HIS HOUSE (2020) Ending Explained
#hishouse #endingexplained
In the Netflix hit His House, a couple escapes from their war torn country to England where they discover something sinister lurking in their walls. We're breaking down the story, as well as the character's evolution, what the Apeth creature is after, and explaining the ending.
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  • Gavish Raptor
    Gavish Raptor

    Initially I assumed there was some sort of a social contract between the government and the monster to stop it from consuming natives so thats why they would feed refugees to him... since it all seemed to be too good to be true in the beginning 😜

  • Melissa Le'on
    Melissa Le'on

    Racism everywhere towards Africans and African Americans in the U S

  • Whyatt Lee
    Whyatt Lee


  • Charlie May
    Charlie May

    Love how instead of having some sad ending where someone dies like most monster movies they just stab the sh¡t out of the monster.

  • Everdene Johns
    Everdene Johns

    This movie is British. (They wear uniforms at school)

  • Suzuki Satoru
    Suzuki Satoru

    as an illegal immigrant to the united states i can say that any country needs a secure border with comprehensive vetting, im not saying immigration is bad but that illegal immigration is bad because it makes the place people want to get to worse even if its good for the immigrant with more and more immigrants the quality of life for the immigrants is lowered

  • Denny Montanez
    Denny Montanez

    Am i the only one who noticed the one white guy in the the scene with them and the ghost in the doorway?

  • that kid
    that kid

    lemme help you with the description of those teens, in england we call em wankers

  • K Pax
    K Pax

    Alot of these undertones only black people would get

  • Spencer

    The first jump scare early on where we saw a body and the bird flying out of the wall made me yell louder than I have in a horror movie in quite some time lol.


    when a film tricks you into thinking that you're in for a poorly directed political propaganda piece but then blows away your expectations by actually being good.

  • Сергей Булычев
    Сергей Булычев

    What survivor's guilt everyone's talking about here? As far as I understand, the survivor's guilt is when a person feeling guilt is innocent and just blames himself/herself for surviving. But this shit is real. I usually feel for people in horror movies but not in this case. A prime example of crossing the moral event horizon.

  • Сергей Булычев
    Сергей Булычев

    Africans: get away you colonizers, you're ruining everything Also Africans:

    • Сергей Булычев
      Сергей Булычев

      @Faryal Siddiqui if telling things as they are is racist, then yes.

    • Faryal Siddiqui
      Faryal Siddiqui

      Tell me you are racist without telling me you are racist

  • wertzui

    init m8

  • Master Ed
    Master Ed

    No balls?

  • KEKW

    After I watched the movie, I got disturbed by the part Rial met her old friends again and they were actually dead like the look on one of her friends creeped me out whilst having a knife there like they're suggesting her to sacrifice

  • Dannii S
    Dannii S

    Hit or miss Netflix films are as follows Made for Netflix = Miss Bought by Netflix = Hit

  • what who
    what who

    the title : HIs House my brain: Hizzouse

  • Lost

    I don’t understand how a bunch of African kids are bullying another African. Most black immigrants in the UK are of African or African-Caribbean background like second generation immigrants. That was so messed up 🤦

  • Twig

    These videos become better and better the longer COVID persists. I enjoyed your occasional explanation but find myself back to your channel the more movies I watch during this time.

  • Brandon Downey
    Brandon Downey


  • SDguy2020

    Nothing wrong with assimilating to ypur new culture.

  • Matthieu Leperlier
    Matthieu Leperlier

    A horror story about people fleeing a war torn country... I like it

  • Mr. Rocketman
    Mr. Rocketman

    Personally if a monster or something supernatural was living in my house I would grab a shotgun and reload it and then scream: *GET OFFA MA LAND*

  • Outcast 0033
    Outcast 0033

    I couldn't get over how these refugees are just given a house while the country has homeless citizens and then the guy goes to the office and says he wants a different house and doesnt seem to even imagine how absolutely ridiculous that sounds to everyone there.

  • UNinator 27
    UNinator 27

    Is the dude who showed then the house the damn doctor


    This movie is kinda similar to BABADOOK


    "Jerkasses" my new favorite word

  • iBlump

    Damn Dr. Who, you definitely know everything.

