that's fucked up!

  • Cynthia Jordan
    Cynthia Jordan

    Great explanation!!

  • Ricahrd Stahl
    Ricahrd Stahl

    I know this story from scooby doo zombie island, does anyone the original source these pulled from?

  • Callie L
    Callie L

    You mean this isn't a movie about a cursed spelling bee that kills its losers?

  • dude with tude
    dude with tude

    If it was in Africa it should be called dry spell 😅

  • Mary Clark
    Mary Clark

    Okay I’m 6 mins in to the video and I just gotta say. regardless of what someone looks like it’s just foolish to willingly hand your phone over to a stranger without any questions especially in the middle of nowhere.

  • big frank fraser
    big frank fraser

    why does this film scan like a bog standard default horror

  • Bcav712

    An interesting movie

  • Bcav712

    Obama care lol haven’t heard that in a while

  • Samantha Drew
    Samantha Drew

    I’m not sure If I missed it, but why did the take the boys hand, I saw in the spell book there was something about a hand but I’m Not to sure ?

  • Suchart Boontid
    Suchart Boontid

    It's predictable but I quite like the imagery, pace and tone of the movie. It's enjoyable if you don't think about it too hard cause under the surface it's a mess of inconsistencies.

  • Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo
    Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo

    I really hope your channel grows more and more for many years to come. Don't know what l would do if you stop making your videos love your channel to bits. 🥰

  • Bully Inks
    Bully Inks

    Movie started pretty good…..

  • Paul Bush Jr
    Paul Bush Jr

    This was one crazy azz movie

  • Michelle Wright
    Michelle Wright

    I love this channel however 1. POC is not appropriate it is just black people, other "poc" do not usually stand with us when we are struggling. 2. It is more about classism as black people can't be racist, colorist, prejudice or classist though yeah.

  • Original Zearoh
    Original Zearoh

    Looks a lot more relevant and wider ideas of racism than get out.

  • MomBlk332CN

    As a black person I was surprised that the entire community and was black which was kind of cool and I definitely hated the kids being so entitled but that's how us black people do when we get more money than the average. Loretta Devine was creepy which was a different role she's ever done

  • Kouska Chikara
    Kouska Chikara

    The whole time my mind kept shooting toward "this seems like a more fucked up version of Scooby-Doo on zombie island" but this move seems cool!


    Didn't even know hoodoo is also call voodoo.

  • Jay Quashie
    Jay Quashie

    I'm kinda over having the "Blackness" of Upper Class Black people questioned, as if luxury is antonymous with Blackness.

  • 34FUN: Regonas
    34FUN: Regonas

    All cast non-white? Skip.

  • Stevie Valour
    Stevie Valour

    Goddaaaamn the nail scenes had me weak 🤮 really cool movie though

  • Luna Stark
    Luna Stark

    why is it great that the cast is full of poc ?

    • MomBlk332CN

      It was great because of the plot of this moving duh

    • sex beast
      sex beast

      bc up until recently POC werent included at all

  • George Stark
    George Stark

    "black" this, "black" that... most if not all of the actors in this movie are mixed race, not "black", anyway...

  • Deonte Hurts
    Deonte Hurts

    Hey you corny as hell but you get me through my work day. keep it up bro

  • Skyler Spence
    Skyler Spence

    I watched this movie with high expectations....i was disappointed. Could of done better

  • Dan iel
    Dan iel

    Horrible movie goddamn

  • Darius Jackson
    Darius Jackson

    I wish ppl would know the word RACISM has a connection to a system. So saying blk ppl practice racism is the most asinine thing Bruh.

  • Jeremy Re
    Jeremy Re

    I was waiting for the twist to be that he was actually a practitioner of quite some power himself. What he thinks is backwards is a bunch of hillbillies using it for petty minor things instead of say..... manipulating a trial, and then a final set of scenes of him basically outcasting the ones who captured him.

