BASKIN (2015) Ending Explained

In the horrifying nightmare of Baskin, a group of police officers stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building where they take a violent one way trip into Hell. We're breaking down the trippy non-linear story, including what is real and a dream, what the deal is with the demonic Baba, as well as explaining the ending and what it means.

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  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper


  • Smegma

    Ok can some tell me what a “meat and veg” means he said it like 4 min in

  • Chromma Keystone
    Chromma Keystone

    A piece of advice: don't watch these after having caffeine.

  • Ask Doctor
    Ask Doctor


  • susan yee
    susan yee

    Oh man! This makes Hellraiser look like a tea party! I think I'll skip this one. But I really enjoyed your commentary...only you can explain such gore in a way that makes me giggle!

  • Kaizen Mckenzie
    Kaizen Mckenzie

    In India a small village near Delhi they marry animals and their own kids and forbid foreigners to enter the village in English the villages is called Inbred village we were told they'd shoot us if we went near to the village it's like Hills have eyes crossed with wrong turn

  • norm Tanguilan
    norm Tanguilan


  • I Don't Reply
    I Don't Reply

    Fugly baby man

  • Sardonic Spartan
    Sardonic Spartan

    So he is a nut case.

  • The Maniax
    The Maniax

    I just keep thinking of Carol Baskin 😂

  • Literally Leo
    Literally Leo

    “It’s that b*tch, Carol Baskin”

  • David Lafaye
    David Lafaye

    My question is how many times do u have to watch these movies to gather all the proper information to make these videos? I never understand flix the first time.

  • hochum foust
    hochum foust

    Orange juice guy?

  • Fleato

    got damn carole baskin

  • Hel's Belle
    Hel's Belle

    dang carol baskin

  • Southern Stacker
    Southern Stacker

    Have you done the original Martyrs?

  • Ravyo

    Some thoughts: Everyone dies in a car accident: Arda, Ardas parents, Ardas friend, maybe the police squad A big hand reaches for Arda in the water and later we see the villain putting his hands in a bowl of water, maybe there is a connection By promising to show themself if someone dies, Arda was susceptible for supernatural stuff (he opened his heart?) and was so able to see his dead friend in his dream, but that bloody hand was probably the villain disguised as the friend who attached himself to the soul of the dead friend so he could intrude the dreamworld of Arda, trying to lure Arda into his madness. This would make sence since Arda and his friend agreed to show themself without scaring the other which is the case in Ardas dream where his friend talks to him but not in the other dream with the hand.

  • Calvin Cich
    Calvin Cich

    not enough tiger king references

  • Mangoeater69

    Isnt that the bald man who drinks orange juice or something in a meme

  • Pain Gain
    Pain Gain

    A friend of mine was married to a man with Turkish roots. He would bring over movies, knowing how much I was interested in other cultures. MUSALLAT (2007) A masterpiece. OKUL (2004) Feels modern and has a nice soundtrack!

    • Pain Gain
      Pain Gain

      I also enjoyed these movies. Seeing all these strong women from all over the world gives me hope for a better future. EGRETI GELIN (2005) MUTLULUK (2007) VICDAN (2008) KURTULUS SON DURAK (2012) HUKUMET KADIN (2013) A TALE OF THREE SISTERS (2019)

  • Aluben Music
    Aluben Music

    Why do the films dealing with cosmic horror recently have cops in 'em... The Void, Baskin... Just sayin.

  • Krokosmakron1 Stefferud
    Krokosmakron1 Stefferud

    Well i am look forward too the Prequel Carole Baskin

  • Go away I have comments to make
    Go away I have comments to make

    This seems stupid

  • Brian Canfield
    Brian Canfield

    Typical cops

  • Nicole Biden
    Nicole Biden

    Where do u watch ur movies?

  • Foreskin Forest
    Foreskin Forest

    I thought this movie was cool, but that scene with the blood coming out of that one officers hand, reminded me hard of the kids in the hall scene with "would you like a cop of coffee".

  • Mr. Awesome Pants
    Mr. Awesome Pants

    day 34 of the petition for a movie called life to be made and ending explained

  • Kris tina
    Kris tina

    Carol F’in Baskin😒

  • Sharon

    Silent Hill vibes.

  • Cold Coffee
    Cold Coffee

    Baskin in the sun

  • B GT
    B GT

    “Baskin….that b!tch”

  • TheJudgmentalCat

    I'd love to see a breakdown of this film explaining the Turkish POV of life and the Muslim customs and traditions shown in it. And then I'd watch the film.

  • Jalen Redhair
    Jalen Redhair

    Always a great show man.

