ORPHAN (2009) Ending Explained

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In Orphan, after suffering a loss a couple decides to adopt a daughter - the seemingly innocent Esther. But it soon becomes clear as troubling dangerous events start occurring, Esther harbors a dark secret. We're breaking down the story, including just what is wrong with Esther, also with more backstory cut from the film, explaining the ending, and looking at what we know about the upcoming prequel Orphan: First Kill.

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  • JoAnn Abbott
    JoAnn Abbott

    Fave evil kid movies- The Other, The Bad Seed

  • Walt Thomas
    Walt Thomas

    00:25:39 LOL!!!!

  • Terence FoodStamp McStimmie & The Govt. Gimmedats
    Terence FoodStamp McStimmie & The Govt. Gimmedats

    9:35 What an impeccable Jim Breuer impression 👏

  • Sam Juan
    Sam Juan

    "What's your favorite evil kid movie?" Me: Home alone

  • MushroomFiction

    Honestly I wasn’t all that sad when the dad died, he was dumb to me. I was 15 when I first saw the movie and it hasn’t changed.

  • Isaiah Guerrieri
    Isaiah Guerrieri

    Love it how he suddenly crap movies made nowadays especially prequel‘s and how he became more skeptical when he heard that they were making another one which was a prequel and they were going to use CGI to enhance her looking younger since the actress is older now.

  • Razif Bahsir
    Razif Bahsir

    Came for the ending but got the whole movie..thnks

  • Cheryl Dunn
    Cheryl Dunn

    awesome job

  • Valtiel

    Her Art is beutiful

  • Jacob Simonsen
    Jacob Simonsen

    Great movie. Pretty Underrated.

  • Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela

    Scariest movie I’ve ever watched

  • Bruce Flournoy
    Bruce Flournoy

    The end of series episode of Angel, going into why Stepfather the original has a meter and psychometry the remake , while decent , cannot touch as Terry O'quinn's performance demanded seconds...the remakes did not...

  • Selena Harrell
    Selena Harrell

    Please do 2002 ghost ship!!!

  • agøstina cueva
    agøstina cueva

    Dude you just made a summary of the entire movie. The only relevant part of your vid is the last few minutes.

  • Hannah King
    Hannah King

    I'm curious, what are your top favorite films ever

  • EpicSoyBean

    This was a story based of Barbara skolova

  • Monster JB
    Monster JB

    So did they ever make this damn prequel? Double F seemed to know alot about it so where is it? Oh well, horror sequels mostly suck but every now and again there's a good #2(haha) in the series.

  • damnryn

    I remember seeing posters for this in Blockbuster when I was little. Creeped me tf out.

  • ChannelUmptyThree

    I suspect that Esther was also a savant given her skill in painting, playing piano, and the rapidity with which she learned sign language.

  • Cecil Benderman
    Cecil Benderman

    yall can rip on the husband all u want but who would u believe more? the wife u kno has endangered her children before and is a known alcoholic or the "child" uve never seen do anything wrong? plus the son had been uncomfortable with Esther from the beginning just bc he didnt want an adopted sibling, if he doesnt tell John the truth of why hes uncomfortable with her now, its perfectly reasonable for John to assume its just his son's general dislike of Esther, same with Max who was friends with Esther nd never expressed her discomfort to anyone, even when prompted. John's not an idiot for believing that the person he thinks is A Literal Child over the woman he knows struggles with alcoholism nd anger. we just think he is bc we kno that Esther really is evil bc the movie is from the mom's pov

  • Harry's Animated Fish
    Harry's Animated Fish

    me and my sisters watched this together and I was TERFFIED

  • Lacey Medina
    Lacey Medina

    I loved this movie!

  • Lens Hunter
    Lens Hunter

    The biggest problem I have with this movie is how useless John is. He doesn't pick up on any clues, he can't stop a 9 year old from stabbing him over and over. It's just so unreal. There's stupid in horror, then there's John from Orphan.

  • Gabriel Moreira
    Gabriel Moreira

    when I watch this movie again, I'm definitely gonna hate him

  • Lawbringer boi
    Lawbringer boi

    11:07 😂😂😂

  • AmyndonSingsSunshine

    My favourite horror movie

  • Paolo

    Someone call Technoblade

  • Factsareracist&fatphobic

    My favourite part was the dad dead. I was rooting for the evil antagonist.

  • Al Feld
    Al Feld

    You made a mistake: It is clearly shown that when Kate kicked Esther in the face, she also snapped Esther’s neck, killing her.

  • Rommel

    I watched the movie and skipped to the last part just for the satisfaction of it

  • Ana Brown
    Ana Brown

    Who needs to watch the moive when he gave the break down in 30 minutes

  • Marie Avril
    Marie Avril

    The husband got on my nerves I feel bad for Max and Daniel his wife is the only one in this movie who knows that Esther is not what she seems if he had just listen to her heck even the kids are too scared of her

    • John B aka Smooth Hot Chocolate
      John B aka Smooth Hot Chocolate

      Well when you think about it, the husband kind of deserved to be killed off only because of his blatant inability to put two and two together. And if Esther coming on to him STILL didn't get him to get the message, then you already knew that he was as good as dead when it was all over.

