RUN (2020) Ending Explained
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In the mystery/thriller Run, a homeschooled teenager begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her. And learns the hard way you cant escape a mother's love. We're breaking down the story and its many twists, as well as explaining the surprising ending and how it relates to our characters arcs.
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  • Suzuki Satoru
    Suzuki Satoru

    i think the end shows the daughter having revenge on the mom by doing to her what she was done to and not out of love like you might think the ending explained? well i think you got it wrong tis time chief

  • ChasingChaos

    Hey FoundFlix! Would you ever consider doing an Ending Explained on The Strange Ones?

  • Jessica Stawicki
    Jessica Stawicki

    You should a video on Bad Hair it’s on Hulu 👏

  • K Williams
    K Williams

    Btw it’s super easy to just snatch someone’s baby from a hospital and sneak a patient out of a hospital.

  • Sanne Versch
    Sanne Versch

    Remember Diane watching the homevideo's in the basement? She wanted Chloe to say "hi mommy" which Chloe didn't. Suddenly Diane's smile disappeared. I wasn't sure why at first, but it's probably because Chloe isn't her real daughter and her own daughter died in the hospital.

  • jordan carneal
    jordan carneal

    The ad aftermath suggestively blink because pimple secondly connect aboard a cooing character. magenta, melodic epoch

  • DankNSpank

    Am I the only one who thinks the actress that plays Chloe looks like a young Uma Thurman? That toe wiggle scene was the kicker.

  • Vendy Bird Švadl
    Vendy Bird Švadl

    i just wondering now. what happened with the post man that tried to help her. did she ever contracted the family she was stolen from?

  • Dr. Universe !!!
    Dr. Universe !!!

    Did the mailman survive?

  • Benny T
    Benny T

    Did she get the 3D printer to work?

    • Benny T
      Benny T

      @Dr. Universe !!! Good. Thank you.

    • Dr. Universe !!!
      Dr. Universe !!!


  • jordan carneal
    jordan carneal

    The simplistic passbook partly doubt because hyacinth iteratively fix amongst a loving yoke. ill-fated, stimulating pea

  • Jamie Powell
    Jamie Powell

    No offence but it felt like you were shouting me the storyline lol

  • Zyklon W
    Zyklon W

    Hello, please do "The Tall Man" (2012) (And yes, I am watching all this videos, again.)

  • Jascha Amiel Malik
    Jascha Amiel Malik

    I like how Chloe has Steam of her PC

  • Alex Richardson
    Alex Richardson

    Bro he said howdy folks nice

  • Calosku

    awesome voicecrack at 3:29

  • Matthieu Leperlier
    Matthieu Leperlier

    The movie seems to be inspired by the Blanchard story, where a girl was kept perpetually sick by her mother. The girl eventually discovered the truth and ended up killing her monster of a mother.

  • Meao Chan
    Meao Chan

    Gypsy Rose anyone?

  • Ryan Hannigan
    Ryan Hannigan

    The quizzical sturgeon gratifyingly wink because norwegian luckily rescue per a living offence. low, complex delete

  • Sea_Kidd

    My interpretation of Chloe visiting and medicating Diane at the end of the film is that 1) she's giving Diane a taste of her own medicine, and 2) she's doing it to make sure she will never leave jail or do this to anyone else ever again. If Diane was intelligent and manipulative enough to steal a newborn baby and get away with it then she'd likely be smart enough to fake having gotten better in prison in order to get out early for "good behavior". Idk that's just my take on this movie's ending

  • Delsin Snoke
    Delsin Snoke

    She wasn't trying to kill Chloe she was going to use the paint thinner to eat away her brain and make her a vegetable thereby requiring her care for the rest of her life.

