FLASHBACK (2021) Ending Explained

In the sci-fi mystery thriller Flashback, a young man starts having horrific visions of a girl who vanished in high school. Digging into the past he is sent on a mind melting journey through time and his memories involving a mysterious drug called mercury. This one is extremely convoluted and hard to follow, so we're breaking down the twisting story as it unfolds, and explaining the big twist in the end that changes Freddie journey completely.

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  • im a furry
    im a furry

    love your content

  • Kemrexx

    Well done.

  • Phillip Rhoades
    Phillip Rhoades

    Quantum Leap the drug

  • Kou Gaz
    Kou Gaz

    hey... wake up... you're just reciting the movie

  • JueNekoshippo

    ooooh, I guess I'm stupid. I thought Fred saying "It's you" referred to his mom being that invasive life form that keeps you imprisoned. (and like, she did even as a baby "keep" him in that room, not letting him make his own choice of tumbling down the stairs xDDD yes I get that he would have died, but then again WOULD HE??? this movie was weird afterall.) and I thought in the end he chose that human need for the easy warmth of stability and safety (i.e. staying in the prison, stick to the status quo) instead of that sort of dangerous freedom that Cindy and her travels represented.

  • Leto

    At least he had a happier ending than Randolph Carter. No silver key to lose in this one.

  • DmedZWN

    I think he still retained the ability to use Merc because hes used it before ... Since all timelines exist simultaneously. Thats how it makes sense to me at least. Also that ending had me tearing up AF ngl lol

  • Danielle Chibuye
    Danielle Chibuye

    I watched ten movies today already. Thanks foundflix.onto the next one


    Reminds me of Synchronic

  • Henkjan Steringa
    Henkjan Steringa

    Okay, but who is Cidny? :D

  • J For Jacqy
    J For Jacqy

    I absulotely loved the movie ♥️

  • lolll

    Liked this movie and LOVE trippy mind bending time travel movies . 👌

  • dominic ettson
    dominic ettson

    Wait you’ve never seen the Maze Runner movies, I am now asking for a Maze Runner explains for every movie please and thank you

  • Rohan Narayanan
    Rohan Narayanan

    Foundflix: Days of Future Past

  • Paul O
    Paul O

    I still dont get t, im utterly confused

  • LonelyGlader

    Wow this comment section is toxic af, I forgot how shit UZmatch is now😂

  • Stevie Valour
    Stevie Valour

    Oh daaamn, not my cup of tea but this sounds like such an interesting movie

  • Bender Bending Rodríguez
    Bender Bending Rodríguez

    This whole movie is just one big "appreciate your mom while you have her" film and I love that. Cherish your parents while you can, cause I promise you life gets a little dimmer without them

  • Kris Morris
    Kris Morris

    Dylan O’Brien is an amazing actor. I really suggest watching season 3B of Teen Wolf. He honestly deserved an Emmy for it.

  • Danny Khoi
    Danny Khoi

    Thanks again

  • Alison Hörn
    Alison Hörn

    Mr.Nobody with drugs?

  • Logan Stewart
    Logan Stewart

    He really said to Dylan O’Brien “we’ll watch your career with great interest”

  • MiniPaintingLounge

    the mysterious entity is the demiurge.

  • Embi Tea
    Embi Tea

    this movie be like the love child between "blink and you'll miss it" and "it's on the tip of my tongue"

  • ShadowMonsterMeth

    Me knowing Dylan O'bryan from Teen Wolf where he knocked my socks off (especially as Void Stiles) before Maze Runner... then seeing him in recent movies like Infinite, Love and Monsters, and now I find out that he's in this... looks like I got another movie to watch

  • NoirParvana

    Dylan O'brien has always been an amazing actor.

  • PS2 Gamer
    PS2 Gamer


  • Raphael Gutierrez
    Raphael Gutierrez

    Woman on the cover looked like Allison Mack

  • Minetic

    Sooooo don't do drugs??

