Z (2019) Ending Explained

In Z, a young boy gets a new imaginary best friend named Z. But what at first seems like a harmless relationship turns into something more dangerous and deadly. We're breaking down the plot, including everything we learn about the entity Z, and what he's really after, as well as explaining the ending that leaves us with a few loose ends.

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  • Sm0k3

    I actually really like Z as a metaphor. The abusive loved one or boyfriend as a supernatural metaphor is cool.

  • synthmalicious

    I’m just judging off of these clips, but something about Z seems way more terrifying than other monsters in these types of movies. In surprising how much it spooked me because usually they aren’t that scary

  • WankiTank

    whaaaat the fuck with the kid being thrown down the stairs

  • Cassandra Rocha
    Cassandra Rocha

    Z reminds me of Joe from YOU. Toxic in every way

  • Youssef Ahmed Abd El Hafeez
    Youssef Ahmed Abd El Hafeez

    Tbh Z seems like a chill dude he just wants to play

  • Sharky

    I prefer to call him Zed

  • GnaReffotsirk

    Her father who hangs himself passed Z to her, and now she to her son.

  • Tommy

    During the bath scene i just thought of an enderman jumping into water and then tps away

  • spoon.doggle

    12:31 hola ninyo 🙂

  • Bold blob
    Bold blob

    Come play 2 zarry

  • Jesica Kis
    Jesica Kis

    When I was a very ypung child, around 4-5, I had an imaginary friend too. My Paremts talked a lot about it later being thankful that I grew out of it while I feel since then, like I have lost something very important. While I dont remember how she or he looked, or if it even had a body I remember playing with it a lot and talking and my sister was very envious about that. She later claimed she heard it too, that it talked too her too and I was angry, saying that was a lie, that it only talked to me, that it was my friend. She then played as if he was in the wall whispering to her. She then demanded that if it talks to me, I should tell it to show it self. Angry as I was I did tell him to show himself, which he never did and after that I never heard him again. That was very sad for me, he (I believe it was a males voice, but as I said I cant remember seeing him) always encouraged me to try new things and be creativ. I drew a lot with him and laughed a lot. My mother said I was never bad around him, instead I was a good quiet kid, unlike my problem brother.

  • Ana's Domain
    Ana's Domain

    Lol z looks like some goofy thing from courage the cowardly dog

  • Gamerzvoice

    Hollywood writers are some of the most fucked in the head, abused while they were children people. I feel sorry for them. Hollywood is the bowel of satan.

  • PS2 Gamer
    PS2 Gamer


  • Mega - Gaming - Mix
    Mega - Gaming - Mix

    12:27 i think that is not water if you know what i mean :^)

  • Yaboisangwoo

    Please do Antlers

  • Noelf

    That ending looks ripe for a sequel..ZZ!

  • Adam Schroeder
    Adam Schroeder

    I cackled when that kid got thrown down the stairs.

  • Skedoodly

    that scene in the bath makes my skin crawl.

  • sastgamer

    That is such a scary monster design, good on them for designing something so creepy.

  • Cloudy In PA
    Cloudy In PA

    This movie was weird.

  • Becky Fal
    Becky Fal

    I had to pause on that image of Z in the bathtub-am I crazy or was he kinda adorable??? At least in that shot

  • norm Tanguilan
    norm Tanguilan

    12:31 hrrggnn

  • TammTamz

    Her dad hung himself and Z went away. Maybe it’s passed down?

  • Dedra Hatas
    Dedra Hatas

    What if z was her father's "friend" before hers and that's why he was terrified and ended up swinging then she repeated the pattern.

  • Shane Stevens
    Shane Stevens

    Bro at 14:10 the (get married and have lots of baby's) and 17:40 ( gets in to bed is really f*cking weird and paints a not so good though!!!!!! 🤔😯😟

  • ProofreadFire

    Z looks like Tom Hiddleston

  • SM Bee
    SM Bee

    You are such a good storyteller! I love spooky stories but I’m too much of a weenie for jump scares 😂

  • TheTruePotatoLord

    I just had to look up when Z appeared in the bathtub ;-;

  • Nik

    The dad in this movie was incredibly hypocritical and annoying lol.. And why did the mom create such a scary imaginary friend lol

  • Ryan The Reaper
    Ryan The Reaper

    The bathtub scene and the tunnel scene are terrifying

  • ً

    That bathroom scene oh my god

  • 9razzler9

    christ that dad is the worst, clueless father and husband in the world

  • abbie miller
    abbie miller

    Z is just Zozo the demon and she used an ouiji board

  • Queen Remains
    Queen Remains

    I kinda wanted Z and Mom to get "married" and get to the bed. Z and Mom are about to "do the do" but Z confides that "I didn't think I'd actually get this far..." and Mom chops off his monster-bits with a knife.

