THE WRETCHED (2019) Ending Explained
#thewretched #endingexplained
In The Wretched a teen boy's summer turns dangerous when his neighbor becomes possessed by an ancient evil creature. Learn all about what the Wretch is all about and its mythology, along with explaining the twist ending.
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  • rhys clayton
    rhys clayton

    halo gaes sarak is nat sarak

  • Zyklon W
    Zyklon W

    Hello, please do "The Tall Man" (2012) (And yes, I am watching all this videos, again.)

  • Lea Law
    Lea Law

    the most realistic thing in this movies is husband not noticing something's wrong with his wife 😒😒😒

  • Matt Munro
    Matt Munro

    Have you done "The Vatican Tapes"?

  • Kya L
    Kya L

    I loved the movie but hated the ending. I feel like too many movies end like that and it’s been used too many times.

  • The all knowing Chair
    The all knowing Chair

    My friend John is the main character in this movie

  • Jacob Ackles
    Jacob Ackles

    6:00 - what is she looking at? fuck, she's got one eye on her kid. and one eye on crack.

  • Giggitycore

    The deer thing was an important part of my life. Hunting changed my mind quite a bit. Killing, gutting and cutting up a deer then eating it, how life works man. We should all know how life works.

  • sweety boy
    sweety boy

    Hope that guy cleanse his mouth before kissing another girl in the future.

  • Aleshia Affleck
    Aleshia Affleck

    What is it when u watch so many horror movies that u dont become scared easily

  • Kevin Alisson
    Kevin Alisson

    The moaning poultry distinctly disarm because front philosophically answer onto a strong syria. white, yummy death

  • True Forbidden Fool
    True Forbidden Fool

    Okay, so kiddos, your dead parents or friends are not in your closet or in a hole or anything like that.

  • ronin fleming
    ronin fleming

    Scott snyder has a comic with a similar premise

  • Ryan Perkins
    Ryan Perkins

    The unique existence externally inject because postbox histomorphometrically fasten failing a ill bandana. worried, fantastic step-son

  • Newdark Neoss
    Newdark Neoss

    13:11 god damn thats a bad freezeframe, mallory looks like sone mix between fish and orc.

  • Squeeps57

    I guess you could say she made an Effigy Of The Forgotten

  • smoking1212

    18:17 i thought they was playing.

  • KEKW

    The creature reminded me alot of the demon from Insidious last key so I really liked the face design lol

  • Pinseeker Gaming
    Pinseeker Gaming

    She was more like a wendigo than anything tbh

  • DizMal

    Witchipedia? I've never seen a bigger missed opportunity. WICCAPEDIA, C'MON PEOPLE!

  • Vittorio Leonardi
    Vittorio Leonardi

    If they'd used a Hyundai Tucson, that tree would be toast.

  • Chris Frye
    Chris Frye

    Are you ever going to do orphan?

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X

    Too many woke black tokens which don’t fit into the movie or lakefront property setting.

  • Chris Dolmeth
    Chris Dolmeth

    Great film. Can anyone recommend other good witch movies please?

  • Soph MYS
    Soph MYS

    Stupid final scene every movie does that crap

  • Josh Christenson
    Josh Christenson

    “The wretch took willie and her brother”

  • Abraham Blackmore
    Abraham Blackmore

    I really loved this movie

  • ThiccBoi6969

    Nah she did it right

    • ThiccBoi6969

      ive done it before thats how its supposed to be done

  • ajar redindra Islami
    ajar redindra Islami

    it's skaven symbol, yes yes

  • Wubba lubba dub dub
    Wubba lubba dub dub

    The ending makes ends to me what makes you think a normal teenager can defeat a created that lived thousands of years? The creature managed to live for that long for a reason

  • Andi Saputro
    Andi Saputro

    Liam is DILF

  • Pedro Varunca
    Pedro Varunca

    No one plays with a rubric cube anymore my ass I've already completed it 6 times


    i have a question actually,, everyone forget about the kids after they disappear, but why ben forgot nattan before that?

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith

    My fav witch movie has to be The Craft, which is excellent. The cast is perfect, lead by some great camerawork and special effects.

