TENET (2020) Explained
#tenet #explained
In Tenet, the mind bending thriller from Christopher Nolan, a CIA agent has to travel through time and bend the laws of nature to prevent World War III. We're breaking down the films increasingly complex and massive scale story, answering every question along the way, and explaining the meaning of the ending.
P.S. Yes this is my longest video ever. Curse you Nolan!!!
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  • Zul Ilman
    Zul Ilman

    30:23 the guy on the right had enough of this movie

  • Jarrett Voyzey
    Jarrett Voyzey

    Kinda disappointed in this movie tbh

  • Manuel Blunt
    Manuel Blunt

    I believe the reason we don’t find out the name for protagonist name or backstory is because he not only started up tenet but also was in the group that wanted to end the world. That is why information is directly kept from him. It points out that the antagonist cannot know that he failes. If so he will just go back and keep trying until he was successful. This gives a big the reasons why we know nothing of the main character he is both sides of the coin. What do you think?

  • Austin Saya
    Austin Saya

    I haven’t watched this video yet, but before I start, I just wanted to let you know I watch this on acid and god damn I had no idea wtf was going on, but I felt like that was the point

  • Ms. Walker
    Ms. Walker

    Thank you 😊 for confirming my thoughts on this movie. I watched it twice and I love 💘it. I love a movie 🎥I can't predict the ending.

  • Wanda B
    Wanda B

    I'm sorry, if you're giving a philosophy/physics lecture in the middle of a movie, your movie sucks.

  • Seymour Butts
    Seymour Butts

    I couldnt even finish this video.

  • Uncle Marwee
    Uncle Marwee

    If a movie needs to be explained, then it is a shitty movie.

  • Nick Bendy
    Nick Bendy

    Could someone explain this type of time travel to me ?

  • J Stylez Get'Wild
    J Stylez Get'Wild

    "We're saving the world from what might have been" explains this whole movie. Especially wants you see the ending.

  • Brooke B
    Brooke B

    Too convoluted and nonsensical

  • Rajendra Jadhav
    Rajendra Jadhav

    Well they said matter will annihlate if two same person touched each other and still the main character fights himself stabbing as well. Is it a plothole or what someone please explain me.

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  • lukisnootis

    how did Sator go inverted so he could to get parts of the bomb from the truck heist with his non-inverted wife that ended up being saved with the protagonist and Neil??? More importantly how did his non-inverted wife go with inverted Sator in the inverted car but she wasnt and ended up in the forward timeline.. I cant wrap my mind around that part

  • Ouis Sandy
    Ouis Sandy

    Neil is max btw the little boy .

  • Gusty

    Every video I watch calls the protagonist "John" and I'm just trying to figure out why.

    • Mark B
      Mark B

      The actor who plays the protagonists real name is John Washington

    • Milo McMahon
      Milo McMahon

      Probably because it's shorter, and the most common name given to an unidentified person is John (Doe)

  • evan

    this is my 3rd time watching this video and I STILL don't understand it

  • Eddison Thomas
    Eddison Thomas

    Well it's like Gorillaz said 'Tomorrow comes today'

  • MuTe 4 TECH.
    MuTe 4 TECH.

    Dude, you are not explaining anything .. you are just narrating the movie. >_

  • André Exler
    André Exler

    How awfully bad is your prononciation, intonation and speech timing. Despite a valid content you seem not being able to present it. It sucks and that is sad if you intend to continue this way. Perhaps others in the audience like your way, I'm sorry.

  • JH W
    JH W

    This is more confusing than Rick and Morty


    You missed the part with the trains where he gets his teeth pulled. Notice the trains jumps in time and thier identical?

  • Stinky Whizzletooth
    Stinky Whizzletooth

    I don't think this guy knows what the word 'explained" means. This video was just a summary.

