THE WITCH (2015) Ending Explained
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In Robert Eggers debut The Witch, a family in 1600's New England is forced to survive on a remote farm and finds their faith constantly tested, which is only made worse by supernatural forces that invade their life. We're breaking down the story and its themes, along with including references to real life beliefs of the time, and explaining the ending and what our character's big choice means.
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  • Emss SC
    Emss SC

    STOP....*yoink* baby time

  • Kera Summers
    Kera Summers

    When I first saw this movie I loved it so much but my family thought it was boring and slow. Goes to show they’re all math people and I’m an English person

  • F Geno
    F Geno

    They never seemed too upset about that baby going missing. Anyways...We have called our dog Black Phillip ever since this came out

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave

    Black Philip saw a farm and said, "Free real estate." 🤣

  • Lisa Anderson
    Lisa Anderson

    dope susperia shirt

  • Lionel Spencer-Ward
    Lionel Spencer-Ward

    You don't have to leave religion and go towards the darkness..... Religion IS the darkness!!!

  • jdzencelowcz

    B neat if they made a sequel, where Anya Taylor-Joy plays a 3rd gen off the grid survivalist, but she builds her new place right on where her past life's family home once stood, I also think mirrors should come into play, like she could see her past self in them.

  • Mercenary Knight
    Mercenary Knight

    Feels like the end of Evil Dead. The sole survivor at a house in the wilderness against an unspeakable evil then is taken by said evil force at the end.

  • Snuggles McSquishbottom
    Snuggles McSquishbottom

    This movie is just a typical weekend with the fam in rural New England.

  • Jaime Parker
    Jaime Parker

    It’s a folklore. People in those days imagined stories like this happening to “evil, forsaken “ people.

  • Daniel Freire Espín
    Daniel Freire Espín

    4:37 abortion according to prolifers

  • S A D L I F E
    S A D L I F E

    i loved this movie, was scary and very good liguistics... then the pretty young blonde drops her dress

  • EnigmaOfTheEchidna

    That soup bit was hilarious, chunky lmfaoo

  • Tia Faulkenberry
    Tia Faulkenberry

    My favorite kind of horror, the “good for her.”

  • Sultan Kebab
    Sultan Kebab

    I didn’t think this movie was even remotely good

  • DerpyGamer0013

    I'm sorry, but you mispronounced the title. Obviously, from the disconnection of the two Vs in W, it clearly says "T H E V V I T C H"

  • IDK anymore
    IDK anymore

    your personality is so annoying...

  • Jillian Pantano
    Jillian Pantano

    Of course Kate's character is played by the chick who played that psycho "lysa" on G.O.T

  • Agassi Reyes
    Agassi Reyes

    I'm so happy that Shane got his big break after the success of Buzzfeed Unsolved and now he's an actor

  • Jed Evans
    Jed Evans

    the goat is a sign of the devil and the fact that those little kids were singing about them being the goats servants is pretty twisted

  • Nick Muna
    Nick Muna

    I m confused. I think thomasin revealed to her sister the whole truth... why would she play with sam in front of the woods? How come she knows to remove masculine presence? Did you guys notice how without affection she pushed her dead mother on top of her aside? Do you think the devil and witch preyed on them because they were vulnerable.. Do you think the devil planned everything because thomasin is coming of age alluring and a virgin?

  • Elizabeth Hoffmann
    Elizabeth Hoffmann

    I love your videos. It's the only way I can watch horror.

  • Toast

    I have no idea what "witch" you are referirng to. I only know the vvitch.

  • Marc Coignard
    Marc Coignard

    Got less then 5 minutes in before I found this host annoying.

