THE WAILING (2016) Ending Explained
#thewailing #endingexplained
In the terrifying THE WAILING, a Korean village is turned upside down when a mysterious Japanese man appears, and brutally slain bodies start piling up. It's up to a local cop who finds himself targeted by the evil to unravel whats going on to save his family. We're breaking down the quite complicated twists and turns of the, who the real bad guy is, and explaining the ending that ties everything together.
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Co-Editor: Chris McCrackin

  • Athil Althaf
    Athil Althaf

    One of the Finest horror movie.

  • Zyklon W
    Zyklon W

    HELLO! Please do the "The Tall Man" (2012)

  • Ozil Gzbsj
    Ozil Gzbsj

    The uncovered system logically guard because spear compatibly spray behind a pricey centimeter. married, entertaining gorilla

  • Kanye Kubrick
    Kanye Kubrick

    I had to take a shower after washing this movie . So damn good

  • LeeAnne Doumont
    LeeAnne Doumont

    I got through 6 minutes and it was too scary.

  • shawn Hale
    shawn Hale

    So when the demon randomly picked a soul to take, did he also randomly choose to be Japanese? Seems a lil' racist.... I'm watching this again, and I'm wondering if this is only the commentary, or this original intent?

  • Christos Brikos
    Christos Brikos

    Why do you explain the entire movie in every single "ending explained" video?

  • Matthieu Leperlier
    Matthieu Leperlier

    2:08 I'm probably not the only one who noticed this, but the dying flowers look like tiny skulls

  • Scp foundation
    Scp foundation

    This movie reminds me of Cain and able sorry about my miss spelling feel free to correct me on it

  • ammar ashraf
    ammar ashraf

    korean movie = no happy ending

  • Jacob Heitmann
    Jacob Heitmann

    I love subtle asian racism

  • Dragoon GT
    Dragoon GT


  • rach78901

    This movie was scary af I literally could not go to my basement or be comfortable in the dark for days

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    If you enter a mans house and you find your daughters shoe in their house isn’t it natural to just shoot the guy at that point

  • Bagus Hernananda
    Bagus Hernananda

    This movie was really unexpected

  • Mark Spencer Amerila
    Mark Spencer Amerila

    The koreans have an obsession with the past it seems.

  • Am_ Moo
    Am_ Moo

    This guy is sponsored by ad block

  • Stevebomer

    Took me 10 minutes to realise he’s saying Japanese man and not Japanese band

  • Boston Hostetler
    Boston Hostetler

    The Korean preacher in the cave die?

    • Boston Hostetler
      Boston Hostetler

      @D. Matz. hmmm be interesting

    • D. Matz.
      D. Matz.

      @Boston Hostetler Maybe they were leaving it open for a sequel.

    • Boston Hostetler
      Boston Hostetler

      @D. Matz. ya but never shows what happens next. I don’t think it even mentions the preacher after that scene.

    • D. Matz.
      D. Matz.

      It looks like it. The Devil got him at the end.

  • Eddy Dishart
    Eddy Dishart

    I've watched it 4x now ..even though the ending is crystal clear... its still difficult to reconcile with Il Gwang's (the Shaman) initial purpose. The grandmother brought him to help Hyo Jin...was he waiting for his invitation to work against the family?. Hyo Jin was already 'sick' with the evil spirit. Was Il Gwang making it worse? What was the father's sin? Who did he accuse? He was against the Japanese man from the start. I appreciate the way the film keeps us from the truth until the end..but it's still not completely clear

  • oppty loppty the hoppty
    oppty loppty the hoppty

    Nice dark souls meme

  • Tomás C
    Tomás C


  • crazy afrobaby
    crazy afrobaby

    Only film I've seen before the foundflix video 😂

  • tired

    I have never watched any of these movies but I always watch his ending explained ones

  • Kalgeriax 101
    Kalgeriax 101

    Another movie another win for the DEVILLLLLL WOOOOOOOO ..... Can't we have movie where both sides draws??

  • TheKayleybeee

    Love this review!!! But I'm still wondering how the young girl met the Japanese man..

