In the The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it, The Warrens newest case involves a young man on trial for murder. And he has a quite surprising defense, blaming demonic possession for his actions. We're breaking down the story, including everything we learn about the latest antagonist, how it connects to other entries in the series, and explaining the ending.

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  • Tyler Don Dada
    Tyler Don Dada

    Demonic possession is a mockery of the court yet they swear to tell the truth using a bible. Seems hypocritical

  • Supervillain

    This series is based on a true story, you can't just randomly insert the daughter into the series if that is not how it happened in their books/real life. Downing a movie for not forcing a character into the series to generate spin offs is a silly stance IMO.

  • Rudolph Bolds
    Rudolph Bolds

    Fear street trilogy on Netflix

  • T C
    T C

    That occultist is reminds me of Bathsheba I ain't gonna be surprised if she comebacks as a demonic spirit like her

  • Mike signs
    Mike signs

    Since the problem was a curse coming from a witch, did the father praying do anything?

  • Layla Hadiono
    Layla Hadiono

    I wanted more demonic possession and creepy scenes so I was really disappointed :(. Great break down though

  • yeee_51

    The Conjuring 3 imo is on par with the 1st one

  • Ivy McLeod
    Ivy McLeod

    There's already a Crooked Man movie. But this movie needed James Wan back, probably why it was blah.

  • Gabb Spreads the Gospel
    Gabb Spreads the Gospel

    For anyone having tough times lately Psalms 23:4 NIV Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

  • Sunflower Socialist
    Sunflower Socialist

    Please do Blood Red Sky

  • Adrian T
    Adrian T

    I thought conjuring 3 wasn't as bad as it's made out to be but I trust your opinion and research over mine and usually I hate movies the more I watch them because I notice how stupid they are more and more as I watch them but I found the co juring 1 and 2 boring and not scary not that 3 was scary but I liked that it was more of a mystery puzzle aspect then again I could never tell what was going on with the malnourished lady until the end cause the flashbacks were so dark

  • Adrian T
    Adrian T

    You know the chainsaw falling was the distressing part cause it could have hit his coworkers right? That's why they were pd off

  • Erwin Albano
    Erwin Albano

    I watch here because the movie is not available in our country :(

  • redadder515

    The series 'A Haunting' made an episode on the situation with Arne and David and the Warrens called, "Where Demons Dwell." And that was far more creepier and scarier than this entire movie. James Wan's and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick's take on the story and screenplay is not that interesting and a disappointing ending to film depiction of the Warrens' cases.

  • Fleurdelis.

    This story from the Warrens in particular and looking at them with rose-tinted glass, posing them as heroes when they were really bad people, is all really poor taste considering the man who was murdered still has living family from that time and this movie is basically shrugging off that he was murdered by putting in fantastical elements.

  • PS2 Gamer
    PS2 Gamer


  • VictoriousG

    Please make a film review for the VHS series! It’s one of the best found footage film series ever so idk how you guys haven’t covered those!

  • PastelGuts

    14:37 Girl pulled a Will Graham

  • keyblademaster 21
    keyblademaster 21

    I thought I was weird for finding this movie extremely boring but seems like almost everyone here agrees lmao

  • Lord Zords
    Lord Zords

    The fact people believe that Demons, and Satan are interested in them demonstrates utter arrogance, and the fact people tolerate religion after all the murder of innocent women, & the raping of children astounds me.The church say evil will hide itself as something good to trick mortals into doing wrong, yet history tells us religion has committed more evil than the Devil himself.

  • julius pugh
    julius pugh

    I disagree with your opinion on the movie but I loved this review

  • CampfireViews&Songs

    Chris Paul traded to clippers link below

  • CampfireViews&Songs

  • lilbondeck14

    Put some bass in your voice

  • Michael Hammer
    Michael Hammer

    Notice the shower hot shower faucet turns clockwise.


