ANTEBELLUM (2020) Ending Explained
#antebellum #endingexplained
In Antebellum, successful author Veronica Henley finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality that forces her to confront the past, present and future, before it's too late. We're breaking down the film's story, including Veronica's character arc at the film's core, as well as explaining the twist ending.
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  • Tyler Anselmo
    Tyler Anselmo

    Yea this movie sucked

  • Jihad Muhammad M.A.
    Jihad Muhammad M.A.

    I just watched it and I liked it. I could see some crazy white folks with money setting up something like this. The fact that it wasn't time travel or some other nonsense made it better. Ppl are human trafficked all the time who's to say there isn't a place like this set up by white folks? Those who have the money and power to do so. This is what made this movie good was the possibility.

  • MK Lettis
    MK Lettis

    The Village: Racism Edition

  • syedah fatimah
    syedah fatimah

    Ending explain of Annabellum the curse of Salem

  • Lateshia Childs
    Lateshia Childs

    I just watched this movie it was very interesting, i wish the ending could have been better. I feel there should be a part 2. Your review is hilarious, I was trying not to laugh.

  • big leezy
    big leezy

    The movie ight but I really wish it was a movie about her doin voodoo or some witch magic and she get revenge on slave masters🤣🤣🤣I literally thought the shit go happen

  • Gabe Pena
    Gabe Pena

    I thought it was gonna be about multigenerational trauma but no

  • TheVerucAssault

    Like Get Out but hyper cringe characters. Wokism without restraint. Will sure be glad when all this calms TF down.

  • Swingin69s

    But why are you yelling

  • Robert Aiello
    Robert Aiello

    "Yoooooo, this is a cool ass plot! Is it time travel? Is she swapping bodies with her ancestor when she falls asleep? Does the plantation exist in a kind of parallel universe bubble?" *twist happens* "Oh ok" *clicks off*

  • Shorouq Tahraoui
    Shorouq Tahraoui

    wow this is really dumb

  • emmanuel moise
    emmanuel moise

    The fact that this could actually be real is the true scare

    • DatBoyNell1

      I'm from Louisiana & they really have these Plantation spots u can visit. No telling what's going on deep in the back of these places

  • slightly obese rat
    slightly obese rat

    tbh, i loved the movie idk why it got so much hate

  • jsanders4289

    Denton was played by Sikowitz from victorious

  • Suprem3 Savages
    Suprem3 Savages

    I definitely thought time travel or virtual reality ( very real) type stuff was gonna go on

  • Jaime Erickson
    Jaime Erickson

    2:12 *Insert Rusty Lake Joke*

  • SSam Cobalt
    SSam Cobalt

    Priya price

  • jali sawer
    jali sawer

    ©Full-M0vi€ [HD] 'All Subtitles' °•> Antebellum (2020) °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° ❄️ ❄ "Salute fisica veldig viktig Kroppshälsa unterwegs en movimiento mozgásban onderweg.// "в движение в пути चालमा, aan die beweeg အပြောင်းအရွေ့အပေါ် ag bogadh.

  • Milli Ashford
    Milli Ashford

    really dude! I was scared as fuck wen she was abducted, i think it a lil close to home like right thru my damn front window kinda close

  • Mira Edora
    Mira Edora

    I feel like I've been scammed after watching this movie. It is not a bad movie but since the trailer kind of convincing to me, so it made me put a high expectation to it. When everything was revealed in the ending, it was when I think I have been scammed 😔

  • S N
    S N

    LOL we went from race to patriarchy. This movie needs blue or red hair on the cover.

  • S N
    S N

    The fun idea is they're all reincarnations. But that's not what it is - it's woke propaganda - they're saying women in these three time periods act the same/way because "perma racist/social justice" And the definition of "inclusion" is the not the definition of intersectionality - that's just woke racism. Edit: OH WOW - the story is about the present woman and she is literally so woke she thinks her life comparable to a slaves. I know it's all "modern day slave camp" MAGANAZI etc

  • S N
    S N

    ooooooooooh no i see why it got such a low rating. It's woke. LOL

  • Drunken_Pickle

    As a history buff and civil war reenactor, I really dislike this movie, the inaccuracies are to plentiful to ignore.

  • SX 98
    SX 98

    Maybe that was the point to make towards a certain community it was built up well but crumbles n loses ambition n that seems well put to me

  • Omni Alynne
    Omni Alynne

    I feel like youre missing the biggest point to this movie.its not supposed to be a supernatural movie, it's trying to show how racism isn't dead or in the past, no time travel is necessary bc it's still happening today. In the small overlooked places no one thought to look in ppl are being treated poorly. They took her bc she had gotten too loud. They kept her silent and tried to show her her place. But in the end she was always the one that would have what it took to escape. His prize possession ended up being to much for him and it was his own hubris that got him and his organization torn down.

