POSSESSOR (2020) Explained
#possessor #endingexplained
In Possessor, an elite, corporate assassin takes control of other people's bodies using brain-implant technology to execute high-profile targets. Though things soon spiral out of control into a conscious bleeding nightmare that will change her life permanently. We're breaking down the twisty complex story, including our protagonist's important character arc, and explaining the ending and meaning behind her big choice.
**Yes I did censor a few parts, these are from the Uncut version and potentially too violent for UZmatch. And of course no nudity either**
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  • Brendann Clark
    Brendann Clark

    If that's the ending that's a s*** ending

  • The Exxecutionah
    The Exxecutionah

    PpUuLl MmEe OoUuTt

  • H0neyyy

    23:29 i SCREAMED i was so scared from that whisper

  • Matthieu Leperlier
    Matthieu Leperlier


  • DaniSans

    Dong da-dong dong dong

  • Zyklon W
    Zyklon W

    Please do "The Tall Man (2012)"

  • Topher

    Interesting concept, absolutely morally repugnant, but a good movie

  • TJ Blaidd
    TJ Blaidd

    The cinematographer for this film was a big fan of himself. Every single establishing shot is twisted, rotated and lingered way too long. Very strange movie that makes you wonder if it's written that way or if the filmmaker is just twisted af.

  • Joey Lebert
    Joey Lebert

    I think the toy that dances may have been how girder was able to place the needle in the son’s head for her to eventually connect to him. Was the same company she worked for the one that the toy was made from? Would help clarify that missing link in the film since otherwise it wouldn’t be understood how the son was possessed. Also noticed that anytime the vision showed something as a reflection or inverted that it helped clarify that the body we see on screen is possessed by vos .

  • GucciMemer

    the possessor sound tracks sounds so sick

  • shannon townsend
    shannon townsend

    Ty for your lovely, lengthy analyses; can you give the same treatment to the unpleasant & moody horror film Possession with Sam Neil and isabel Adjani(1985-ish)?

  • shannon townsend
    shannon townsend

    Does anyone know the name of similar but shitty film wherein a killer goes from body to body, absorbing the victims' minds in the process. He isn't paid, the bodies just wear out pretty quick.

  • shannon townsend
    shannon townsend

    This sounds better than mr. & mrs. Smith

  • Peter Machillivrey
    Peter Machillivrey

    Anyone want a game of warzone

  • Drew Stauffer
    Drew Stauffer

    This movie has got to be funded by a vape company or something.

  • S A D L I F E
    S A D L I F E

    note to self if you are an hollywood, dongs and more violent does not mean bad

  • TriforcePlayer2

    This movie is great

  • Farice


  • I'm stupid
    I'm stupid

    My dumb ass read it as professor

  • Pat M
    Pat M

    Great movie. The violence reminded me of one of my other favorite assassin movies, Kill List.

  • Dylan LeSuer
    Dylan LeSuer

    Dong d-dong dong dong

  • Ploxly

    Does anyone know of a way to watch it outside of the US? I cant find it anywhere, not to buy, rent or stream. Any help would be much appreciated

  • M A
    M A

    Thanks for writing episodes so as to keep a bit of the thrill and surprise 👍🔥

  • Furious TV
    Furious TV

    It's way too close to the nanolipid brain piercing barrier vaxx destined to g3nocide us.

  • Melissa Mas
    Melissa Mas

    Just finished the movie and had to make sure that I got it..that Vos was the one that took out her family. And Girder intervened by taking her out AND by way of..taking over her son. What a great movie!! Thanks for your review 😀

  • Deviant soul
    Deviant soul

    God people would have a different opinion of the mc if she was a man checking about his female body people have fucked up views based on gender

  • J M
    J M

    Fun fact cat litter can have toxoplasmosis and makes women more aggressive.

  • Riley Watson
    Riley Watson


  • Gwen

    I know this has nothing to do with anything but Vos’ ears are low on her head and I can’t stop looking at them.

  • Gwen

    I know this has nothing to do with anything but Vos’ ears are low on her head and I can’t stop looking at them.

  • Han3wman Wukong
    Han3wman Wukong


  • E VT
    E VT

    Cat litter & brain worms he's talking about Toxoplasmosis it's a parasitic disease caused by Toxoplasma gondii and you can get infected by cleaning cat sh&T

  • Jacopo Cesselli
    Jacopo Cesselli

    The funny thing with 21st century nudity of mainstream movies is that dongs are tolerated, but you will never see a pair of vaginal labia ever no matter what.


    superhot the movie.

