ANYTHING FOR JACKSON (2020) Ending Explained

A grieving couple evoke the powers of evil in a desperate attempt to bring their Grandson back to life, leading to unexpected and terrifying consequences. We're breaking down the story, including why the couple is driven so far, what they unwittingly unleash, and explaining the quite ambiguous ending.

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  • Joseph Dunn
    Joseph Dunn

    Time 12:09 something is in the mirror

  • Niger James
    Niger James

    You see foundflix, by deleting my comments or comment, youre basically acknowledging 100 % that you have read my comment or comments before deleting it :P HAHAHAH! And that is why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT when my comments or comment get deleted :P HAHAHA I WIN !

  • Sarah Phyllis
    Sarah Phyllis

    Most disturbing and disgusting movie I have ever scene though the demons were scary asf

  • MG

    FUN FACT: This is actually a prequel to the very popular series SUPERNATURAL.

    • Sarah Phyllis
      Sarah Phyllis

      @MG but the old guy who played Jackson's grandpa was actually Death from Supernatural which Dean killed.

    • MG

      @Sarah PhyllisIt was a joke.....

    • Sarah Phyllis
      Sarah Phyllis

      The old man was actually Death from Supernatural

  • Demoman Tf2
    Demoman Tf2

    i feel more for the old ppl then the pregnet girl its kinda her fault for trusting them and old ppl want they`re grandson

  • Demoman Tf2
    Demoman Tf2

    how to survive dis movie:be male and dont trust grandmas and grandads or old ppl ever in life eaven if they give you apple pies or pizzas

  • Pyromancy's Finest
    Pyromancy's Finest

    Bro they had detective murdoch in a horror movie

  • First Last
    First Last

    Rather than a straight up horror this seems more like a wacky horror comedy, or at least that's how it sounds like being explained.

    • Sarah Phyllis
      Sarah Phyllis

      Comedy horror B grade movie. But the demons were scary asf

  • skeeter

    WAIT is this the same old lady that played that donut shop lady in Umbrella Academy ?? (I haven’t seen season 2)

  • Squirrel Attackspidy
    Squirrel Attackspidy

    If it takes you 20 minutes to explain an ending, it's easier for me just watching the ending again.

  • aweffs

    How did I miss this ?

  • SLY. the.Artist
    SLY. the.Artist


  • Mae Anne Ngo
    Mae Anne Ngo

    Old people with enough strength to subdue an adult AND tech savvy too

    • Sarah Phyllis
      Sarah Phyllis

      Modern Grand Family

  • wage earner
    wage earner

    The fact that the director used to make hundreds of hallmark christmas romance movie make this 200% better.

  • Erinn Fitzgerald
    Erinn Fitzgerald

    I cant wait for this to be available to rent on YT, I reeeally want to see it!!!

  • MagiaVW

    Exactly why was it so important to bring back Jackson besides grandma guilt?

  • Vanessa Whitney
    Vanessa Whitney

    That guy looks like that youtuber. Brandon farris I think

  • Giovanni Cambranes
    Giovanni Cambranes

    21:04 Puts water near her baby hole? 🙃🤣

  • DaBanana Sauce
    DaBanana Sauce

    Man, death's down bad if he wants to bring back his kid, when he can just do it himself.

  • Johan Newaz
    Johan Newaz

    I rarely disagree with foundflix but there was zero chance this movie would’ve resulted with Jackson coming back.

  • Johan Newaz
    Johan Newaz

    I feel like this is about purgatory and not hell. The ghosts seem to be perpetually tormented by actions that seemingly stem from their lives. The demons are different. But the kissy face ghost could be sodomy, the bag wearing ghost seems like autoerotic asphyxiation, the suicides seem to be a theme. I’m obviously looking at this from a Christian demonology and theology viewpoint

  • DogMechanic

    the old couple: what people think Satanists are like the meeting with snacks: what Satanists are actually like

  • W JM
    W JM

    Did Ian get raped by a ghost?

  • Jupiter Shanty
    Jupiter Shanty

    "Cranking out snow mixed with gore" 🤣🤣

  • 🌌Diego💛

    Scariest movie I’ve ever seen.

  • Zulhakim

    i think the title should be changed from ending explained to movie summary, coz i am here for ending theories instead of 20+ minutes of the guy explaining the movie i just watched.

    • Sarah Phyllis
      Sarah Phyllis


  • Iceman

    Death from supernatural?