  • Duan Torruellas
    Duan Torruellas

    How do you spell boogiety ?

  • Orion Dragonstar
    Orion Dragonstar

    Ah Forced Diversity, Good thing i'm not Stupid enough NOT to Read into a Movie before seeing them, I haven't watched a lot of movies lately RIP Hollywood

  • Elias Ripley
    Elias Ripley

    I love this channel, but the dude's consistent high pitched incessant words creates anxiety. Some videos he's more comfortably toned, but it's just non-stop. And I like you, guy. But Jesus...

  • The Shöcker Pit
    The Shöcker Pit

    Alright kids today’s letter is the letter S and the letter S stands for

  • Elf of Courage
    Elf of Courage

    So her doll acted like a Horcrux from the Harry Potter movies. Storing part of her soul in an object just in case someone killed her body.

  • Sandra KM
    Sandra KM

    We need more POC horror films. This film was great!

  • Night Breed
    Night Breed

    Is it voodoo or hoodoo that yoodoo!

  • Night Breed
    Night Breed

    Love these- just as good as watching a film without wasting 2hrs if the film sux, and its opened up films I wouldn't of bothered watching because of a dodgy title- win win!

  • Repsi

    In Movies: *Plane gets struck by lighting and immediately goes into a flat spin* IRL: *Plane never gets struck by lightning because it isn't grounded* In Movies: *Pilots scream mayday countless times as if the WHOLE ENTIRE FREQUENCY ISNT AFFECTED BY THIS* IRL: *Pilots only calmly say mayday 3x and then describe the situation to ATC (In turn declaring an emergency so ATC gives them a private frequency to communicate on)

  • Akham Angnao
    Akham Angnao

    15,000 dollar door!!! Does it have WiFi???

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker

    Earl looks like at any given time He could say "IT'S CLOBBERIN TIME lmao. Dude naturally looks like the THING:

  • rayzilla

    Ending explain The Ruins!

  • Lucius Pl
    Lucius Pl

    This just like the skeleton key.

  • Weeb Review
    Weeb Review

    Lockpicking 100

  • cc661692

    Black people nowadays are very racist

  • Paper Mario
    Paper Mario

    Foundflix, can you explain the film “Skeleton Key”?

  • Ian Noone
    Ian Noone

    Sounds like a rip off of The Skeleton Key.

  • ukkugoodasfidem

    It’s classism NOT racism bro. But cheers to being one of a few white youtubers that try to understand and articulately convey information and messages in films about black people and the experience that comes with having brown skin. Keep it up. And don’t skim on the research. There are a lot of eyes and ears on you. Let’s be sure the information is accurate.

    • ukkugoodasfidem

      A little feedback on the opening in the first minute or so. 1. The cast isn’t “POC” they are black or AA. POC is too often used and misused. It’s an umbrella term that may or may not include black people. Just say black for heavens sake. Stop trying to be so PC that you are wrong lol. 2. It’s classism not racism. Again important distinction with very different definitions. But discrimination yes. 3. It’s not just about him “looking down” on country people. It’s about how perception impacts self view and how people alter themselves to assimilate, survive, and thrive away from struggle. Country people are often looked down on, made fun of, marginalized, mistreated, completely ignored, and even severely harmed just because of who they are. Sound familiar? Well he worked hard to leave that life and that perception. But in the end we all have to face our past and live in our truth of who we are and we’re we come from. That includes the negative perceptions, judgements, and assumptions that come along with it. 4. If I may suggest. White ppl need to stop getting so excited when you all hear the n word. Black ppl use it. You can’t. Cry cry. We are gonna keep using it amongst our community. Move on. It’s not a spectacle here. 5. Seeing a black serial killer isn’t cliché at all. And seeing many ... it’s bananas. They aren’t common in movies or in real life. So this movie was not predictable in that aspect. White murdering hicks sure. But this was different. Just a few thing I wanted to add to any white people who may see it. Today I had a little time and decided to type out some educational points lol. I know his audience is mostly white which is why so many things go unsaid. No ones fault per se. Just facts.