  • Eddy Sandland
    Eddy Sandland

    Just seen it good film n Dylan O'Brien is A Quality Underrated Actor! Cheers

  • ashernae Downer
    ashernae Downer

    let us all humble our hearts and turn to God repent for the kingdom of God is at hands our days are numbered our salvation is near but rejoice those who endureth to the end shall be saved through the faith of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR

  • Army Nation
    Army Nation

    ""Whew"" ... THAT was a lot of information, eh Good job explaining this movie!

  • Syahmi Fudhail
    Syahmi Fudhail

    It's like the butterfly effect


    I believe the movie is actually about his mom, trying to remember him at different point of his life but still was not able to. In her mind, in the end she remembers him but then passes away. I think the movie is talking about people with amnesia or dementia.

  • Kelly Mungomo
    Kelly Mungomo

    I loved it .thank you

  • Dr Hugbees
    Dr Hugbees

    It's kind of weird that they went with the time hopping thing and it goes all happy ending, unlike the butterfly effect where whenever anything gets changed, something is terribly wrong. I don't mind it too much but it's cliche in its own way that he was able to see everyone he wanted to and everything turned out ok

  • Recoil Gaming Exploits
    Recoil Gaming Exploits

    Just watch it the movie is incredibly interesting

  • Pete Artieda
    Pete Artieda

    Good for him to live out as a druggie traveling the while timeline with that weird girl. But in the end that hedonistic lifestyle wasn't the best timeline for him. And he learned his family/mother is more important for him.

  • Zethrael of Teldrassil
    Zethrael of Teldrassil

    Recommending "A Classic Horror Story" for your review consideration. It's playing on Netflix. This is the ultimate "final girl" movie!

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Isnt it interesting how the car resembles the pure mecury pill? 5:18. Are they connected? Is it a symbol?

  • bby kiki
    bby kiki

    Can you do a classic horror story on Netflix cause I’m confused

  • Arya Das
    Arya Das

    What happened to cindey though?...i mean did she died or travelled to far country

  • collbn

    Don't watch this movie if you have issues with flashing lights

  • lizzy Rank
    lizzy Rank

    I know this doesnt have to be it, but I would like to think, this is how it feels to have dementia and seeing everything unfold bf you (obviously without being able to control it and dying from it.)

  • kyley peters
    kyley peters

    Yes I love Dylan O’Brian. I used to have a sweatshirt because I loved him a lot as a kid. The sweatshirt said “Dylan O’Bae” on it 😅 lol. 2015 was… certainly a Time.

  • n o t a l k i n _
    n o t a l k i n _

    I'm soo stoned

  • April Morgan
    April Morgan

    Agreed! O’Brien is a talented actor.

  • seyahtan24

    He actually looks better as peter parker than tom holland

  • stoagy mahalo
    stoagy mahalo

    I admit, it really is heartbreaking over that matter when it was his mother who he wanted to find more than her.

  • William Tweed
    William Tweed

    Great. Now I'm exhausted.

  • Annabelle Mardell
    Annabelle Mardell

    The jittery football histomorphometrically precede because aluminum reciprocally snatch unto a solid secure. outgoing, satisfying great-grandfather

  • Mattteus

    Very Slaughterhouse Five

  • michael knight
    michael knight

    hey foundflix can you do sound of my voice 2011 brit marling movie next?? it's another time travelling movie....or not...im confused!! need your input!

  • Mansa Musa
    Mansa Musa

    @FoundFlix - Please review "Werewolves Within" &/or "The Tomorrow War". I thought they were both great films.

  • Mansa Musa
    Mansa Musa

    This movie was a convoluted mess.

  • alexis Flowers
    alexis Flowers

    I'm here for Dylan praise always😌💘💘💘

  • Derrick Brehon
    Derrick Brehon

    Lmao they poppin Mercs 😂

  • Maleficent Mistress of All Evil
    Maleficent Mistress of All Evil

    This is so cool

  • Josh Shin
    Josh Shin

    Great actor. He is so under rated because assholes only recall him from his mtv show he was in.

  • Jaburesu

    Freddie? Mercury? Anybody else? Just me then.

  • Cyerca Pannell
    Cyerca Pannell

    He said at his mom house where he stiiiiilllll lives.. I feel some type of way lol

  • MutedMayday

    So did they chick die or did she end up being a drug addict?