    • Iceman

      @Sarah Phyllis mistress death

    • Sarah Phyllis
      Sarah Phyllis

      Yes and now he is got a wife 😂

  • Madane Oulix
    Madane Oulix

    Why are you turning this into a comedy.. man you are complete shit

  • Ian MacMunn
    Ian MacMunn

    I thought Ian cut crucifixes in his feet and made heavy steps to make blood prints. He cut his hand too?

  • Leo Ginto
    Leo Ginto

    just cover the floor in salt...

  • Mootthemad

    I don't get it.. why didn't the horseman of death just bring the boy back?

    • Sarah Phyllis
      Sarah Phyllis

      In the movie, they said they need to sacrifice their soul

  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith

    I hate whwn a movie ends and you can't understand the ending. WTF?

  • Daniel Lamb
    Daniel Lamb

    This is a movie that I genuinely wish I had seen in person, instead of just hearing the story here. The shenanigans with the ghosts sounds hilarious, or at least is presented as such. So yeah, cool movie bro.

  • The Packing Pacjack
    The Packing Pacjack

    The Jackson in question is “Michael Jackson”....That makes the movie 10 times more terrifying

  • TheGreat WhiteMoose
    TheGreat WhiteMoose

    this movie was soooooo bad.

  • Joe DeBose
    Joe DeBose

    Losing a child is a devastating event but evoking the prince of Darkness because of it ? That’s a bit too much

  • LeeCanon77

    Anything but Jackson? I mean come on Jackson? how can you take anything with the name Jackson in it serious? 🙄🤣🤣

  • SkylerHatesAlice

    I just found this out and this was the first place I thought of to post it Audrey was in Die Hard 2 as a reporter

  • Chicken Draws Dogs
    Chicken Draws Dogs

    "Summoning dead grandson DIY (EPIC FAIL! MUST WATCH!)"

  • Payne Vess
    Payne Vess

    Anyone else notice the Scythe blade on the "Private Healthcare" sign?

  • Wags Btw
    Wags Btw

    The flossing ghost looks like my aunt

  • chanhoon bb
    chanhoon bb

    gore body horror is my least favourite type of horror

  • lmatthew

    Did i see the sherminator?

  • Arian Tan
    Arian Tan

    Man these old people wanna bring there grandson back without thinking there gonna die soon what ate they thinking scaring a child like that how rude 😂

  • Victoria

    Mmmm, I thought Henry looked familiar. Turns out he played Death in Supernatural


    You know theres also another reverse exorsism its when the demon tells the preist to get out of the childs body

  • Falafel Sultan
    Falafel Sultan

    Yannick Bisson should only be able to play William Murdoch in any thing he does.

  • TanHeart

    Foundflix is now my "im bored im just gonna watch youtube" channel lol

  • anoni

    Maybe Ian kiled mom to summon another demon or something like that "a mother is a mother" after all

  • Valak


  • Faith Ruckdeschel
    Faith Ruckdeschel

    I didn't understand how the pregnant lady got to their house....did Amazon deliver her because they're doing a lot these days?

  • Japhou Bazar-B Chandel
    Japhou Bazar-B Chandel

    anything sound proof is scary Af to me.....🤣🤣🤦

  • M

    Plot twist: The old man is Death from Supernatural 😂

  • Matthew Blackenship
    Matthew Blackenship

    Omg Henry is being played by Death from Supernatural

  • Chetti

    Wow what a garbage movie.

  • Paul Otea
    Paul Otea

    The end scene is basically a battle royale for ghosts to get a host the ones who attacked are trying to get a hosts while the other ones like the grandma flossing and the lawnmower vore thing are the players who don't know what they are doing

  • MrAddyan

    Nice to see Bill Nye getting a break in movies.

  • 30k415

    I can tell Found Flix guy hates Rap and rappers. This was not the first crack he has made about Rap.

  • JackieViolet

    There is something "Supernatural" about the Grandfather..............

  • Odiare

    20:04 that was so random

  • Corina Davila
    Corina Davila

    Death living his best life after Dean killed him 😂

  • Josh R
    Josh R

    At 12:09 there is a ghost standing in the bathroom mirror that i didn't notice the first time.

  • TaSK

    Bingewatching FoundFlix is like speedrunning to watch interesting films

  • Ellis Gill
    Ellis Gill

    No I dnt feel sorry for the couple and I didn't hope their plan came to fruition at any point in the movie. Yall WEIRD!!!

