BASKIN (2015) Ending Explained
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In the horrifying nightmare of Baskin, a group of police officers stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building where they take a violent one way trip into Hell. We're breaking down the trippy non-linear story, including what is real and a dream, what the deal is with the demonic Baba, as well as explaining the ending and what it means.
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  • Triskaidekapho13ic

    We sure this isn't some Tiger King produced anti-Carol propaganda?

  • Marlon Tabanao Jr.
    Marlon Tabanao Jr.

    could not fucking sleep for a whole week when i watched this alone at home.

  • Reyna Moyer
    Reyna Moyer

    Organization this movie is so twisted

    • Reyna Moyer
      Reyna Moyer


  • Roach Gaming Cringe
    Roach Gaming Cringe

    damn carrol baskin at it again...

  • Alex Strickland
    Alex Strickland

    anyone else adore these vids but i cant get over how its ending explained then he goes on to explain. the. whole film.....

  • Newdark Neoss
    Newdark Neoss

    I paused the video 5 minutes in to watch the movie. At first i was a bit skeptic with it being a turkish movie but the german voice acting was suprisingly good. Roughly 20 minutes into the movie and i was completly captivated. This movie is by far the best horror movie ive seen in a long time. The atmosphere, lack of direct explanation aswell as the theme of total depravity reall reminded me of silent hill. Infact i think this movie makes a better silent hill movie then the original, sure it aint got the actual location but besides that you have alot of similaritys. The residents being portrayed as extremly violent and sexualized, even the way the moved in a janky fashion reminded me of the Silent hill nurses. You have a cult who is worshipping this depravity and creating new ones. You have what seems to be an anomalies area given how radio didnt work and the time looped. You even have a somewhat pyramid head with the big guy who uses the sledgehammer on the chief. TLDR if you like the theme and atmosphere of the silent hill games then you should really watch this movie.

  • Nitara Jones
    Nitara Jones

    This movie is really well acted.

  • NeonBlacklightTH

    *Before the start of the video* I swear to god if the main character of this movie is named "Robin" I'm getting ice cream. Diabetic or not.

  • More money
    More money

    The father looks like that meme of the asian guy moaning after drinking

  • Laa Mawjuud
    Laa Mawjuud

    i thought they are jews.. so actually they are turks, yes.

  • Yeetos Boritos
    Yeetos Boritos

    I Can't wait for the sequel Carol

  • get along pass the bong
    get along pass the bong



    Carol baskin

  • TheRealArrendondo

    what is a meat and veg?

  • Nate

    Anyone else think the scary father person just looks like one of those baby masks

  • Shiloh Sigala
    Shiloh Sigala

    Baskin killed her husband whacked him

  • Taddawson68 Dawson
    Taddawson68 Dawson

    What a mess

  • Subject Delta Δ
    Subject Delta Δ

    I can’t wait for the prequel: “Carol”



  • Juice Boxxx
    Juice Boxxx


  • Saul Alfaro Cano
    Saul Alfaro Cano

    Review Dark City...

  • Arlon

    Youve heard of 13 Ghosts, now get ready for 13 flavors

  • im19ice3

    that was........ ✨🎶✨fucked up ~✨🎶✨

  • im19ice3

    the creepy adjective too fucken real over here 0_0

  • im19ice3

    this movie so competent i'm not even watching it for real and i needed to take a couple of breaks

  • Zora X Seven
    Zora X Seven

    Yes Baskin...........Carroll Baskin........

  • im19ice3

    love me some trippy evil

  • gabriel comim
    gabriel comim

    Bloodborne, this looks like it was inspired by Bloodborne.

  • Jacoby Santos
    Jacoby Santos

    So you're saying he lost his virginity... in TURKEY!

  • Theta O'Bera
    Theta O'Bera

    Wow do some research dude.

  • Donna Castello
    Donna Castello

    This is one of my favorite movies, thank you for the review and summary. My only question, what do the frogs represent?

