TENET (2020) Explained

In Tenet, the mind bending thriller from Christopher Nolan, a CIA agent has to travel through time and bend the laws of nature to prevent World War III. We're breaking down the films increasingly complex and massive scale story, answering every question along the way, and explaining the meaning of the ending.
P.S. Yes this is my longest video ever. Curse you Nolan!!!

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  • Reid Anderson
    Reid Anderson

    I had to go back in time to understand this movie

  • Nagatha Christie
    Nagatha Christie

    I need someone to make a cover of "Red Light Special", but with the lyrics "Throat Ball Special".

  • AyeAhkk

    i mean i kept up with the movie. its not too complex just pay attention lmao. i was able to even say what will happen next. if you think about it once she gets shot the movie ends. it plays back from there...simple. everything happens twice pretty simple to keep up with it. what happens, happened..

  • Seronin Aran
    Seronin Aran

    Erm... no. Other movies such as "predestination" and 'timecrimes" use similar ploys and tools (facemasks, aging) to fool the audience the same way. My wife and I had it figured out from the beginning (the whole red color keychain directly lifted from shindler's list, come on!). It doesn't take 40 minutes to explain tenet if you remove THREE (3) twists added to make the story more fun (maximiLIEN, Kat shooting Sator and the grandfather paradox throw in the bin while following "primer" laws regardless, raising the question of freewill). What probably confuses viewers the most are the visual effects which are very well done and make perfect sense (you can be killed by an explosion in reverse, it's called an implosion), but are rarely if not ever seen in movies, certainly never on that scale.

  • Kansta1999

    It’s obvious that dis guy doesn’t understand the meaning of explained. Foo you just telling the story like we see on the movie screen!!! When you say explained you suppose to elaborate on what you are talking about.

  • Luis Rios
    Luis Rios

    What I think is so wild is the Protagonist tested himself by trying to stress himself to nearly kill himself instead of talking about something he probably doesn't fucking know. That's fucked up.

  • Sharnia D
    Sharnia D

    Main character is called the protagonist, it’s in the subs and then him stating it in the movie.

  • Nightmare soldier
    Nightmare soldier

    I understand why they ended mask for the time machine when everything is going backwards. It’s because since everything is going backwards so is the oxygen in your body it’s coming out of your nose and you need to breath.

  • Redacted

    All of this for some plutonium? I'm guessing nobody told him about amazons same day delivery.

  • Joeshmo

    One thing that still seems ridiculous to me is how the characters can’t breath non-inverted air, but their eyes can pick up non-inverted light waves. Still a really entertaining experience, and I’d love to see more of Neil and Protagonist’s adventures in the future.

  • bass tard
    bass tard

    My brain feels like the egg in the frying pan drug psa commercial

  • Jay Will6
    Jay Will6

    I feel like this movie was inspire by Dunkirk. Nolan had a lot of complaints or comments on his movie Dunkirk and decided to make a movie just like how the plot plays out.

  • Kvebalas

    Just watched 2.5 hours of movie and found yourself confused? That's understandable, here some additional 40min of video explaing that.

  • Kruger Savage
    Kruger Savage

    07:20 A device from the future?

  • Burak Gider
    Burak Gider

    I was looking for an explanation of the movie or just another point of view in order to get some new information but this dude spends 40 minutes just to read down the storyboard. The title is a total clickbait and the video is a waste of time for people looking for an explanation. People here cant realize, that this video doesnt fullfill its job, yet they wonder why they didnt understand the movie.

  • Choice Meat Randy
    Choice Meat Randy

    Dislike cause you just re-narrated the story and didn't explain it.

  • Troubled Soul SA
    Troubled Soul SA

    Im still confused I'm slow

  • GangGreen_714

    Interstellar x Bourne Identity = Tenant 🏆

  • biron d
    biron d

    even having explained it (at your utmost best as per usual) I'm still like wha ?!?!?

  • Stryder

    Saw this later tonight It was good yesterday with sum pop corn

  • Marcus Lim
    Marcus Lim

    summary: woman struggling to find purpose in life, pisses off terminally ill husband who dies salvaging marriage

  • cranedeck

    dont waste your time. this is just a recap, nothing you came wondering will be answered.

  • Dequarius Walker
    Dequarius Walker

    Time travel is usually tricky but this movie just said fck it, 'I'm Batman' and did what it want.

  • Kayser Soze
    Kayser Soze

    How the fuck is this "explained"? This is just a summary of the movie. You didn't express any opinion

  • Kayser Soze
    Kayser Soze

    Let's be fair. This movie is just not as good. Nolan's "rushed" style of filming is just not suiting this kind confusing movie

  • Errordemn6

    So how far did Neil go back in time?

  • kainenable

    Well done. I wanted so much to like this movie. It was just edited in a way that it was very hard to see what was going on. Hard to hear dialog, shakey cam, meandering story. Thee were flashes of brilliance though. Even his disappointments are worth seeing.