  • Rodrigo Morales
    Rodrigo Morales

    So he dies at da end?? Lame

  • YoboyReece


  • Quin Adrian 2329 JAnderson
    Quin Adrian 2329 JAnderson

    Bro I watched this awhile ago and was confused af and searched up the ending lol

  • Jollibeenos has your coordinates
    Jollibeenos has your coordinates

    Can't wait for the prequel "Carole".

  • Nelix Sulu
    Nelix Sulu

    The prequel should be “Carol” 😃

  • Puffs


  • Poison Ivy 96
    Poison Ivy 96

    Bestiality most certainly is not of God.

  • Cece Games
    Cece Games

    man this movie is one hell of a BASKET case

  • biggie cheese
    biggie cheese

    I live in an estate called the baskin, and I am scared that this was made for my estate

  • Özge

    There is a special nightmare genre in Turkish folklore called "Karabasan" similar to sleep paralysis/night terrors. Believed that caused by demons and djinns, theese nightmares are hard to wake up from and oftenly believed that started from young age, it could be even deadly. The movie reminded me of that concept and thought it would be fun to let you guys know of that aspect aswell. Funfact: one of the Turkisg meanings of the name "Arda" is 'replacement of someone/the one who comes later'

  • Corrie Hammons
    Corrie Hammons

    Very disappointed to find that this isn’t a movie about Carole Baskin

  • Terrellible.TV

    Lol I just thought of tiger king when I heard the title

  • TheMarionick

    Is this the Baskin Robins spinoff movie after they were introduced in the first Ant-Man?

  • Abraxis729

    Baba looks like that dude in the video who drinks OJ then moans.

  • Kristen Luinstra
    Kristen Luinstra

    Thought this was going to be the story of carol’s ex husband

  • Bryan Nicholas
    Bryan Nicholas

    Carole Baskin!!

  • Lord Nidd
    Lord Nidd

    So, something I noticed: the "scientific"-looking diagram is of the skull-headed/skull-wearing figure that Yavuz is forced into sex with. There are two things about the diagram that really stand out to me: the animal skull is apparently fused to/a part of its head and that the person has no breasts. Why is that so important? Because it ties both of Yavuz's stories together: it's an apparently female figure that isn't actually/naturally female, and it's an animal. So his experience, maybe punishment if you like, is to make real the stories he told that were (probably) lies. I think that this, overall, is important because it also ties into the end: Arda is hit by a car, which he earlier said was how his friend was killed. I think that helps to illustrate the dreamlike aspect of everything because the information Yavuz gave is repurposed into something that happens right in front of them/Arda, and Arda takes the place of his friend at the end. Both things are tied to strong feelings: one is about lies that become true, the other is about survivor's guilt that isn't based on any actual fault. In this situation, Arda escapes because his "sin" isn't actually his fault but he ultimately ends up suffering from it regardless because he can't let it go, probably at a subconscious level (the rational mind knows that it's not his fault, but the subconscious can't accept that). But the fact that the information given earlier is repurposed lends highly to this being a dream or dream-like experience because that's what dreams are: taking the information of the conscious mind and mixing it with the subconscious to create experiences that both are and aren't the information we have in our brain. That doesn't mean that the events of the film didn't happen but it does mean that, like dreams, cause and effect, linear time, and consistency aren't really factors in how events play out. They all died, but none of them did. They were all there, but none of them were. No one is in the van at the end because the dream has ended, and Arda (or whoever the dreamer is) wakes up and the dream is over, left now as memories; events have become context. I mean, who hasn't had a scary dream that ended in a sudden, fatal "thud"? Every falling dream, dream of a car accident, and a million others are the same. The important takeaway is that the events of the film, like the events in a dream, are nebulous and unreal but able to affect us after they're done.

  • George Stark
    George Stark

    I'm pretty sure this movie is realisticaly depicting life in erdogan's turkey. minus the lack of sexism ofc.

  • Carmine Menna
    Carmine Menna

    I often watch these videos even though i understood the movies. It's fun hearing someone else's perspective.

  • Ean Nane
    Ean Nane

    Wait this is a movie about a woman killing her husband by feeding them to tigers, then frames a gay man for... damn. Wrong movie.

  • vivek prajapati
    vivek prajapati

    make a video on Lazarus effect

  • Daniel Ayala
    Daniel Ayala

    Meat and veg, what

  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior


  • Nathaniel Lapid
    Nathaniel Lapid

    Is baba that guy who drank orange juice meme

  • Rory King
    Rory King

    This is how I watch horror movies lol. I have kids so watching them isn’t viable most times, so Foundflix does it for me.

  • Clowed Twice
    Clowed Twice

    background music at 7:35?

  • Camo Moose
    Camo Moose

    The ending was shit.