  • Joel Cunningham
    Joel Cunningham

    She approaches a group of black kid's? I guess your trying to explain the disconnection

  • AlphaWolvesGamer

    So let me get this straight... I get free rent, utilities, the whole enchilada, AND $100 per week for groceries? Considering I've only spent ~$30-50 a week on Groceries, that's still plenty of money for other things. $15 for an unlimited Talk/Text 1GB Phone, $20-40 for low-high speed internet (monthly payments btw)... Actually, just getting $100 a week for free without needing to pay rent or utilities would be insane luxury. Just goes to show off how much rent contributes to the cost of living.

  • Ryan Elgie
    Ryan Elgie

    so THATS where Matt smith went

  • GnomCZECH

    "whose house" being in my head the entire video and then FoundFlix says it at the end lmao that was priceless

  • Nico Chukalas
    Nico Chukalas

    All I can think is “Whose house? Run’s house!”

  • Wren

    I want to know how she got nia's necklace back after he burnt it and why nobody ever mentions it, either in the film or any of the audience!?

  • Gekko

    In the middle of the street

  • Geezy2G

    The ginger comment cut deep bro 😢

  • Billie Jo Bailey
    Billie Jo Bailey

    9:42 “In a van down by the river!” Chris Farley was amazing.

  • Mary Fay
    Mary Fay

    Shoutout to the cat

  • Hello there General konobi
    Hello there General konobi

    “MA HOUSE”

  • ZGWarp

    my house

  • Christopher Webster
    Christopher Webster

    12:28 🤣🤣🤣

  • Oran93Fox

    ...In the middle of his street. Sorry

  • Jay Ak
    Jay Ak

    Actually it's well known that Sudan is a country full of witches according to the Islamic records. There's even a video series of a Sudanist man telling the stories of how he became a witch to a large crowd inside a mosque.

  • Crocheful22

    Your thumbnail is a huge spoiler bro. Wtf

  • Kizen Roots
    Kizen Roots

    Good movie

  • Priscila B.
    Priscila B.

    Saddest part is they keep saying 'We are good people' to convince themselves, not others.

  • Girsu YGO
    Girsu YGO

    Nice Chris Farley SNL reference! Lmao

  • Cameron B Zee
    Cameron B Zee

    4:04 wow i was not expecting to see matt smith here

  • Reaper

    who's house?

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen

    Oh my god that's the Matt Smith. My god I've missed you.

  • Tim Weyrauch
    Tim Weyrauch

    The ad he mentions is not actually showing gingers. This is just bad post production color grading to run with the orange and blue hollywood theme.

  • Jap.Rican Alexx
    Jap.Rican Alexx

    This the moonlight man...

  • Raven Bloodrose
    Raven Bloodrose

    The thumbnails always make me cringe, like, I do NOT want to ever see that irl, that is so creepy, I have an extreme flight response to creepy *side note* pause it then go to 4:05 tell me the white guy isn't Matt Smith, honestly, come on, he looks like Matt Smith, it's gotta be him Edit it is him Edit 2: I swear at 21:00 the guy like exactly like Samuel L. Jackson

  • Hans Noor
    Hans Noor

    I have never watch this kind of movie, at first you feel pity and vouch for the couple. The next half is the couple did some horrible things to survive and I feel like they should get what is comi g for them. I like it, it mixed my feelings.

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton

    This movie just made me feel sad. There are people going through exactly what this couple was going through, this and possibly even more. It makes you sit back, look around, and think. "I am so lucky." I encourage anyone and everyone to donate to an African foundation where you know the money your giving is going instead of some 1 greedy mans pocket. Its the least any of us could do because our greedy politicians and businessmen ripped every natural resource from that land. I wish the best and stay safe whomever reads this comment. 🙏 ❤ 🫂

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith

    I've never seen this but as soon as I saw Mark's face I knew it was Matt Smith, of "Doctor Who" and more recently Terminator Genisys

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith

    Normally "in the walls" is just an expression!

  • foxycritter

    Amazing story about survivor's guilt and forced assimilation. They needed to face their traumas and guilt in their own way, rather than ignoring it and just saying "we are good people". The witch is their PTSD, and it's true, your ghosts follow you, they stay with you. You can't ignore them, but you can't let them control your life.

  • Unagi

    Why does the guy who lets them into the house look like the Doctor (doctor who)

  • Richard K
    Richard K

    6:08 ok, who see's a wire sticking out of their wall and immediately tries pulling it out as opposed to calling an electrician?

  • Caden Glass
    Caden Glass

    Spoiler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . He titanic the situation

    • Bex Ed
      Bex Ed

      That's what I thought of too.