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith

    Except for the dad "destroying" the tree at the end, the salt barrier was broken and the tree was never lit on fire as obviously intended.

  • Sky Clarke
    Sky Clarke

    i dont even watch the movies i just like hearing him explain it

  • Onii-Chan Idv
    Onii-Chan Idv

    13:40 is it just me or does that look like a small mini mouth gasping-

  • Valkyrie's Way
    Valkyrie's Way

    Yeah. If you hit a deer, you DO take it home and harvest the meat. You respect the animal and you utilize the body. All hunters know this. Maybe city dwellers do not, but, there are some of us that don't buy our meat and fish at the grocery store.

  • ki11m3please325

    First time Iv seen him put himself in a video. WHERE DAH HDMI ON DIS PAHPS!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ricardo Bernardo
    Ricardo Bernardo

    The "stay away from the death tree" made me laugh really hard

  • Northfall _
    Northfall _

    It's just like the false hydra from dnd! My favorite monster ever. So scary

  • Ultra Rosé
    Ultra Rosé

    Stay away from the death tree lmfao

  • Cris Addis
    Cris Addis

    Hey i didn't know they made a movie about my ex!! Pretty spot on 👌👌

  • Michael Tabor
    Michael Tabor

    Dude I practice my Rubik’s cube all the time and many do as well, the world record is 3.74 seconds and my personal best is 27.56 seconds.


    Stay away from the death tree

  • Tomás C
    Tomás C

    The parenthetical comments are particularly good in this one.

  • Marshall Tentis
    Marshall Tentis

    Im just saying, speedcubing is still a thing...

  • Brandon Marshall
    Brandon Marshall

    At the end she gave him a fake flower to throw him off. If the flower was real then it would've died in her hair because when the wretch is around, flowers die. It was a settle nod that the wretch is mal now.

  • Dryflyeee

    Lol 12:05 right on my birthday

  • King Vereta
    King Vereta

    Dead by daylight

  • Astro Adult
    Astro Adult

    Who’s the old man fishing tho?

  • VangBill



    When he was hiding the kid but runs down stairs because he saw his father lol

  • Paul Vincent Escorpizo
    Paul Vincent Escorpizo

    The gretchen

  • Danny C
    Danny C

    4:16...I literally took the biggest toke right before this...asshole... Edit: “Branch prison” sounds like a place witches go to do time...😬

  • Leo Sebolt
    Leo Sebolt

    So is mallory a suit now or no

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas

    Friday the 13th

  • ilikerobotss

    Anyone notice about the dog? Dog was shot. At the end, the dog is with the old guy fishing.

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima

    "You get gluten and you LIKE IT lady!" 6:31 Me: *laughs in severe Celiac disease* Bish I WISH

  • Preston Irvin
    Preston Irvin

    It’s so fucked up with the state of Hollywood today, that these movies are wwwaAaaaaaaayyy better in this form! I haven’t been able to feel like a movie is worth paying to see in 10 years or so! The problem is I was thinking this is all shit before this and paying for almost any movie was a joke of a thought for a long time before that! I can honestly say that music has gone down the drain and actually in the same damn time frame. We must have all died in a meteor impact in 2000 bc everything after has been a damn nightmare!

  • Corpse Senpai
    Corpse Senpai

    "It must be the 80s, no one plays with Rubik's Cubes anymore." Me, playing with a Rubik's Cube while watching the video: ... Uh

  • D V
    D V

    Hi, I like your videos, Um I sometimes still play with Rubik's cubes and I've seen them in shops...

    • David Garrido
      David Garrido


  • Oscar Nguyen
    Oscar Nguyen

    I’ve found the cliché horror movie factor: Parents are going through divorce or a rocky relationship🤔

  • Stephan Showers
    Stephan Showers

    Was it only me who was a lil confused thinkin,the family at the start we’re the family throughout the film

  • bandgeekforlife

    "Gluten-free" is mainstream now. No need to find a Whole Foods. (I'm not precisely "gluten intolerant," by technical definitions, but my body sure as heck doesn't tolerate gluten very well. This is the reason why I've noticed how many places commonly have "gluten-free" options nowadays.)