  • Gavin Velez
    Gavin Velez

    Ok, please explain this. If She is going backwards in time to the boat to kill her husband, why doesn’t she have to wear an oxygen mask. Every time someone goes backward in time they have to wear one. So what’s up with that?

  • Brosch123

    You have retold the movie! Don't call it an explanation. What a waste of time

  • Derek Gorski
    Derek Gorski

    this gotta be one of the most confusing movies ever

  • Polish BBQ
    Polish BBQ

    I don't think he can comprehend the movie even after this video because that was as confusing as the COD Black Ops Zombies story line.

  • A

    I watched the movie yesterday on a plane and now I’m watching this

  • Adam Bartlett
    Adam Bartlett

    my brain, oh god, my brain!

  • kosK1D

    FKIN Time Travel, Everytime a headache. Good on ya though

  • Jennifer葛

    The "Throat-ball Special" 😂

  • Spells and Curses
    Spells and Curses

    What exactly did you "Explain"? All you did was retell exactly what we already saw and heard, with no explanation


    Would be awkward if the creator of this movie make a movie and make it backwards xD....

  • John Harrington
    John Harrington

    Isn't the guy who gets beat with a gold bar from the airport? He took one of them or something I had though...

  • chuy rojas
    chuy rojas

    I'm still sorta confused tbh can someone plz help me explain it in a easy way?

  • Team Cyborg
    Team Cyborg

    "An inverted bullet passing through your body would be extremely deadly." ...As opposed to any other bullet?

    • cesar febres
      cesar febres

      You can heal bullet wounds, you can’t heal inverted bullet wounds

  • Nicholas Bradley
    Nicholas Bradley


  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson

    That fight scene was so dope. This movie was amazing

  • Afro Shinobi
    Afro Shinobi

    This movie was so good.

  • Wendell Littlejohn
    Wendell Littlejohn

    I really didn't need him to explain the movie. I understand everything but the fucking negative entropy shut. That makes no sense!! If ur fighting someone moving forward and they're moving backwards, then ur not fighting at all.ur doing nothing. If u throw a punch and he's going backwards, ur not throwing a punch. Nothing happens. He can't do anything until u do something, abd u ain't doing something unless he does something. Right? RIGHT???

    • Fadhil

      yeah na ye nah ye nah yeah nah

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong

    my head hurts

  • Nonya Buzznus
    Nonya Buzznus

    I love how Robert Pattinson has seemingly avoided teen drama movies the second twilight ended.

  • Steve Lalthantluanga
    Steve Lalthantluanga

    After watching the movie yesterday, I’m watching it for the first time today! Wait! Whaatt! And why r they all speaking in reverse?? Who’s this by the way!! 🤪😬

  • Ricardo Kassanda
    Ricardo Kassanda

    Oh and don't forget that Neil is an older Max

  • Richard Weiss
    Richard Weiss

    Summarizing the plot is very different from explaining it. Moving forward to find somebody who does.

  • guy cha
    guy cha


  • Aaron McKenzie Powell
    Aaron McKenzie Powell

    It’s Edward/Batman

  • Paul Butler
    Paul Butler

    This is a way to experience the film

  • catbat06

    Some films I don't understand on first view because they are dense and well written in a cryptic way. This film I enjoyed, but I genuinely think the fact people didn't understand it is a failure of storytelling rather than a success of it. The concepts aren't impossible to clearly convey, they just needed to cut 20% of the fat from the story and spend a little more time acknowledging the developments.

  • Mason Reeves
    Mason Reeves

    Nolan is just messing with us with these time movies and secretly sliding a saga right under our noses. I predict two more movies for the grand reveal of all the movies intertwined in some way. Same time lines crossed all the way over each other. He's just using the Batman movies and Dunkirk as his "side projects" as a distraction. The Prestige Inception Interstellar Tenet ? ?

