Is HALLOWEEN III Actually Good? (FoundFlix Presents)
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Halloween III: Season of the Witch has always been an under appreciated outlier in the Halloween franchise. But I feel the time is due to revisit it and give it the credit it deserves. Its actually one of my favorites and perfect for a spooky Halloween night!
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  • B G
    B G

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  • Cristina J
    Cristina J

    This was my favorite Halloween movie. I still vividly remember that pumpkin headed kid sqishing his face to death. Scared the crap out of me when I was little.

  • ZackOfAllTrades

    I always thought this movie was about what the cult was doing while michael went on his killing sprees. All though the murder cult was a super small part of the movies in final production they intended on the cult being a big part so I figured this was their way of expanding them

  • Sophie

    i always liked season of the witch. i wish they somehow combined michael’s powers with an evil coven of druids

  • crazylifeof cvm
    crazylifeof cvm

    Just when I said that was quick was when found flix said they practically still strangers

  • Brian Bairos
    Brian Bairos


  • Paris Campos
    Paris Campos

    How come people still say Halloween 5 is the worst when it's very clear Halloween 6 is the worst by far.

  • Black Liberalman
    Black Liberalman

    I firmly say that if it wasnt apart of "Halloween" without mike myers, it would have been a good "doomed from the start" movie.

  • Pamelq Taylor
    Pamelq Taylor

    I love this movie but what the hell is the cartoon that is going on in the bar?

  • Colin Cook
    Colin Cook

    hes has been growing on me for awhile now, now I get excited when I see a new ending explained,I'm starting to enjoy his other videos too

  • Paris Campos
    Paris Campos

    Yes Halloween III is good.

  • WissTip

    Halloween 3 is a classic. There, I said it and let it be so.

  • Eli Drake
    Eli Drake

    I just want to say how much I love and appreciate you're channel and content. You deliver the info I need and want from every film you talk about. Me being someone who worked at a Blockbuster and is a horror fan, you're settings bring me into literal years of nostalgia and I love it. Just wanted to say thank you for your content and for entertaining me and satisfying my need for movie explanations. You're movie rental store settings literally make me light up. Keep doing your thing man, you're amazing. Stay spooky my friend. Also happy new year!

  • vdaemon13

    I absolutely ADORE this flick. The "BUT THERE'S NO MICHAEL MYERS IN IT!" crowd need to detach from that worthless franchise (excluding this, which is in name only, aside from the original, completely unwatchable) Shatner-mask garbage & open their minds. This is a damn-near masterpiece of genre Cinema, and full-on the best film in said "franchise."

  • James Gray
    James Gray

    My favorite Halloween movie

  • Screamkingg

    I would love to get an ending explained or foundflix presents on some remakes of old movies and how you feel about them ( aka . Prom night , when a stranger calls , the hills have eyes , etc ) LOVE your channel and all of the knowledge you share and the passion you have for horror !!

  • Gregory Cox
    Gregory Cox

    I really liked it when I watched it on cable 20 times.Nothing wrong with it.

  • sangminyi93

    I dunno. This movie seems more like a thriller than horror.

  • k1d n1ce
    k1d n1ce

    Always loved the classic horror cliffhanger ending to this film! Halloween was originally conceived as an anthology series with a new movie/story released each Halloween,the first Myers one being a two part story. I sometimes wish it had gone this route as I always wondered what stories they would use for each movie. Unfortunately we only got to see two of the stories - Michael Myers and Season of the Witch...

  • nato thegreat
    nato thegreat

    Halloween 3 is fire!!! Super underrated!!! If they gave it a different movie title and didn’t attach it to the mike Myers movie... it would be more greatly appreciated

  • x11

    please do more this style man. its great

  • Vivecmanshe

    "most powerful mustache in hollywood". I'm sorry, have you MET TOM SELLECK?

  • MrShoebox21

    "Is HALLOWEEN III Actually Good?" Yes. Saved you a watch. Watch the video anyway. It's great.

  • Nadir Jk
    Nadir Jk

    How I wish I grew up in the 80s💔

  • RoRo krazy
    RoRo krazy

    What’s the 14 movie with red head in the sky seen good movie to watch

  • Brad Miller
    Brad Miller

    When I look over my shoulder, what do you think I see? Some other cat looking over his shoulder at me. Ain't he strange? Sure is strange.