  • Robert Mendoza
    Robert Mendoza

    If the witch is in Mallory then Ben kissed the witch 🤮

  • Alex Avalos
    Alex Avalos

    Liam really is simpy asf

  • Kent Thomson
    Kent Thomson

    I also noticed how in hindsight, the dad obviously got the bike for Nathan, but having forgotten him, gives the bike to Ben, who doesn't need one as he can drive.

  • LORD HeadAss
    LORD HeadAss

    The triangle made me think of the skaven ngl

  • Reece Lucas
    Reece Lucas

    I'm loving that t-shirt😍

  • Noxious Army
    Noxious Army

    i was playing with a rubix cube during this video smh

  • Dante Black
    Dante Black

    as we all know golf clubs kill monsters, lol

  • Zhanden Kahue-Magsanide
    Zhanden Kahue-Magsanide

    Bruh when the video cut to him looking up witchipedia, it cut to an ad about Arm & Hammer baking soda😭 I about died😂

  • GlowBabyGlow

    Please explain American Psycho! :)

  • toast

    this was boring to me usually dont feel that way

  • TheWilderCat

    I love how fairytale like this is.

  • Ethan Haberman
    Ethan Haberman

    Someone tell this man his show should be called movie explained

  • Roger Flores
    Roger Flores

    Yikes that final :$$$$$

  • Aidan Stanc
    Aidan Stanc

    Wow slow down with the glizzys

  • Michelle Van de Pol
    Michelle Van de Pol

    The ‘random boy’ the wretch was eating in the treehole was Dylan (the neighbor’s kid). I was really sad when I saw that...

  • Enix 005
    Enix 005

    Imagine youre a survivor of something like this, wouldnt that pique your interest to find more of those things to try and beat em?

  • ZelChan

    Actually its not a random dog. Its the Dog from the supermarkt which he had fed with a sausage earlyer. And I am happy the dog survived

  • FusionTheAvali

    the woods in 3:54 reminds me of the other series where these people go hiking and they die cuze of a god??? idk just that the deaths were those dreams but they impaled them thrugh thom

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Google is the truly horrifying part of this film.

  • Trolldamere

    hey I have a rubik's cube >:c

  • KeylessTax

    I'm sorry but Mal or whatever her name is looks like Sid the sloths sister at some parts

  • Nicholas S
    Nicholas S

    The youtuber slapped ham showed the crib scene and said it was a shadow person attack lmfao

  • Dylan Friend
    Dylan Friend

    did not like

  • Tehya Creates
    Tehya Creates

    *4:16* “Stay away from the death tree” Omg 😂

  • Magnus The Red
    Magnus The Red

    Except you can see it on fire in the scene from the car

  • Jesse Velasquez
    Jesse Velasquez

    When he’s old he’s not gonna be able to talk 🤣

  • TheHookBoy

    Incorrect. I still play with Rubik’s cubes. I even have two of them within reach right now. I’m a dork. 🤣

  • batchagaloopyTV

    flower wilts obviously never saw it(Ok fake flower)

  • TopsyTriceratops

    Reminds me of a creepypasta called "The Hollow-Out", which is also about something that literally wears people's bodies/ skin. It's pretty spooky, I'll put down the link to it.

  • Commissar Jurgen
    Commissar Jurgen

    (The Skaven want to know your location)

  • Nell Ross
    Nell Ross

    I love the humour you add to your videos.

  • BradenBoy711

    P.s. The symbol they used for the wretched is literally a satanic symbol, which we probably shouldn't be seeing tbh lol

  • Alberto Moreno
    Alberto Moreno

    So the wretched is basically a witch who eats the insides of a woman and takes there skin likes the Alien in MIB then she makes the family forget about the Kids by brainwashing them takes the kids eats them then makes the Brainwashed kill themselves damn that bitch Krazy

  • Robert Galligan
    Robert Galligan

    You said I could suggest a movie I suggest that you do the haunting of Herobrine

  • Vaelkayrius

    "Gotta be the 80's no one play's with (rubik's cubes) anymore" He says as I'm holding a rubik's cube LOL