ANYTHING FOR JACKSON (2020) Ending Explained
#anythingforjackson #endingexplained
A grieving couple evoke the powers of evil in a desperate attempt to bring their Grandson back to life, leading to unexpected and terrifying consequences. We're breaking down the story, including why the couple is driven so far, what they unwittingly unleash, and explaining the quite ambiguous ending.
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  • Clint Hebert
    Clint Hebert

    Ian is one of my favorite characters in any movie ever

  • Sara French
    Sara French

    FoundFlix: "... bringing back a dead family member via a living host" Me: *Fire Emblem Three Houses intensifies*

  • Joe Halterman
    Joe Halterman

    Get er did!

  • Jackson Danley
    Jackson Danley

    No fucking way. My name is jackson and my moms name is Shannon-

  • The calcium Man
    The calcium Man


  • Greg Tonto
    Greg Tonto

    The zippy muscle booly clip because vault chronically grip times a flippant sack. mean, motionless jacket

  • AidenDaChibi

    Acceptable:blood and violence gore+audrey flossing her teeth out Unacceptable:swearing

  • Stevie Valour
    Stevie Valour

    Damn that ending is a downer :(

  • Civivva

    Moral of the story 'don't try and resurrect people with a dingbat hobo looking guy' Got it. LOL

  • King grizzly sin
    King grizzly sin


  • J C
    J C

    Snacks at a satanic meeting? What did they serve, deviled eggs

  • 502 [C.H]
    502 [C.H]

    5:40- He's baffled as to how she did it.... She shrugged and said "I don't know, devil magic".... Hahaha🤣🤣

  • Angela Nova
    Angela Nova

    If they’ll be burning the house down and moving to Mexico, they probably dont have to worry about a body being discovered when the snow melts or a bloody trail in the hallway of the house.

  • KurtyB

    That ghost child swap out is one of the most ominous things I’ve seen in a horror movie, I love it

  • MsTaly99

    When one guy worries about another guys hair while there’s an attractive woman present; you know the world is GONE! Edit: I might be old school!

  • ghxulish疼痛

    Still not used to the short hair lmaoa

  • wavingtomb 223
    wavingtomb 223

    The old couple should just let the dead lie

  • Dj Khenzy
    Dj Khenzy

    And hey! thats what happens when you dabble with evil with that dingbat Ian as your guide😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • crazedfangurl074

    I actually read on some other site that since Audrey was the weakest one she was going to be the host for the demon (as seen when her back was beginning to contort apparently), but then she died due to her injury. That left Henry to be the weakened one, having lost his will to live after his wife had just died. Your explanation works well too though, especially the ending you had for Shannon and her baby instead of just that the demon let them live because it didn't need to harm them.

  • Suzuki Satoru
    Suzuki Satoru

    saw that super creepy chucky like doll at the start and i got to say im very disappointed it didnt come to life and start killing people

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    The song in the opening scene is not "Daisy Daisy give me your answer true"; it is an old classic titled "Bicycle Built for Two."

  • LightcapMath

    Just saw the movie': you are correct about the ending. great review !

  • firelord9000

    Where do I watch this

  • firelord9000

    Damn this is the best way to go missing that's fckedup

  • firelord9000

    Damn this week Ive seen the platform, vivarium and this movie

  • Count Dooku
    Count Dooku


  • Noah Moore
    Noah Moore

    See the grandfather was in supernatural and he played death. So that’s all I can see

  • Ihavenoidea whattonamemyaccount
    Ihavenoidea whattonamemyaccount

    Imagine wanting a demoic sacrifice to be successful, and sympathizing with them. Thetes a fine line between grief stricken grandparents and well, satanists

  • Juanita Reed
    Juanita Reed

    I finished watching it an hour ago and really enjoyed it

  • Denise Wagner
    Denise Wagner

    "ghost house bonanza" 😂😂😂

  • Bacon Thief
    Bacon Thief

    2:17 *presses tape recorder*

  • Ellen

    I had to confirm that this was Canadian after seeing Yannick Bisson.