  • Stygian

    Not gonna lie, that hired shaman's ritual looks pretty demonic to me, but I'm only halfway through the video. We'll see. I don't know too much about shaman stuff, but blood rituals, drinking the blood, and cutting down are red flags for me. EDIT: YEP! Finished the video. I was right.

  • Li Za
    Li Za

    Has anybody noticed what the shaman was wearing when he was changing? There was a blanket covering his body just like what the old japanese man was wearing.

  • Zac Attack Hip Hop Instrumentals
    Zac Attack Hip Hop Instrumentals

    This is an awesome movie

  • Christian Ranger
    Christian Ranger

    Damn. This movie is good. Sadly evil won in the end.

  • rebel guy
    rebel guy

    Thats you telling us the story not explaining... waste of time...

  • 100vasiliy

    japanese man with red eyes?!?!?!? Itachi.

  • Jeskai Adept
    Jeskai Adept

    ahh... Police wearing uniforms with pepsi logo on them... classic

  • Srivatsa Bolisetti
    Srivatsa Bolisetti

    I don't understand one thing: the lady says once you step in the house, your whole family will be dead. But what actually happened was even before he entered the house, we know they all were killed. So is there a mistake or am I missing anything?

  • A Boy and his Dog
    A Boy and his Dog

    Too bad Hollywood can't come up with such original writing! The best ideas are coming from the international film community. Hollywood just pumps put rehashed or cookie cutter crap... Or worse still, Ideological Propaganda!!

  • Cristian Felix-Garcia
    Cristian Felix-Garcia

    I absolutely hate watching horror movies this is the only way I can enjoy them so I can talk to my girlfriend about them since she loves them

  • El Draque
    El Draque

    one of the best horror films in the last 10 years, totally mate, its genius

  • snickelfrits fellow
    snickelfrits fellow

    I wish this one has been a little longer it's so strange and interesting and the characters portrayed well i think this might go in the watch pile

  • Sinogy

    Fucking hell, this is not an explanation video. The dude literally tells the movie scene by scene and explains nothing.

  • Seth Kang
    Seth Kang

    this movie is so fucking gooooooooooooooooooooooood.

  • Albert Recio
    Albert Recio

    I just finished watching this and I'm telling you my mind was super fucked

  • My One
    My One

    silang tatlo diablo lahat sila manlilinlang at taung mga tao (ung tatay na bida) ang nalilinlang nila sabi nga dba sa bible wag maniniwala sa mga mangagamot na kumakausap sa diablo kc kht natutulungan nila tau dito sa sanlibutan mali paren un sa mata ng dios at diablo paren silang maituturing dahil kumakausap cila ng diablo na nde nman dapat.. kung may paniniwala ka na tanging dios lng ang tgapagligtas mo!!sa diyos ka lng hihingi ng tulong dba tinang gihan sia ng pari na tulungan dahil sinabi niang diablo ang hapon dahil kung tutulungan sia ng pari kylangan ng pari makipag ugnayan sa diablo at alam ng pari na kung gagawin nya un ay isa ung malaking kasalanan sa diyos sa diyos lng tau maniniwala dahil sia lng ang tunay na tgapagligtas ang gulo ko din dba? ang gulo ng movie eh hahaha palike naman sa sumasangayon jan hehe


    "Not everything that breathes or moves is alive" Damn, I've felt that.

    • Todd Howard
      Todd Howard

      Can relate

  • Marep Idin
    Marep Idin

    Sad thing is, he cannot save his entire family, they were already killed by his daughter long before he enter the gate. He can save only him and his daughter by trapping the devil and prevent further death or else they will also both die like the other survived victims.

  • Abdurrahman Bahairudin
    Abdurrahman Bahairudin

    can someone explain me this conversation between The Woman and The Father father: why he doing this? woman: because her father has sinned. father: what sin? woman: her father suspected another try to kill him and finally kill him father: it was because of my daughter got sick first...

  • MrD&D

    You saying at the beginning of the video that you were scared is the biggest bullshit I have ever heard, you obviously don’t experience fear

  • Tony Malin
    Tony Malin

    Call me a mainstream coward but I'd like it more if the good spirit won. I think too many horror movies are masturbatory with their evil endings, and it cheapens the genre. The babadook is an example of a scary horror film with a life-affirming, positive ending.