  • CHANGTAO Ouyang
    CHANGTAO Ouyang

    Baskin robins

  • Nicko s
    Nicko s

    Thanks for this, because I truly had no idea what this was about. I thought they went to an insane asylum. Without knowing what anything else in the movie even meant.

  • Video Nomad
    Video Nomad

    Was here

  • Freek Vonk
    Freek Vonk

    Carol Baskin

  • Yes No
    Yes No

    Wait one sin fuck up on earth and your done forever these things get to sin forever and infinite amount of times?......

  • Andrew Morrow
    Andrew Morrow

    Such a disturbing movie!

  • Madina Hagberg
    Madina Hagberg

    Please do night house, when it come out

  • MemeHunter 420
    MemeHunter 420

    Could you check out the Movie Fractured on Netflix , i need an Explanation

  • Joe Alameno
    Joe Alameno

    Fuckin’ Carole Baskin

  • axemurderer010


  • Cockodemon

    Wait so it's not about icecream??

  • Mario Bošnjak
    Mario Bošnjak

    How tf can you survive all that and then just jump out in front of a can? Is this guy fuckin stupid?

  • Weston Bourgeois
    Weston Bourgeois

    This movie was so weird

  • Lyrikek

    Carol fuckin baskin

  • brycey spiceywiener
    brycey spiceywiener

    i thought this was the prequel to tiger king

  • William Tweed
    William Tweed

    Definitely recommend his movie.

  • cem

    I am from Turkey and I haven't heard about this movie until now. The title seemed Turkish and I thought "Do we have a film named Baskın?" I'll watch it for sure. Thanks for shining light on Turkish cinema. We have a couple of good horror movies one of them called "Büyü" it's an old one but everyone knows it.

  • Alberto Cuevas
    Alberto Cuevas

    Thank you.. Rose garden it is... The shithole is an exit not an entrance.. I won't even play in the mud when the river runs red lol

  • Jamie Wright
    Jamie Wright

    this serious was the most horrifying, disturbing movie iv ever since. seriously . watch it with headphones on. it affected me bad

  • AutoVozo

    "He's been driving since he was 4 years old"

  • Amelia aaa
    Amelia aaa

    Could you do the Australian movie “Sleeping Beauty”. Very unusual and quite a good film

  • Jesse Allen
    Jesse Allen

    ... sooo.. this movie is basically just one demon creature making a really convoluted suicide plan and then enacting on it? That's... .... ...... Kinda fucking epic to what extent a demon would have to go just to off itself.

  • Mars Vickers
    Mars Vickers

    I am not certain if ive commented this before (I'm like 60% sure I have) but, I want him to cover Split, because that movie was a trip man.

  • Marithony Huya
    Marithony Huya

    16:44 he looks like the meme 😭

  • Soul Hunter
    Soul Hunter

    As an Armenian they sound like Turks

  • Kenpachi Nozarashi
    Kenpachi Nozarashi

    Thank you

  • javiar camaro
    javiar camaro

    When it goes all dark and red, probably just people taking the silhouette challenge a bit too far.

  • Tato Cockatoo
    Tato Cockatoo

    I'm just here to have Baskin's 32 flavors explained to me.

  • Will Huey
    Will Huey

    arda is stuck in a time loop.

  • Yare yare
    Yare yare

    Can you do "Kairo" (or Pulse in US)..?

  • zacedas Terrell perplexus Russell
    zacedas Terrell perplexus Russell

    Seriously I know I've said it before but I don't even watch horror movies anymore.

  • paul coy
    paul coy

    6:05 "Send ... more ... cops." Yeah, that didn't work out too well last time.

  • Rohan Narayanan
    Rohan Narayanan

    These guys had a bad acid trip

  • chuck solomon
    chuck solomon

    If Giygas had a human form it would be Baba...

  • chuck solomon
    chuck solomon

    You can show intestines being torn out and an eyeball being mutilated but a human ass is off limits.