  • J Gunzler
    J Gunzler

    Most people think psychedelic imagery is the key to a good stoned movie experience... WRONG! THIS is what it’s all about. Watching this movie baked is like your brain trying to ride one of those reverse bikes at the fair. You see what’s happening but your brain can’t process the info and basically rejects it. Damn pandemic ruined the opportunity for an uncanny theatrical experience. Seeing a car flip in reverse is one thing, but watching a battlefield of soldiers, half normal and half inverted carry out a mission like that makes you go cross eyed 😵

  • Emerald TUSK
    Emerald TUSK

    Right, Time Squad. Got it.

  • Thabang Nkopane
    Thabang Nkopane

    So is there a sequel

  • Babes & Board Games
    Babes & Board Games

    this movie was so stupid

  • runeplate123

    TENET was over hyped unfortunately

  • darthcarth27

    I love that most if not all the music is a palindrome

  • HighTechGeek

    OMG I stopped after 6 minutes. You're just rehashing the movie as it appeared. I already watched the movie and was hoping for an explanation.

  • scrungliunglius swoonbonhongler
    scrungliunglius swoonbonhongler

    I leef ekil sith eivom emac tuo, ekil a raey oga.

  • barkendog1

    I still don't get it. Who do all the characters work for? Who pays them? Who pays for all their equipment?

  • Level of Snipes
    Level of Snipes

    Who remembers when movies didn’t need a 40 minute explanation?

  • The AJ
    The AJ

    The first hour and a half of the movie is decidedly boring. Not confusing, boring. The plot is disjointed and very "script plot" and add to that the godawful loud epilepsy music. The buildup for the big reveals in the end is necessary, but I think it's too damn slow and contorted for it to be worth it. Did I mention the music was horrid?

  • Megan E
    Megan E

    I wasn't confused watching it, but for some reason hearing it told to me by you was kind of confusing. But watching it I understood what was happening. The only complaint I have is that this movie was too damn loud.

  • unknown alias
    unknown alias

    This movie makes no Fucking sense

  • The AJ
    The AJ

    The music in the first half was simply awful. It actually destroyed my sense of immersion during the movie.

  • Liam Briggs
    Liam Briggs

    i get the whole time travel part of the movie, but the scene where "John" meets the scientist and is explained what inversion is and gets shown an example still confuses me because through out the movie they see the cars and a fight happen in reverse. so shouldnt that mean when he sticks his hand out and the object goes back into his hand, shouldnt that mean that same action has already happen and should see it unfold in front of him like all the other scenes in the movie..... i confused myslef once again lmao

  • vilajet leka
    vilajet leka

    worst explanation ever

  • A.

    My biggest question , why is there time lag? If time is flowing both ways, forward and inverted , then why is there a spot where you can see yourself being inverted before you make the choice, or see yourself at all? It makes things needlessly complicated imo. When the blue/red room time pincer move happens, did the military dude make his choice already or did he get convinced to do it because they already saw themselves roll Kat to the other side saying " looks like you got your answer"

  • Chad Thaddeus
    Chad Thaddeus

    This is Primer's level of time travelling convolution all over again. It also feels like a fever dream, albeit a cool one.

  • Yuu Gotosea
    Yuu Gotosea

    tenet is tenet inverted

  • The Bat Slayer
    The Bat Slayer

    This should just be called Migraine the movie

  • Gil Van
    Gil Van

    Tenet is one of the only movies I could not follow. I got lost several times during the movie. Thank you for making this excellent video. I fully understand the movie now.

  • Marvin Dennis
    Marvin Dennis


  • xjkgamer

    Braid: the movie

  • Sora X-King
    Sora X-King

    So lemmie get this straight. They got a movie named Tenet and didn't get David Tenet to star in it? Disappointing.

  • WaitingandWatching


  • Ponstrosity

    This video doesn't explain anything. It just describes what happened in the film.

