THE GALLOWS ACT II (2019) Ending Explained
#thegallows2 #endingexplained
In The Gallows Act II, the vengeful spirit of Charlie returns to terrorize a whole new batch of kids, in particular hopeful actress/UZmatchr Auna Rue. Learn all about the nonsensical plot, how it kind of connects to the first film, and explaining the ending.
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  • Lemon

    8:31 u got it bro

  • Felipe Flores
    Felipe Flores

    I remember watching the first one at a friend's Halloween party in 2016.

  • MastemaJack

    The teacher directing the play is in the show Superstore

  • Stop it cat
    Stop it cat

    holy shit those jumpscare screens are stupid, they look 2 dimentional

  • Robert Torricer
    Robert Torricer

    7:20 can't even lie, that was pretty cool lol I never thought about that

  • Rufus Robinson3
    Rufus Robinson3

    Let's admit it folks, this is still better than slenderman movie

  • Ricky Burgos
    Ricky Burgos

    I didn’t even know their was a sequel

  • jennifer half
    jennifer half

    God those guy side bangs....

  • jennifer half
    jennifer half

    I think it's a good idea for a horror movie just should of went in a different direction. ALSO DO "2067" DANGIT!!!! I'll even get on my knees and beg....🤪🤓

  • jennifer half
    jennifer half

    *in the worst British accent you will ever hear* Charlie bit me, Charlie bit my finger.

  • Qurt Eh
    Qurt Eh


  • proudcribb

    "900,000 views! Dang i wish i got that many views" Video: 1M views

    • proudcribb

      Deserved tho

  • NerdyPenguin91

    Wow, High Scool Musical really changed...

  • slaywee

    WTF is this movie? The story and plot don't make any sense.

  • Aura Arts
    Aura Arts

    the ending is garbage what is this?

  • Coyote briggs
    Coyote briggs

    Wait, this wasn't a comedy?

  • Luke Fincher
    Luke Fincher

    ok but the i believe in love thing was the funniest shit ever lmao

  • Jacoby Santos
    Jacoby Santos

    ur starting to sound like the protagonist in grave incounters 2, don't be him.

  • Robbie Trapaga
    Robbie Trapaga

    To be fair...the first Gallows isnt a bad idea for a movie! I’ve watched it several times and I do like it. It of course has its flaws being weirdly paced and having the characters being purposely stupid to carry the plot. But when the movie isn’t being dumb it’s actually kinda creepy and would sometimes scare me. It does have its moments... the ending is pretty bad I know that but the second movie is so fucking bad like it’s not the gallows at all.

  • maca x roni
    maca x roni

    13:32 that jump scare scare the shit out of me

  • K C D
    K C D

    isn't that jock looking guy the guy from neighbours(Australian tv series on channel 5)

  • AsylumTV

    Yup this movie sucks

  • Steve Cheney
    Steve Cheney

    As Drawn Together said: "Wait, why are we still doing this when she's not around?"

  • ned wild
    ned wild

    You would think that Lisa would've been slightly more aware about evil spirits when her giant pink gargoyle went missing that was meant to protect her but I guess she was too busy lol

  • The Pinnacle
    The Pinnacle

    So glad I skipped these these films

  • snb201

    So THIS is where that Charlie challenge came from

  • Mitch Rynn
    Mitch Rynn

    Lmao this is the literal storyline of the Shane Dawson movie smiley. And yes both are dreadful.

  • as of now I've been censored
    as of now I've been censored

    I'm glad I watched this video. I thought I had gone freaking dumb when the movie ended and I was like wait, none of that makes sense. Was it supernatural or was it supposed to be a bunch of actors that set it all up. Obviously it must be both because supernatural stuff happened, but the end makes it seem like it was everyone around was in on it. Why? Wtf? I think I've wasted 2 hours of my life. 😂

  • Stone Satterlee
    Stone Satterlee

    I saw this movie for the first time a couple of months back. All I could think was that it was just an excuse for cheap jump scares. I love horror movies as much as the next guy, but a movie filled with cheap jump scares every 5 minutes is not scary, it's annoying. :P

  • StutterStreak

    I just now noticed the kids in hall set totally jealous

  • KissMyAspergers

    Hey... Good on you for trying! A lot of people don't have the patience for shit like this. It's just "it makes no sense, it's fucking stupid, a plague o' both your houses". And I don't blame them - but I still congratulate you for trying anyway!