  • Crimson Clover
    Crimson Clover

    I loved everything about this film. The foreboding atmosphere, the cinematography, the authentic costumes and dialogue...perfection. The twins were the only thing that irritated me. lol They were annoying as feck. 🖤🖤

  • Britton Thompson
    Britton Thompson

    No, you misinterpreted a key component of the plot. Witches weren't said to be killing small children just to be able to fly around at night. There was a separate belief altogether about their ability to fly. According to both Puritanical and Protestant beliefs in the 17th century, witches were women wanting to live forever while also retaining their former beauty from youth- they wanted to be 800 yrs old without ever looking 800 yrs old. The belief among Christians at the time was that witches sacrificed and consumed children to rewind the clocks of their own lives. Simply put, the younger the sacrifice, the younger you are made in return. It's absolutely critical to understand this key distinction in the story because the driving force behind this film's plot was Satan compelling the vulnerable to sign their souls over to him to set in motion an endlessly repeating cycle of evil as he sits and watches from the sidelines. Despite signing their souls over to the devil, witches didn't want to endure God's judgement and serve their punishments in Hell either. The witches and the Satanists were just as terrified of eternal damnation as the Christians were. With a constant desperation to live as long as possible so that they delay their eventual punishments in Hell, Satan is setting in motion a repeating cycle of fear, misery, grief, and hardship among his subjects where they will constantly be ratcheting up their wickedness in order to escape death and damnation. Satan is demonstrating that humanity is so inherently deficient that they'll carry out grievous acts of evil as long as you tempt them with insignificant matters such as a more comfortable lifetime while here in the physical world. Satan is effectively demonstrating that humanity is so inherently flawed and inferior that they'll destroy themselves without him (Satan) ever having to lift a finger.

  • Cut It Out
    Cut It Out

    This movie was a breath of fresh air for the "scary" movie genre. It was incredibly well executed and is captivating as long as you are prepared to watch. Don't expect worn out jump-scares and overplayed themes from The VVitch (The Witch), as this isn't your typical Friday-night scary movie. I don't know if high-class horror is a thing, but if it is, The VVitch (The Witch) easily takes that title. Every aspect of this movie exudes tantalizing aspects of history and folklore that were clearly and intentionally crafted together to give the viewer an overall sense of looming fear and constant nervousness. Overall, this is a beyond excellent and wonderfully made scary movie that easily lands the #2 spot on my top 5 scary movie list. As a self-proclaimed scary movie connoisseur, you can be assured that I recommend this movie to other friends who have a high-grade taste in film. I recommend that anyone who enjoys darker movies to give this film a chance. Put the kids to bed, put your phone down, get comfortable, and enjoy a delightfully dark trip into the nearly-forgotten past. You won't regret it!

  • Edith Guzman
    Edith Guzman

    Ending explained? You went through the whole damn movie! 😆

  • fernando cuevas
    fernando cuevas

    i loved the VIVITCH

  • Armoured Jester
    Armoured Jester

    Thanks, Chet, I went and started a free trial of ShowTime on Hulu. Jerk.

  • Famine 52
    Famine 52

    So interesting factoid in olden times the devil had multiple names such as black Nicholas, old William, old nick and many more so having a goat (traditional symbol of the baphamet aka Satan) named black Philip (can't remember if that's one of the many names but wouldn't surprise me) and giving the father (oldest member of the family that we see) with the name william, and with this movie being steeped in yeolden times beliefs then the devil was in this through and through. Not sure if that's intentional but it's still fun to thing about.

  • Nonoa Sailo
    Nonoa Sailo

    The day I became her fan. Wow what a good career

  • Dank Salt
    Dank Salt

    18:43 That woman looks just like you, Foundflix.

  • Breakfast Kids
    Breakfast Kids

    Jesus is amazing

  • A wild Sisco appears
    A wild Sisco appears

    "not a traditional horror film filled with jumpscares and paper thin characters, but really its own unique intriguing experience" yeah, that's what a good film is; damn it's really sad that mediocre filmmaking has become "traditional"

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave

    Quite frankly the way how people viewed women back in 16th century America, I too would be a witch. At least, my menstrual cycles would not be viewed as sinful by warlocks and witches, and be automatically be labelled as evil for being born female.