  • Sakellariou Dimitris
    Sakellariou Dimitris

    At every "Hail Satan" chant, I was chanting back "Christ is Risen" to protect the house from any kind of Qlipoth!

    • The Sun Behind The Sun
      The Sun Behind The Sun

      Impressed by your knowledge of occult terms. Most people, let alone spiritually inclined ones, don't know what the Qliphoth is.


      @Sakellariou Dimitris No problem lol

    • Sakellariou Dimitris
      Sakellariou Dimitris

      @xXJLNINJAXx Yeah, thank you bro 🤣


      You mean Qlipoth?

  • Mathew Panikowski
    Mathew Panikowski

    Sure trust the evil book that always works out

  • Joshua Gross
    Joshua Gross

    I'm gonna ask you to go back a ways -- 14 years, to be exact. I'd like to hear a review on a nice little ghost thriller called, "They Wait." The little jumpscare where the spirit says the ghosts don't eat oranges is brilliant and has stuck with me to this day. I actually had to look for the title, so that's significant.

  • arey256

    What service is it on? Netflix or Hulu?

  • Bichstolemylasagna

    It’s so weird that a very old couple would like to bring back their grandson... like dude!! They only have a few years left before they die too! They’ll leave him all alone after they die, why can’t they just wait a few years to see him in heaven or idk??😂😂😂


    😂😂 Man @Foundflix I love your explanations......super comedic 🤣

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    "You made a mistake?" Since when playing with forces beyond our understanding trying to bring back dead love ones is ever a good idea?

  • isaac Mcconley
    isaac Mcconley

    Is that The original Death from supernatural?!

  • packythekilla

    Could you do the movie called splinter

  • AshleyK ProMua18
    AshleyK ProMua18

    I seriously love this channel even when I fully understood the movie I still watch FoundFlix for his explanation 🎉

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Joe mama is sehr fat

  • Pac Rat
    Pac Rat

    In a way makes me think of rosemary’s baby, one of my favorite books lol

  • ‘Nam Veteran
    ‘Nam Veteran

    Hit me with that triple flash bang In the beginning

  • RetroRifler

    anyone else think the weird Ian dude looks like Brandon farris?

  • RetroRifler

    Omg the grandfather is death from spn

  • Tucker Henderson
    Tucker Henderson

    Almost 2 million subs!!! A great milstone but we all deserve way more!!

  • tiraluvr941

    I’d rather watch this than the movie lol

  • gσ∂∂єѕѕ σf вєєѕ
    gσ∂∂єѕѕ σf вєєѕ

    I feel like if they can see Jackson’s ghost , they should have been grateful with that without doing all that demonic stuff.

  • Jonathan White
    Jonathan White

    This is refreshing

  • Chris Columbia
    Chris Columbia

    Death is one of the main characters of this cast

  • Milo McMahon
    Milo McMahon

    From the way you've explained it, the mythos in this movie is really screwed. In real life, an upside-down cross is holy and St Peter's, and the Church of Satan doesn't believe in demons or Lucifer.

  • Madi Hermens
    Madi Hermens

    It's a bit of a blast from the past, but I think "Eden Lake" would work for an Ending Explained.

  • BermyGalaxy

    “They’re not too picky with host” Me:”watches the ghosts kill possible hosts”

  • Launchpad McQuack
    Launchpad McQuack

    Everytime flossy ghost appears: My shiny teeth and me!

  • Yung Niqqa
    Yung Niqqa

    Damn, Asmongold looks different in this movie...