  • MostRandom :P
    MostRandom :P

    12:07 just me, orrrr is there something in the mirror?

  • Miranda Canaday
    Miranda Canaday

    “Just because she wanted to give him some tendies” lmao

  • angel gabel
    angel gabel

    So is this woman really still pregnant is she still even alive does she have the baby this whole movie completely confused to crap out of me and left with so many odd endings

  • Jaylin Davis
    Jaylin Davis

    Boss man can you please explain, “The Prophecy” just finished it but i still do not understand

  • Matthew Craddock
    Matthew Craddock

    Always trust the horseman death to be your doctor it could never go wrong

  • Warner Van batenburg
    Warner Van batenburg

    Why is this channel called ENDING explained? Should just be movie synopsis

  • iPitMyShants

    yeah! who the hell shovels snow for free?! must’ve been a true psychopath! being a good person?? psh! hogwash! now stick your dome piece in that snow blower!

  • cinthya herrera-colina
    cinthya herrera-colina

    At 12:08 you can see a figure in the background, looks like an old lady

  • Lace Secret
    Lace Secret

    Just . . . whoa.

  • Kayden Cameron
    Kayden Cameron

    Apparently I've already watched this? But I forgot to like, so I guess I'll watch it again

  • Gunnar Wagner
    Gunnar Wagner

    Old couples really do have true love. I could only hope my significant other would become a Satanist because my inability to cope. That's love.

    • Abraxis729

      Nothing say's love like a little satanism and necromancy.

  • Lucy

    You sound like older version of Milad from Subway

  • but why?
    but why?

    Find it hard to sympathize with crazy Satanists. 🤔

  • Aimless Alix
    Aimless Alix

    I can only see Henry as Death that died so it's so much fun😂

  • ksiiso nriaru
    ksiiso nriaru

    The beneficial thermometer summarily phone because fang systematically bathe alongside a skinny distance. sparkling, plain interviewer

  • RussianBabyDoll88

    Who else watches full movies from foundflix hulu who?netflix?ondemand what!lmaoo thank u

  • AlyssaB

    God I hate little kids, there's a reason kids are always so unsettling in horror movies. That 4-7 age bracket is scary looking, not small enough for a baby not big enough to fully be human and they got those freaky little teeth 😣 How would the ritual work if the mothers life is traded for the dead kid, she's still pregnant wouldn't they need her alive until the birth?

  • マイコ

    12:08 look at the mirror

  • Tejeda

    Q in another comment about the actor who played death here”. “

  • Alex Goodall
    Alex Goodall

    Playboi carti dress like that

  • John Coyote
    John Coyote

    seeing the actor who plays Rory made me want to watch the movie

  • Luis Armando Meza Garcia
    Luis Armando Meza Garcia

    @05:57 that was such a down to earth, real-ass delivery. It cracked up so hard I got called attention at my work.

  • George Stark
    George Stark

    04:36 jeezus she should set her filter to age-appropriate guys or go to therapy for daddy-issues... :-x so should the guy btw...

  • Manwitha Machinegun
    Manwitha Machinegun

    It's not that unique tbf, think about it.... The best people do the worst things with good intentions without any real awareness of how evil their actions are. If anything it's a story of the reality of humanity.

  • Felicia Schemonia
    Felicia Schemonia

    At 20:09 when Audrey turns her head, it's like her head oddly twitches to the side. I don't know if that was intentional or what, but just noticed it.

  • Samuel Ling
    Samuel Ling


  • Poison Ivy 96
    Poison Ivy 96

    Is this a bit of a horror comedy?

  • Thatrandomblackguy

    I've never seen evil being so wholesome

  • Binush Sagar
    Binush Sagar

    Why is the boy in hell?? When the boy is in heaven they never could bring ihm back!!

  • Tarciso Sousa
    Tarciso Sousa

    12:07 you can see someone covered in blood in the mirror, maybe im just imagining things

  • Dawniblis s
    Dawniblis s

    What if the ghost was actually Jackson and they refuse to believe thats him and hes alive. but he is alive and is like tf you guys?? im right here

  • Honin Akecheta
    Honin Akecheta

    You may have sympathized with them but I sure didn’t lol

  • Lexxi TRexxi
    Lexxi TRexxi

    Lmfao I was thinking the same thing "What the hell is going on with this guy's hair?" 😂

  • orcide

    i like watching movies without watching them

  • Dajim13

    5:56 That statement about evil books is a whole mood XD

  • rayzilla

    Ending explain The Ruins!