  • Byron Behave
    Byron Behave

    Rather watch a time traveling movie about racism than acknowledge modern day racism? Got it.

  • Jessia

    I feel like everyone looked passed the kidnapping meaning and why they went about it that way..

  • Tatyana Gordon
    Tatyana Gordon

    I think this is more scary than any supernatural scenario. The fact that they just up and snatched people. I liked it

  • ARcinder

    Man, I was so off. I figured out it was all a reenactment about a quarter into the video, but I got the wrong reason. I thought this was some sick real-world experience that Veronica paid for to understand the plight of her ancestors best and become a better writer for it.

  • OHiWONder Gaming
    OHiWONder Gaming

    Janelle Monáe is a beautiful woman. Nice to see she’s getting more roles as I think she’s very charismatic. Hopefully she will select better movies to act in down the road, but I like that she’s always giving her all regardless of the script.

  • Bam Williams
    Bam Williams

    Bruh watch yo mouth

  • Luis chavez
    Luis chavez

    Anyone remember the movie where a guy can see people who are about to die and saves their life before they die?

  • MrBenjy1991

    This movie terrified me as a black man. Because this could really be happening somewhere in the south.

  • Nikeia Turner
    Nikeia Turner

    You are my exact expectation for a wt man watching this. Please don't do anymore reviews of blck films until you have passed Black People 501

  • DomoKoolin

    The film is saying it’s modern day and subliminal forms of inequality and forms of slavery still go on like is 1861and the ones oppressing people in modern day America have the control over it, the whole message went over this dude head all he did was describe what happened in each chapter of the movie

    • DomoKoolin

      As I read more comments this movie went over a lot of y’all heads if you think about “get out” or “us” then think of a deeper meaning than a board one 😒 dumbasses I actually enjoyed the movie when I used context clues

  • Rylee Jenessa
    Rylee Jenessa

    wow this is actually a good plot

  • A. Lorraine Crittendon
    A. Lorraine Crittendon

    Sankofa did this way better and in the 70’s 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • AlmosT AlmosT
    AlmosT AlmosT

    Must be a bitch to dust all those dvds 100% .

  • Rex Flex
    Rex Flex

    A great metaphor for Trumpism

  • Rex Flex
    Rex Flex

    I get the movie but I’m also a black person ... I think it got bad reviews because to be honest with you it had some pretty satisfying revenge murders at the end and I don’t think white people like that

  • Nick Robbins
    Nick Robbins

    This is how the far left views white people in the present😂

  • Rami Selif
    Rami Selif

    self victimization bait movie

  • Kelsey Raymer
    Kelsey Raymer

    I feel like the direction of this movie was to be an example of white supremacist acting out their urges on black people

  • melanie wyatt
    melanie wyatt

    I don’t understand how you don’t see the brilliance in this movie we literally have this type of thinking everyday the past isn’t the past ... facts

    • MuvaofPearl

      Because it's trite.

  • Nefertiti_goddess

    Am I the only who thought this movie made no sense???? I clicked on this just to learn the fucking plot

  • Makayla Smith
    Makayla Smith

    I actually loved the idea for this movie. I liked how it was in the present, and not in the past (since there are many movies like that) However, it was not made good. They could have gone many different directions with this. They could have made this movie legendary. But sadly they didn’t.

  • Dannie Richie
    Dannie Richie

    The movie was dull?? .... I’m upset

  • Smokey

    As a black man this shit was scary but that’s my opinion, also the only thing I really cared about was how these people where being treated while in their civilization still.

  • JesseMitchellMuzik It's1Bodi!
    JesseMitchellMuzik It's1Bodi!

    Man..this was a good movie...all the bad reviews had me miss it for a whole year. It makes perfect since, look at today climate from politics, government, and police brutality. I can believe a place like this would absolutely exist. I think people giving it bad reviews because it scares the hell out of people who want to continue to live in fairly land. This movie makes you think of what is possible if we allow history to repeat itself.

  • alearnedman

    While I understand the general disappointment of a more mundane than expected twist, methinks there also might be another reason some people might have negatively reviewed this particular film.

  • I’m Perfect
    I’m Perfect

    I liked it...