  • stephen page
    stephen page

    Sam elliott has a better mustacheXD

  • ally88350

    Can you do Thir13en

  • Mister Anti-Bully
    Mister Anti-Bully

    My boy screaming “a genius of pranks” actually fucking startled me

  • Mister Anti-Bully
    Mister Anti-Bully

    11:37 to 12:00 is the funniest fucking sentence, ever. Stupid kids

  • Moogly Googly
    Moogly Googly

    My fav of them all besides last one.

  • Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword
    Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword

    That silver shamrock jingle has burried itself in my brain folds ever since I've heard it.

  • Pistol Whip
    Pistol Whip

    Nice setup 🤙🏽

  • Vadermods

    Actually Good?" everyone knows it's the best hallowen you moron! what kind of horror fan are you?

  • MicheallikeMJ

    Its the best sequel and would be even better if it was its own movie. FACT!

  • elang putih
    elang putih

    watching the only heroine robotified, all i can say is meh ...

  • Draco WIP
    Draco WIP

    That set is so fucking cool. its like a mom and pop block buster. good video too

  • bake sale
    bake sale

    9:13 you can see the dummy in the car lmfao

  • Dani

    So, basically, the tv will kill you.

  • MovieJunkie ForLife
    MovieJunkie ForLife

    I've been defending H3 for years! It's great to see it get some much deserved kudos

  • BrEaKiNg_Brad

    I actually rather liked Halloween 3. It is a different take on the Halloween movies, and it is a pretty crazy story. Haven't seen anything close to it since. Also, I too saw it as a young lad.

  • lettner

    all i remember from this movie was the 'sexbot'

  • Minerva Casterly
    Minerva Casterly

    I am part of that following too. The ending is also bleak and creepy after having seen what happened to that kid earlier on the film. Is it true that the upcoming Halloween will have some connection or Easter egg of this? Plus, that jingle is unforgettable.

  • Alexis2andsoOn

    Dang those damn planets should be banned. (Good think they actually can't align, because that would be a 1 in a bazillion chance for the entire universe, given that even a small asteroid can change a planets curve by a tiny bit)

  • 504 CanesFan
    504 CanesFan

    Halloween 3 sucked

  • Jose A Nieto
    Jose A Nieto


  • Hope Carr
    Hope Carr

    If done right this could be a great reboot! Stay Scary J.

  • Alex Larocque
    Alex Larocque


  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    My Guy found flix got the trump thing going on with the hands🙅‍♂️👐

  • Mega_Bird700

    Damn this movie predicted 5g towers with the blue laser and everything.

  • Chaos is Coming
    Chaos is Coming

    imo, yes it's a bad movie, not cos it doesn't have Myers in it, cos imo the story was really bad

  • RC99 Productions
    RC99 Productions

    It is an underrated and misunderstood movie. I would have loved to see the rest of the franchise move in the anthology direction but noooooooo.... people demanded the same slasher stuff that plunged Halloween into "WTF" territory (with the exception of H20. I love H20.) In fairness, the movie should not have been called "Halloween 3". It should have been called something else.

  • tim huynh
    tim huynh

    So where does the bugs come from ?🤔

  • Brian Parent
    Brian Parent

    What a treat this video was. Probably my favorite video ever from foundflix

  • tatsukagemarou

    Whoa!! Halloween resurrection is way better than halloween 3

  • tatsukagemarou

    The answer is nope

  • William Diaz
    William Diaz

    As a stand alone horror film, Season Of The Witch is a wonderful story that was cheated and needs a little bigger budget and plot but otherwise it was fantastic.

  • funkmastaC

    What, did you not like house. The series that basically did follow the anthology formula.

  • Crumps M8
    Crumps M8

    Would love a remake where some toy/unboxing UZmatch channel gets sent a mask.

  • Pablo Tre
    Pablo Tre


  • Bar down Edits
    Bar down Edits

    Personally, I love Halloween 3 and it should get way more credit

  • Kathy Pappas
    Kathy Pappas

    This is actually one of my favorites movies !

  • Derek Edwards
    Derek Edwards

    Marge is really married to Dan in real life at the time this was filmed!! True story!! 🦇👻🦇

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    Why didn't you title it Halloween 3 Ending Explained?!?

  • GallowsHumor

    Halloween 3 has a soft spot in my heart because every Halloween I get nostalgic af when I pass AMC and hear the song playing from the ad

  • Jaime Rivera
    Jaime Rivera

    To this is my favorite Halloween movie

  • YumiYuna

    I like the movie too.

  • Yolenia Lee
    Yolenia Lee

    Saw this as a child and loved this movie. I never made the connection to Myers series until I got older. I just assumed it was another Halloween themed movie. I feare watching tv with a mask on for a while too.