  • Ty


  • Someone

    I love your ending explained videos!

  • Chefkage TheSenpai
    Chefkage TheSenpai

    Plzzzzz do Z!!!

  • Jake the Lad
    Jake the Lad

    I cant wait for the prequel called carol

  • gabe Resendez
    gabe Resendez

    i remember seeing this movie with a now ex and looking up everything i could about turkish lore i figured everthing had somthing to do with their version of omens hell or demons and such intersting movie

  • R Magnitude Mystyk
    R Magnitude Mystyk

    Pre-Video prediction: Hopefully the feature length homage to the best scenes in Event Horizon I've always been waiting for?!

  • Shaq Odom
    Shaq Odom

    Straight up thought this was gonna be a horror movie about carol baskin..

  • Muratcan Menteş
    Muratcan Menteş

    I never expected to see him doing a movie from my country... Also not realized BASKIN its actually in turkish either xd

  • sblack812

    I wonder if the uncle was the friend appearing in the uncle form too guide him

  • Frank Daly
    Frank Daly

    Isn’t the main villain guy the one who drank orange juice then moaned

  • the simms Clan
    the simms Clan

    Go to the movies no, I have foundflix

  • Nagar Nagender Nagar
    Nagar Nagender Nagar

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  • doug rosen
    doug rosen

    We are the law! I see what you did there :)

  • TsuruyaSonozaki

    Ahh I've been waiting for this for ages! This movie means a lot to me, it inspired me to create a whole bunch of things! The music is just fabulous, too. If anybody sees this comment, this movie has a very similar vibe to another film FoundFlix covered a while back called The Void. Both great films with a very unique and dark take on hell.

  • Abhimanyu Sharma
    Abhimanyu Sharma

    Baskin... Caroll Baskin

  • Deniz Narin
    Deniz Narin

    Full Turkish here. This movie is really about Turkey's political state, that's why cops are a bunch of bad people even though they protect each other,they don't protect people, so people "Raid" against them. You can watch the director's explanation for more information.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy

    Explain the netflix show the rain

  • Tarumarugan

    So this isn’t about a woman who feeds her husband to tigers?

    • Ghidorah

      Naa dork

  • SadFrog

    Im sorry but Im still so confused

  • keeganshigh

    There are many many many classic movies you havent done, wtf are you doing a bunch of foreign bullshit for? Get your head out of your ass.

  • ollie hilton
    ollie hilton

    the baba creep guy looks like the orange juice guy from tiktok lmao

    • Ekinoxe

      He may have the same skin condition. The baba dude is not wearing any makeup or prosthetic, that's his actual face.

  • benny

    am turkish. can confirm half of this is normal turkish behavior . LOL

  • MysteriousMist 9
    MysteriousMist 9

    CaRoLe BaSkInS

  • Abisaistricks

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  • Melisande Goshay
    Melisande Goshay

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  • GCTFilter snake
    GCTFilter snake

    I saw this back in 2015 and I'm sickened still by how disturbing this film is.

  • Moe Arnold
    Moe Arnold

    Man I was hoping it was a black mass in honor of the dead ice cream flavors to keep them from returning for revenge

  • Galaxycloud 77
    Galaxycloud 77

    Can’t wait for the prequel Carol

  • HDGaming

    Hi found flix ! Have you watched "come true" yet ? i really enjoyed it & seems to have multiple layers to uncover the truth.

  • Ja-king In da-throne
    Ja-king In da-throne

    I thought the intro said basin

  • Kas V
    Kas V

    You think this is good, wait for the sequel, Robbins.

  • Donna Kitterson
    Donna Kitterson

    Father Demon: I'm all badass and I'll punish you all for your sins and then resurrect and multiply my hellspawn army and... **Gets killed getting struck with a key**

  • Donna Kitterson
    Donna Kitterson

    'Baskin' seems pretty cool as you'd imagine with that name😂

  • Savage Dude
    Savage Dude

    Carole baskin