  • Ingrid Pempeit
    Ingrid Pempeit

    .. terrible movie. Poor acting and ridiculously long fight scenes. Plot left most in cinema dumbfounded.

  • Ali Zarghami
    Ali Zarghami

    I found this video very disappointing. This is merely an explanation. It's more of a narration.

  • Siren's Call
    Siren's Call

    You're explaining it..and i'm still like HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!?

  • Bcav712

    All I have to say is, what?

  • KaefasGT

    Reverse digestion?

  • Raylinxx Ray
    Raylinxx Ray

    I like this channel so much I liked before it started

  • Awe Dee.0
    Awe Dee.0

    @FoundFlix explainthe movie "Settlers" next

  • RH HR
    RH HR

    This movie was objectively bad. Sorry yall. Chris Nolas isn’t infallible.


    If u reverse a person or whatever its called would they look identical or would things like the side their hairs parted on is switched?


    He sure loves using doubles...

  • Martin Martinez
    Martin Martinez

    Man I’m still confused 😐

  • Suono Blu
    Suono Blu

    Tenet is based on the conjecture of non-orientable wormholes, particular deformations of space-time that invert the chirality of all that pass through them.

  • VMan369

    I will admit this movie was confusing. But, then again, I still haven't figured out "Chrono Trigger."

  • Dimitris Floros
    Dimitris Floros

    ...but you explained nothing.....pfff

  • LeoGotHisOscar

    This wasn't as much of an explanation as it was a recap of the entire film.

  • Penelope kitson
    Penelope kitson

    I’m still so confused 😭😭💀

  • themeatt625

    This is a synopsis, not an explanation....

  • Dylan

    My idea of multiple universe isn’t to difficult to understand, if space fractals into its self the smaller down we get eventually resembles space at large. Either way zooming in or out could resemble “time travel” traveling between sizes could resemble different time in reality all happening at once within each other.

  • Todd Saffell
    Todd Saffell

    You explained nothing. You described everything in the same order the movie did. You are great at summarizing but horrible at actually explaining. Sorry.

  • FourTwenty Hellions
    FourTwenty Hellions

    Bro this movie was brazy

  • Kwiz Matix
    Kwiz Matix

    I tried but I can’t!!! lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Graeme Wright
    Graeme Wright

    WOW! What an episode!

  • slaven simic
    slaven simic

    Neils a virgin kills himself but put the world at risk multiple times for some broad, if it wasnt for dumb luck everyone dead

  • Bean bag ben
    Bean bag ben

    I dont get this guy. Seen some of his “explaining” videos but they have nothing to do with explaining. He only ever gets to give a very detailed resume of the plot, and then never dvelves into the analytics and actual “explaining” of the plot. Anyone else noticed the same? I mean it’s great if you did not notice something in the movie, but its simply a resume, not an explanation. For people looking for a video to explain it, this is misleading

  • Eléanor+

    Your video helped me making sense of all 2h30mn wasted time of my life. Thanks you😢

  • J Hill
    J Hill

    i stopped this movie halfway, and I never started it

  • Martin Brogdon
    Martin Brogdon

    The explanation is much appreciated and extremely helpful! One minor bit of feedback: minimize the number of pronouns and possessive pronouns, especially with a movie like ‘Tenet’ where two versions of the same character interact with each other. I took me about an hour and a half to watch and understand this 40 min vid.

  • Jonathan Poto
    Jonathan Poto

    Tenet is about how God/ego (Pattinson) makes our mental psychology hold together over the timeless mess that is our observant memory providing explanations to bridge things together that otherwise make no sense that would lead to mental annihilation, but that ultimately doesn’t stop death anyways. Our personal universe exists eternally in a logical construct, where ignorance must be filled in to make sense and continue living. Id is John forward instinctually reacting to his instinctual desires and fears; ego is John backwards trying to assert command over his memories according to a value. Ultimately the efforts of the super ego are a failure as complexity and fixed nature of the past makes it too difficult to ascribe values or logic to after the fact. Super ego is a miraculous sense of the past having a collective logic rather than being a part of infinite chaos subjectively experienced (“everything that’s happened, happened for a reason to bring me here”), which is a feeling of harmony and godliness as opposed to the psychological terror of not knowing why or how one is here. Ego is best represented by a character external to John with freedom to work through both directions of time as it has the most challenging and omnipotent role of reconciling present action (id) and our manipulative retelling (super ego), John reacting (id) and John trying to fix the errors of those reactions (super ego). Many cultures externalize this harmonizing ego through religion which is granted that mysterious omnipotency we feel when we’re in a good psychological state to perfectly fill any irregularities between id and super ego, literally taking bullets that would result in total annihilation of John’s constructed mental universe. I think this is why Pattinson who looks a bit Jesus like was chosen.. Red thread just like Jesus’ red words in the Bible. More important than God to experience the harmonious logic of an ego fixed universe is the ability to grow comfortable with our ignorance and accept lost chunks of our past (spiritual death), giving us room to reconstruct the lowest entropy narrative possible where acceptance of gaps in logic is a part of the explanation of our personal universe itself.