  • Hollow Point
    Hollow Point

    Yea I like the movie does no one ever watch for enjoyment anymore

  • Michael Wardlow
    Michael Wardlow

    Your videos are LIFE! Only Chanel you can watch a movie with out watching it, thanks for getting us through quarantine my guy! 💯

  • Wildstar Hang
    Wildstar Hang

    The movie in the nutshell, it hung itself

  • the harbinger of souls
    the harbinger of souls

    This isn't as dark as a book I had in primary school about a woman, CRACKING HER SKULL OPEN ON HER OWN KNEE!!!

  • Madizzle90

    How good does ONE monologue have to be to be offered a full ride to NYU?

  • Joker Sad
    Joker Sad

    I never knew this was even out yet

  • Mathew Barnes
    Mathew Barnes

    But why the dog 😰

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton

    I swear... a 10 year old could have made a better horror plot to a movie than these people. This was just awful.

  • Izaell Hagins
    Izaell Hagins

    I literally had no emotional response to the ending.

  • Stoney Shugarts
    Stoney Shugarts

    Such wasted potential by writers Irene er seeing the trailer for the first movie and o thought this can be so good a bleep movie in a school plus found footage it showed firefighters entering the school cause the kids were smart enough to hit the alarm you know what happened that got rescripted and the movie wasn’t like the trailer same thing happened with slendemem hate to see wasted potential

  • Harrison liss
    Harrison liss

    I think this movie would have been better had our protagonist turned out to be in league with everything and pretended to kill herself and then comes back and murders that prick. It would have kept in line with the same twist ending of the original. It annoys me so much that this movie was essentially bullying a girl and made her die to fear. How great would it have been to see her get up and then our Charlie ghost kills them! She played them all! Movie would have been garbage still, but more in line with the first one, where someone you thought was innocent (ish) turned out to be in on it!

  • Buried Hatchet Productions
    Buried Hatchet Productions

    Auna really looked like a brunette version of Brooke from MTV Scream. I know it’s not just me who sees this

  • Ch1ck3n T3ndy
    Ch1ck3n T3ndy

    hey you got that many views

  • Evos Pato
    Evos Pato

    i m so scary:(

  • Evos Pato
    Evos Pato

    Mr Foundflix

  • My Own Music
    My Own Music

    FoundFlix is so wholesome.

  • Romeo’s ThinkingRoom
    Romeo’s ThinkingRoom

    This is the first I’ve hear of the 2nd movie and I wish I’d just never watched the first one to begin with. Smh lol

  • Wendeviant

    I know I'm late in this comparison, and it was probably mentioned to hell in the last upload. But The Gallow's plotline just sounds like a diet "Macbeth Curse".

  • Liberty Dean
    Liberty Dean

    I was today years old when I realised they made a sequel to this shitshow

  • KumaoftheForest and his Cubs
    KumaoftheForest and his Cubs

    Wait till “The Gallows 3” when the killer is killing people who all worked on the same science project in elementary school but it’s 20 years later and the killer is the teacher from the flashbacks


    For real, they flat out copied the plot of that Shane Dawson movie. 🤣


    Wow that ending. You could say they all..... *DID IT FOR THE LOLs!!!!!*

  • brennan brunken
    brennan brunken

    Nobody:... Me every mornimg: 14:28

  • a study in gigi
    a study in gigi

    the end of this movie is like that smiley film

  • Totally Pony
    Totally Pony

    Maybe they were trying to explain why Charlie and his family tried to get revenge in the first movie. Maybe the guy who got sick didn't actually get sick and instead he was part of the colt. He got Charlie killed on purpose and thats why he wants revenge. Now the same thing happend to the girl in this movie so maybe it will repeat with her being the new Charlie.

  • LeoSlayz

    8:30 you got the 900k here

  • Jamie XD
    Jamie XD

    Horrible writing Idk who hired the writers. they were clearly on drugs and the director

  • GlowBabyGlow

    Please explain American Psycho! :)

  • Gracie Byrd
    Gracie Byrd

    This movie already came out

  • Teddy Filli
    Teddy Filli

    How did Charlie get a freaking cult?

  • Leaf

    FoundFlix: oh my even id want to have that many views Me: hmmm you have passed that many views what do you mean?

  • Kenpaci

    This video has 900k views rn thats so ironic

  • Flo Wee
    Flo Wee

    She looks like Demi Lovato in camp rock

  • GU_ Gavunal
    GU_ Gavunal

    Anybody else find it Ironic that he got only 76,652 more views, and also said "I wish I got those kinds of views"

  • LucaKro krowinkel
    LucaKro krowinkel

    The Gallows "act 2"? thats not how acts work dipshit movie. that would mean this is just the middle of the story and it doesnt have an end. no wonder.