  • LaughingGemini

    *warning* if you're not black or of black decent(as in DON'T PRACTICE HOODOO! You've been warned.

  • Mrs. Berry
    Mrs. Berry

    Every time you said the 'Boogedy' I rolled.

  • MegaVideoman23

    I thought he would take the arm of one of them and use hoodoo on the blood moon to fix his sons arm, but I guess it doesn't work like that, its mostly my own expectation.

  • t s
    t s

    i watched this movie with my dad and brother, and when he pulled that spike out all three of us groaned, it was so, so gross

  • Monique Charity
    Monique Charity

    I just came here and ended up falling into the vortex that is, FoundFlix... I’m OBSESSED! 😍🥰🤩🔥🔥🔥😍

  • goozilla132

    Lockpicking? Lawyer? Is he some sort of lockpicking lawyer?

  • Android With Sick Coin Tricks
    Android With Sick Coin Tricks

    As a Black person, I fucking hate these "Black Pain" movies....Idk why can't we just make fantasy movies and sh!t??? Just like that bullsh!t Antebellum. Black filmmakers just won't let Black folks be successful in movies without the "Black pain" sh!t...They can have these well off white families in movies and they don't have this type of shit in it, they're going on vacations, lavish parties, or like indie movies like It Follows or something, etc...Why won't PoC make ACTUALLY enjoyable movies like that without "Black Pain" and racism being involved. I'd like some more horror movies like US that didn't have "Black Pain" cliché, and action movies like Mission Impossible, heist movies like Oceans 11, fantasy movies with dragons or space travel movies, just SOMETHING. There are too many "Black Pain" movies and not every Black person watch them or find them interesting when a new one comes out.

  • Daniel Garrett
    Daniel Garrett

    Honestly, I am not much interested in pro-black advocacy - I don't use words like BIPOC, etc. Just being honest. But I've always wanted to hear/see intra-community relations talked about/otherwise discussed among black people. I think this in-community relations have things to do with being LGBTQ and not coming out, keeping "hard" drug use a secret, etc. So, nice to see in-community black-on-black racism discussed/pictured here. There is not much of this in media.

  • nathan north renia
    nathan north renia

    geez i need help all i here is "giggidy"

  • Artur Ravenbite
    Artur Ravenbite

    So when are we going to see people using ACTUAL GAS STATIONS? I live in an extremely rural area and I only know of 1 gas station in a 50 mile radius that's old and run down, almost all gas stations are modernized though ffs

  • Jacky Ha
    Jacky Ha

    He let her go easy, if I was fucking fed my kid's hand, I'd be pissed, super rage rampage pissed

  • KingJason13

    I don’t even watch movies anymore... I only watch the Found Flix recaps! Lol

  • Dmitry The Great
    Dmitry The Great

    Hoodoo? Or Woodoo?

  • Jedi Master Bender And-Ru Kryze
    Jedi Master Bender And-Ru Kryze

    You should do the 2018 movie SPELL. Itd be interesting to hear your take.

  • 1 2
    1 2

    They aren't racist to black people they are hatred is for anyone not a coastal elite... Majority of Americans.

  • 1 2
    1 2

    Race centric.... That's good now?

  • Cheerful Satanist
    Cheerful Satanist

    While it is racism in this context it would be referred to as colorism

  • Dormaze

    That god damn thing in his foot, it just feels so gross and awful to think about! now my feet don't feel normal x_x

  • matt bryant
    matt bryant

    Horror movie 101. Don’t fuck with gypsies or the voodoo. This gives me flashbacks of tales from the hood.

