HIGH TENSION (2003) Ending Explained

In the tense thriller High Tension, a pair of friends go to visit the family farm, and soon find themselves facing off against a relentless brutal killer. Then there's a late twist that completely changes everything about the movie up to that point. We're breaking down the story, including what the twist means, who the killer really is and their motive, as well as explaining the ending.

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  • cmm3699

    I just noticed that in the still of Maria at around 19:50 you notice on her shirt has there’s an x slash mark across where she was later stabbed with the crowbar. It’s a subtle pattern, just slightly darker than the rest of her shirt and more of a wrinkled texture, but it may possibly be a foreshadowing detail as well. Edit: you can notice it in other stills, but that one was the most noticeable to me due to being after the explanation, and also because it was on screen longer.

  • Christine C.
    Christine C.

    A pair of friends, not a pair of girlfriends. They weren't dating.

  • Red Red
    Red Red

    Bruh wtf this shit is unwatchable. Not because of you but the dumbassary of the characters and plot. Wtf


    I guess this movie out come as soon as he said something about explaining who the killer was I was like what she's the killer so it's like a "silent house" "hide and seek" "secret window" kind of movie n who just watches a man go through a house killing people n never once attempt to help not even the little boy, I was right but still n okay movie

  • Matthew Mc Shane
    Matthew Mc Shane

    All the inconsistencies are due to Marie trying to fix reality where her somewhat good personality is basically an observer while following her deranged personality killing people

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel

    I remember seeing this movie in the theater with my girlfriend at the time, not knowing anything about this movie and being absolutely blown away by the brutal violence. We had no idea what the movie was about before going into the theater. To this day High Tension remains one of the crazier movie going experiences I’ve had while watching it in the cinema.

  • Fionnbarr Casey
    Fionnbarr Casey

    ... does this really need to be >20minutes ffs

    • chaos


  • Toby Jamison
    Toby Jamison

    A movie I would suggest is "Animals". It's a bit twisted.

    • Toby Jamison
      Toby Jamison

      @Kiss Kitty no idea who's in it but it's an old man on a horse ranch. He kidnapped a bunch of teens and uh... breaks.. them. Like you would a horse. The first 10 minutes basically plays out like "what if Jason Vorhees won?".

    • Kiss Kitty
      Kiss Kitty

      Is that the one with Rob Schneider?

  • Matthew Denny
    Matthew Denny

    Is no one going to mention that the killer dude is clearly Donald Trump?

    • Kiss Kitty
      Kiss Kitty

      Because he looks nothing like him. Maybe that is why no on mentions it.

  • Kram

    this movie is shit and all the gaps in logic the filmmakers made in their writing is excused by "it's an unreliable narrator" the writer is lazy and that's why they ripped off a book for their script

  • Mjay Alim
    Mjay Alim

    You should cover the movie "Martyrs"

  • Melissa Le'on
    Melissa Le'on

    High tension was crazy

  • lovely murder_001
    lovely murder_001

    The hays code is strong with this one

  • Konstantinos Karagiannis
    Konstantinos Karagiannis

    "High Tension"(2003) is an excellent slasher-horror movie!

  • Enter Toby
    Enter Toby

    One of the first horror movies I saw when I was young

  • Atricks

    Jeeper's Creeper's van

  • Noodles ㄣ⃒
    Noodles ㄣ⃒

    Woow well explained thank you so much!

  • LeftyTearz79

    Frontiers please

  • László Csizmadia
    László Csizmadia

    Can you pls stop sounding happy.

  • InsaneNiac D
    InsaneNiac D

    You should make a video just about these french films you were talking about. I would like to know the history of it and would not mind watching it

  • 9razzler9

    the crazy lesbian trope is low effort but considering the year it was released, it's not as bad

  • Gregory Maroda
    Gregory Maroda

    OK, I can buy the car chase stuff not being "real" but was the van not real either? This is just a really sloppy twist. You can't outright lie to the audience and then say "hah hah, fooled you!"

  • Michiel Wullaert
    Michiel Wullaert

    4kilometers is not a lot

  • Mummamig Marko
    Mummamig Marko

    I'm just curious, what's the deal with the other pictures?? Did she kill the women in those pictures in the murder van??

  • Chris

    This was such an amazing movie that was my gateway into the New French Extremity.

  • TheBuddyGamer

    Before I watch this video - I remember seeing this movie and hating it. Let's see if the video changes my mind. EDIT: Nah, still hate it.

  • PD Zombie
    PD Zombie

    It was Marie all along!!!

