In the latest bizarre head trip from Charlie Kaufman, I'm Thinking of Ending Things follows a young woman who travels with her new boyfriend to his parents house. Upon arriving, she comes to question everything she thought she knew about him, and herself. We'll be breaking down the details of the complex story and its themes, the important elements to Jake's character we learn, and explaining the ending and what it means. LOTS to look at with this one.
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  • Sergey O'Neill
    Sergey O'Neill

    Lupin! 😀

  • xiao wei
    xiao wei

    TLDR: Jack sucks

  • Kyoto's infinity
    Kyoto's infinity

    I couldn’t help think the film was also mocking our current world.

  • Shelby Cook
    Shelby Cook

    this movie just made me reconsider my entire life

  • kix land
    kix land

    The glossy bun ethnopharmacologically relax because hyena osmotically part opposite a wooden gasoline. rural, succinct shears

  • Manuel Marin
    Manuel Marin

    It wasn't necessarily a bad movie, but GD, as a person who's struggled with depression and anxiety his whole life, it really brought me down the day that I watched it. Although I do think it was overly long for a movie with this sort of message (coming from someone who places Kaufman's Synechdoche, New York as one of his top 3 favorite movies).

  • Brandon Lentz
    Brandon Lentz

    My take of the movie was that Jake's upbringing (his unstable mother and slaughtering of animals) made him into a secluded, schizophrenic serial killer who was never caught and that Lucy was dead the whole time. Real time was him as the janitor. His vibe is sketchy and uneasy on purpose. The girl in the ice cream shop warning her that she should stay is a clear indication of what the potential concept could be. Maybe this is just what I wanted the movie to be like ;)

  • Thr33

    after watching this movie its like i cant even read straight, wtf did i just watch 😭

  • Clyde Bangers
    Clyde Bangers

    I’m really I didn’t watch this movie and watched this instead cause damn that’s really depressing

  • Roraty Chan
    Roraty Chan

    Why did this video fell a lot longer than 30 minutes I had the feeling that I’ve been watching it for hours

  • nur'aini fitriana
    nur'aini fitriana

    I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS (2021) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD Watch: popmovies-hd.blogspot.com `All Subtitle` √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный поли

  • raydaveed

    I don't know but him having that alternate personality being a woman makes me think trans-identify... Or something definitely not straight /cis.

  • Miguel Lagos
    Miguel Lagos

    This movie was a complete piece of garbage

  • Anna *****
    Anna *****

    At the same time, this guy has had only one big tragedy in his life: his own lack of action. People all over the world are persecuted for their ethnicity, religion, skin color, gender, orientation, nationality. He had two parents in America, healthy body, white male who could accomplish shit - and even if he couldn't, he could have found personal happiness by fulfilling personality-wise and starting a family. If he ever forced himself to feel that desperation that he is unhappy maybe he would have broken apart from his own living in the mind and started really living. I mean, there are millions on the planet who would gladly switch places with him - now that's fucking bleak. This movie isn't bleak, this movie is about a guy who squandered his time - which is fine, unless you're not fine with it -AND HE ISN'T. People get raped, lose their kids, their loved ones, succumb to horrible illnesses, disabilities... He was healthy enough to work as a janitor in his fucking old age. Jesus, what a wasted life. Because the only things that stood between him and real life was his own standing in one spot. We are all exposed to media like no other generation on the planet ever was before us, to movies and narratives and stories, obviously we use them to try to make sense of our identity, we can get lost in them if we don't fight for strong sense of identity, or we try to transplant them to make them into identity. Challenge of realizing those are works of fiction are life has a bit different rules is everyone's. So honestly - it's not about that pretentiousness is wrong - it's the fucking privilege. How privileged can you be to waste a perfectly good life in normal country, where you're not persecuted, maybe unnoticed, but that isn't a conviction if there is something to notice about you, without physical or mental illness, without impotency, without criminality... All wasted on some sitting around and watching life go by. It's honestly a case of insane privilege. The filmmaker should go homeless for a while. I guarantee he would quickly realize his movie is right, yes - but also wrong because we can find the impulse inside of ourselves to survive and then to thrive but self-awareness and objectiveness about reality are necessary here. Hard to appreciate what you have - if those pigs were the only thing standing between him and poverty, it would be a movie how poverty destroys identity by forcing humans into criminality... but we are not fucking spineless, muscle-less toys. Time and death take us all but seriously, time we have can be used. *sigh* I don't belong to this branch of cinema.

