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In The Killing of a Sacred Deer, a renowned heart surgeon finds himself forced to make an impossible decision after a mysterious young man infiltrates his perfect life. Find out the meaning of the story and its connections a classic Greek story, along with explaining the ending.
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  • Mrs Kia Martin Hill
    Mrs Kia Martin Hill

    "She had to crawl her ass down there" smh hilarious 😂🤣🤣🤣😆

  • Mrs Kia Martin Hill
    Mrs Kia Martin Hill

    @foundflix you have the best commentary with an added humor that is original. This is the channel I come to, to get a better understanding of movies I've seen and ones Im not sure about and I don't have time to watch. Straight to the point organic synopsis of movies. Some of the movies suck but @foundflix brings them to life and they don't suck anymore. Thank you @foundflix you saved the day and night!! Please continue to save us!! We need you!!

  • Jailyne Ochoa
    Jailyne Ochoa

    why does it say explained if all he did was summarize the movie

  • Dr. Strangelove
    Dr. Strangelove

    I would say everyone watching this has already seen the movie. We don’t need a summary, man. We need an analysis! What do characters represent? Why was this colour used? What is the significance of the diner, the doctor’s weird handy story, that kinda stuff.


    This movie felt more like a shitty art project rather than a film.

  • Jarwins

    She gave that dude a handy to learn something she already knew...

  • dawaz3

    Had a Lil Shining Vibe To It Good Movie Overall

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden


  • Samantha Moreno
    Samantha Moreno

    The movie kind of made it seem like there was something paranormal going on the entire time. Unsettling. And not in the way you want a horror movie to make you feel.

  • Samantha Moreno
    Samantha Moreno

    This movie was not only confusing but very VERY monotone. I guess I just didn’t get it. This movie just made me frustrated with the way they spoke and how everything just seemed so boring but made you feel anxious the whole time. I wouldn’t not recommend but if you have anxiety quickly I wouldn’t watch it.

  • drop_thebiscuit 98
    drop_thebiscuit 98

    Bro you literally broke down every scene acting like we came here because we didn't watch it lol

  • Matthieu Leperlier
    Matthieu Leperlier

    Wow. Just wow

  • MikeSpectrum

    This video could have been 25 mins shorter

  • Jillian Pantano
    Jillian Pantano

    That kid "bob" was in "Mid 90s"....he's got one hell of a head of hair

  • Milo Self Esteem
    Milo Self Esteem

    Soon as heard the director's name i was like: oh duh! Its a greek myth remake

  • Altered Beast
    Altered Beast

    Didn't explain nothing, you just summarized the film

  • ᏞᎾᏒᎠs Ꮎf ᏟhᎪᎾs
    ᏞᎾᏒᎠs Ꮎf ᏟhᎪᎾs

    Dad games .

  • 退屈:P


  • Lucas Paradee
    Lucas Paradee

    Soo. Does he not remind anyone of Q from Impractical jokers, at least on appearance, not so much with the no scoping his kids thing.

  • Aaron

    I love this chanel but this is much more of a summary than it is an explanation of anything.. Anyone know a video that takes a more indepth look at the greater themes of the film? I didnt take away anything from thid video that I didnt already get from the movie

  • Hattie Dame
    Hattie Dame

    This is one of those weirdo movies where a snail is faster than the slow burn and then WHAM! the shit gets real.

  • For the outcast of the 30/40k
    For the outcast of the 30/40k

    This movie brings to mind the movie "What About Bob" yet taking a much more sinister approach with this movie

  • David Lacey
    David Lacey

    That was utterly useless as an explanation. It was just a narration of what happened. Atrocious at nearly 30 minutes of wasted time

  • Lyle Nathan
    Lyle Nathan


  • Adrian Achong
    Adrian Achong

    The daughter would’ve had to go for the simple fact, she and her bs infatuation would keep them tied to that psycho Bob for life.

  • Uber Wolf
    Uber Wolf

    explained my ass. i might as well rewatch the thing. that is just cold.

  • White

    0/10 a completely pointless movie Guy kills kids dad. Kid with random unexplained curse abilities curses the guys family. Guy has to kill his son. Thats it. Thats the whole movie.

  • Obbi.Edits

    Honestly, this movie felt very much like it wanted to be smart and disturbing, but I was laughing at unintentionally funny scenes and the villains horrible acting.