  • Ian 01
    Ian 01

    Bad movie trying too hard to have a M. Night twist.

  • _greydude_

    I’m so glad this guy gets to do what he does

  • Lyle Marie Ceniza
    Lyle Marie Ceniza

    I didn't expect Marie to be the killer.

  • Mr Noodle
    Mr Noodle

    Chopsaw, not a chainsaw. Sorry lol

  • Puspa Vellai
    Puspa Vellai

    Here we were given a *biggg twist* the kinda *completely changes* everything up to that point - getting the rug pulled right out there !! It's almost so out of left field, that it feels like a *f*** you almost! Which as I recall was my initial reaction..:D Not predictable?!

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen

    The killer looks like Donald Trump. I can't unsee it.

  • William Whitman
    William Whitman

    Damn this was made a year before I was born

  • Ma`at

    Oh this is trippy

  • Subliminal147

    Have you ever thought of doing an episode on the house of wax? It’s one of my favorites and I would love to hear you talk about it.

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham

    The twist reminds me of the twist from iron man 3. It’s not a bad twist/ idea but for the film that it’s in, it’s kinda rude

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham

    FYI, I know you were probably joking but 4km is about 2.5 miles

  • Jimuella Aniasco
    Jimuella Aniasco

    the dog

  • Lee Mia
    Lee Mia

    how could she be the killer when earlier it showed a crazy killer in the truck getting head by a decapitated head?? 🥴 this movie confused tf outta me lmaooo

  • Rabid Union
    Rabid Union

    I love this movie even with the twist! I had the same questions but I believe you answered it perfectly. The story is being told by an unreliable narrator. Also, I don't know if that weapon is called a "chainsaw", I just know it's used to cut through cement. Lol

  • Bos ZAy
    Bos ZAy


  • Cap

    After watching fight club a bunch and seeing as she somehow always just missed the killer's view back at the family house I saw the ending coming

  • Ghost_Host_Alex

    Ahhh a yandere

    • chaos


  • Sthemingway

    Please make a video just on the French extremeties films. Specifically, to what extent your impressions of them now are different now that what they were the first time you saw them.

  • Rhubartu the Saiyan
    Rhubartu the Saiyan

    There was no mustang.. that was a fantasy

  • HarmonE the Animation Addict
    HarmonE the Animation Addict

    Oh yay. It’s one of those “the one gay person is a serial killer” movies.

  • Manish- Pick n keys
    Manish- Pick n keys

    My question is" How did she got a rusty truck" And in the very first scene of killer; he throws a head from the truck. What is that supposed to be?

  • Dezmond Huston
    Dezmond Huston

    This movie is similar to the book by Dean Koontz, called Intensity. And, it's weird and unfortunate that this is the direction the movie chose to take. I thought we were done demonizing gay people and the mentally ill as villains. It reminds me of the 1980s film, Windows. It's crazy to think this movie came out 20 years later.

  • Krow

    Damn the crazy lesbians strike again. Well I love this movie already.

  • Josh James
    Josh James

    All I gotta say is that saw is hella expensive

  • Benjamin Stansfield
    Benjamin Stansfield

    Somewhat popular opinion. Don't kill kids or animals in your movies, man. It doesn't give literally anybody the good kind of fear. There's so many amazing movies where there are 0 kids or animals that need to die. It's just upsetting and bad shock value.

  • miss Anie Bananie
    miss Anie Bananie

    Will we ever get martyrs?!

  • Adea Oud
    Adea Oud

    So in short, Marie is a yandere

  • Family guy FULL
    Family guy FULL

    Love the hair

  • cornellius roney
    cornellius roney

    Can you do the movie "bliss"

  • M.C.J

    Movie wasn’t really that good but it was alright.

  • lover boy 88
    lover boy 88

    yeah, the movie is a waste of time.

  • Leviathan

    The French seem to take a genre of things and just OWN it. French extremism films, French house music...French.....toast.

  • Solar Wind
    Solar Wind

    Love the movie and absolutely hate the ending.

  • William Matthews
    William Matthews

    Revisiting this film makes me wish the French Extreme Horror Wave lasted longer than it did. You had a handful of genuine classics in there, many of which FoundFlix mentions.

  • Blu Phoenix
    Blu Phoenix

    Alex also played Diva in Fifth Element

  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia

    So did she go to chase the brother in the corn field?