  • Ain't So Common
    Ain't So Common

    My favorite Korean horror was first, Tale of Two Sisters, then White and now The Wailing. They are all so good!! Can anyone tell me the meaning of the quote from the Bible at the beginning?

  • Gangadhar Reddy Yerragudi
    Gangadhar Reddy Yerragudi

    That's why i hate mushrooms

  • Faysal Khodr
    Faysal Khodr

    He just told the movie didn't explain anything

  • Neliza Quilana
    Neliza Quilana

    Wher is the part 2 and so we know who is the demon?

  • Zepixe

    Oh so the Woman was tryna get rid of the Shaman

  • Chris Hawk
    Chris Hawk

    Is no one going to mention the top-notch sound design of this movie? The rain sounded so realistic, and the ritual scenes created an atmosphere of curiosity but also of dread. Everything in this movie fits so well together.

  • IcaroMPA

    24 minutes to """reveal""" only the obvious things. What a waste of time.

  • neotheresa

    I didn’t find this movie all that scary. Why? Because you can’t be scared if you don’t know what the *fuck* is going on

  • John Ignacio
    John Ignacio

    Great summary

  • Wai See Tan
    Wai See Tan

    Lame story

  • Bjarne :3
    Bjarne :3

    Demons are like Cats ... they hate everything they can't manipulate!

  • Babloo Miah
    Babloo Miah

    The ending still haunts me after all these years!!! Easily one of the best!!!

  • Andreya Simpson
    Andreya Simpson

    is it bad that i’d rather watch foundflix explain a movie as opposed to actually watching the movie itself

  • Box

    Im still confused, why was the old man dying when the Shaman doing the stabbings and stuff? I thought he was affecting the Old man??

  • SZ M
    SZ M

    This is so bad. Im halfway through at 11.13, and all he has done is read out the script. Im not going to wait for the explanation.

  • Keno Lazaro
    Keno Lazaro

    at 17:06, that wasn't his mother in law and wife, one of them was the escort woman from 7:43

  • Sebastián Sánchez
    Sebastián Sánchez

    but if they work together, why when the shaman does the ritual it seems that he harms the japanese man? (14:27)

  • Kirine

    One question: if people knew that the Japanese man had raped a woman, why wasn't he in jail, why wasn't he at least being investigated, but completely off the police radar? If the community hadn't turned a blind eye to this and would have cared about a woman getting raped and driven mad by it, the demon would have been exposed sooner and maybe this would have chased him away from the village. But I guess the demon chose that particular community, exactly because he sensed it was filled with cowards and petty souls, who don't care about and will not protect their girls and women. Jong-goo himself chooses to believe the "shaman", a man, instead of the woman in white, thus sealing his daughter's and his own fate and ultimately, that of the village. And notice how Jong-goo's policeman friend tells him to ignore the woman in white, the first time she appears.

  • _flashback_

    really good movie

  • Dreckiger Dan
    Dreckiger Dan

    yeah wow many easter, conspiracies and twists and an end that lets you know that you know nothing. Like every other mystery movie. I don't like this movie. No sense behind it.

  • Pe9ega

    Btw if the shaman was with the japanese guy/evil spirit then why he did the hoax on his partner like he was nearly dying? Or it was a mistake?

  • MaintainMonty

    Kind of a dick for putting such a big spoiler in the thumbnail. As if there wasn’t other images to put for people who haven’t seen it yet.

  • Nico

    The animosity between Korean people and Japanese people adds another layer of context as to why the Japanese guy had so many rumors against him

    • RJ Carillo
      RJ Carillo

      I've seen a lot of Korean products such as manga and movies that have anti-japanese message and it's same with china

  • M-T

    I do wonder, why in the shamans ritual, why was the japanese man hurting?

  • Mathew 6
    Mathew 6

    Watched my first 3 Korean horror movies this month and must say they are great. Annoyed at myself for not giving more a go sooner. Any recommendations would be great. Love zombie ones watched train to busan and alive so far.

