COME PLAY (2020) Ending Explained
#comeplay #endingexplained
In Come Play, parents fight to save their son when a mysterious creature uses his electronic devices to break into our world. We're breaking down the story, with the family in turmoil at the forefront, as well as looking at what the creature Larry is all about, and explaining the tear jerker ending.
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  • gabrielius

    Ahhh yes. SCP-096 is now named Larry.

  • Beth Down
    Beth Down

    The movie is about screen addiction

  • Short Giraffe Titan JC
    Short Giraffe Titan JC

    what kind of battery does that phone in the field have???

  • Happy potato
    Happy potato

    SCP-096 Has breached containment .

  • Destiny Rose
    Destiny Rose

    Why am I watching this video at 3am on a tablet?

  • русский маньяк
    русский маньяк

    Lary more like scp-096

  • James Hoppers2021
    James Hoppers2021

    The ending to this movie is super heart warming

  • Angst Coleman
    Angst Coleman

    i thougt this was a tralier for scp096 anyone else?

  • Larry Bobik
    Larry Bobik

    Investigating and lookin for friends lol

  • Larry Bobik
    Larry Bobik

    GREAT film. Just finished watching it. And i do paranormal research and investigation. And my name is larry lol.

  • HansAlRachid

    Why do modern horror movies always feel the need to have a bleak aspect to their ending? I mean when it's tonally appropriate, sure, but it seems like all horror movies do that these days, fitting or not. The result here is the same, the mother and son reconcile, just with the added downer that yeah, she's fucked for no real tangible benefit to the story. Cool. Really rewarding. In a narrative sense, does understandably struggling with the pressure and difficulties that arise when raising a handicapped child really justify punishing her like this? Seems sort of psycho to me.

  • The Hollow Why?
    The Hollow Why?

    As a person on the autism spectrum I can relate, not only the haunted by a monster but this character is very well written. (Although I’m verbal)

  • ZeeShawn

    Is it just me or does Gillian Jacobs look like Anne Hathaway at 11:07

  • MrBearYT ;-;xz
    MrBearYT ;-;xz


  • ATR

    Kids dad is the good guy in this film while his mom is a selfish bitch ngl

  • Ani Stevenson
    Ani Stevenson

    Really hate how his mom says she wants to put the “difficult” parts of Oliver in a box. It perpetuates the idea that an autistic person is a normal person “trapped” by their autism. That’s not how it works. I’m autistic myself and I can never be “normal”

  • E girl destroyer
    E girl destroyer

    What if Larry was just a tall man that just wanted to ask for sugar and he was trying to fine them the entire movie just to get some freaking sugar

  • Zyklon W
    Zyklon W

    Hello, please do "The Tall Man" (2012) (And yes, I am watching all this videos, again.)

  • Megan Root
    Megan Root

    Is this kinda like “SCP-096” ?

  • Vizia

    larry looking like scp-096

  • BurntLoaf Productions
    BurntLoaf Productions

    This movie is definitely my favorite it’s so goooood

  • Oucyan

    I'd be Larry's friend. Sitting in front of screens all day? heck yeah. Larry and I can chill and watch anime all day

  • Arifa Akter
    Arifa Akter

    Dude larry actually became handy very noice!!!!

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff

    The bass on that intro was pretty intense

  • just DR1ZZY
    just DR1ZZY

    This is more sad than it is scary

  • Sergio Cedron
    Sergio Cedron

    Can you please do a review of Hunter Hunter? I'd love to hear your take on that.

  • Marcus Izayah
    Marcus Izayah

    How did they get spongebob in derrr?!?

  • Whiskey official
    Whiskey official

    Ik its not that deep but i think martys job is in the middle of now where to represent his isolation from his fam.

  • Natalie Cartwright
    Natalie Cartwright

    It sounds so scary that jump scares easily creep me out because I don't know when it will appear.

  • KSK Rocksolid
    KSK Rocksolid

    Sounds like its actually a good movie

  • Dannii S
    Dannii S

    This is sort of like a tech version of babadook

  • Nix Noct
    Nix Noct

    This movie could make an excellent urban legend/creepy pasta.

  • Thee Annabel Lee
    Thee Annabel Lee

    No Escape Room. Please dude! I for the life of me cant figure out the ending of that one and Im not the smartest person but Im good at solving things and movies are fun like puzzles and other things. This movie had me lost! lol I only seen it once tho. Its on Netflix. 2018 film. I hope theres a sequel soon.