    This time plot kinda boring ..i literally yawned

  • King Libra
    King Libra

    Yeeea I feel asleep twice watching this at home, with a woman smh boring ass movie

  • Nusaibah Ibraheem
    Nusaibah Ibraheem

    I don't know why you keep whining about it, I liked it. Maybe their daughter will get her own series. I just wish there was a back to story as to why Elsa wanted to give a soul to the demon. What did she want from the demon? And how did she target those people she targeted and why.

  • Kevin Jordan
    Kevin Jordan

    I disagree I like this movie.

  • Dylan Hutchinson
    Dylan Hutchinson

    Do fear street

  • Soph MYS
    Soph MYS

    This whole series is absolute trash especially for horror

  • Tiniest of Jesus
    Tiniest of Jesus

    Probably the worst out of the Conjuring series (better than The Nun tho). It didnt feel like a horror movie. It felt like a drama.

  • Liam Chavez
    Liam Chavez

    Just explains the ending don’t wanna hear your bs

    • Kierra McCaa
      Kierra McCaa


  • Futcho Bishh
    Futcho Bishh

    Let’s give Chris his credit, that lil 5 days of scruff gives the impression he gets laid with more consistency, as opposed to before he struck me as a Shea-butter-in-front-of-the MacBook. Good for you Chris, his new adult film BoundDix coming soon.

  • Chrono Altera
    Chrono Altera

    power of love? nah its power of Family

  • Kingsley R
    Kingsley R

    That kid got turned into a human pretzel, and survived. I want whatever his bones are made of please x

  • Yuki Kaguya
    Yuki Kaguya

    The amount of people that don't know how big of scam artists the real couple are is baffling.

  • JonK

    Based on a true story my ass.

  • P G
    P G


  • Lacey Medina
    Lacey Medina

    I need more!!! I don’t need this franchise to end!!!!! It’s gooood!!

  • Mars The Celestial
    Mars The Celestial

    Ayt but the demon claws on the wall when they were pulling the kid was kinda cool

  • Sinei David
    Sinei David

    Ending explained?

  • Alex Spooner
    Alex Spooner

    If Counting The Spin Offs From The Conjuring My Favorite In The Series Is Super Easy, Annabelle Creation Hands Down!!! I Loved The Human Characters, Even If The Movie Itself Wasn't That Creepy & The Demon Really Didn't Do Anything All That Demonic Once The Possession Was Complete

  • Bibblo

    The movie was a disappointment. The other two are way better.

  • Kalle Freundt
    Kalle Freundt

    The movie industry is packed full of clichés, especially in the horror genre. And it makes me so goddamn mad when I see that they don't make any research at all. Now I'm not Christian, but is it that hard to research some symbols and meaning? A turned around cross has nothing to do with satanic rituals. It is called a Petrus cross because Petrus didn't want to die like Jesus did, since he thought he was unworthy to die on the same way. So he demanded to die on the cross the other way around

  • Fatima Mahdi
    Fatima Mahdi

    I loved the movie

  • Dervon Rodriguez
    Dervon Rodriguez


  • B-Dad 8504
    B-Dad 8504

    WALTER BISHOP!!!! That is all🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Latrell 316
    Latrell 316

    Only watched this a couple of weeks ago I can barely remember any of it.

  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez

    The little things!!!! Please

  • Kris Fang
    Kris Fang

    The sodastream woman did a great job in this movie! Lol

  • Merciless Thunder
    Merciless Thunder

    This is how I watch horror movies I’d never watch otherwise.

  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner

    Do the devils rejects trilogy they are horror/thriller. Please?

  • Tommy G
    Tommy G

    Shit was ass except for first 20 minutes

  • Dashawn Nash
    Dashawn Nash

    can you do the movie devil

  • Yung Zay
    Yung Zay

    My question is why was david targeted for the curse tho

  • shyric76

    i guess my take on this. Before this film they should have did the story of Amityville.

  • Tanned Gaming ROBLOX
    Tanned Gaming ROBLOX

    This was the scariest conjuring movie

  • Dylan Joseph
    Dylan Joseph

    I feel like alot of the people who didn't enjoy the movie were not in an ideal setting to grasp the ominous feel of this film. To get the full experience, the theater would be more ideal. Unless you have blackout curtains, a crisp soundbar system, and maybe your phone shut off with no other distractions in the comfort of your own are unable to fall into the film's atmosphere.