  • Anna *****
    Anna *****

    Society creates media images of prettified people and prettified reality - even in horrors. When you think about it dealing with real demons or posessions would still be easier than having your mother die or being raped or losing a child, etc. The movie seems to be about the fact that this guy lives only inside his own head and he creates images from movies and society and his own feelings of being inadequate - but at the same time... what choice does he have? Other than living in his own mind? What's outside of it is bleak.


    What would I do without FoundFlix... my head hurt from this

  • Lucy Gallo
    Lucy Gallo

    I screamed when the girls name changed from Lucy to Lucia bc my real name is Lucia and ppl call me Lucy

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    Is Charlie alright?

  • Madeline Groh
    Madeline Groh

    I totally thought this was gonna be a Horse Girl type movie. Like the girl gradually goes insane and the people around her suddenly act normal as it's revealed that Lucy has psychological issues. But nope, and now that I have watched your explanation i can conclude that I still understand none of the movie at all and I'm still very confused

  • Luke Bryars
    Luke Bryars

    Wasted an hour of my life watching this abomination.

  • Shumai

    After seeing this movie I just felt a confusing sadness, mostly because of what the pig said in that final scene, "Someone has to be the pig with maggots" and it's true, there will be always somebody who has to be the lonely, never loved, burried under their mistakes and risks that they didn't take type of person. That's how our world is and it's not always a matter of beauty or an interesting personality, if you're not a forward person the world is gonna run you over and you're going to be.. fine, not happy, not satisfied, just.. fine, alive and that's it. Makes you think of all the good you have that you take for granted, there's people out there that doesn't have a voice of their own or an ear to listen to them and that makes me.. Idk, guilty I guess. It's a great movie and a piece of art, like everything that leads you to deep reflection on things.

  • catbat06

    This video is great. Whilst watcing the film I was so confused but this makes it all finally click. Amazing.

  • GuyWithChainsaw

    I feel like this movie is exposing me

  • No One
    No One

    Hold up. They talked about the rapey song... then when fake jake and fake Lucy dance in the hallway you see the janitor try to rape or attack Lucy? Anybody catch that??!!

  • Mikkel Arvai
    Mikkel Arvai

    I guess I had it wrong. My interpretation that the Lucy that we followed was mostly real. That after she "ended things" with him (which I just figured was implied,) he was left all alone, never finding anyone else, so he holds unto that memory, as that's the only thing left in his life. He makes the fantasy relationship of the two that follows the rest of the points in his life, like his parents dying. And that with him becoming older, his fantasy starts to distort, like how they met being changed to the scene of the movie. Lucy changing once again her story on how they met, alongside the "can't say no" thing made me think that she was "ending things" with him. The actor being killed by the janitor made me think that for Lucy, the old Jake had died, so she had to move on. Something Jake couldn't.

  • Archie Akita Inu
    Archie Akita Inu

    Everybody: please explain the end me: please explain full movie

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave

    I always felt she was his imaginary friend to cope for the fact he is alone. 🤔The way things repeated and seem off. Yeep, Jake is reminiscing and fantasizing. Doesn't help he is showing signs of aging, the Alzheimer.

  • Grace Catan
    Grace Catan

    Read the booook

  • ナイジェル天使

    I didn't come here for feelings... 🥺😭

  • Ceebee 11
    Ceebee 11

    Fave Kaufman flick, hands down: Adaptation.

  • xboxer214

    Honestly this movie comes off as really sad knowing its the life he wished he had.