  • brian marquez
    brian marquez

    Can u do the little things pls

  • snickelfrits fellow
    snickelfrits fellow

    Trying to find more channels like this

  • Momotaro 123
    Momotaro 123

    Maybe I shouldn’t watch this before bed

  • swindee

    joker 2019 film

  • Vic Apple
    Vic Apple

    The dongs are cut in the R version. But they're also cut in the uncut version

  • Joseph Castillo
    Joseph Castillo

    Where do u find these movies at bruh

  • Kyrex

    scariest. thumbnail. ever.

  • VGAPR Garage
    VGAPR Garage

    It’s important to understand the brain worm from cat litter. Mice get this parasitic worm from cat feces that goes to their and changes their fear portion of the brain

  • Bryce Н
    Bryce Н

    I thought it was interesting that one of the lines Vos practices outside before going into Michaels house is “what have you got there?” like she’s asking her son what he’s holding, but when he answers the door he’s not holding anything and she never says it. But later in the movie after Colin tracks down Michaels house and sees the kid outside with a map, he walks up and says “What have you got there?” in a similar way that Vos was practicing earlier

  • Andrew Robertson
    Andrew Robertson

    Honestly, this movie is Collector's Edition Blu-ray worthy.

  • Kernelly

    yep you got a pee pee now

  • Stephen

    Thanks for ruining movies!

  • Maxwell Stylo
    Maxwell Stylo

    A perfect........cyberpunk movie :]

  • toddhollen

    The version I just watched on Hulu says it's R, but had both dick shots and the eye getting popped out. So I'm very confused if that was the Uncut version or not.

  • Stephen Lofton
    Stephen Lofton

    Isnt this really just a cautionary tale for a generation of women that have been taught their whole lives by pop media that having a traditional family is super duper lame-o and boring and just the patriarchy trying to oppress you? I mean here it was almost literally soul crushing.

  • Acid Mana
    Acid Mana

    basically Paprika lmao.

  • Hina Ansari
    Hina Ansari

    I’m still not sure how I feel about this one after watching it. Took me a while to get through!

  • Pau Bergania
    Pau Bergania

    RIP photosentitive people. not even a fucking warning. foundflix here giving free seizures.

  • narko

    You kind of just retold the entire story and do very little analysis...

  • BigBen

    Nah nah. They were fighting for control in the end. It makes it appear as her killing her husband, but if it's gonna be this intricate, you gotta involve human emotion to fight or flight on on top of that, they were sharing experiences and memories, becoming one. Technically her skills as an agent would bleed over as well. So yea in the end the guy probably killed the husband in the way he did because of the memories and impulses of her, but she ultimately killed her kid and wanted her family to be dead(in the end) to probably(like you said) sever the ties between her old "boring" life doing the same shit constantly and the one where she can kill without needing to worry(most humans that are killers get a rush or sum type of feel good feeling after a murder) and also being able to live multiple different lives and get multiple different experiences and perspectives. That would definitely be addicting(the having multiple experiences part lol)

  • BigBen

    Aight the movie was good, but if John is the guy he piked with the poker, uh he'd actually wouldve bled out, ill explain. Stands up and slips the punch, leaves the throat open to be slashed, which it definitely was. Thus beginning internal into the lungs bleeding as well as normal bleeding, then breaks the front teeth and probably hitting the spine going up the back of the neck(a poker would definitely sever that) (probably severed an artery too) and then pops his eye out with the poker, definitely seemed to go deeper than the eye which imo I believe wouldve hit the frontal lobe on his left side, which would also hinder speaking abilities cause the left front lobe controls talking. So I feel like he should've killed him, but then shot the girl and and had the break (which means he wouldn't have followed up with the kill shot after already tagging her twice in the back) which would cause him to leave and then the girl to be found bleeding out. But, after all it is only a movie.

  • Jorge Anaya
    Jorge Anaya

    Wtf did she smell the kid’s hair for? 😰

  • A W
    A W

    Did they put the uncut on hulu? I watched it on hulu and there were definitely dongs

  • AnimeAngel

    Someone: Have you seen that one movie? Me: yeh I’ve seen it; well I watched the foundflix 😫

  • Joe Plumley
    Joe Plumley

    i just got done watching the uncut version, this movie was really good.