  • Spicy Meatball
    Spicy Meatball

    (African flag) His house (British flag) Our house

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim

    The eatable mosquito ectrodactyly describe because vinyl pharmacologically pour over a secretive pump. permissible, aggressive grade

  • Michael Brukson
    Michael Brukson

    I love watching this man's videos instead of watching the actual movie because I'm too scared

  • lilylefae

    I wonder if Rial’s wish to come back was sort of a punishment for what happened, possibly leading to her death

  • GameplayBG

    The problem is the demon is not scary.

  • Erebus Anima
    Erebus Anima

    The fact that she couldn't just move on made me so mad through 2/3 of the movie.

  • Steven Ponte
    Steven Ponte

    my take was all the demonic and supernatural stuff didnt exist. It was all just dealing with guilt

  • Bmore Queeze
    Bmore Queeze

    So Mark was in on it the whole time that’s a crazy 😜 twist

  • Alejandra Hernandez
    Alejandra Hernandez

    The way he said “ MINEEE” 💀

  • Dr Bubble
    Dr Bubble

    You don’t have crows in your walls?

  • Tsultrim Zala
    Tsultrim Zala


  • The Emperor of Mankind
    The Emperor of Mankind

    I honestly can not work out if I’d rather live In a war torn country or move and live on the discarded scraps of society in a country I feel alien in

    • Insert Name
      Insert Name

      Having been homeless and starving a few times in my life, scraps of anything might as well have been the equivalent of living luxury to me.

  • Blondesense

    I thought this was going to be a typical haunted house film, I never expected it would unfold like this. My grandfather had the opportunity to flee Lithuania in the early days of WWII and his 8 siblings were sent to Siberia, never to be heard from again, most likely because his disappearance raised suspicion that they were traitors. He drank every day for the next 60 years.

  • AnthaLisp

    Living in a van dooowwnnn by the river

  • Ronni2602

    I don't understand all these people either siding 100% with the main characters or judging super harshly. Why can't it be both? I feel bad for them having gone through all that trauma. AND what they did was completely inexcusable. I can't say that I wouldn't have done the same thing, because I haven't been in that situation, but it doesn't matter if I would've done the same thing. They did something so unforgivable that they're going to have to live with the knowledge that they can never be forgiven. It's not about good or bad, it's about the circumstances that you are placed in.

    • Ronni2602

      @convergence clown but that's why the world is not black and white. From their perspective, which is the only one we see, they did what they had to do to survive. But from the perspective of the girl and her mother, they kidnapped a little girl and then inadvertently killed her. Which is why I'm saying it can be both.

    • convergence clown
      convergence clown

      I personally don’t blame them for what they did. Because no matter what way you look at it, they were in a life or death scenario. They were in fight or flight mode, so they didn’t think rationally. I will say they were being assholes for trying to avoid the fact about what they did. They shouldn’t have done that, ignoring your fears doesn’t make them go away.

  • Quinn Moore
    Quinn Moore

    is that matt smith?

  • Vienna Savage
    Vienna Savage

    People in these comments just cant seem to understand that the world isnt in black and white. The couple wanted to live so they did whatever they could, no matter how morally questionable it was. You can't blame someone for not sacrificing themselves and valuing their own life. I do feel terrible for Naia and her mother though, I wish they could have had a better fate.

  • Rowen Noore
    Rowen Noore

    The witch in the thumbnail really looks like the moonlight man from Gerald's Game

  • Apa Rapa
    Apa Rapa


  • astrangeone

    I find that interesting that both our protagonists are wearing extremely Westernized clothing even at the beginning of the movie (their escape from Sudan), while Nia and her bio mother are both in more traditional garb. Hell, both Nia and her bio mother have more detailed tribal scarification on their faces as opposed to the "pretty" ones our protagonist has on her feet and her temple. Boe is always wearing polo shirts, and his wife wears a lot of denim during the escape. And only during the confrontation with the council inspectors, she wears the traditional garb... It feels like a comment on how they had to let the more traditional practices "die" to adapt to their new home. Maybe Nia was part of it - she represented the more "unpopular"/"unsavory" facets of their homeland/culture and they both have to let the ideals of their culture die in order to adapt to jolly old UK. But it shows that both of them were willing to sacrifice a bit of their culture to get to safety (in the form of Nia) and only bring out the more traditional clothing on "special occasions". Her managing to kill the witch was probably her accepting her heritage and killing off another "unusual" aspect of their beliefs in order stay in England. (Hell, she mentions it to the council inspectors and they both scoff at the idea of a witch...) And the fact it managed to follow them there and is choosing to haunt them with images of their violent past... And especially with Boe's wife (can't remember her name for the life of me) had to basically camouflage herself by marking herself with the opposing tribe's symbols - and she has to camouflage herself in a different way - this time, by sanding off the more "objectionable" parts of her heritage and killing the belief in the witch was the final step in having a new home in the council flat.