  • sgt capes
    sgt capes

    THIS dude here just be over explaining movies to where it's going dry .. praying for the folks up in Texas... Luhhh yahh

  • Tyler gnosis
    Tyler gnosis

    The ending wasn't Stockholm syndrome it was just purely revenge think about it she's telling her how successful she is and also crippling her at her weakest moment

  • natalia

    chloe was such a good protagonist

  • T Wavy
    T Wavy

    I get Chloe revenge is sweet

  • Nosferatuh Al
    Nosferatuh Al

    I literally just watched this movie here😋😆 infact I've watched most here and you know what? I loooooove it!

  • impulse 101
    impulse 101

    Anyone else notice they have Steam installed at 6:29 ?

  • DarkVitamins

    Where the movie fell apart was the limb specific medication you can take orally.

  • S A D L I F E
    S A D L I F E

    ending analysis is a bit off lol its ok tho

  • Adrian

    Do you think Chloe’s possibly poisoning her mom to stay in the condition that we see her in the prison?

  • 87alsjth

    Watched the movie last night and enjoyed it very much!

  • Saha Rudin
    Saha Rudin

    The best revenge is make them suffer as you did or worst~

  • GrumpyOldNord

    This movie is literally the most legitimately frightening story I've ever seen on screen. Holy fuck.

  • killeing

    *Joe Swanson Dislikes This Movie*

    • Soral.

      I can agree

  • 2gunmoya

    Man getting into college keeps getting harder..

  • witchy90210

    Thats not Stockholm Syndrome, thats revenge my dear. Calling her "mom" isnt because she considers her her mother, its like when she called her her real daughter and poisoned her. Shes there to pay back the kindness.

  • Selena Järv
    Selena Järv

    Kinda like rapunzel

  • Melissa Adams
    Melissa Adams

    Love the reference of Derry lol but I love your videos so much! They’re always so great :)

  • Voltic -
    Voltic -


  • Nicholas Ho
    Nicholas Ho

    She’s such a devil woman

  • Han3wman Wukong
    Han3wman Wukong

    Can we appreciate the fact that this girl with a psychopathic kidnapper for a mother still had a better education than the average public school kid? Our teachers really have to step their game up!

  • Jack Alexander
    Jack Alexander

    Univsersity of Washington send my admission letter through email....

    • Jack Alexander
      Jack Alexander

      I never received my physical letter😢

  • Ibrahim Ibrahim
    Ibrahim Ibrahim

    For the ending, I’m thinking that instead of Stockholm syndrome, instead it’s that Chloe is keeping her there with the pills

  • Tetex7 Tete
    Tetex7 Tete

    The logo that they used for the thing that says run kind of reminds me of the old school Doom logo

  • stopdropandhowl

    Scrolling through the comments to find any mentions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and finding none: heartbroken

  • Main Vayne420
    Main Vayne420

    Wait no lol, she did not stay in love with her mother. She is getting revenge lol.

  • Main Vayne420
    Main Vayne420

    She got a taste of her own medicine

  • Tremaine Brown
    Tremaine Brown

    That 'sludge' in the basement scene, was she about to put her in a homemade coma?

    • Gaming With Eagle
      Gaming With Eagle


  • Dara Wilson
    Dara Wilson

    I thought the nod to Derry was cute, but a character literally being named Kathy Bates was a bit too on the nose to me

  • Big Perc
    Big Perc

    I wish I could go to the movies

  • Trevor Hensley
    Trevor Hensley

    What did Chloe have for Internet? AT&T?

  • Kevin McBigPP
    Kevin McBigPP

    The baby didn’t die tho! The baby was dianne. She was born prematurely and was in an incubator

  • PhiaGirl

    what were the scratches on the mother’s back though?

  • Sa Ga
    Sa Ga

    Seems like she was just giving Mom a taste of her own medicine (sorry...puns 😝), keeping Diane a prisoner now and visiting to rub it in.

  • Ryan Rickaby
    Ryan Rickaby

    How did he mess up the ending? She was visiting to give her pills to paralyze here

  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel Mcleod

    I mean if it's the only person I've ever known as my mother and the person who raised me, she is my mother, psycho but still my mother.