  • Cyril

    Heresmy issue- after 9/11, we didn’t see any films about 9/11- in fact, we had things that would remind us of it taken out of films that were shot before the event, because the nation needed to heal. Recently, racial tensions have been exacerbated and dangerous situations resulted, yet the media and Hollywood seem sadistically determined to keep poking the dragon and that is really frightening. As someone who believes most of our current racial tensions are a direct result of the media, the fact that they continue after what has already happened suggests they are looking to cause... something. Either way, all i see is propaganda.

  • Tira Vaughn
    Tira Vaughn

    Spine tingley dingley🤣🤣🤣 love it!

  • Phoenix Ranney
    Phoenix Ranney

    This movie reminded me of kindred a little bit.

  • SMILEY attitude
    SMILEY attitude

    I completely agree so much build up I was excited then kinda like what really that was it that's the end?! You had some seriously funny parts through out this

  • Dylansmommy28

    Hearing a white man describe the murder of slaves so matter of factly. Typical. Anywho...I like that it was all modern day rather than time travel. It reminds me of the M. Night Shamalon (sp) movie, The Village. What I didn't understand was why she didn't remember going back and forth from the plantation to her regular life. Thanks for the explaination.

  • Ron Rayton
    Ron Rayton


  • lerinnenatalia

    im so glad you reviewed this, i woulda been hella disappointed had i sat through that. lol. plus im kinda sick of slave movies. It had so much potential but man that ending was dumb.

  • Monica MC
    Monica MC

    I don't think calling him The Professor was supposed to be a callback to anything specific. It was just a way of driving home that he was a regular person, perhaps someone who was perceived like her as too successful and outspoken. The title tells us he was an academic, successful and with a full life beyond the plantation that was stripped away by the racists.

  • Young DoN
    Young DoN

    ok ok he finnaly started hittin topics I missed. nice thanks. that movie was powerful no matter what yall say tho. when she had to let him rape her I damn near cried that shit happen to almost all my female relatives that are older than me. most stories never get told. they just gotta deal with it. that alone shows how out of tune this guy is just tryna enjoy a film and not feel it. or learn. I dont blame him we just have to different opinions but we no enemies

  • Young DoN
    Young DoN

    lmaoooooo he definitely speaking from a white point of view... he dont sound racist he just sounds clueless. but in my opinion I wanted to know how they erased memories.. that part wasnt explained or I missed in.

  • Gerri Gerri
    Gerri Gerri

    Can it be that because you are white and know the true nature of your people you can't see the facts you people can and have caused shown in this move that I feel is well done "TRUTH HURTS FACE IT"!!

  • fakeairjordans

    you forgot the easter egg showing V has trained in horseback riding and then her riding off in the sunset

  • fakeairjordans

    everyone thought this would be kindred but...

  • Kee-Ann White
    Kee-Ann White

    This movie was scarier than it was meant to be. Everyone talking about how they assumed it would end however what if they are whites out their with these plots...............

  • Paul Orlando
    Paul Orlando

    4:50 lmao

  • Chan Marr
    Chan Marr

    I thought it was interesting. I liked the idea but felt like it could’ve been better. Adding it in the vault of Black Horror Movies. It definitely left me feeling uncomfortable.

  • Chelsea

    This movie wasn’t bad but it was good either. It took too long to get to the point for me. The idea is actually really good. I actually always thought it someone was sick enough to actually pull this off how would go down. If they want to they could make a second one but have a lot more explanation.

  • Angel CityGirl
    Angel CityGirl

    This movie was so creative and original. Well done.

  • Francesca King
    Francesca King

    I wonder if FoundFlix has a different opinion after the insurrection. I was very terrified by the ending because of the plausibility of this happening. I hope that there's not a group inspired by this movie.

  • Jangmo Unchained
    Jangmo Unchained

    Well not so much an "ending explained" as much as recounting the entire movie.. But I totally agree with the overall rating: too simple. I've never seen a movie do less with an interesting premise!

  • janay amber
    janay amber

    there are probably white people ACTUALLY doing this and this was a cryptic way of exposing it . this was a GREAT MOVIE . it’s GREAT that it was so straight forward. there should be NO fantasy when depicting oppression.

    • Ridiculousraay

      I loved the movie im slow asf so I didn’t catch on to the twist till the end 😭 when the guy had a phone i was like wait a minute this isn’t right lmao but also in the beginning the girl had a nose ring i still didn’t catch on lol but overall this movie was good

  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams

    What looked like the future was the past...& the past became the future. With the state of the country now I think it was suppose to be foretelling of where we’re heading

  • Felisha Pittman
    Felisha Pittman

    Omg! The 🎥 collection behind you!❤

  • Pnut Price
    Pnut Price

    I like this movie

  • Jarwanza Norris
    Jarwanza Norris

    Thank you for proving her point; but for some reason: black people don’t listen to other black people.