  • Crane

    2:06, another explanation of the people communicating is people talking without listening

  • primus beast
    primus beast

    i woulda just killed the kid. fuck that shit i aint killing my wife or my kids may the lord hath mercy upon ye when your soul enters sheoul

  • sofia

    anyone else really really hate the mom in this movie? The fact that she was borderline obsessed with her husbands “infidelity” while she was giving a handy to his friend in the car. Or how she assaulted Kim multiple times? Or when she says they can always just have more kids if they kill one? She annoyed me the whole movie and when she didn’t die i was disappointed 😐

  • ataraxia

    Nicolas Cage movie without Nicolas Cage.

  • Velissarios Pragias
    Velissarios Pragias

    Bad content,at least you could rename the title as 'the summary of the sacred deer'

  • Erkki Pellonpää
    Erkki Pellonpää

    This movie was a steaming pile of garbage. I can't believe some people find the director deliberately alienating the audience somehow profound? No. It just makes the whole movie an unwatchable mess. It's like the director makes a movie with the intention that the viewer will care about nothing in the movie. And then some people applaud him for succeeding, and idk rub themselves with glee when nobody in their right minds would find such a thing valuable. "Ooh but you don't get it it was supposed to be garbage". Yeah well I don't enjoy trash, no matter how deliberately it was made. Why should anyone?

    • ESP PupsnKits
      ESP PupsnKits

      Some people just like weird movies, even this kinda stuff

  • sundance kidd
    sundance kidd

    would anyone consider killing the mom, anna instead? but anna did give hime great reason tp spare her

  • Sagar Gaur
    Sagar Gaur

    Steven adds up his daughter having menstruation for first time in conversation is not vague he mockingly added it bcz he was not liking anna telling his friend everything in detail about their home life. So he went like yeah tell him all of it, how abt our daughter's menstruation.

  • Joe Yummiestanimal
    Joe Yummiestanimal

    What i want explained is how NO ONE CALLS THE POLICE WHEN GUNSHOTS ARE HEARD IN MOVIES. idk about you but if in the middle of the night I heard 3 rifle shots come from my neighbors house id be calling 911...

  • Philip Cheng
    Philip Cheng

    The funny thing is (sort of) the curse can only be lifted via eye for an eye/ flesh for flesh. Steven should have sacrificed himself to save his family and for killing Martin's father. But Steven is such a soulless selfish douche he never even entertains the idea and would rather kill one of his family than himself. Martin is the "villian" here but Steven is no hero.

  • Chris Parrish
    Chris Parrish

    I can tell you an experience that I remember vividly. I had major surgery as a teenager and while recovering I wasn't hungry and didn't want to eat for several days. Eventually my mom asked me to eat one corn muffin from the hospital lunch. To this day I will never forget that was the driest, hardest to muffin of my life. I chewed and chewed for quite sometime but couldn't swallow it. Anyway I'm fine now, but have trouble eating corn muffins to this day.

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton

    Can i have your mp3 player when your dead? That wouldve made my decision at least a little more easier on who should be gone. The son crawling around cutting his hair and trying to do chores while the daughter is just sitting there saying she wants her brothers mp3 player when he dies. I give points on the effort to preserve ones life.

  • Guy Moore
    Guy Moore

    360 no scope

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers

    Lobster Lobster Lobster Lobster

  • way ment
    way ment

    i thought he was gonna pull a 1000 iq move and kill the dog

  • Jena Cide
    Jena Cide

    I'd obviously have to choose Bob to live him apparently being the non-sociopathic child.

    • Jena Cide
      Jena Cide

      Not that the parents don't seem a bit sociopathic in their own right, at least according to this video. Heck maybe Bob is the only normal person in this family.

  • Yvonne the great
    Yvonne the great

    I mean if I was a parent given this ultimatum, I'd probably just choose myself to die 🥺😭😭

  • Brony King Amethyst Rain
    Brony King Amethyst Rain

    There needs to be a sequel were the the family gets revenge on Martin

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    You didn't explain anything, you just read through the whole damned script. What a pointless video.

    • S France V.m
      S France V.m

      And his tone while doing so was so distracting and it pulled me off the movie's atmosphere

  • deadlegs187

    This guys voice is dreadful

  • SadGirlHours

    I literally do not understand why they didnt call the cops on martin. He just let's this happen

    • White

      Ah yes, we all know curse breaking is the first thing they teach cops.