  • wildman510

    Conjuring 3 "the producers made me do it"

  • Bru

    They better be paying Vera and Patrick a buttload of money. They hardcarried this movie. Jesus, it was all over the place, and the dialogue was lazy af. The water mattress part was pretty scary tho.

  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox

    The Conjuring wasn't as scary as it was hyped out to be. The best thing about it is the witch lady. I wish they would've went more into depth about about the witchcraft stuff and her back story a little bit more.

  • Alvaro Gonzalez
    Alvaro Gonzalez

    God for the dub

  • Animator Lover_
    Animator Lover_

    A great character they really should have emphasized in that movie is 'The Beast'

  • Nas G.
    Nas G.


  • Dan Manno
    Dan Manno

    20:38 "And that's it. It literally doesn't do anything else. Is that scary? I don't know." Assumes official FoundFlix voice: "IT'S NOT" 😂😂😂

  • Rhianna Amador
    Rhianna Amador

    pleaseeeee do “we need to talk about kevin”

  • xo12 7
    xo12 7

    I had to said this is one of my favorite Conjuring. I feel it didn't need to be scary because the storyline focuses on Warren dealing with something newer than ghosts. Which is dealing with witchcraft and black magic. I was satisfied with the whole movie.

  • Janaia Jackson
    Janaia Jackson

    Sad fact Ed actually past away from a heart attack in 2006 I think they added that in the movie to support their claims of these being true events

  • im19ice3

    wasnt that bad

  • Factsareracist&fatphobic

    This is a sweet ed and lorraine spinoff which I think is a good movie. But if you are looking for a horror focussed movie this ain't it.

  • Nathan Tower
    Nathan Tower

    Does anyone deadass forget all about this channel for like three weeks at a time only to come back and watch all the new episodes and binge old ones?

  • Beau Sauce
    Beau Sauce

    they could honestly do something with the spinoff idea he had with the warrens daughter, potential for a decent movie

  • Maksim Bolonkin
    Maksim Bolonkin

    Wouldn't wish anyone to have a girlfriend who sees them all sweaty and clearly unwell and does nothing about that. Also, that part with the demonic hand dragging Lorraine off the cliff makes no sense at all. And finally, if you knocked down someone who tried to kill you, don't run away, finish the deal (by at least temporarily incapacitating the killer).

  • Angel Kingsley
    Angel Kingsley

    It would have been better if it was a Father Daughter thing. Like in the beginning, Lorraine gets hurt and is in a coma for the rest of the movie. Then the daughter(who I think name is Judy) becomes a stand in on her “first” case. They could have explored the parenthood and gave the daughter more air time. Idk introduce that she can she a special power that leads her to find her clues, establishing that like her mother(and perhaps grandmother) women in that line have gifts. All having to do with light and sight: Mother touching things gives her visions and she is relatively safe. But the daughter gets transported to that space/time and can be in real danger if the spirits notice her. That could be the main reason that Ed is so protective, and Judy is like “OMG dad I got this just let me work.” Then as the movie unfolds, we see that Ed was uncomfortable with his daughter being their and try’s his hardest to shield her from the supernatural, which in turn leads to more shenanigans and such. Maybe the daughter gets possessed during her transportation and Ed blames the demon, but in the final moment he admits that I’d he trusted his daughter(like the preacher should have with his) people wouldnr have gotten hurt. Just because it’s a horror doesn’t mean it can’t be a little cheesy and enduring. Also make the demons horrific looking and get more jump scares.

  • Andrew Houser
    Andrew Houser

    I honestly think you just try and find issues where there are none.. its a fucking movie and there are SO MANY MOVIES in the series, its not the fountain of youth for plot bro, jesus

  • Meredith Hagan
    Meredith Hagan

    My one complaint is we never really learn what the Occultist’s motivation was - what was she trying to accomplish with her demonic deal? This movie would have been really stupid if it weren’t for the acting of the cast, Wilson and Farmiga of course, but also the two who played Arne and Debbie especially.