  • Herowingss

    from all the korean movies i have seen i never really find anyone end woth a happy end

  • Jennifer

    the movie is simply about how they dont trust outsiders. the whole movie none of them trust the japanese man....and if the cop wouldve just trusted the woman....his family woulve been fine

  • TheMex1kan

    so she couldnt just say "hey im here to help, i dable in white magic" you think in theses movies this would work but no...

  • Dr. Meme
    Dr. Meme

    3:11 pog

  • LikeABigBoiii

    The bouncing back and forth of not knowing who to trust makes this the scariest and we'll produced game of Among Us ever

  • GlowBabyGlow

    Please explain American Psycho! :)

  • Nisha Jain
    Nisha Jain

    i had a doubt when i noticed the korean shaman and the japanese wore the same sort of cloth underwear. which was kinda common among both of them

  • Adrian Albacete
    Adrian Albacete

    Change the title to movie plot. Not ending explained. Lol

  • Elizabeth Sensanbaugher
    Elizabeth Sensanbaugher

    1:56 “Slams table” 28 STAB WOUNDS Didn’t wanna leave him a chance huh?

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    That dark souls death screen tho

  • the Duck O-O
    the Duck O-O


  • LoneDragon

    So he took her shoe because he's collecting soles? :P

  • Andi Saputro
    Andi Saputro

    The shaman is DILF

  • luna Gibbs
    luna Gibbs

    Never watched the movie but you're right this is scary. Though it does sound like a good horror it also sounds pretty sad

  • HD

    John Goo?

  • Michael Petrarca
    Michael Petrarca

    So...this is supposed to be like, a half comedy right? I feel like a lot of the scenes, at least in the beginning are meant to seem the chick throwing rocks, or him getting beaten by the two crazy women?

  • faizan Ahmed
    faizan Ahmed

    I wish I knew i jus had to listen to last 5 mins of explanation rather than running me the entire movie verbally in 20 minutes

  • Allikat Martin
    Allikat Martin

    OMG I can't watch this! Why do you have to yell? Most annoying voice ever.

  • Varys Mopatis
    Varys Mopatis

    I thought that was Laufey in the thumbnail.

  • Jonathan Mendoza
    Jonathan Mendoza

    Oh damn

  • Manuel Badillo
    Manuel Badillo

    Someone told me something that kinda makes sense when the women throws the rocks at them: "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" Which blew my mind when you figure out she's the protector

  • Jay Zee
    Jay Zee

    Can anybody tell me exactly when he starts to explain the ending?

  • Nyxabi

    As I saw the man coming down the rock I remembered that I’ve seen this movie before and got more confused than scared

  • Nell Ross
    Nell Ross

    This definitely looks like a movie I need to check out myself - I was expecting it to be more about how automatically distrusting outsiders isn't always wise, but was pleasantly surprised at the ending not being expected.

  • BeepBop Boop
    BeepBop Boop

    The woman is really terrible at her job. She needs to work on communication.

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B

    Wait wait wait, I dont understand, why was the evil man writhing in agony and almost defeated when the shaman was doing his big de-cursing thing? If the shaman and the old man were working together, why was the shaman seemingly attacking him (the old man/demon) there? And why does the old man/demon only survive because the shaman is stopped? If the shaman was not interrupted and completed his big ritual, would that not have killed the old man/demon? In which case arent they not working together then? I'm confuzzled...

  • Recon Marine1974
    Recon Marine1974

    Hey, that thing he is wearing at 2:29 is not a diaper. It is a very ancient style Japanese man's underwear called "fun-doshi". Almost no one wears them anymore in Japan but they still exist.

  • Nora Lavins
    Nora Lavins

    Me, a Catholic, hearing the "wait for the rooster to crow three times": I got that reference.

    • Awnity

      @Alexandra thank you hun c: god bless

    • Awnity

      @Jared Flores I never said thank you, my apologies ^^

    • Alexandra

      @Awnity it's a biblical reference. Jesus tells one of his disciples Peter, he would have betrayed him 3 times by the time the rooster crows.

    • Jared Flores
      Jared Flores

      @Awnity One of Jesus's disciple who betrays him three times

    • Minh Nguyen
      Minh Nguyen

      the priest asked the main character; if he didnt see the spirit, then why he sure that it was real. Hmmm...