  • just here to watch the world burn
    just here to watch the world burn

    Sooooo..... He just gets away with murdering his son?

  • Preston Johnson
    Preston Johnson

    I feel like this should be titled "summarized" instead of "explained" because all you really did was straight up recount the synopsis of what obviously happened without actually addressing any of the questions the audience had :)

  • Silver Tongue
    Silver Tongue

    You ask me the movie would have ended better if Steven chose to Kill himself.saving his kids and wife and giving Martin one final middle finger

  • Liam Mckeown
    Liam Mckeown

    Love the kids in the hall set you have :)

  • Fadith

    "Pimp his mom." Is a phrase I never thought I would hear and my god did that take me by surprise.

  • Bestia Queen
    Bestia Queen

    you dont "explain" the film, you just make a bad summary of the events

  • Tanner Thurman
    Tanner Thurman

    Predestination is so good. Cover it.

  • Daniel V.
    Daniel V.

    "In depth look" Yeah sure

  • D H
    D H

    Thank you - I just watched this and didn't know if I hate it, or dislike it immensely.... this didn't answer that, but it explained enough so I can go to sleep 😴

  • KevinRPD

    The hell even is this movie?

  • Fellow American
    Fellow American

    To me, the film juxtaposes two different popular ideologies about God and his punishment. There’s Farrell’s character: perhaps the more Calvinist picture of God where he’s actively in control of his family’s actions (always asking them to do things for him - chores, mashed potatoes) and ultimately who lives or dies. The family members end up trying to make him happy out of fear (his daughter’s “contrite” speech, his son’s haircutting etc., and his wife’s offering herself to him on the bed). He manages a household with minimal free will - especially in respect to the paralysis - and he is the image of a god who is actively the cause of everything important that happens - ie life and death (salvation v eternal suffering?). He even ends up sacrificing his son in the end. Then we have Martin. This portrayal is of a god who sets situations into motion, yet is not held responsible (to an extent) for the particulars of who lives or dies. He allows free will in the scenario he created. Do what I ask, or don’t. Consequences either way. This film, I believe, attempts to point out some criticism about both of these perspectives. It’s just a takeaway I had after watching. There is so much to explore in this movie and I know it’s influenced by Greek literature I’m not familiar with, but there’s my two cents.

  • John Brower
    John Brower

    This was the stupidest, dumbest movie I ever (EVER) witnessed. WTF were the stars THINKING: Just wanted money, I guess.

  • Jeffrey Kaufmann
    Jeffrey Kaufmann

    Stupid film

  • Pooja Singh
    Pooja Singh

    Father murders son and no charge of murder

  • Mina Mayes
    Mina Mayes

    I would have taken Martin's mother and tortured her till Martin caved in instead. I mean if they're going to kill someone or have them all die, then what's to lose by snatching up the mom and killing her instead? Just sayin'.

  • Cameron Goodall
    Cameron Goodall

    you just summarized the movie you didn't explain shit

  • Steve Turner
    Steve Turner

    This didn’t mention the jerkoff scene in the car.

  • Steve Turner
    Steve Turner

    I hate Martin with a passion.

  • Marcello Musumeci
    Marcello Musumeci

    For all the suspension of disbelief this movie demands, I was most offended that they named the kid BOB.

  • Sydney Mima
    Sydney Mima

    I think sunshine would be a cool movie to review!

  • Melanie Williams
    Melanie Williams

    it seemed as if the boy was destin to be the sacrifice, to appease the guy 4 not be able 2 replace the Fathers son.

  • SystemsOverSymptoms VisionWithVenture
    SystemsOverSymptoms VisionWithVenture

    This should not be called "explained" and instead it should say "narrated". There is little to no analysis here or discussion of the point of the movie, what it is trying to say, etc. nor what the ending means - if it means anything more than just something that happened - or why this movie was so highly rated by critics (but less so by audiences).

  • Nina

    Thanks for the explanation! I really didn't enjoy this movie. I think I understand the meaning behind the characters being distant and unrelatable but I cared so little for them that the big climax of one of them getting shot just didn't feel very important. Also, the main driving burn of the movie was that the father needed to choose which family member to kill but in the end, he didn't even make a choice between them. It felt like a lot of wasted time.