  • Unubold Gankhuyag
    Unubold Gankhuyag

    you havent explained shit! just repeated the whole fuckin movie over again 4 nothin

  • Soul of a Vagabond
    Soul of a Vagabond

    Love the movie. The only gripe I had was the dialect. Luckily, action speaks louder than words.

  • Marc Hundo
    Marc Hundo

    This video has had 666k views for odd amount of time something isn’t right😂

  • Carson Martin
    Carson Martin

    IK this ain’t necessary like a 100% view into the 1600’s but it’s just crazy how like technology really progressed. Idk just interfering

  • Ashwin Kumar
    Ashwin Kumar

    Damn, flight fuel was scarce back then.

  • HD Movies
    HD Movies

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  • AWS Movie
    AWS Movie

    The Witch (2015) ⮚ f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘ Watch: All Subtitle √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут ✖неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы уничтожить группу, ответственную за ее создание. """""" механізм!

  • Tiny Toxi
    Tiny Toxi

    Me an actual witch: 👁👄👁👍

  • A R
    A R

    So the town that kicked them out were right?

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood

    i hate he talk that much!

  • Nick Lai
    Nick Lai

    Father: Are you a witch? Thomasin: Ah, sinner, don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful, sinner. Maybe if you got rid of that old yee-yee ass pride you got you'd get some harvests on your farm. Oh, better yet, maybe Mother'll call your dog-ass if she ever stop messing with that cup or craziness she messing with. Sinner~~

  • manouchecaj123

    I mean... I think I'd sell my soul for butter...

  • donavan

    is it me or he doesn't explain anything rather than just recap the movie?

  • TheRoadToEnlightenment

    It is really hard to watch this movie since there is no subtitle.😅🤣😂

  • BulletTooth504

    "Where is the devil? Behind the rabbit? "It _is_ the rabbit!"

  • mariannette vlogs
    mariannette vlogs

    I see some people are new here ~ this channel basically summarizes/explains the entire movie even thought the title is just 'Ending Explained' haha. I always come here when i see a movie title I don't want to waste 1.5 hrs in or need something explained.

  • Iodine Cerium
    Iodine Cerium

    All throughout the film, I was just bugged by the fact how William, the father exactly looked like Buzzfeed Unsolved's Shane Madej. *hey demons it's me ya boi intensifies*

    • roguedbliss

      how to unsee

  • fallen son
    fallen son

    That part where the witch was making salsa with the babys dead meat getting ready to make tacos was so crazy bro, the whole movie was better than i thought, i thought i was gonna hate it

  • Savvas Elia
    Savvas Elia

    Who else sees this because of The Queens Gambit??

  • Umie Fatihah
    Umie Fatihah

    Why did I find the dad looks like Shane Madej from Buzzfeed?

  • xXEilonwyXx

    Eggers? Well... he'll be on report unless he tells me where the damn PROSHOP is! I want some sweet new balls, and Hesh wants jalapeño poppers!

  • NeckNoddin'

    It's THOMASIN!!...Thoma-sin not Thoma-son 🤷🏽‍♂️ both reviews made by two different people pronounced the name wrong.

  • Joseph Sivits
    Joseph Sivits

    Movie explained, more like

  • Rod Shaw
    Rod Shaw

    This movie was boring as fuck to me. Everybody overhyped it in my opinion.

  • Alter

    The biggest sin of this entire film was these parents naming their daughter Thomasin. Like if you were so worried about your daughter sinning so much why would you let her have the word in her name?

  • A Andrews
    A Andrews

    You 100% covered this already I remember watching it last year

  • Jhon Boards
    Jhon Boards

    Ok the last part where she levitated, that was just her given some we@ed by a random guy in the forest. (now she levitates as "high" as a tree)

  • Monkalas games
    Monkalas games

    Holy shit I thought this was a dumb movie

  • Graciela Segura
    Graciela Segura

    Where does he gets his shirts from? ♥️

  • Andrew Almalhi
    Andrew Almalhi

    Being a witch in the 1600s is fun. Also. I would definitely wanna be king james in the 1600s.