    • Gozi Odiase
      Gozi Odiase

      There was a part of the movie where the kasner mentions her daughter being around his work (on understanding the disciples of the ram). I think she read books and rituals and was fascinated with it until she started performing it and cursing people to please the summoned demon (he also mentions her interest in the tunnels where she built the altar) so I think it came from her interest in witchcraft and demonic rituals In the books her father had kept. Her accomplishment was to give the demon a soul as part of the curse (arnie)

  • issac Estorga
    issac Estorga

    Well yea i see the point of the view of why not play off of what you made already but they were trying to put attention around the real life case they worked more then the Theater movie production part of the story just like the all eyes on me movie it was a good theater show movie but not really a biography of Tupac shakers real life and upbringing am i making sense?

  • Dawn of The walkers
    Dawn of The walkers

    The movie was slightly above average and extremely predictable. They need james wan back.

  • H dog
    H dog

    yk this is funny because i found it terrifying

  • Graeme Wright
    Graeme Wright

    The Occultist lady was scary

  • The Ghostface Killer
    The Ghostface Killer

    The Satanist: "Shit they cleaned my ruin totem"

  • Beng Salud
    Beng Salud

    This guy puts too much enthusiasm into his talking. Very annoying tbh

  • Art The Clown TWK
    Art The Clown TWK

    This movie was horrible

  • Bay Lopez
    Bay Lopez

    They can't do anything with the daughter because this are real people with real lives. Sure there's a lot of fantasy in there but that happens in between the recorded history. It's fiction framed around reality. I don't think the daughter went into the family business. They're from here and I haven't heard anything about the daughter being a medium in my 32 years in this state. I could be wrong, I don't watch the local news.

  • Amber J
    Amber J

    Yeah, this one wasn't bad at all, but it didn't have the same vibe as the first two. edit: and I thought the same thing about that shot of the priest standing outside the house - straight outta the exorcist lol

  • Kazma Italia
    Kazma Italia

    Acting by others was "Student Film " level . OMG! It's like a home movie at times .

  • Rocky Horror
    Rocky Horror

    This movie was so predictable and not scary. I hate horror movies based on jump scares 😩

  • Manseerat Singh Gill
    Manseerat Singh Gill

    Being based on real story. Real judy has told she has no interest in paranormal things. So a spinoff wont be right and Judy's role in the movie seems right.

  • cslx

    Best conjuring movie yet

  • Antonio Groomes
    Antonio Groomes

    Why is it that James Wan always leaves before the 3rd movie he directs?

  • Jay Star64
    Jay Star64

    So she sold peoples souls to stay alive longer as a cultist ?

  • Ma`at

    I made the mistake of watching this at night Couldn’t go to sleep 😭😂😂

  • Lainey Bug
    Lainey Bug

    I wonder if in real life the daughter dipped as soon as she could because of how messed up they actually were. Like the alleged live in mistress Ed kept at their house...

  • e-Shorts

    I'm only at 3:19 and I think he's like overreacting! This was based on a the original story! So if they didn't include her it was to stay in line with the script or what really happened! It's not like they're making it up

  • Lynnwood Lynnares
    Lynnwood Lynnares

    this movie has a lot of look a likes Arne looks like Ross Lynch, possessed David look like a 4 foot Clark Duke and Father Gordon look like Leslie Nielsen and Larry David had child.

  • Molly Blue
    Molly Blue

    I agree,i didn t enjoy this movie much!

  • DP

    "Ending explained" Proceeds to detail the entire synopsis....

  • Carson Veteto
    Carson Veteto

    Your shitty on telling plot lines pick a new commentary cause you obviously don’t know what’s going on

  • Carson Veteto
    Carson Veteto

    The movies are based on “true events” so why would they flip the story about there daughter when she wasn’t involved with it at all besides coming home?