  • Godzilla760Mecha Super Roblox Titan
    Godzilla760Mecha Super Roblox Titan

    looks like the rake 2 or scp 096

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    Larry should really learn to make friends like a normal person

  • milky_nugget

    Larry: appears The demon i summoned while trying to speak Japanese: find your own

  • Channing Davis
    Channing Davis

    Larry is a stand

  • S A D L I F E
    S A D L I F E

    reminded me of Babadook

  • Craig Kandell
    Craig Kandell

    Larry should be a basketball player

  • ViloceraptorX

    1like = 1 friend for Larry So he isn't lonely

  • Krazykid 39
    Krazykid 39

    "can you just be normal for like 2 seconds?" *SCREECH*

  • M E M E S
    M E M E S

    "Mom will always protect him" -every overprotective parents

  • Kaizen Mckenzie
    Kaizen Mckenzie

    Larry wasn't evil his mom was morale of the story don't judge demons on there looks

  • Jessica Barth
    Jessica Barth

    This movie really had a happy ending. Larry got a friend in the mom. The mom can now care for Larry who is "different", but can also have the fun, carefree relationship with her son shes always wanted. Oliver is no longer being neglected. The dad has been forced into facing reality and accepting responsibility in the care for Oliver. Oliver now has friends and is no longer dealing with his parents bullshit. ALSO, the mom hints in the movie that she has no friends and feels alone in dealing with the responsibilities of Oliver. Now mom has Larry, a friend.

  • Lenart Mulej
    Lenart Mulej

    I just beeded a good story THANK YOU very much you made my day

  • McArcher07

    I See.. the Boy is SIMPING for Gura xD

  • David Fann
    David Fann

    Just saw it. 10/10

  • Its 12:49
    Its 12:49

    This mans really called her a knatch🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marcus Fisher
    Marcus Fisher

    im glad it had a good ending Larry got a friend dad became a good parent and mom can still visit thats good enough for me

  • Marcus Fisher
    Marcus Fisher

    Larry bout to get you but your sleep paralysis demon appears and is like ¨oh no you dont I got a demon wife and little demonlets to feed your not touching my job (insert epic monster vs demon battle)

  • Dirty Little Soy Boy
    Dirty Little Soy Boy

    Based on the short film Larry on UZmatch btw

  • damien stubblefield
    damien stubblefield

    What a bizarre adventure.

  • Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
    Marcus-Aerilius Maximus

    Malleus Malfulcrum.....

  • Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
    Marcus-Aerilius Maximus

    Exact same group of terrors....

  • Alyssa Kennedy
    Alyssa Kennedy

    WAIT.... Larry is a SCP

  • Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez

    When a child says that there's a monster 👹 under the bed 🛌, in the closet or anywhere else in you're house 🏠. YOU SHOULD LISTEN!

  • Marcelo Recinos
    Marcelo Recinos

    that mom is pretty fine tho 😳

  • Dante Grim
    Dante Grim

    Ngl. This was lit

  • Angel Jenkins
    Angel Jenkins

    replay and tell me if you would be larrys friend

  • Angel Jenkins
    Angel Jenkins

    yeah james

  • Mekhane Gaming
    Mekhane Gaming

    Larry every scp fan: hahahhahahahahaha

  • I'mASham

    6:36 maybe its because she often really stressed and worrysome that it affects the mood of the kid himself, so he prefers being near his father.

  • Atb 2468
    Atb 2468

    I like come play for 2 reasons spongebob and star wars. My childhood in a nutshell until gaming became a thing lmao

  • Seth “Machete” Demeter
    Seth “Machete” Demeter

    I love when this happens: Lore: An extremely long, dark and horrifying tale, one with many hosts and deaths in order to satisfy this creatures needs. The creature’s name? Dave.

  • Nope Not today
    Nope Not today

    Larry more like SCP-096

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young

    larry looks like scp 096

  • Time For T
    Time For T

    We now have a clip of FoundFlix saying 'cumplay'

  • Ben Parseghian
    Ben Parseghian

    I’m glad the movie has a pretty happy ending. Horror movies relies too much on “but really they are still all gonna die!”, or “or is it dead”, or even “and then they all died.....the end”. Or any other “twist ending” just to get one last scare or something instead of actualy having a satisfying ending that wraps up the message of the movie or something, which is what this movie does, it wraps itself up.