  • Thea N.
    Thea N.

    Man, this is a great video but what's up with this exaggerated way of talking!?

    • RBR

      Fkn annoying. He’s American!

  • Chisom Anyanwu
    Chisom Anyanwu


  • tgo007

    top 5 horror movie of all time easily.

  • Duarte Vader
    Duarte Vader

    Black Phillip was “the goat”!

  • Cyber_Serpent13

    The actress was pretty though. Nvm that, i like the setting of the movie btw. Really awesome film.

  • OverCraft

    There are two types of humans. Those who are blonde and those who are not.

  • voteZDLR

    her dad's the same dude who helped Theon sack Winterfell. Only to get skinned alive by Ramsay after

  • Audrey Chavez
    Audrey Chavez

    .that shirt doe.

  • Crumps M8
    Crumps M8

    Bloody love Black Phillip. What a dude, hates the iron born.

  • Buddy 9Fingerz
    Buddy 9Fingerz

    All this cos the boss man nicked a cup? 😔

  • Elivia Ortiz
    Elivia Ortiz

    20:40 *1600’s BLOWS DUDE*

  • Ronni2602

    People who believe in witches from that time period need to stop excusing the countless of brutal murders of innocent women just for being women.

  • DreamboyNYC

    Lysa Arryn should have thrown Black Phillip through the Moon Door.

  • booby scoo too
    booby scoo too

    I feel like this whole thing is a metaphor for female puberty. 🙄 Lol.

  • Dirty Dave of Retford
    Dirty Dave of Retford


  • Logan Skeans
    Logan Skeans


  • Joseph Cabusas
    Joseph Cabusas

    Decent and entertaining video however your title says Ending Explained. You pretty much just gave a recap of the movie with a very short and non detailed 45 second explanation at the end.... Its okay I get the youtube grind and how the algo works.

  • Jevar Hamlett
    Jevar Hamlett

    Now it 352


    is no one weirded out by the fact the little bro is looking down his sister shirt?!

  • jewelfewel

    Interesting film, albeit slow.

  • Silver Slingblade
    Silver Slingblade

    Surprised you didnt present on The VVitch yet.

  • Kalob Hunt
    Kalob Hunt

    Nice I love Campbell extra chunky infant soup. You are lucky and hot a whole head in yours.

  • Pants

    Quantum manifestation. Evil exists because they have faith that it does...

  • Pants

    They couldn’t have come up with a better title?

  • logger

    You spelled it wrong It's spelled vvitch

  • Genevieve Serna
    Genevieve Serna

    The “handmade” cosmetics at Lush 4:27


    The usual problem with being Religious Even Jesus got killed by it

  • Justine Hazel Montes
    Justine Hazel Montes

    🙄🙄🙄🙄 I was hoping for the ending to be explained or for interpretations of the movie, but 95% of the vid is just a freakin summary?? We already watched the movie, thats why we searched for vids like these. You dont need to re-tell it bit by bit for almost the entire vid. You even directly quoted the movie multiple times just to fill in the minutes instead of actually discussing the movie and giving meaningful interpretations or insights. You should entitle your vid "A summary of The VVitch" instead of Ending Explained cause you barely explained shit. What a waste of time

  • Kerry Mihalik
    Kerry Mihalik

    I loved this film. Very good.

  • Lourdes Gutierrez
    Lourdes Gutierrez

    The blair witch

  • youtmeme

    Amazing movie. The fam missed their chances for redemption. And obv clues.

  • J. Perry
    J. Perry

    I'm sorry, but The Lighthouse sucked, despite awesome performances from its actors. This movie was MUCH better.

  • Mama Pink
    Mama Pink

    Stephen King even said this movie scared the crap outta him😱. I think it is BRILLIANT, as well. This video was great!


    the Atmosphere of this movie is a character unto itself