PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Series (1-6) Explained
#paranormalactivity #endingexplained
We're explaining the ENTIRE Paranormal Activity franchise, breaking down every movie and how it plays into the grander series plot that evolves with each entry. What is Toby and what the heck does he want? Find out everything you ever wanted to know and more in one relatively concise video!
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  • Higglewoggle Oofgood
    Higglewoggle Oofgood

    I’ve never seen any of these movies but sure I’ll watch an hour long video on the series

  • Azuril

    This should've been titled "How to watch 6 movies in one hour."

  • Higglewoggle Oofgood
    Higglewoggle Oofgood

    Five nights at Katy’s

  • Falcon_569

    The next movie totally needs to be a demon slaying movie with like a bad ass squad killing all the Karens and toby

  • David Stuck
    David Stuck

    ah man i remember when the first one came out i loved it

  • Ozil Gzbsj
    Ozil Gzbsj

    The wretched morning laparoscopically bounce because llama trivially mourn given a picayune november. eight, changeable taxicab

  • Peter Lopez
    Peter Lopez

    45:40 is that an 805 tat? At least they casted local foos😂

  • Zyklon W
    Zyklon W

    HELLO! Please do the "The Tall Man" (2012)

  • Liam Gade
    Liam Gade

    They really should not have gotta rid of their maid... she knew what was up. Coulda saved them

  • Viola Pearson
    Viola Pearson

    The parched kangaroo perplexingly hang because pump superficially place off a sable show. few fierce, elastic frown

  • Beth Denson
    Beth Denson

    Who watched this video even though they hate ghosts

  • William Bernfeld
    William Bernfeld

    0:30 hear me all subjects of ymir

  • William Leidy
    William Leidy

    FFS ...... when you act like an idiot and you don't have to.

  • Lone Traveler
    Lone Traveler

    Tobi is just a smash bros pro

  • Lone Traveler
    Lone Traveler

    6:46 my energy Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Mayumi Long
    Mayumi Long

    The psychology of a man who experiences spooky shit in his house and then watched ALL OF THE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY MOVIES. Dude I’m the balls on this man. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Iveeny


  • James Rustle
    James Rustle

    I quit watching after 25% of the first piece of garbage and am just here for morbid curiosity

  • Joseph Merriman
    Joseph Merriman

    you got gas fool u need that pepto

  • Kevin Mullen
    Kevin Mullen

    king it has been a minute since i’ve watched your videos and it feels great to be back🤩🙌

  • RailedRobin

    So basically this series spend 6 movies doing what Hereditary did in one?

  • Unruly Raikage
    Unruly Raikage

    So Toby was Orochimaru in disguise?

  • MJ art
    MJ art

    The ghost in your house happy to finally be in a video + watching movies with you

  • K Loveandpeace
    K Loveandpeace

    Thank you!! I was always like....”Where does Robbie come from?!?” 😀

  • SouthernSpartan 94
    SouthernSpartan 94

    @54:30 that’s the Homunculus symbol from FMBH lmao

  • ##

    Paranormal Activity was meant to be a standalone movie, with Katie killing Micah and then herself, which was even released as an "alternative ending"... But that money called!!!

  • shy dude
    shy dude

    one of my least favorite deaths was ben he kinda gave me that older brother vibe when i was a kid

  • shy dude
    shy dude

    paranormal 7:tobi gets a job

  • Scrungo Ze Clown
    Scrungo Ze Clown

    6th one was campy as hell :/

  • PandaPlayz

    Movie 7: The names Constantine...John Constantine

  • Nosferatuh Al
    Nosferatuh Al


  • Nightmare Illusionist
    Nightmare Illusionist

    I didn’t even know they had a 5-6

  • Joseph Quinn Swolin
    Joseph Quinn Swolin

    Toby: I have a body finally.!! Corona: Welcome to your new hell! Toby: 😶

  • Uranus

    Bruh just make friends with the demon

  • megagonet

    1-3 and the Mexican one where good but 4 and 6 where garbage in my opinion

  • AkiDave

    I thought the game was part of the movie lore?

  • Snow Whitch
    Snow Whitch

    "Paranormal" activity, pan falls "it must be ghooooost!!!!"

  • MorshuDoesStuff

    Paranormal Activity 7: Toby vs God

  • Vici

    This series became progressively more frustrating for me to watch. I don't particularly mind the "finale" but it bothered me that each film was basically a reset. A new family each film just meant it was going to be the same formula, the same result. Some hauntings, some research and boom everyones dead and Toby wins lol. When I first saw The Marked Ones, particularly the climax I thought "yes, finally people are actively fighting against Toby and coven" but it was the same old stuff. By the time of 6 I was just glad it was over. I wouldn't have minded so much if there was an antithesis to Katie, a recurring character that followed the hauntings and tried to warn folk which again only the Marked Ones really does. I understand many horrors aren't made with a long term arc in mind and planned out but this series really needed it. Argh. The first one is still good though and I'd even say the first three make a semi-strong trilogy. Anyway, that's just my view on the whole thing. Great vid! Subscribed 😎

  • Aaron Lam
    Aaron Lam

    If I were a demon summoned by the local "book club" Id be pretty livid too

  • Ramon Hurtado
    Ramon Hurtado

    these are bullshit movies.