  • Georgia Lenny
    Georgia Lenny

    How silent are trains in that country?

  • Denise King
    Denise King

    I like the longer quarantine hair ❤️

  • Algiz_

    Damn I feel like Z was meant to be a version of Zozo

  • Zul Heejaz
    Zul Heejaz

    Alright, I'm gonna get hated for saying this but is it me, or did 'Z' in 12:31 looked like Tom Hiddleston's Loki smiley face.

  • La. NOIRx3
    La. NOIRx3

    this was the weirdest shit I've seen

  • LaBruh; has Said:
    LaBruh; has Said:


  • charly loves you
    charly loves you

    It’s the fact that I’ve only seen Sara Canning in two things and in both she’s named Jenna

  • CL XK
    CL XK

    No wonder we love the Warren's so much.....literally every horror husband sucks

  • Ningyo Sama
    Ningyo Sama

    Z kinda looked like a creepy exaggerated version of Loki in the bathtube scene lol

  • Fastbandit185

    My clothes at 3 P.M:🧥👖🧦 My clothes at 3 A.M: 9:34 12:31 Z actually looks kind cool, but also like the Joker a little.

  • The Drifter
    The Drifter

    i think the reason z is gone and she is still survived is well she's in a vegetative state so she can't think thus she can't imagine z at all so he's gone but not truely if she ever comes out of the vegetative state he might come back i think its a similar thing to the canker man

  • Johnnythepillpopper

    Why the name Z?

  • alfa Hill
    alfa Hill

    Ok, hear me out, the parents could just do this one little thing... Talk to z

  • Princess Kitten
    Princess Kitten

    My nickname is Z-

  • Ghost_Anna _Reads
    Ghost_Anna _Reads

    Well, since the mom is now somewhat vegetative, Z is gonna have to wait for the next girl in the family to become his wife and have his babies.

  • *S H O O K T*
    *S H O O K T*

    12:31 ngl that is the most horrifying monster I've ever seen in a horror movie

  • Universe6265

    "including his pet" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Deltawarrior

    So, I guess horror movies finally ran out of spooky/confusing titles?

  • Hexted

    12:31 pretty creepy design

  • GhostFace


  • Gunit

    666k view people wyaa

  • falseking989

    12:26 That moment reminded me of Heredity when the little girl got her head decapitated in the car.

  • 5 side Lord Danika
    5 side Lord Danika

    When z climbed in bed I fkin died lmao

  • Nikola-Mitre Dejanovic
    Nikola-Mitre Dejanovic

    Kek. The demon got NTR'd and threw a tantrum.

  • DarkwolfRedsoul

    In the bathtub scene Z looked like if Tom Hiddleston was turning into Gollum.

  • Luis Quinones
    Luis Quinones

    Can it be that Z was his fathers imaginary friend but some how became hers the dad hanging him self which as we can see at the end it didn’t work Z still have he and her son makes more sense

  • Dana H
    Dana H

    Bel-Z-bub? lmao

  • Anti Thought Police
    Anti Thought Police

    I almost would of put the meds in the imaginary friend's milk...

  • Mekelaina

    Z lookin like Ryuk from death note

  • Kelly Hy
    Kelly Hy

    I wonder if we'll ever get a movie with a good imaginary friend. like, the soul of a dead loved one or something? or at least a positive representation?

  • Faith Ruckdeschel
    Faith Ruckdeschel

    Mannn, when that little boy's body came catapulting downstairs, my daughter and I didn't know what to do? I was so surprised that I jumped up and asked her if I should go help? Come to find out Z just wanted the mama, and he's very abusive and clingy!

  • Markos Picou
    Markos Picou

    I think her dad originally created Z.

  • Ivan Kylo Khan
    Ivan Kylo Khan

    Clovehitch Killer!

  • Ivan Kylo Khan
    Ivan Kylo Khan

    Clovehitch Killer!

  • Ivan Kylo Khan
    Ivan Kylo Khan

    Clovehitch Killer!

  • Ivan Kylo Khan
    Ivan Kylo Khan

    Clovehitch Killer!