  • Marie Avril
    Marie Avril

    The movie is great but Esther's backstory is pretty messed up understandable how she turns the way she is right now

  • Melissa Wright
    Melissa Wright

    Orphan is my favourite Evil Child film ever

  • XxDarkMasochistxX

    Kill me but LOLI ALERT

  • Bree:3

    I saw this movie at a very young age and it didn't scare me that much now it does lol

  • t .byrne
    t .byrne

    I wish they had made the husband less of a dunce. He seemed too clueless

  • cesar garcia
    cesar garcia

    I remember I watched this movie as a kid and remembered it completely differently I thought this bitch Esther was psychic and did the car crash with her mind

  • Hung Lone
    Hung Lone

    I never really understood what was wrong with Esther like I think I kind of wish they explained more of what was wrong with Esther I hope they explain it more in a prequel

    • Jagshe

      “she’s dangerously ill, violent, she killed seven people that we know of”

  • Lisa Baynham
    Lisa Baynham

    One of the best twists ever

  • Mary Clark
    Mary Clark

    I almost feel for Esther.. sort of. I have scoliosis that I was born with and I essentially stopped growing at 9. I’m very short snd young and I even sound young. It’s hard to feel like an adult woman when you look like a child. Like any decent man would not be attracted to a young child like looking human, it’s creepy. My mother who is my primary caregiver has even let it slip that she worries I would end up with a pedophile. Also her being small , and older than she looks would give her practice to learn how to use other people’s strength against them and overcome her own weaknesses to reach her goals.. of killing them.

  • Ali Oh
    Ali Oh

    Vera Farmiga is the love of my life, she is so perfect

  • GTKraken14

    Not gonna lie, I wanna watch this! Does anyone recommend me watching it?

    • Jagshe


    • Eleanor Dutkiewicz
      Eleanor Dutkiewicz

      yeah its really good

  • Lilian Gonzalez
    Lilian Gonzalez

    “Box cutter on the wee wee” I could listen to this all day

  • Noodle God
    Noodle God

    She has two kids and is in therapy for trauma and alcohol addiction? I personally wouldn’t recommend another kid in the mix but to each their own!

  • Olivia A
    Olivia A

    I remember Joe Rogan and Tim Dillon talking about the case that’s the true story that this movie was based on, creepy

    • Hex

      The orphan wasn’t based on that situation that happened way after the movie came out and besides the girl turned out to be 16 and it also turned out the parents made the whole thing up.

  • Mahailea Cartwright
    Mahailea Cartwright

    I think esther is physoctic but i think it her rare condition that adds on to that because she would never be seen as attractive to men except pedophiles so she was probably very angry at life and killed the men she couldn't seduce because she looked like a child.but she is really 33

  • Celtic Melody
    Celtic Melody

    Kind of reminds me of a movie I think is called 'case 39'? You should do a video on that one foundflix👌

  • N0T S0 Super N0VA
    N0T S0 Super N0VA

    27:21 this is for me

  • ᗷᖇᎥᗩᑎᑎᗩ

    you talk to fast

  • Zoe Rowland
    Zoe Rowland

    a series of unfortunate events

  • Yo Savior
    Yo Savior

    I always thought that the broke her neck and she drowned

  • Jayde Aleena
    Jayde Aleena

    I’m rdy for the 2nd orphan

  • NotGaten10

    I was not ready for that twisted

  • Joe MacNeil
    Joe MacNeil

    i am terrifed that some movies kill kids adluts are fine cus there old BUT KIDS ITS A SIN SEEING A KID DIE IN THE WORST WAYS sighed a very angry child

  • Eh Lol
    Eh Lol

    Next vid of cinema summary and nerd explains be like:how to beat the orphan, not hating on them plus I love there content

  • ~NAPKIN~

    WAIT.....what if John actually fell for Esther and they went in the bed ohhh my goodness

    • Hex


  • coolhand1966

    "I'm not your fucking Mother" - there you go.

  • Christian

    I feel bad for Esther because of her back story

  • Supreme Leader Ari
    Supreme Leader Ari

    Haha- this movie is the reason I’m skeptical about babysitting children now

  • Azalea

    This is not ending explained. This is literally the whole movie explained.

    • Jagshe

      new here?

    • Thetoothbrushfromnisemonogatari

      You must be new here.

  • madi m
    madi m

    its character actress megan martindale

  • Lauren M.
    Lauren M.

    what is the disease called?

  • No Scraps In My Scrapbook
    No Scraps In My Scrapbook

    …..Beginning to Ending explained.

  • Chunksty

    This actually happened to a couple in Indiana look it up, very fascinating stuff.