  • lonely cactus
    lonely cactus

    PLEASE do amc’s series The Terror, im begging you 😭

  • KD Raw beats
    KD Raw beats

    $1500 door that can be lock picked 🤡

  • mrsnake mrcat
    mrsnake mrcat

    ya i know what that powder is and its a very real drug thats used to mind control people its found on a few islands mainly on jamaca

  • Alex DeLaVerde
    Alex DeLaVerde

    Have you done an Ending Explained to the Movie Wrong Turn the 2021 version?

  • Conor Murphy
    Conor Murphy

    I’ve never liked horror movies like this where the viewpoint of the villain is meant to be correct such as the protagonist in this being punished for not “believing” and only wins when he accept that even though it’s bullshit.

  • Bradley Nair
    Bradley Nair

    Life is like a door, never trust a cow because the sun

  • Q U A N T U M
    Q U A N T U M

    Eloise has some great teeth for where she lives.

  • Ryan Minnikin
    Ryan Minnikin

    oh I missed ur 2 million.. grats FoundFlix!

  • MMX4 Gaming
    MMX4 Gaming

    Love these movies. It always brings the fact that people of colour no matter who they are can be racist. Even though in today's society everyone tried to make whites the main cause of racism.

  • Derforst

    Why not tell the police that he's kept in the house against his will by armed black inviduals, as terrible as it would be, that certainly would amp up his changes of being resqued and avoid any of the "police is here! Sike! Bad person kills the police"

  • BusyChrissy

    Voodoun was our originally religion. Until they came and colonized and implanted their religion within us smh. Now "hoodoo" thats the evil form of voodoo. When she says "get the poison out of him" she means to cleanse him of his usage of cellphones and the material world.

  • lizzy Rank
    lizzy Rank

    They show make a movie where hoodoo is used for good.

  • queer background character
    queer background character


    • JanienieBelles99

      Is that a bad word? He only parroted the words the father said to his son, and also expressing that those horrible words forever etched into the mind of the son aka mark.

  • LucidClan YT
    LucidClan YT

    I watch found flix bc of the in depth analysis and bc I can understand the entire movie while not having to actually watch it

  • Futcho Bishh
    Futcho Bishh

    Am I the only one (thanks to all this racial talk) that can picture Chris having a 1 night stand with a black chick and describing it to his friends as “doing the Boogity” lmao

  • Futcho Bishh
    Futcho Bishh

    Omari went from Ghost to fighting ghosts

  • Raquel

    Not racism but classism

  • Jessica Black
    Jessica Black

    I should really get on my to do list today.. * foundflix uploads* Nah. Nice man explain horror movie to me for 93 hours instead.

  • J.M. Sturdivant
    J.M. Sturdivant

    This movie left me with so many questions, the main one being: Bro, did she milk him??? How many times did she milk him to get that much gunk?

  • lovegamer212

    Omg I hated this movie 😭

  • Izzy

    It's been awhile sense I've seen the main character live and have some type of redemption of his past with his family. I liked the plot and cast.

  • sonablom

    So this is like skeleton key but teaching the protagonist to believe in hoodo backfired because his background allows him to be a practitioner and use it to fight back. Cool.

  • Edmac12

    Ghost is trying to come to term of who he really is.

  • Dusty Blanchette
    Dusty Blanchette

    My favorite youtube channel for sure

  • Scouting Legion
    Scouting Legion

    This film seems like a retelling of the skeleton key

  • Chee the Floffy
    Chee the Floffy

    I think you might have mixed classism with racism dude. Great review as always!

  • ThatAfricanChick

    ahhh racism amongst black people, so refreshing.

  • FullTimeSlacker II
    FullTimeSlacker II

    Your horror videos are my favorite.

  • K jay
    K jay

    This review was not a favorite of mine and I've been subscribed for quite a while.There truly was a missed opportunity here. The themes that this movie touches on are so deep and relevant. This review didn't do this movie any justice. And that's really unfortunate. But I suppose I don't come here for that and I won't let my expectations allow me to make the mistake again.

  • Jada Babee
    Jada Babee

    Now if they knew the storm was coming why they still go smh 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️