  • t briggs
    t briggs

    Im still mad about how stupid this movie was, i dont care about what message it supposedly had. It was a horrible movie.

  • gjh

    I love this movie. It's so weird

  • Will Midgette
    Will Midgette

    Great movie

  • Radical Jinx
    Radical Jinx

    anyone else feel the shining vibe from the principal's office?

  • TheLovely Junkie
    TheLovely Junkie

    I’m way to high for this shit, I’ve watched the whole video like 2 times and I still have no idea what the fuck is happening

  • Rahul kumar singh
    Rahul kumar singh

    Stupid explanation.. actually he just narrated the story..

  • Joel Orellana
    Joel Orellana


  • J

    The kids attend a Catholic school.

  • Skr

    ....I mean that was a good trickshot

  • S

    I’m glad you watch these terrible films so that I don’t have to feel like I’ve wasted two hours of my life when I’m dissatisfied with them

  • DJ

    This really isn't an explanation...

  • Tom K
    Tom K

    there are literally zero analyses of this film not done by retards

  • Gus Chiggins
    Gus Chiggins

    Bro this isn’t an “explained” video like you’ve done in the past. You just did a summary of scenes. You could’ve just said it was a curse and avoided about 27 minutes of this.

  • Johnny Turshman
    Johnny Turshman

    Most chilling part is where the kid scrapes his fork on the plate eating spaghetti, also why are you explaining the entire movie? We seen it

  • mackenzie hunt
    mackenzie hunt

    Sooooo, he could have told the wife i need to start seeing another woman as well otherwise you're all gonna die...seems like that would have been a much easier option than having to kill your child? Since that guy was trying to get the dad and his mum together for ages, he was trying to do things a less messed up way first tbh. Dad could have 2 woman to lay and just have a creepy step son to manage (which he was pretty much already doing) choice made seems non sensical...any guy would choose to have another wife instead of kill their child to restore the balance or whatever. Hadn't seen anyone else post this so let me know what ya think

  • Ewenblake

    Where is the explanation ? I only heard description of the movie

  • Tukai choudhury
    Tukai choudhury

    When Kim received a call from Martin at the hospital Martin told her to come by the window & boom she could walk again at that moment I thought Martin was a Hypnotist bcuz someone who can hypnotize can compel a person to be disabled or starved bcuz it's all in the mind if the mind believes the legs aren't working then the body does too

  • Gregory Cox
    Gregory Cox

    The kid isn't supernatural is he?So why dont they just kill him after the son is killed.Whats stopping them?

  • Mariana

    how is this an explanation? you're just summing up the movie.... there's like 30 seconds of actual explanation total

  • marissa

    The Killing of my FUCKING TIME!

  • Κκκ Κκ
    Κκκ Κκ

    I found it really boring and knew right away that the boy wanted revenge . The dialogs were queer but not in a good way . It was disturbing and boring imo . I can't understand how this got such good reviews . Just bc it's an A24 movie , doesn't mean it's good or "different" and groundbreaking lol. I'd rather watch Kaufman all day than to watch lanthimos's movies . I'm disappointed bc I'm Greek too and i expected something better , after seeing the critiques and all the hype .

  • Zeck Gray
    Zeck Gray

    Easy, kill the daughter, she's gonna grow up and cop loads to her face when the kid might actually be something

  • griffin klautky
    griffin klautky

    i've got a few theories but why didn't anna get sick?

  • James Collins
    James Collins

    The only thing that makes me bad about this movie is how the brother just stayed silent about everything. Once I find out you're working with Martin or knew about all this I'm going to tell. I would made the decision for them, she the sacrifice. She betrayed the family

  • booby scoo too
    booby scoo too

    Wow, glad I didn't bother watching this movie. Sounds like the most stupid premise ever...with the most ridiculously stupid ending ever. Just a plain stupid movie. Pointless, artless, and stupid.

    • Jonathan Cabrera
      Jonathan Cabrera

      Dude you are judging it without even watching it and that’s stupid.

  • Jace Fowler
    Jace Fowler


  • ZRC

    It's a good movie but it doesn't resemble the Orestia at all as hinted towards.

  • ZRC

    Did anyone else cringe when he mispronounced "Iphigenia"