  • Lauren Cooper
    Lauren Cooper

    22:26 coraline will know

  • B-Rad From The 'Bu
    B-Rad From The 'Bu

    "It's all dumb and made up." That's all you had to say

  • Halfbeard Jones
    Halfbeard Jones

    Micah is a dick in this movie. A decade later, Micah is a dick in red dead redemption 2. I think we can safely say if you name your son Micah, he will grow up to be a dick.

  • Toby Bermudez
    Toby Bermudez

    Toby gets a body. Then catches covid. DOH!

  • Toby Bermudez
    Toby Bermudez

    This franchise is not unique. I find it tedious at best. The whole evil wins in a horror movie trope is old. If there is no hope of good winning, then the acceptance of evil winning leaves no room for meaningful conflict. As a viewer, now I’m just waiting to see how the protagonist are gonna die. Much like every slasher franchise in existence. -sigh- old and boring.

  • Arius888


  • he’s at the store
    he’s at the store

    Paranormal Activity 3 is definitely my favorite of the series. The scare where the contents of the kitchen drop from the ceiling is my favorite ever lmao Edit: Oh, and Randy. He’s the best character ever

  • Myster_G

    God bless you.

  • Kyle Diaz
    Kyle Diaz

    The problem is, Everybody ask "Why Toby wants a body"?, but nobody asks, "why is there no body for toby"? 😏

  • john Schonmann
    john Schonmann

    LOL why did you get all of them at one time that cost you a lot more money and Blu-ray I have all six in one box LOL it's really half the price of what you just paid that's about $50 worth of movies right there you can get the six pack for only 24 at Walmart LOL and it's only been 4 months but yeah that was all staged it wasn't real before I even saw the first movie they said it was based on true events and then they retracted it LOL but it's good I'll give it that because as you play the movies some of the movies are out of order extremely out of order haha all of them are set in different timelines

  • Anthony Lara
    Anthony Lara

    At 46:22 it was Arturo

  • mind assassin
    mind assassin

    You know how ghost hunter shows always have footage where nothing happens, but they tell you that there's a ghost in it? I bet we could turn that shit into like 6 movies.

  • QaniaMychelle

    “Tea time is over bitch” ! Lmfaooo 😂😂

  • ImaginaryPurpose

    What about that weird Tokyo Night Spin off film?

  • IAm Coop
    IAm Coop

    Fun fact , black people don't deal with these type of things LOL

  • Flowmie #719808
    Flowmie #719808

    Are you the dude from workaholics?

  • Shaine Cox
    Shaine Cox

    who really cares if another one comes out.. unless it ends like Hell house, if it does, then i might watch it

  • Harleking

    The one big question that I have for PA1 is....Why do they pronounce Micahs name like "Meeck-ah/Mick-ah" (does that make sence?) when it should be pronounced like Flix is saying.. Or did I just miss something?

  • Lisa Lipschutz
    Lisa Lipschutz

    Like I just don’t get it for real? Comeonnow,

  • angelfromhellshawna

    I'm not sure how you spell his name...Micah? Yeah, I cringed the whole video hearing him called My-cah and not Meeka (I know those are spelled wrong) like in the movies.

  • Pilbo Mags
    Pilbo Mags

    That ghost wants some of Katey's big OO

  • Anonymous

    I once woke up to my bedroom door slamming shut and the ceiling light swinging back and forth. I thought to myself "goddam poltergeist, can I get some dam' sleep before I have to go to work" and fell asleep again... Next day I saw in the news that there had been an earthquake.

  • Cyber Samurai
    Cyber Samurai

    “Alexa, threaten it.” The comedic gold, mental visuals that ensued man. xD


    This just gets stupider & stupider!!!👍😂

  • Jay D Eli
    Jay D Eli

    Last 2 movies were the best ones in my opinion

  • Ethan Hofsteen
    Ethan Hofsteen

    I like your gaming setup ps. I know im late

  • 30,000 Feet High
    30,000 Feet High

    I never watched the Paranormal Activity series, so hearing someone saying my name, Micah, a fairly rare name, is weird.