  • Mister Anti-Bully
    Mister Anti-Bully

    The CGI is so fucking bad in this film it looks like Cyberpunk 2077 on the PS4.

  • The Ala
    The Ala

    Watching this at 976,633 views, more than she had. Your wish has been granted :)

  • Ethan Iveyl
    Ethan Iveyl

    10:49-10:57 best part of the video lol

  • Luke Wagner
    Luke Wagner

    bruh i love how he said he wished his videos got 900,000 views like in the movie and he got it

  • **

    Is that how you hit the 1m sub goal? Evil? Who'd you make a deal with, hmmm??

  • Ryeser

    Funny how he said he wished he had 900k views, and woulda look at that 970k views

  • Asukyo

    8:33 , what did you say ?

  • Just Gacha
    Just Gacha

    ✨ h a n g m a n ✨

  • P2501

    "From the company that brought you Paranormal Activity and Insidious" "From the caterers who served Fargo and Saving Private Ryan" "From the camera that was used to film Fight Club and Mia Khalifa's higher rated videos" "From the nephew of a guy who watched Good Will Hunting"

  • Dylan Ichiba
    Dylan Ichiba

    anyone else immediately check the amount of views this video had after he said "I wish I had that many views"

  • lucaschannel7 2
    lucaschannel7 2

    I wasn’t aware you can make me like gallow 1 more. Because this sh$thole of a film can go f$ck itself

  • Zee Productions
    Zee Productions

    21:48 bruuhhhh they tried that guy 😂😂😂🤣

  • aron Smashcraft
    aron Smashcraft

    Would you mind doing a video on the villiage?

  • Quantum Nerd
    Quantum Nerd

    anna :MY will these guys: OUR will *soviet anthem intesnsifies

  • Urbie

    Why did I think Gallows 2 was made like 5 years ago or smth. This actually makes me feel younger-

  • Dennis Sjemmedal
    Dennis Sjemmedal

    8:32 you accually did better than her

  • Solomon Tillman
    Solomon Tillman

    Ok so the parents wanted their children sacrificed but for what benefit?

  • Patri the bro
    Patri the bro

    Gallowd acto tu

  • Alex Pilotin
    Alex Pilotin

    the swing kill is already bad what the fuck is this

  • Harrison liss
    Harrison liss

    It would have been great is Anna was related to Charlie after all and she faked everything to troll them. When they think she died willingly, Charlie shows up and she reveals she was alive all along and kills them with Charlie. Yes, this doesn't make sense, but it's significantly more awesome and it relates back to the first movie and the way that doesn't make sense either!

  • evil overlord gaming minion
    evil overlord gaming minion

    9:33 me looks at this video veiws......." well there you go and you didn't even have to be cursed and or haunted for it" 🤣

  • Ryan Petula
    Ryan Petula

    Foundflic: I wish I had 900,000 views... Me: *checks views on video* Me: *smiles*

  • Adjowa Afful
    Adjowa Afful

    As a fashion student, this is horrifying 👁️👄👁️🤣🤣🤣

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    It’s always amazing when you can tell what someone would look like when old

  • Short and Fat
    Short and Fat

    *mumbling* wish mY videos got that many views

  • Joshua Xiong
    Joshua Xiong

    Wait.... The Gallows had a sequel????

  • Cheng Xiong
    Cheng Xiong

    936k view I see

  • Jeff Call
    Jeff Call

    I'm here to save myself an hour and a half

  • FrizzKid05

    It's insane that they never, for a second, even considered the faulty construction of their own movie. If Charlie was accidentally hanged during a show, then he, himself, wasn't a willing how does it make sense that a group of people named their challenge after Charlie...and made a major premise a 'willing sacrifice'? It's just crazy nonsense.

  • Elpreto 19
    Elpreto 19

    8:30 ... ironic

  • Jackinabox

    Why are their sometimes clips, sometimes screenshot? Is it broken? A copyright thing?

  • Nopaz Gaming
    Nopaz Gaming

    They should have redone how they did the first one, it’s cheaper and better

  • CATfaceCutie

    Anyone getting low budget Demi camp rock vibes? 😹

  • Frost Lord
    Frost Lord

    Foundflix:I wish I could get 900,000 views Video:get 900,000 views