  • Jay C
    Jay C

    I think this is the same condition that hasbullah has 😂

  • Watermelon XD
    Watermelon XD

    I already know when I watch the movie cuz I know the disease lol XD

  • ImmortalMisfit1

    The father is a moron and deserved what he got in this movie is that wrong of me to say.

  • Nicole

    this video explanation had my blood boiling the whole time because of that stupid father POOR KATEE

  • Abhijit Majee
    Abhijit Majee

    One thing that triggers me the most in horror movies is the deliberate miscommunication from all parties. Like what the fuck happened to your love and understanding showed at the beginning of the movie. Just sit and talk clearly ffs and with proof! How hard can that be!

  • Abhijit Majee
    Abhijit Majee

    And the fact that there was actually a girl like Esther who was adopted by many families but later realized her adult-like mannerisms! How scary that is!

  • Sullivan but not Sullivan
    Sullivan but not Sullivan

    The little girl in this one made me so angry

  • King Mojo
    King Mojo

    I thought the orphan was okay but I don't know if they left stuff on The Cutting Room floor but they made the mother too unsympathetic she was just too unlikable for me. And I really felt they had Kate jump the gun too quickly in being suspicious of Esther. Kate didn't trust Esther even when they were at the orphanage so it makes you ask "why did they even pick her?" I think the movie would have been better is if the only person that knew that Esther was evil was the little girl until all hell broke loose at the end. And I think the movie would have ended better if Esther had killed everyone in the family except for the little deaf girl and The Little Death girl is the one to actually kill Esther. By breaking the ice on the lake

  • Forty Five
    Forty Five

    Shouldn't that nun have looked for that new information BEFORE putting her up for adoption? Little late at that point.

  • Craig Prentice
    Craig Prentice

    Nice movie I love the ending the fight at the end

  • Yesika Narvaez
    Yesika Narvaez

    This movie made me feel like a monster

  • 丂ㄩ丂丂ㄚ乃卂Ҝ卂

    This movie freaked the fuck out of me as a kid

  • HealingMonk

    Good concept, impactful scenes, great child actors, then you have the dad.

  • Peter Liddle
    Peter Liddle

    Does anyone else want to kick Johns ass?

  • Peter Liddle
    Peter Liddle

    John walks in with a camera.. WTF LOL

  • Matthew Blackenship
    Matthew Blackenship

    That scene with the Ester in the dress had 9 year old me feeling all kinds of ways

  • Katrina Jean Jimenez
    Katrina Jean Jimenez

    I learned more interpretations from the comments than the video, HAHA

  • kawaiivity

    I love Max and Danny because they did their best to survive even if they are children

  • Nicolas Tsinariotis
    Nicolas Tsinariotis

    what happened to Daniel though

  • Nikki Mirhosseyni
    Nikki Mirhosseyni

    The lucky thing with Isabelle is that she still does look very young and is very petite. I still think there is a lot of room for it to look bad, but I'm not as concerned as I might normally be.

  • soundbreaker 1235
    soundbreaker 1235

    This kinda reminds me of the episode of batman the animated series: baby doll, am i the only one who thinks that?

  • Adam Bartlett
    Adam Bartlett

    I'm sure everyone cheered as well when John got merc'd right?

  • R.I.P. Ple Gaming
    R.I.P. Ple Gaming

    So emotionless just love it

  • Blake Jordan
    Blake Jordan

    25:16 that was hilarious

    • Blake Jordan
      Blake Jordan

      27:44 nvm this was better

  • Smoked Yankee Buffalo Soldiers
    Smoked Yankee Buffalo Soldiers

    None of these movies can hold a candle to the 1956 movie The Bad Seed. The young actors that played the character Rhoda receive an Academy Award nomination.

  • Lara de Alencar
    Lara de Alencar

    This was one of my first horror movies, haaaaa!

  • elio

    can we talk about the psychologist? my god, i don’t know what to think anymore

  • Angel Moreno
    Angel Moreno

    for the prequel i can tell they are going to enhance her face a little bit considering shes 24 but for her height shes already 5'3 so shes fine in that area, overall im looking forward to the movie and cant wait to see what they have in store

  • Akshaya Lakshmi
    Akshaya Lakshmi

    Am I the only 9nr who wanted Esther to win the fight

  • Shanaly

    My cousin was adopted from Russia, sadly though she wasnt an orphan. She was the 9th child in a russian family living in poverty and they left her at an orphanage . The bright side is her life now is WAY better than the lifestyle she would have had.

  • iTzMadara _
    iTzMadara _

    Died like he lived.. a chump lmao

  • Alamin Sarker
    Alamin Sarker

    Very nicethis video

  • Damian Nolan
    Damian Nolan

    Why's this guy have to talk this the whole time - like he's on crack or something?

  • Faika Mah Farah Tonami
    Faika Mah Farah Tonami

    Wow , can you please suggest more movies like these?

  • ndless

    Fun fact this is my 4th day watching this movie for the 4th time over and over again