  • another dreamer
    another dreamer

    I just read about this and in lot of religions i found that demons do really work like that.If you fear them they are getting stronger and stronger.But they cant kill you like in the movies.They can appear in diffrent forms but most likely when they are gonna scare you they are gonna shape in a monster.I had a dream few nights ago and I saw some words on the wall of my room.I remember that it was written in Arabic but in that moment i didnt know it was arabic so I was constantly searching middle east words.And yesterday i finnaly found it on youtube and it was the same written thing as in the dream "بسم الله" wich means "in the name of God" and it appears to be a sentence that will scare of demons acording to islam,and from now on when I say Bismillah the wierd stuff stops. btw im atheist not muslim

    • Umbrebac Games
      Umbrebac Games

      @another dreamer It would make sense. That would however give credit to those sleazy televangelists

    • another dreamer
      another dreamer

      @Umbrebac Games i wasnt believing in demons before I saw strange things happening,hwo knows maybe they are afraid of religions

    • Umbrebac Games
      Umbrebac Games

      Honestly weird to think about things like that, when I was younger I would have nightmares where I would hear a cacophony of voices telling me to kill everyone I know and myself. It stopped when I was given a very old bible to hold when I went to sleep and it stopped immediately after. I'm also Atheist not catholic or Christian

  • Silver Slingblade
    Silver Slingblade

    I'm glad I stopped at #3.

  • Caroline Aucott
    Caroline Aucott

    I am not going to sit here for an hour listening to the bloke waffle on.


    Voice annoying and happy I cut off after 10 minutes #boooo

  • RPG Gaming
    RPG Gaming

    The big daddy of found footage is the blair witch project lol

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson

    These movies kinda got repetitive and boring after the third

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson

    Don't use her Satanbucks, she sold her descendant for em

  • Ryan Devlin
    Ryan Devlin

    So instead of contacting the Church they decide to...transfer the demon and perpetuate suffering. I don't understand that.

  • Baby G
    Baby G

    The man who is telling stories is like the man who speak on a jai Alai gambling

  • Whyatt Lee
    Whyatt Lee

  • Suave The Goat
    Suave The Goat

    Y’all know it’s fake right Micah and Katie are actors that went to acting school in Colorado

  • Simon Prewitt
    Simon Prewitt

    I laughed at “SLP mode, bet you kids don’t even know what that is.”

  • Julie Jackson
    Julie Jackson

    Can't stand this narrator's voice. Moving on...

  • Sxikho

    Hector obviously didn't run any turbos with nos. That's why his car broke down.

  • OmarGl85

    I love how it’s a hour long but only 1 ad at the beginning

  • Detra McFadden
    Detra McFadden

    The kids are in on it. Both Katie and Kristie and then Layla, after seeing their mothers murdered, just skip off, hand-in-hand w/ Toby and/or Grandma Lois like it's all gravy.

  • ーBloomieー

    Basically, most of this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Micah being a total dumbass. Got it.

  • Morbid.autopsy

    @foundflix if you don't like and comment on my comment I will summon a demon in your house 😈👹👺

  • ImJakeHD

    You are by far my 4th favorite channel

  • MSPaintRose

    Thanks for taking the time to make this. I watched the first movie which I enjoyed so much.

  • makenna shuter
    makenna shuter

    I don't really like paranormal activity but it is the only found footage style movies I'd watch. The cameras are stuck in one spot so no shaky hand cameras that make you sick.

  • vampire cat??? idk
    vampire cat??? idk

    Can somebody please mark when each paranormal activity movie(1-6)starts in this video because im confused at which is which except first one

    • Kendrick Fisher
      Kendrick Fisher

      11:55 21:34 29:20 36:52 48:42

  • Harley Kennedy
    Harley Kennedy

    Just so you guys know tobi is actually obito

  • suspect XXXL
    suspect XXXL

    35:26 i remember when i was younger and i watched this movie i would say "splat like a pancake" when she fell and it was a running joke in my family for a while

  • meikel

    i never watched half of the movies you reviewed but these are more entertaining than the movies themselves

  • Gavin Black
    Gavin Black

    It was called demonic ghost possession into demonic death powers paranormal hauntings because I think demonic growl at night hearing voices and then bad dreams parking garage I hear my brother into the house he was sick one year ago part of exorcist that footage

  • UnderDog Justin
    UnderDog Justin

    When you and hunter share the same birthday only you're a couple years older (Demonic breathing intensifies)

  • Jenna W
    Jenna W

    Dude I would raise that nannies pay if she cleansed my house

  • Kelly Fitzgerald
    Kelly Fitzgerald

    Yes yes yes 7....7..please

  • Leon Thyne
    Leon Thyne

    Best 60 minutes I've had in the series

  • Kelly Fitzgerald
    Kelly Fitzgerald

    I want to see Toby so bad I think they should make just one more showing Toby's face especially after ghost dimension

  • Cecilio Oda
    Cecilio Oda

    No Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night?