  • Maryama Ahmady
    Maryama Ahmady

    Lucy changed her shirt and jacket a lot times and so did Jake I think the real Jake had some confusion about what he really finds ideal

  • Sam Perez
    Sam Perez

    Todd had enough of Jesse and dipped out with the 1st girl he saw

  • Fluffyth3f0x

    the movie is like the visual representation of dementia like how Everywhere at the end of time was the audio representation of dementia, this film is like the visual After watching this film it settled in my head far better than EATEOT, don't know exactly why but I am a visual learner My grandmother developed sundowners around the middle of last year. I remember her asking me when my parents would come to pick me up and that it was getting late. I told her that I lived here, and she seemed really confused and just walked off. I also remember her going around and locking the doors several times before my mother had to tell her to just go to bed. Another time she asked me what my name was, and I told her it was Devlyn, and she just said, "Oh, that's my granddaughter's name! What a coincidence." I never had a strong connection with my grandmother since she lived in Illinois and we constantly moved and she only visited at Christmas, but the whole time she was there just felt weird. My mom said that if she ever developed it, she wanted us to shoot her in the back of the head. I know that if she develops it that I might as well, and the thought just terrifies me, especially sense I already have memory issues, and I'm still a minor. This film made me feel high

  • Jeffrey Rapkin
    Jeffrey Rapkin

    You always try to find the good even in the shittiest of films. It's ok to call garbage for what it is and this movie sucks ass.

  • mckenna white
    mckenna white

    the novel this is based on is my favorite horror novel of all time, and i implore everyone to read it, as well as any other iain reed novels. (foe is fantastic!!!)

  • katy mutz
    katy mutz

    I can't believe no one is talking about in the car scene Lucy SUDDENLY turns into the girl in that romantic movie for just a few seconds that the old man was watching a while back

  • Mariana Nelson
    Mariana Nelson

    See I thought it was some kind of time loop or something ....

  • amilcarmz86

    One of the most depressing movies that I have seen

  • MSPaintRose

    It's amazing how well I related to this guy. That's so disturbing

  • Brad Willes
    Brad Willes

    I don't wanna be smug but you fools actually thought it was about "lucy" when her story kept changing ever 20 seconds and every hint/conversation was pointing to Jake (Ex. house poem)

  • Jesse Garrett
    Jesse Garrett

    I like the less ambiguous ending of the book.

  • Jumping Jax
    Jumping Jax

    This was a great review. The dance scene at the end with the couple is a scene from Oklahoma, and some other old time musicals

  • Ariel Novak
    Ariel Novak

    The movie made me feel like my brain was itchy

  • Luu Cee
    Luu Cee

    I kept thinking of ending with this movie but SOMEHOW I kept watching until the end..............

  • Rainbow Minion
    Rainbow Minion

    Having that car ride I'm sure anyone would jump out the car as the driver

  • Cameron Schacter
    Cameron Schacter

    I think this movie was the one movie on Netflix that I’ve seen that actually made me say “WTF DID I JUST WATCH”

  • Lauren Chatman
    Lauren Chatman

    I need about 12 more years of education before I can understand this movie.

  • Tie Phillips
    Tie Phillips

    "Incredibly pretentious." Wow, that's how I felt about the book.

    • Tie Phillips
      Tie Phillips

      @Kiwi Nash the build-up to the end was underwhelming. Some can do that kind of ending but this one felt like “really? That’s it?”

    • Kiwi Nash
      Kiwi Nash

      @Tie Phillips Awh what did you hate about it??

    • Tie Phillips
      Tie Phillips

      @Kiwi Nash I’m glad you like it. I can agree that the structure was very well planned out and everything lead to the ending but I also just hated the ending.

    • Kiwi Nash
      Kiwi Nash

      What !! The book was even better, in my opinion

  • ethereal

    i wish they would’ve made the meaning more clear, i really like mind fucker movies though

  • yona subarashii
    yona subarashii

    Once i realized it was all about the degradation of the human mind bc of old age i fucking sobbed for the rest of the movie. Its such a horrible and terrifying reality that everyone that lives long enough can go through. Ive witnessed it and its so confusing and heart crushing seeing someones mind crumble that used to be so different and coherent.