  • Super Hiro
    Super Hiro

    Halfway through I was like “what the fuck is happening” and started the movie over. It sucked 1.5 times.

  • Armopa Ohnair
    Armopa Ohnair

    I now feel dumber after watching this elaborate explanation....

  • bella reyes
    bella reyes


  • Mark Ligon
    Mark Ligon

    Ohhh....now I completely understand.............

  • BarcaLeic Leic
    BarcaLeic Leic

    Eh Voilé... 😘

  • wolf2468

    dude neil was one of the best fuckin bros in movie history i got so emotional when i fuckin realized what happened in the end.

  • chris karriem
    chris karriem


  • Angel Rose Jr
    Angel Rose Jr

    Dammit Im Mad

  • Diwakar Koirala
    Diwakar Koirala

    To listen this is more confusing than watching the movie itself.

  • Brian Blanton
    Brian Blanton

    Dude I'm still lost🤣🤣🤣🤣😩😩😩🤣🤣🤣

  • Faheem Carter
    Faheem Carter

    you never stated about the red string on kate's son backpack

  • ASKL 246
    ASKL 246

    This movie literally asked the question. “What if we saw time traveling happening?”

  • Victoria's awake
    Victoria's awake

    Wait what?

  • AretnaP 3
    AretnaP 3

    GRiD's "Rewind" Feature in Nolan Movie Form...


    I literally do not understand shit in this movie

  • Michael

    This wasn’t an explanation it was just an in depth synopsis

    • peruperu 0516
      peruperu 0516

      Yes it was. No need to watch this video if you have seen the movie. Don’t waste your time people.

    • Sling Blade
      Sling Blade


  • BarcaLeic Leic
    BarcaLeic Leic


  • Tunks

    what a shit show... was the director thinking "hey guys let's make the most confusing movie ever!"

  • Tina MM
    Tina MM

    Is Max (the kid), Neil in the future?

  • Kyle Dalton
    Kyle Dalton

    Came here for an explanation, not a scene by scene breakdown of what was happening

  • Bigg Ballin
    Bigg Ballin

    Desrever si emit

  • Nick Frazer
    Nick Frazer

    The best love your videos bud keep up great work!


    I still don't get it. Guess I'm dumb.

  • Kizzy Jay
    Kizzy Jay

    There's a jojo meme in here somewhere

  • Dane Jacobs
    Dane Jacobs

    I feel like this was more recap than explanation but good job though

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey

    PSA: This video is a summary of the movie, like watching it at 4x, nothing is explained further. Good if you missed something I suppose, but I was hoping for an analysis from each characters perspective chronologically and with time travel rules in mind. Sigh, the youtube hunt continues.

  • duncanpill

    Luxury death ha ha

  • Robert Preston
    Robert Preston

    why was everyone sweet with cat killing sator

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien

    this is one of those movies where you have to watch an explanation video afterwards

  • Aaron Brandt
    Aaron Brandt

    I'm in. I'm down. Awesome reviews!

  • Falziz

    Okay but can you change the title? That is not an explanation of a movie, you are literally just telling what's happening scene by scene as if we didn't watch it at all....

  • Baby Bababooe
    Baby Bababooe


    • Baby Bababooe
      Baby Bababooe

      bro dont say that

  • TGNLightSpeed

    Anyone else always get half of what this guy is saying cuz the whole inverse thing makes no sense…i thought flash was confusing on savitar and time travel but this is just at another lvl

  • Tgy Ygg
    Tgy Ygg

    Why couldn’t the bad guy just go back in time and tell his old self that he has cancer earlly to prevent himself from dying instead of destroying the whole world

  • Abet Almanza
    Abet Almanza

    so, explaining this movie meant narrating the whole thing? Thanks. I'm more confused the more I try to understand it.

  • Desmond

    I'm not going to lie. Something about the end of this movie hit different and made me tear up for some reason.

  • 77wendigo

    explain to me how this is an explanation of the movie and not a basic script reading? u suck brooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Ch S.
    Ch S.

    But you didn t explain anything...you just narrated the whole movie

  • Angel san win htay
    Angel san win htay

    It was so confusing

  • SimplyCool24

    How many people enjoyed the movie, but spent the whole time wrapping and rewrapping it around your mind?

  • Simple meow
    Simple meow

    In reverse time, poops are made into food by humans.

  • Clayton Jinks
    Clayton Jinks

    Title is misleading. This doesn’t actually explain anything, it’s just a 40-minute scene by scene summary.

  • BaD7GuZ

    this is just narrating instead of explaining the details

  • William Maunder
    William Maunder

    This video doesn't explain anything. It just recounts the plot.

  • Harvey Santos
    Harvey Santos

    I watched this movie backwards, from end to the start