  • Ahketen

    Is that Matt Smith? 15:14

  • Grimgamer66

    so maybe it's just me but the person who shows them their new place looks like one of the Doctors either the 11th or 12th Doctor

    • Will Baker
      Will Baker

      Thats because it is matt smith

  • xXEilonwyXx

    No offense but you kind of forgot to mention the wife's sin in all of this. It wasn't just sitting silent letting her husband make stupid and badd decisions. It was also the fact that people died trying to get here and once she was here she was very ungrateful and unwilling. It wasn't until she decided to actually (like you said) in a way finally come to grips with what's going on and be responsible and active is it all finally going to now get better and these 2 might finally make it. He disrespected the lost souls with Theft and Deception. She disrespected the lost souls with Pride and Selfishness.

  • JKL c
    JKL c

    You just told me the movie with out explaining anything. Wtf?

    • Bex Ed
      Bex Ed

      EXACTLY! I don't like leaving complaining comments but I JUST WATCHED this movie and I don't need a full recap, I thought this would be analysis and maybe highlighting some details I missed. Comments are more interesting though.

  • Aidan Winslow
    Aidan Winslow

    Good to know Doctor Who gave them a house to stay at....

  • ninjastorm540

    Man the people judging the guy harshly need to remember 4 things: 1. His only had two options which were: Get on the bus with the child and all 3 live, or don't and all 3 die cause the mom was god knows where at the crucial time and it would be too late for the child anyway. He chose life. 2. It's not like they didn't want her to survive after. They fully wanted her to survive with them but couldn't predict the boat collapse. They saw gunmen attacking and knew they had to escape so they knew what they had to do to do so but couldn't predict the boat would fail. They tried to keep her with them. 3. He was struggling to swim and save his wife at the same time which was already super hard so those who said he could have saved her too cant just assume that. 4. Last but not least this dude freaken broke his back to save his wife so he needs some credit in that. First, he went right into an attack zone to find her (the attackers were still there); I imagine he would have got an early bus spot if he hadn't went for his wife first but he did. Then he led her to safety and managed to get her on the bus that woudldnt allow more. And then he saved her life during the boat collapse and tried his best to get them a new life. Anyway still not saying he did a good thing but this was a crazy life or death situation that most people dont know what they would do to survive.

  • Paris Campos
    Paris Campos

    This movie was horrible.

  • Adrian da sharky boi
    Adrian da sharky boi

    Our house*

  • George

    i am from england and have 10 crows collected in the walls so far

  • Lisa Simpson Rules
    Lisa Simpson Rules

    Actually it is a bit stupid to think that "BALLS" forbidden means tennis balls. It obviously means footballs, which is way bigger and toughter. They are what you call soccerball.

  • Janus Initiative
    Janus Initiative

    Hey, Babadook ...your Sudanese friend came over for a visit...

  • Laura

    The true horror of this movie is the asylum system and that is not even fiction.

  • Edía Paff
    Edía Paff

    that story is way too heavy TwT

  • Vegan 'ish
    Vegan 'ish

    That "go back to Africa" scene, confused me greatly... I completely felt her confusion... Not that every black person is from Africa... But it would be confusing...

    • 1942 AiSHA is a sing lelady Ab
      1942 AiSHA is a sing lelady Ab

      @Insert Name Because she did expect to hear that from black kids!!!!!!

    • Insert Name
      Insert Name

      What exactly about it confused you if you don't mind me asking.

  • Valerie

    This video is shit you just explained the whole movie cashapp me for reparations

  • Olichard

    How are you finding all these Horror films?

  • What if Anime Sensei
    What if Anime Sensei

    Alice in Borderland

  • Don’t try it hoe
    Don’t try it hoe

    I feel like the apeth story is very true to a lot of situations in life. This movie sheds light on that, but unfortunately for a lot of people, stealing something that doesn’t belong to you, however desperate you are, usually has rough ending. It’s interesting to see the mental tax (i.e. survivors guilt) that they had to pay for through out this movie.