  • GeorgeL

    Worst movie I have ever seen! Well..I didn’t saw the whole thing...somewhere in the middle I just switched to Southpark...

  • Sarang Chavan
    Sarang Chavan


  • Padmashree Basavaraju
    Padmashree Basavaraju

    Wow! What an amazing movie. I am gonna look for it now :) thank you x

  • Henry Ashurst
    Henry Ashurst

    That voice style works well for 3 minute WatchMojo list videos, but Jesus not for half an hour. TALK NORMALLY!

  • Eduardo Fernandes
    Eduardo Fernandes

    The title of this vid scared me because this channel, sort of, is my only source of movie breakdowns and plot explanations. Seeing those words made me kinda sad and then stupid because I realised it was the name of the movie.

  • aynsley rae
    aynsley rae

    Noticed no one even mentioned the author of the book... Ian Reid! Of course Charlie is a great director but Ian is the mastermind behind this entire project. Give credit where it's due!

  • Papa Pagurus
    Papa Pagurus

    I just watched the film, i don't need you narrate it.

  • Courtney Hanna
    Courtney Hanna

    this movie gave me such an icky feeling lol

  • everythingisaprocess

    I will say that this review was more entertaining than the actual movie. I attempted to watch the movie although the long car ride to the guy's parents house was nearly unbearable to watch. At one point in the movie, I fell into a DEEP sleep....then woke up and tried to finish it and guess what happened? If you guessed that I fell asleep AGAIN, then you win the prize. This movie is HORRIBLE. despite receiving mostly favorable reviews. The issue is that the movie masquerades as an intellectually stimulating film that is so deep and many people are afraid to say that they don't like the movie because they don't want to be stereotyped as being " too stupid to understand it." The movie lacks a creative approach by using the same old " it was all in his mind" concept. This is a lazy approach that has been over-used many times in an attempt to keep the audience guessing by making things happen that seemingly don't make sense when in reality -NONE OF IT IS REALLY HAPPENING AT ALL . It's the same old - it was all a dream...it was all in their head...blah...blah.....blah.... For this to be the concept, this movie could have at least been far more entertaining. It fails at being the intellectual, mind boggling Masterpiece that it wants us to believe that it is and any movie that puts me to sleep twice is NOT a good movie, PERIOD. So, for all of you that consider yourselves to be reasonably intelligent, and you did NOT like this movie....don't feel bad, it's NOT you! The movie SUCKED.

  • GibbyFromICarlyTM

    Is the mom being played by Toni Collette from heridatary or am i high lol

  • EpifaníaMC

    okey dokey, i'll just lay down and cry thank you very much Charlie

  • 桃白茶

    My mental fantasy is so much different from this

  • Sarah

    imagine watching this on acid

  • Anjuleus Y
    Anjuleus Y

    Thank you, Charlie. You monster.

  • J. smith
    J. smith

    Thank you Mr. FoundFlix. A wonderful commentary of a theatrical labyrinth full of macabre exploration into parts of our psyche best left untouched....unless of course you are THE Charlie Kaufman.

  • EMS 76
    EMS 76

    Sorry but you do not seem like a very serious cinephile. What is with the puerile jabs at Kaufman in your introduction?

  • FosTexZ

    You didn't mention how they changed the actress for a scene in the car ride. or was that just in my imagination? I assumed it was for the same reason, how its all just in his mind and was probably just some other familiar stranger.

  • Mysfyt

    I Hated every F***ing single minute of this drivel piece of s**t movie. I might have found my new #1 worst movie of all time pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clara charest
    clara charest

    So no one is going to talk about the scene when the woman is looking outside the window and there’s snow falling on the car but nowhere else ?