  • Rio Ducci
    Rio Ducci

    What a fuckin trip lmao

  • Ben Swendsen
    Ben Swendsen

    that rocket scene is nuts

  • Eashan Patel
    Eashan Patel

    I have watched this movie twice, read the wikipedia article, and watched this video, and I still don't understand a goddamn thing about it. I've heard of the actors not knowing what it was about, but I'm genuinely sure that Chris has no fucking clue as well.

  • Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago
    Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    I need a Found Flix, for this Found Flix.

  • Triple Aces555
    Triple Aces555

    Also I heard that it turns out that Neil is actually Cat's son the whole time from the future. Is that true?

  • Darryl Minaker
    Darryl Minaker

    You know it's kinda dumb cause everything bad that happened WAS supposed to happen. What we're seeing is the final loop that is secured and tight. So there is no tension at all in hindsight lol

  • Kip Loretta
    Kip Loretta

    wow DVD's dang its like looking at the past itself.

  • Seb Swede
    Seb Swede

    TENET doesn't make any sense. Compels me, though.

  • Justin Alexander
    Justin Alexander

    "too bad they didn't have a Delorean, just punch that shit right in" 😂😂

  • Nicholas Sherrill
    Nicholas Sherrill

    Nolan gets quite the benefit of the doubt. This story is convoluted and it's too much. He gets by on his cinematography and the setting he creates, and we all like Nolan already so we say it's good. but was it really? Can a movie truly be great if the story is a mess? Even watching this breakdown it still doesn't make complete sense. I'm just hearing someone give a synopsis of a mess, so the synopsis is a mess as well. I had high hopes for this movie but I worry that Nolan knows if he makes a ridiculously complicated movie that doesnt make total sense, people who are "film buffs" will just be able to stand on a high ground and say everyone who doesn't get it is lesser. Not a fan and waste of money.

  • Ellen Fox
    Ellen Fox

    It was good but like so confusing but I didn’t mind

  • ernievzla

    This video is to short for what it needs to explain

  • TheFurryAssassin1

    I got to watch this in a mostly empty theater and it. was. GREAT.

  • 6thsun25

    I just watched this movie and it is so badly executed as a theory that i stoped giving a fuck about the "explained" part.

    • Ellen Fox
      Ellen Fox

      I liked it, the effects were cool and I didn’t really need to understand it to enjoy it it’s the only unique film in quite a while

  • Epi Ren
    Epi Ren

    Not apt for those with AIBOHPHOBIA. Look it up. It's a thing.

  • fluffy thurms
    fluffy thurms

    This is just a recap. There is no information in this video that couldn’t be learned by carefully watching the movie. No explanations.

  • Nubian Gold
    Nubian Gold

    Troy and Abed Inveeeersion noisreeeevnI debA dna yorT

  • Aadam 2384
    Aadam 2384

    *spoiler warning* Don't watch the movie if u can't handle loss cos Neil's death is just reveal is just sad

  • fraser808

    Something kinda weird... everyone complained about the sound ... but i heard everything clearly tho

  • Roderick Ngonyoku
    Roderick Ngonyoku

    This movie left me bald. The only thing left on my head is bruises from all the scratching I did trying to piece together what was happening at runtime.

  • Thaddeus Patrick
    Thaddeus Patrick

    1:28 "five word letters"

  • Tom Veer
    Tom Veer

    I feel like this movie would have been much easier to understand if I could actually hear what the damn actors were saying smh

    • sam2177138

      Bought the movie and watched it with subtitles so I dont miss a damn thing, slightly clearer but still confusing AF. But I'm the type that tries to understand the science/theory behind it so it was hard

  • Logan Horton
    Logan Horton

    I feel pretty stupid that I have to watch this 40 minute video after watching a 2 and a half hour movie to understand it lol

    • WeHateSpurs -_-
      WeHateSpurs -_-

      I feel you bro... lol... I'm here straight after watching it.😬

  • Lisa Binder
    Lisa Binder

    I think the concept was great, there was so much going on i lost focus ....I still think Neil was the little boy.