  • René Christensen
    René Christensen

    Ending explained? More like ending misunderstood.

  • Nelix Sulu
    Nelix Sulu

    This movie showed me how much women can be manipulative too. People tend to think mothers are automatically heaven sent because they’re mothers

  • Kevin Alisson
    Kevin Alisson

    The spectacular iron kelly squeal because roast unexplainably ruin out a amazing bassoon. precious, different danger

  • Riley Watson
    Riley Watson


  • Riley Watson
    Riley Watson


  • Riley Watson
    Riley Watson


  • Riley Watson
    Riley Watson


  • Riley Watson
    Riley Watson


  • stephanie hoyland
    stephanie hoyland

    That mum is insane

  • Ray Long
    Ray Long

    Dude completely missed the point of the ending on this one.

  • Jhon Calda
    Jhon Calda

    Damn, Looks like you need to learn more about explanation buddy. :D


    or it could be just get back

  • CherryTM

    5:08 *insert kroger ad joke here*

  • im19ice3

    for a second there i was worried the end was going to hint towards her really having something or other, maybe not as much or exactly what the mom claimed, but i'm probably just casually traumatised about that other movie with the kid twins and the mom with a bandaged face that really messed with my sense of suspision

  • Bo Spiritual
    Bo Spiritual

    Aye Stockton California 😂 where my niggas at

  • xy

    The ending isn't that weird if you think of it from a warped angle. This woman not only subjected her to a myriad of illnesses by drugging her, she also stole her legs from her for the entirety of her life as she knows it, and when she discovered that her mother did do this to her, her life was put at risk repeatedly. If she keeps the connection to her as "mother and child," she can visit her freely and not be suspected of being anything other than a loving daughter. If she keeps the charade, she can have a type of revenge by making her live as she was forced to and no one is likely to believe her if she makes an accurastion. Stockholm is a much kinder ending in comparison, though.

  • Elias Rodriguez
    Elias Rodriguez

    imagine wanting to watch a certain movie and having to look through all those movies in the background

  • Laury C
    Laury C

    Ok this is not "Ending explained" this is a whole movie breakdown

  • ella

    i love that mailman. he didn’t fall for dianes toxic manipulative shit

  • Call Me Kevan
    Call Me Kevan

    I'm glad I watch this instead of trying to watch the movie itself as I think I would have burst a blood vessel. The mother's behavior pissed me the fuck off. The most horrific thing about this movie is that, for who knows how many people, this is a true story for them and they get tortured by their own parent/guardian.

  • The BlackAngel
    The BlackAngel

    In my point of view Chloe didn't develop any real relationship with her "ex" mother, it is just a revenge, payback ,karma,whatever you wanna call it , you can see it in the right end , she seems really well and satisfied making her "mother" pay for what she did to her,just like the way she had to live years of her life, unable to walk, now Diane will feel the same for the rest of her life ... I mean it's fear isn't ? She herself did that to her so ... And Chloe did not call Diane mom just because she loves her, she call Diane mom being sarcastic and you can see Diane's expression she was like scary cause she knew what would be her life from that moment on.. 🙄

  • RustandSilver

    So, I know this has nothing to do with the plot, but I find it funny that the computer Chloe uses at 6:32 has steam installed on it

  • AJC nini
    AJC nini

    Foundflix on her tv at 11:40 😂😂😂

  • Elfe Prince
    Elfe Prince

    Im actually genuinely confused how he got to that conclusion. She didn't spit out three pills just for fun. Diane was obviously not happy to see her at the end, she was terrified. There isn't any love between them, not even from Diane.

  • 陈小安


  • videsweets

    thats not a relationship, thats revenge you goober

  • Jacopo Cesselli
    Jacopo Cesselli

    That's not Stockholm Syndrome, it's the opposite. Since her "mom" completely ruined her life she is now feeding her the same drugs to render her as helpless as she was made for all those years. It's the sweetest revenge tale one could ask for.