  • Olivia Englund
    Olivia Englund

    I never get scared of horror movies or jump scares (unless they are super loud) but when Z appeared in the bathtub with Beth scared the shit out of me 😅😱

  • Allie Kingsley
    Allie Kingsley

    Damn, Tom Hiddleston is creepy in this movie. 😅

  • Pain Gain
    Pain Gain

    PARANORMAL ACTIVITY There are a lot of paralles between this movie and that franchise.

  • Idle Dreamz
    Idle Dreamz

    Am i the only who gets triggered that he doesnt try to match the font in the intros😭😭😭😭

  • CarrotVision3D

    What here dad had z as a friend before and he did the same thing she did for her son?

  • Taehyungs Rose
    Taehyungs Rose

    Not Jenna having the same name in here and named Jenna in TVD series 💀💀

  • Orion

    Z looks more like a tall golem

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    The actress that plays Jenna also played Aunt Jenna in The Vampire Diaries.

  • Courtnie 97
    Courtnie 97

    These movies and shows really have unlikable wives.

  • Willow Mist
    Willow Mist

    Z for Zozo. Real dark demon.

  • Alexis Dickson
    Alexis Dickson

    If you ever think of brightening the image of Z in the tub, do not, it’s freaky af.

  • Solem Vow
    Solem Vow

    They had quite the house o.o!!!

  • Christine C.
    Christine C.

    I grew up in an extremely toxic, abusive, and neglectful "family" as an only child, yet I still never had an imaginary friend. I did pretend I had a horse though. The Black Stallion, to be exact. 😂

  • Shay Jay
    Shay Jay

    Z is like Freddy Krueger sort of, it gets stronger 💪🏽 the longer you believe in it and sort of like a boyfriend too.

  • Ольга Сергеева
    Ольга Сергеева

    No one seems to be talking about Jenna. When she was a kid, her older sister would act creepily and destructively. Then her dad killed himself. All of that trauma led to her having a drinking problem as she grew up. Then she also lost her mom at a relatively young age (I mean, there are a lot of lucky people in the world who don't have to go through it until they're, like, 60). Just a few days later, her sister lost her husband, her house and possibly her mind (we know that Z is a real problem, but from Jenna's perspective, Beth might look kinda crazy) and tasked her with taking care of a troubled child. Then that child almost got killed. Then her sister tried to kill herself (in exactly the same way as dad, bringing back the old trauma). And now Jenna has to take care both of the traumatized child and of the disabled sister. And since she has to do it all on her own, both taking care of things at home and making money, you can be sure that that's going to be her entire life for years, she just won't have time and energy for literally anything else, and because of that (and the fact that most people aren't eager to get involved in such a difficult situation) she's not likely to get a family of her own. This resulting situation isn't her fault, and was she even willing to sacrifice this much? Like, does she actually love her nephew (I'm just asking because I haven't watched the movie)? It's not like members of extended families are always attached to each other all that much.

  • Love🏀⛹️‍♂️🏆

    This is terrifying ngl like if I saw that thing while taking a shower I’m just ending my suffering right there

  • Fox

    The movie Z got so popular they made Z a letter of the alphabet

  • mmem

    Is it possible her dad also had Z as a childhood friend and that she did what he did to get rid of Z?

  • findtheninja

    12:32 This new Loki show is whack, yo

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name


  • Aleckzandur Wilcox
    Aleckzandur Wilcox

    this film hit me different because my imaginary friend was named z. This seems kinda sus

  • Riley

    Why does Z look like a nerd in the bathtub scene

  • jero 2
    jero 2

    0:17 Sounds like my relationship with my ex

  • Jack Mack
    Jack Mack

    Theory: z’s life and power relies on the hosts memories of him.after the attempted hanging must’ve caused some brain damage and inturn caused z to be heavily injured but not dead

  • Kenny The Kiwi
    Kenny The Kiwi

    when seeing z it gave me such huge anxiety and i now feel extremely uneasy. this usually never happens and i am now shaking in ma boots

  • Childeater

    Z is actually her stand but it’s gone rogue

  • Sneaky Shart
    Sneaky Shart

    Brb... going watch this real quick on shudder .


    Lmao this is so creepy I made an oc named zee before seeing this my inspiration is Loki.

  • Tidus Vespa
    Tidus Vespa

    So are we not gonna talk about how it seems like her dad had the same issue and offed himself in an attempt to stop Z aswell it could be (do to lack of better term) some kind of hereditary demon