  • elementofjo. Eli
    elementofjo. Eli

    i feel like i need an explanation for this explanation but worth a watch

  • Otis Williams
    Otis Williams

    Get a life was odd, but good

  • Ressie D
    Ressie D


  • John Hatchell
    John Hatchell

    If your movie is so overcomplicated with subtly and pretentious that you have to look up and explanation then you failed at good storytelling and connecting with the viewer. This is the type of movie who smells its own farts , drives a Prius and is a vegan and never shuts up about how they are better then you for doing so. Fuck this movie and if you think this is deep or a great movie fuck you too.

  • ubercult

    Great movie! Really enjoyed the uncomfortable car ride scenes as well as the dinner table scene. Didn’t really care for the musical bits at the end tho

  • Mohamed Deek
    Mohamed Deek

    This movie honestly reminded me the horror of being in Palestine. Trapped and lost to everyone

  • Kunal Kalia
    Kunal Kalia

    The video feels like the most important part of the movie. Can't skip it

  • Eunoia Vision
    Eunoia Vision

    I don't think he is dead at the end, because we hear the truck engine trying to turn over during the credit roll. Also anyone notice how similar these actors are to Philip Seymour Hoffman and Samantha Morton from Synecdoche?

    • Mohamed Deek
      Mohamed Deek

      I think the sounds during the end credits was actually a plow shoveling the street for the next school day so at least someone will notice him now

  • Nancy Stupid
    Nancy Stupid

    I wish I had seen this before reading the book! The book didn't make any sense either.

  • Vlazurah

    These types of movies must be fucking insane whilst high

  • JJMe Disneycool
    JJMe Disneycool

    Wow... life without faith in Jesus must really suck

    • Eunoia Vision
      Eunoia Vision

      Thank you.

  • gummy bear
    gummy bear

    HONEST OPINION...Do not waste your time and watch this movie! 2HRS doing anything else will be more productive.

  • RoboLobster3000

    "I'm thinking of ending things" more like "I'm thinking of ending explained" ha gotteemmm

  • Brad Miller
    Brad Miller

    Kind of like a more effed up 'A Christmas Carol'.

  • Edward Oktavianus
    Edward Oktavianus

    Seeing the title for the first time on Netflix, I thought this is going to be some drama about a woman wanting to ending things with her boyfriend. But man, how wrong I was. I felt like I was crazy watching the entire film. Almost nothing make sense. At first I thought that the janitor was Jake's father until that scene in Jake's home. I have to check this channel just to be sure of all the things I was watching 😑

  • Andys Videos/Bungle Boy Videos
    Andys Videos/Bungle Boy Videos

    Thank you. I needed this apparently I'm slow. Incredibly depressing movie

  • saandwich

    I have the IQ of raccoon so I didn’t catch on to any of this, I didn’t even finish the movie, it got too much to handle ig. I wish I had though

  • Ghost

    It’s Jake, from State Farm.

  • Visky Jam
    Visky Jam

    24:03 geez, I get that

  • Jesse Friesen
    Jesse Friesen

    I feel like Kaufman works best as a writer partnering with a director like Jonze or Gondry that can soften some of the nihilistic and pretentious edges but still spotlight the brilliantly depressing existential ideas he plays around with

  • Robert Fechete
    Robert Fechete

    Jake ruined the movie .

  • Sophia Caldwell
    Sophia Caldwell

    It was just bad to watch

  • Ronfar Zeal
    Ronfar Zeal

    I strongly feel like the male character in my life. It makes it easy to see the ending of the story coming.

  • 掠夺

    i just finished watching this movie while on a long car drive and i feel like i'm losing my mind

  • NinaNiterose

    This is what I would call a horror movie. I watched it weeks ago and it still wreaks havoc in my brain.

  • Vermin

    Yeah no, movie sucked ass.

  • Jimmy Gable
    Jimmy Gable

    I felt like Jake’s own dementia was the source of the chaos within the story world with contradictory details and crisscrossed timelines.

  • Jimmy Gable
    Jimmy Gable

    Also, after the end credits, didn’t the car start?

  • Jimmy Gable
    Jimmy Gable

    The movie felt like an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • Deer in Headlights
    Deer in Headlights

    Definitely the kind of movie I need to watch more then once