  • Jonny Barnard
    Jonny Barnard

    Yes, yes it is. I wish they continued the anthology style they originally wanted to do, wouldn't have all these awful sequels and reboots and resequels and blah blah blah

  • Backwards Man
    Backwards Man

    I grew up in a small Aussie town with two channels, I'm only 32...

  • Noah Crookshanks
    Noah Crookshanks

    We always put out that exact same tales from the crypt piece on your table for Halloween

  • Martina Carri
    Martina Carri

    This movie gave me nightmares when i was a kid. i was so scared to wear Halloween masks.

  • Bill Coslosky
    Bill Coslosky

    The word rune stone reminds me of the n64 video game Gauntlet Legends.

  • thefatman69fude

    Short answer is yes. Long answer is yes. Lol

  • Slagathor

    When I first saw this one I was confused and a little disappointed, but by the end of it I really liked it, 20 years later it's the most memorable of the bunch to me, the Meyers ones all blend together.

  • Nuka-Cola _Thief
    Nuka-Cola _Thief

    So has any one ever decided if halloween 3 reside in the same universe or no?

  • Ed Moore
    Ed Moore

    I always liked this movie! "3 more days to Halloween, Silver Shamrock!"

  • Xylia

    Have you ever thought about making the A Nightmare on Elm Street series explained? By the way, keep on doing a great job! I really enjoy watching your videos.

  • TheLittle OneSana
    TheLittle OneSana


  • Claire

    Love the FoundFlix light in the background

  • Bartlett Mk
    Bartlett Mk

    Let me save you a half hour. Halloween 3? No. No, It is not good. Not worth anyone's time.

  • Malika Rao
    Malika Rao

    Helloooooo!!! Can you please do a review on the movie Pyewacket please. I am a horror movie enthusiast. I have seen almost every single one. It was the exorcist that scared me but this movie PyewAcket scared the pee out of me. I would really like to hear your feedback on it.

  • The Hawk Diesel
    The Hawk Diesel

    Deliver Us From Evil with Eric Bana!

  • Locko Loko
    Locko Loko

    Sooooo nothing for this Saturday

  • Devan're Presley
    Devan're Presley

    Hey can you make a video on "Vanishing on 7th Street

  • Hud Nugraha
    Hud Nugraha

    Can you make a video about The Hater? (Netflix)

  • David Jacquez
    David Jacquez

    Deliver Us From Evil is still something I want to see FoundFlix do

  • hip hop fiend
    hip hop fiend

    All the f@#kers had to do is let people know micheal wouldnt be in it! How about Halloween 3 The Anthology! That could've f@#king helped!!

  • Jason Vorheese
    Jason Vorheese

    Do the empty man

  • Shaun Boykins
    Shaun Boykins

    I remember always having this movie along with the first 2 movies as a kid and I just refused to watch it due to the lack of Michael but maaan, when I watched it as an adult I was so pissed lmao (at myself). The movie is really good man, I feel like it’s a classic movie in its own right, with some solid kills and that catchy ass silver shamrock theme. I definitely agree that this movie is a great embodiment of the Halloween spirit in general

  • Buffy Chen
    Buffy Chen

    Do follow me 2020!!!

  • Jaleesa Tate
    Jaleesa Tate

    I will always say this movie would have been better if they introduced the anthology series earlier on. It also doesn’t help that they ended the first movie with Michael being shot “SIX TIMES!” Only for him to disappear at the end leaving a cliff hanger. He should have died the first movie and if he didn’t the whole “brother sister” thing messed up the whole anthology thing anyway because people was going to want MORE! A silbling rivalry is shit people like to see! They could’ve had a great anthology series but I don’t think they put it together all too well with the Micheal Myers stuff.

  • Dr Hapi
    Dr Hapi

    All technology is witchcraft. I don’t know what the big dea was with the plot

  • MysticFade

    can you make a part 3 to the story line of gorillaz plz

  • Vishal permanan
    Vishal permanan

    @foundflix and video about hostel 🤘🙏🤔

  • Diego Santoro
    Diego Santoro

    can you do the explanation of "the possession of hannah grace"

  • Leon Fizer
    Leon Fizer

    Always liked this movie, used to tease my sister by saying "watch the jack-o'-lantern" 😁👍🏼

  • Giulia Poli
    Giulia Poli

    can you make a video about noroi?

  • Andreana Williams
    Andreana Williams

    Can you do The Cube series? I just finished Hypercube and I was like Huh? Help!!!

  • Richard Tucker
    Richard Tucker

    *Do you care about the presidential election?* Me: 10:33