  • Gavrael

    Wow, did not expect this from a sequel to Big. Josh got into some messed-up stuff.

  • outhereman005

    Tiger king tried to warn us...

  • Daniel Guzman
    Daniel Guzman

    Cant wait for the prequel 'carole'

  • rayzilla

    Ending explain The Ruins!

  • 199Foe.

    I love this movie ❤️

  • Kitty Cat Cat
    Kitty Cat Cat

    ehh... seems a lil boring tbh, it almost has potential but idk it doesnt quite do it for me

  • Exo

    The views are at 696,639 views so it is my go to watch this video 330 times to make it 696,969

  • evinn

    This is literally the story of blood borne... how could from rip this off

  • CentricsGem

    God damn Carol Baskin

  • Gino Falche
    Gino Falche

    So I was today years old when I found out the guy that drank orange juice and moaned was in this movie.

  • MiSTR JT
    MiSTR JT

    The Father looks like those creepy crying baby masks.

  • Nafis Anis
    Nafis Anis

    I really would have wanted you to cover the "Dabbe" series, which is also Turkish and "Munafik", which is Malaysian.

  • Dino Prepper
    Dino Prepper

    If I give a dislike 👎 it’s mostly cuz of the movie 🎥 and not the narrator

  • Manda B. Simpson
    Manda B. Simpson

    Okay we got the other officer. Let's get in the car that sit up lap up and we have to but let's get up out of here. End of the movie.

  • Devin Taylor
    Devin Taylor

    I Thought it said BALLSKIN at first

  • JesterCo Productions
    JesterCo Productions

    Did anyone see the title of this movie and immediately think of the Carol Baskin song?

  • Edward Yandoc
    Edward Yandoc

    amazing how quick they were to capitalize on the Carole Baskin, Tiger King phenomenon

  • bananaChum12

    Now we wait for the sequel 'Robbins'

  • epicboi 997
    epicboi 997


  • TheLOOKOUTSquad

    At first when I saw it titled "Baskin" I instantly thought it was about carole baskin murdering don lewis not gonna lie

  • Triskaidekapho13ic

    We sure this isn't some Tiger King produced anti-Carol propaganda?

  • Marlon Tabanao Jr.
    Marlon Tabanao Jr.

    could not fucking sleep for a whole week when i watched this alone at home.

  • Reyna Moyer
    Reyna Moyer

    Organization this movie is so twisted

    • Reyna Moyer
      Reyna Moyer


  • Roach

    damn carrol baskin at it again...

  • Alex Strickland
    Alex Strickland

    anyone else adore these vids but i cant get over how its ending explained then he goes on to explain. the. whole film.....

  • Newdark Neoss
    Newdark Neoss

    I paused the video 5 minutes in to watch the movie. At first i was a bit skeptic with it being a turkish movie but the german voice acting was suprisingly good. Roughly 20 minutes into the movie and i was completly captivated. This movie is by far the best horror movie ive seen in a long time. The atmosphere, lack of direct explanation aswell as the theme of total depravity reall reminded me of silent hill. Infact i think this movie makes a better silent hill movie then the original, sure it aint got the actual location but besides that you have alot of similaritys. The residents being portrayed as extremly violent and sexualized, even the way the moved in a janky fashion reminded me of the Silent hill nurses. You have a cult who is worshipping this depravity and creating new ones. You have what seems to be an anomalies area given how radio didnt work and the time looped. You even have a somewhat pyramid head with the big guy who uses the sledgehammer on the chief. TLDR if you like the theme and atmosphere of the silent hill games then you should really watch this movie.

  • Nitara Jones
    Nitara Jones

    This movie is really well acted.

  • NeonBlacklightTH

    *Before the start of the video* I swear to god if the main character of this movie is named "Robin" I'm getting ice cream. Diabetic or not.

  • More money
    More money

    The father looks like that meme of the asian guy moaning after drinking

  • Laa Mawjuud
    Laa Mawjuud

    i thought they are jews.. so actually they are turks, yes.

  • Yeetos CODM
    Yeetos CODM

    I Can't wait for the sequel Carol

  • get along pass the bong
    get along pass the bong



    Carol baskin

  • TheRealArrendondo

    what is a meat and veg?

  • Nate

    Anyone else think the scary father person just looks like one of those baby masks

  • Shiloh Sigala
    Shiloh Sigala

    Baskin killed her husband whacked him

  • Taddawson68 Dawson
    Taddawson68 Dawson

    What a mess

  • Subject Delta Δ
    Subject Delta Δ

    I can’t wait for the prequel: “Carol”

    • SymphoRaikou

      Can’t wait for the sequel too, “Robbins”



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    Juice Boxxx