  • Artimes Snow
    Artimes Snow

    The only thing keeping them tethered together is Chloe and her desire to give her her own medicine literally and figuratively. But even worse. She does not keep her in her home. She makes routine visits yet we never know how many times a week/month/year. She is isolated with strangers caring for her and any words of love she may give the woman she calls 'mom' is more sickly sweet and obviously just something she uses to give back what pain she gave her. I like to think that the fall down the escalator paralyzed her. The way she was splayed out and how easily one fall can take everything from you. I like to think Chloe is using her own Munchausen syndrome against her. Using pill casings and smuggling them in since even if they're pseudo pills they'd probably still confiscate them to ensure nothing occurs. She gives her the psedou pills(or real ones if my guess at her being completely paralyzed from the fall is incorrect) to remind her again and again and again that she is stuck in that bed for forever. And nothing but a quick routine visit with some empty words of love before she leaves again. They are bonded. Through one side a twisted sort of obsessive love, through another the desire to leave her paralyzed and alone without the one thing she loved in the world staying by her side forever like she wanted.

  • Abdul Manan
    Abdul Manan

    Dude please apologize for your analysis of ending and clearify that you understand that you were wronf

  • Abdul Manan
    Abdul Manan

    I expected better from you. What a stupid interpretation of the ending. chloe was taking revenge and giving Diane a taste of her own medicine. She did not fall in love with her.

  • C Vernon
    C Vernon

    It's not a social visit. It's about control. You don't need to be kind, be present, or anything in order to control someone. As you see with Chloe in this, the simple idea of her mother causes trauma to come rushing back in. Chloe is vindicating all her prior torturous experiences by responding in kind to her mother, a reciprocal treatment if you would. Social dynamics in abuse relationships are twisted. That is what this whole movie is about: abuse. While Chloe isn't any better for doing the exact things to Diane that she suffered at her hands most will feel that it is justified. As for Diane, yes, she completely deserved all that came to her in the end. Perhaps even more.

  • sonnet Morrison
    sonnet Morrison

    Did anyone who was homeschooled have a healthy life? Or did we all have crazy parents?

  • blueface jammie
    blueface jammie

    most people didn't like Diane but I did I understand her

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price

    I remember movie theaters too. Kids talking, people kicking the back of my seat, people throwing food, some guy yelling "That's what she said jokes" in scenes. its not worth the money honestly.

  • K M
    K M

    You're like Jerry Smith's long lost little brother

  • xxTheRahxx

    Everyone is addressing the fact that Chloe didn't develop Stockholm Syndrome. But I'm really irritated by the nurse leaving her when she's under watch for a suspected suicide attempt. As someone who has attempted and was hospitalized, the nurse that watches you NEVER leaves you. They are with you no matter what. Anything else that goes on in the hospital isn't their business at that point. But I get that it's all for the build up to the end. It still irritates me though how unrealistic that specific part was. 😂🙃

  • Stanimir Stanev
    Stanimir Stanev

    The small edits are so funny to me

  • Pau Bergania
    Pau Bergania

    okay you definitely dropped the ball on this one

  • Plata atalP
    Plata atalP

    I understand why the mom did it but the mom did it in a really creepy way if she would have told her what’s sup the kid would have understood

  • Cerberus 328
    Cerberus 328

    I dont think she was trying to kill her and then herself but rather completely paralyze here so she is completely dependent on her

  • Mike Driscoll
    Mike Driscoll

    Dude completely missed the ending. Oh well... I guess.

  • Babes & Board Games
    Babes & Board Games

    Why offer her two candies but only allow her one? dick move.

  • Jussiane Real
    Jussiane Real

    crazy this is sorta gypsy rose’s story

  • MaddenMobile415

    im typing this as i watch the movie so idk if you bring it up or not, but how the hell do you realistically have a child die under the name chloe,, kidnap another child and raise it under the same exact name... wouldnt your doctors/hosptitals throughout the childs life have some sort of record of this lol