  • Domo_Is_Toxic

    Joe mama is sehr fat

  • Henk Hatzmann
    Henk Hatzmann

    18:41 places a salt barrier at the door. Like if a ghost is going to use a door

  • Sean McGuire
    Sean McGuire

    So the main demon is different than the one that's coming through? N what about that poor kid ghost, Jackson? Man, he has to get tormented by all these demon ghosts

  • Sean McGuire
    Sean McGuire

    I'd like to see a sequel about what really happened right afterwards

  • Sean McGuire
    Sean McGuire

    They should be looking back to the book for answers

  • Sean McGuire
    Sean McGuire

    Wow, this is creepy. Right after the flossing, it got real creepy

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    Guess we found out what Death has been doing since he died lmao

  • Neil O'Keefe
    Neil O'Keefe

    thought the suffocating ghost looked like Pretzel Jack from Channel Zero & I guess they're both played by the same actor

  • Ian Hubbard
    Ian Hubbard

    It's all my fault. My only regret is I don't know enough demons

  • Bazal Morani
    Bazal Morani

    can you do "No Escape Room"?

  • Jackson Bunting
    Jackson Bunting

    Awwww, thanks!

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      Have you done a video of “Bliss”? What was that all about? It seems that both worlds are simulations, right?

  • CeleritasGames

    Great Explanations, but I could not find The Thing Explained? Could you do that one

  • Out CaSt
    Out CaSt

    Can you do Willy’s Wonderland

    • iKatOverLord


  • pir8lifeforme

    I find it amusing that the actor playing Henry has played Death on a TV series.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    So Agnes, from The Umbrella Academy died and met Death. Then they both fell in love.

  • Zero 2 Manic
    Zero 2 Manic

    I didnt know Brandon Farres .. farret? ... yakow that youtuber, was in this movie

  • MiSTR JT
    MiSTR JT

    21:09 this will be in the corner of your room tonight. 😳😱😭


    why was this on my recommended???

  • MercuryAlchemy

    Isn’t the man the guy who played death in supernatural?

  • Remy Carreiro
    Remy Carreiro

    A man can't get tested for HPV, nor have any signs or symptoms whatsoever. Small fact, but huge fuck up, it bothered me.

  • TWC 0
    TWC 0

    "So long to your cranium" 🤣🤣 I died

  • im19ice3

    that was trippy and earned my respect

  • Fakekale7703

    tbh he looks older no offense

  • Naum Rusomarov
    Naum Rusomarov

    Now I'm never gonna floss again. :(

  • Peter Hudson
    Peter Hudson

    Have you done a video of “Bliss”? What was that all about? It seems that both worlds are simulations, right?

  • Phireak Vann
    Phireak Vann

    I thought reverse exorcisms were when the demon asks the priest to get out of the kid

  • Norwegian Bonto
    Norwegian Bonto

    Yo wassup it's me, Lil Sweater Vest

  • Aracely Vazquez
    Aracely Vazquez

    please do ‘I care a lot’ for ur next video!!!!

  • brain freeze
    brain freeze

    Because adopting is too complicated and messy.

  • Rory B
    Rory B

    Please review 0.0mhz

  • Сергей Булычев
    Сергей Булычев

    Keep getting this recommended. In my head when I read the title: A N Y T H I N G F O R M Y P R I N C E S S Somebody, interrupt. Please.

  • t j
    t j

    Hands up Who else comes to this channel just to watch a full movie in like 8 mins ? 🤚

  • Alex Richardson
    Alex Richardson

    Ik this will sound a lil' dumb but just make the girl trap up the daughter and the son of her to be the granson

  • Brandon Conway
    Brandon Conway

    Can you do a ending explained on the scream trilogy considering scream 5 will be coming out next year ? Please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • jeremy fishcer
    jeremy fishcer




  • Marina Spitz
    Marina Spitz

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  • Holy Guard Of God
    Holy Guard Of God

    Scaree Very scaree

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Please do an ending explain about wrong turn 2021.

  • Veanne Gilchrist
    Veanne Gilchrist

    i love that you used the word Jaunty!

  • Michael Levine
    Michael Levine

    Can you do an ending explained for No Escape Room?

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Hey mate love ur videos! Will you do The Hounting of Bly Manor? Its a reallt good show!

  • Scully818

    ok but Satanists don't actually believe in satan. or at least that's been my understanding

  • Olivia Parish
    Olivia Parish

    Is there someone in the mirror/on the counter at 12:09?