  • Gambit Wu
    Gambit Wu

    How many miles is equal to 4k? I'm too lazy to do the math while I'm watching this

  • Char Grill
    Char Grill

    One of my all time favs

  • Lil Taco223
    Lil Taco223

    Yoooo I’ve been lookin for this movie!!!

  • existenceisrelative

    it's so weird to hear the twist got to you so much. i knew that she was going to be the problem just because of her dream, and the evidence kept building from there.

  • lightish

    to whoever sees this, as someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities) please don't think this is a good representation of the disorder. it really isn't and there are too many of these movie that think this disorder is something cool and scary to put in their movie.

  • IJN Kaga
    IJN Kaga

    uzmatch.info/it/prVlwJzLtJd9wJ0/video ::::::::

  • Dakota

    Nokia 5110 was already a thing back then

  • Day Man Fighter of the Night Man
    Day Man Fighter of the Night Man

    I love this movie... and I had the whole plot spoiled before watching it.

  • shawn b
    shawn b

    I liked this movie alot scared the shit outta me when I was young

  • Dan Seigars
    Dan Seigars

    Almost reminds me of something similar to the plot of poison ivy

  • cho show
    cho show

    As soon as I saw the head out the window I was like I remember this fucking movie

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    The twist still makes no sense

  • salaciousBastard

    That's bullshit. You're not going to catch a scared kid in a cornfield at night.

  • Debi T
    Debi T

    Why do they always kill the dog?! Sure, like the people but leave the dog alone! I’m looking at you I am legend. Such a great movie but I can’t watch it again. Mind you, I’ve seen midsommar like, 5 times. Just don’t kill dogs!

  • Carmine Menna
    Carmine Menna

    I knew about the twist years before i saw the movie. To be honest i loved it, and i feel like people don't get what it's really about and how it works. It does annoy me a bit when people say that it doesn't make sense and that she couldn't be watching herself killing someone outside of the closet. It makes me wonder if they watched it properly because it's so obvious that a lot of what we saw wasn't real at all. I think you summed it up perfectly and i'm happy to hear that i have found another fan of this one.

  • Qwadry Kelsey
    Qwadry Kelsey

    Definitely not a mustang lol

  • Arts with vaishali
    Arts with vaishali

    “Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated.”😂 Who agree please comment

    • Michael Torres II
      Michael Torres II


  • Teek

    well....that’s lesbians for you

  • Ponury Mike
    Ponury Mike

    6:02 Why use guillotine? Use dresser!

  • Ricky St. Louis
    Ricky St. Louis

    Lake mungo my dude, explain that homeboy.

  • Kevin Bacon
    Kevin Bacon

    Ummm actually ......That's a demo saw not a chain saw

  • Adilf Hotler
    Adilf Hotler

    Bikers = Scum. Always.

  • Angela Lam
    Angela Lam

    Thank you for doing this I've been waiting for this 😃

  • Marsh Mellow
    Marsh Mellow

    Did you re-upload this?....... 😓 I swear I saw this review last year

  • Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé
    Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Once I saw the being "HIGH TENSION (2003) Ending Explained" I thought the title really read as being "HIGH TENSION (2003) Ending Exploded" which would have caused a hard laughter if only that was the actual title.

  • Lil Eddy
    Lil Eddy

    Can you please do the French horror film Martyrs next? That was such a dark and messed up movie… the ending was just as crazy as this.


    The bullets that sceme was to indicate that Mariie saw that the gun gad no bullets because tge killer removed them from the gun, Get it right, because it's a major clue 2 the killers identity

  • Dr. Dumb
    Dr. Dumb

    This girl is literally a yandere for Alex.

  • Butts Carlton
    Butts Carlton

    Worst part about being a fan of horror is I keep being reminded that Irreversible exists... 😒

  • Sweet Tart Tartin ass
    Sweet Tart Tartin ass

    I think it’s full of plot holes and it was thrown together in a hurry.

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham

    This twist reminds me of the twist in iron man 3 it would have been better if it was in a different movie

  • Abraxis729

    That van seriously reminds me of the Creeper's truck in Jeepers Creeper

  • 125joshb

    I totally remember watching this with my dad as a kid and us being like what the fuck to the twist

  • T. Brown
    T. Brown

    This movie was good - I didn't see it coming

  • Nicole Lacey
    Nicole Lacey

    When I tell you this movie messed me up so bad I literally threw the DVD AWAY!!!

  • OpticalArxenal

    *Martyrs*?! I don't know how to feel about that. It was somehow harder to sit through than A Serbian Film, which was still worse.

  • Samuel Ling
    Samuel Ling