  • Em

    4:11 "sponsebub"

  • Red reaper
    Red reaper

    oh my god this is britta! this explain so much about everything

  • Red reaper
    Red reaper

    larry is a tragic hero

  • Tenya Iida
    Tenya Iida

    "Living like Larry~"

  • Big Burtha
    Big Burtha

    Usually I dont care, but this movie looks so cool I had to stop watching in the middle so I could watch the movie first before I see the end of this video.

  • Caleb Noer
    Caleb Noer

    i usually don’t cry at movies but this ending actually got me

  • DerpyGamer0013

    What asshole parents. "Just talk to me" literally can't talk "I wish you'd just tell me" again, can't talk "Pffft, just a nightmare kiddo" it isn't a nightmare, and the kid is panicking and trying to talk, which just expands the idea that it *isn't* just a nightmare, not to mention you shouldn't just brush it off like nothing. Cause even if it *isn't* a monster, something else that is more human could be stalking your kid and scaring them. I.e. pedophile, serial killer, deranged murderer, etc.

  • Hargelshnarfel

    Guys I just thought this but, think about this. If Larry is a monster whose kind (in a sense) and uses the digital world, does that make him a Digimon?

  • Angel Pagan
    Angel Pagan

  • The Floral Punk
    The Floral Punk

    Yo of all the samey looking monsters (The rake, mama, etc) out there with this same body type, this one actually gets to me holy SHIT that's a whole lot of NOPE

  • shane

    me and my dad think that the mom will overtime become a larry, but her own name. The old larry that was attacking them was once a person to, you know at the end where the larry mom thing is dancing with the kid, well similar to the haunting of blye manor show, overtime she will forget and eventually turn into the thing and the cycle continues

  • Panzer Korps
    Panzer Korps

    The trailer for this movie absolutely creeped me the FUCK out. One way to creep me out is for something's neck to twist 180 degrees with a loud cracking sound and having it stare at the viewer.

  • Lucas Ahumada
    Lucas Ahumada

    That’s litterally just scp 096

  • Jippy Jlock
    Jippy Jlock

    ITS 096 GUYES, 096!!!

  • Plasant

    and here i was fearing it had a scary name like Heiko or Rüdiger

  • saledin2012

    Mama, Relic, Come play = these movies have feels ending

  • RamathRS

    I guess Brita didn't finish her psych degree...

  • Thanos Thrylos
    Thanos Thrylos

    This movie must be one of the only originals that hollywood ever made in this century in my opinion, even the ending is very new, it was a bittersweet ending, a bit sad but still the mother can be with them once in a while till everyone dies by age and meet each other again.

  • Thondy Halomoan
    Thondy Halomoan

    All these horror movies happen on America,but no one have gun That's weird

  • raven dark heart
    raven dark heart

    Larry is a jerk kidnapping kids because he's lonely

  • raven dark heart
    raven dark heart

    Dad is a huge jerk

  • raven dark heart
    raven dark heart

    Little shits will get there just do

  • raven dark heart
    raven dark heart

    Oh I thought it was something more intimidating like Sheldon or Tim

  • BeeToucher 3000
    BeeToucher 3000

    I’m literally begging you to not say the word come like that

  • Trasheds

    this is an actual good movie ngl

  • gooey smol boy
    gooey smol boy

    larry looks like me tall skinny and pale

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio

    Took a few min but I finally realized the cum play I watched is a totally different movie than this one.

  • FlamesOfJihad

    18:29 "from a world where they only look at screens but not each other" Oh great Larry's a Facebook Boomer.

  • Limezanade

    23:18 that one cracked me up :D

  • Vladiatör Amöndinejad
    Vladiatör Amöndinejad

    HOW the Hell do two adults - one with a lot-tending job, the other apparently unemployed - afford to stay in a big-ass house like that?!

  • Benji Solis
    Benji Solis

    Ok.... is it just me or did this movie have a LOT of similarities to the movie The Babadook? Like this movie has its significant differences but a majority of it remided me of babadook.

  • Blu Spy
    Blu Spy

    Thumbnail straight up looks like 096