  • aries 44
    aries 44

    You should really change the tone of your voice depending on the genre. Imagine describing schindlers list in that tone.

  • Kado

    Julia’s attitude gave it away. Not slave mentality at all.

  • Joi Williams
    Joi Williams

    This movie was a clear depiction of what this country was built on, the kidnapping rape slave and murder of black people by foreign European peasants, the plot twist doesn't need time travel because it's really not that long ago you can observe these exact happenings

  • Average Awesome
    Average Awesome

    This is by no means a bad movie, but it’s heavy handed like really on the nose

  • Rohit Tihor
    Rohit Tihor

    So basically racist shamylans “the village”

  • MommaKnotes

    I literally thought this movie was about racist kidnapping black people present day and making them slaves. Like the first time I saw the trailers I said oh that's a bit risky with the way society is currently don't they think. So its super funny that anyone thought it was some super out of the box thing.

  • Ressie D
    Ressie D

    Black mirrorish

  • Angelina jackson
    Angelina jackson

    I thought this was like kindred but no

  • Cmbranch86

    On the's a fucking plantation

  • Cmbranch86

    This movie is Ment to be watched multiple times to get the whole mental horror of being enslaved in today's time

  • BirdsFan

    Interesting concept for a movie with some good ideas but was very poorly executed. Don’t they have test audiences and screenings before they release these movies.

  • Paris Campos
    Paris Campos

    Race bait movie

    • Paris Campos
      Paris Campos

      @Donna B.

    • Donna B.
      Donna B.


  • TinyCockilluminati

    a SJW cringe movie

  • AcuteStressResponse

    dumbest fucking film i ever wasted 99. on

  • Taylor S
    Taylor S

    Wish I just watched this instead of the movie ....

  • Blue Skye
    Blue Skye

    You missed the theme of the movie. Per title card at the beginning: "The past isn't dead. It isn't even the past." The past and the present are the same. Time has given us the illusion that the people in the history books who did all these terrible things are no longer with us. In reality, the people we see in those books and the people around us are the same people. I'm not sure how a time traveling element would have driven that message better. The point wasn't that she was literally experiencing the past. The point was that the past and the present are the same and people still need to fight to unshackle themselves because it's the perspective of those around us (whites who view black as inferior) who hold black people prisoners even to this day, but at least back in the day people could see that. Now the illusion of modernity and progress makes us feel we're safe.

    • Donna B.
      Donna B.

      @TinyCockilluminati You Will Reap What You Have Sown (Aka Judgment). Thus says YAH.

    • TinyCockilluminati

      go woke get broke

  • yackawaytube

    This whole movie makes little sense. Even though we live in Trump's world, why would anyone volunteer to be in this realistic reenactment of slavery?

    • Insert Name
      Insert Name

      You mean the same Trump that disavowed groups like the KKK and the Neo Nazis? What is it about Americans and making up crap about presidents they don't like? You can argue the guy is a baffoon but my god do people like to lay it on thick about him being this mythical villain.

    • TinyCockilluminati

      "trumps world" get a reality check, buddy

  • Kingo

    I thought this was a good movie

  • NaijaSweetie

    Loool @ the text message “you got them titties out” 😂😂😂

  • Dante Nessus
    Dante Nessus

    This movie and it's premise seems dumb as hell. Liberal propaganda porn.

  • LLNH

    Alright this is crazy, yes it was not a good movie but i think most people are looking at the small picture. This movie is representing the things that happen in “Hollywood”. Now of course it doesn’t have to exactly be that but it’s the best example. I’m pretty certain that most of y’all have heard entertainers (mainly black) speak on the freedom or soul that they have lost by being in hollywood (subliminally). Recently The Weeknd had a song called Escape from LA for example. This movie shows what goes on behind the Hollywood sign. We all know the place we also love the place where we get to see and hear our favorite entertainers but we’ll never see what goes on behind the glamour, the fame, and the fortune. If you watched the movie at the end you see the 3 horseman stop at the “no trespassing” sign which represents behind the scenes of hollywood. That’s my biggest take from the movie. Nah i ain’t into the illuminati shit but i do think there’s some truth to it most definitely.

    • LLNH

      And also to back my theory she is a black celebrity that was on an upcoming due to her book and most likely the other slaves were celebrities as well

  • B4artist

    though it didnt have a supernatural ending I personally liked it, it had more of a "oh wow they were a cult!" ending

  • Bal Benry
    Bal Benry

    Very detailed in your analysis. Did miss a few subtlethings. I still thought it was a great movie.