  • Ace504boi 15
    Ace504boi 15

    He’s the only actor from teen wolf that has really done anything since

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee

    I would have paid attention to every little detail IF it wasn't boring af 🤯

  • Dalila Wilkinson
    Dalila Wilkinson

    Can u watch the movie Mandy with Nicholas Cage

  • Leah Ebsworth
    Leah Ebsworth

    Hope your ok. No new upload as of yet starting to get worried

    • remember to stay hydrated and drink water
      remember to stay hydrated and drink water

      He just did 🙂

  • Meliodas 1172
    Meliodas 1172

    Hey I just wanted to say something I hope you see this comment I'm not sure if you've seen it or not but there's this series on Netflix called "Dark" and it's honestly just awesome I think it's something you'd like definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

  • Tatkitten

    I have a movie I would love for you to explain. Meander (2020). It's a french horror which ending is pretty weird in my book and I think you would like it.

  • Dynamic Duo
    Dynamic Duo

    When the movie Old comes out can we get an ending explained.

  • Julia Ben Ahmed
    Julia Ben Ahmed

    Ending explained for donnie darko PLEAASE 😄

  • K Mari
    K Mari

    Please do Death of Me!!!!

  • DarknessAndDeath

    Video idea: piercing ending explained

  • Lime

    Could you please reveiw the Fear street movie series on netflix? Its based on the R.L Stine of the same name.

  • President Pixel
    President Pixel

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    Shyla Shyla

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    Stephanie Accardi

    Can you do a fear Street

  • Questions Yet
    Questions Yet

    Reminds me of erased

  • olympus10001

    lol see you last time,, ,or in the future past. this movie is a trip

  • Elise Carter
    Elise Carter

    Netflix has a new horror trilogy out, will you be covering that? I believe the first two were released last week and this week and the final will be released next week

  • Lili

    I read the short story that the movie is based on. A lot of freedom for the adaptation but I think it's better than the original (that's rare for me XD ).

  • capri_sun


  • Blueeyelashes

    slaughterhouse 5 was less confusing

  • Tyler Hagood
    Tyler Hagood

    Man idk if u see comments but u rock I watched u a couple times now I binge ur content ur awesome keep up the good work 💪 I

  • Its Rezzy
    Its Rezzy

    I watched it and be like...Hmm thats acid

  • ulyssescpt

    Please please please please give us your opinion on the ending of the movie Mutant Chronicles. I can't tell if the aliens left Earth alone, or went after the humans in Mars/colonies. Also, did the chosen human soldiers and the prophecy, were suppose to destroy the aliens or help them leave?

  • Isaac Unsworth
    Isaac Unsworth

    We need a breakdown of the new film Méander, well I do at least😂 I think it’s a good film if just doesn’t really explain why anything’s happening, or it does and I’m just too dumb to figure it out🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Alaina Alderson
    Alaina Alderson

    Love this channel

  • Chance

    Could you cover “Old” when you can

  • Jon Andy
    Jon Andy

    Hey man watch the movie “CTRL” I think you’d enjoy it plus I’d love to get your insight on it. Absolutely love your content senior foundflix.

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    Storm Demon

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    gaby diaz

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    blake greene

    Holy shit its the red pill marketed as a drug (stay away from mirrors they are cold 😁)

  • Embry A.
    Embry A.

    his acting wasn't bad in the 'maze runner' series??? nerdy fuck lol

  • Rick Lopez
    Rick Lopez

    Just watched Day of the Lord movie and don't know what to think about it. Maybe one you might take a look at. Supposedly a part two is coming, but this first one is pretty strange.


    How you figured all that out is beyond me.

  • Oscar Casillas
    Oscar Casillas

    Check out fear street in Netflix first movie was pretty good

  • Panoulis

    I love your videos mate I would love to see Ending Explained for Inside (2007).

  • Sarah Wincer
    Sarah Wincer

    Just watched it and loved it!

  • Zainab Osama
    Zainab Osama

    Is cindy real person or just his imagination??

  • Austin Love
    Austin Love

    Premiere pro queen as

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