  • Benny T
    Benny T

    I thought it was about a professor.

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    18:00To me it looked like he was reaching for the gun

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    17:25 I thought she said to go through with the Killing tonight

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    15:04 I didn’t notice she moaned

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    6:06 that thing wasnt silly, it was creepy

  • The Scapegoat Mechanism
    The Scapegoat Mechanism

    I didn’t like any of the characters in this movie

  • YT Dapperface64
    YT Dapperface64

    Yo I freaked out when hi darling was whispered in my ear

  • Adriaan de Winnaar
    Adriaan de Winnaar

    The officio assasinorum wants to know your location

  • Jigglypuff

    I read the title as professor instead of possessor.

  • Saif


  • Sha-Nia Rose
    Sha-Nia Rose

    I thought movies didnt show children getting killed on camera?

  • Synthea Crete
    Synthea Crete

    I love this channel because it lets my scared ass safely learn if I wanna watch these in person

  • Vesper O
    Vesper O

    Voss and Carmen San Diego need to date

  • Christopher

    Ok this would be a great f*ckin series, TV-MA on HBOMax, following the day to day of these assassins' this would be a dope idea.

  • Clock DN
    Clock DN

    23:27 that creep the hell oout of me

  • Mr J
    Mr J

    I love I can get explaination to tough movies and cliff notes from movies I have never seen.

  • BMSpammer

    for a good 5 min i thought the title is professor. Thinking to myself how true it is

  • Officer Waifu
    Officer Waifu

    One of the only movies to have a character share my name (Rita) and she's just as h0rny as me. Perfect.

  • Naclyn Erick II
    Naclyn Erick II

    Good movie. Just the thing is early on and what they stressed in the movie was the main character was having difficulty figuring out what is real and what's not and if she's being controlled or not. They explained early on the main character was going to see the ex husband. The crex of the conversation with the boss was they are currently married. The boss mentions they have been divorced for a few years although do allow her to see the kid despite her being a danger to the family. The main character had this odd pause trying to remember she was divorced not currently married. With the toy though the son mentioned he made the toy himself because "it allows him to control something" as he said. My sister and I found this pretty ironic because it's something his mom does for a living. Was a scene before the party started the boss goes "I want you to start a fight. When you do so it would lower the guard of the target then you would make the kill". The MC in the guys body has him get drunk and disorderly gets tossed which gets the building guys to look for the Mc as the guy to ensure he stays out so he can make the kill. At one point yeah the guy was getting followed. Was like two guys in trenchcoats that smoke. I can't remember who they belonged to. I don't remember the whole cat litter thing. I remember them talking about a person eating a apple and a worm growing in the apple. The implication seemed to imply "are you eating the apple or is the worm in the apple making you eat the apple?". Pretty questioning are you in control of your life or are you being controlled by something inside of you.

  • blacklite911

    Sorry, I’ll always read it in my head as POSS=ROSS

  • Chief Kimball
    Chief Kimball

    Hey btw fuck all the characters in this movie for real

  • Cyril

    Whoever came up with this plot really has a great imagination-- oh, wait. This is actually a thing now. The military has this technology. They ran it by having one guy sit still watching a video game while another guy in another room with no view of the game held the controller and played the game successfully! Of course the very first real world application they brought up was assassination.

  • Reee Eeee
    Reee Eeee

    Ay man, nice hair cut

  • Ellis Kopple
    Ellis Kopple

    anyone know where that alarm like sound from the start is from?

  • PS2 Gamer
    PS2 Gamer


  • animatedbird

    man, the new hitman movie is wild

  • salted bleach
    salted bleach

    Sooooo cyberpunk 2077?

  • Recurve Acumen
    Recurve Acumen

    Never go full method.

    • Recurve Acumen
      Recurve Acumen

      The movie.

  • Alexander Lehner
    Alexander Lehner

    DONG Things you can Do Online Now Guys

  • Dexagon

    'then opts for the far more vicious fireplace poker' THERE IT IS

  • Ryker

    The reason why there are dongs in the uncut version and none in the cut version--Hollywood clearly advocates circumcision. ..... Right, I'll see myself out now.

  • daisx beohfox
    daisx beohfox

    Another stupid movie for stupid people. If you were amazed. Thats right stupid

  • Patsie

    You can buy uncut on UZmatch... Hollywood is totes afraid of dongs. Long live the new flesh!!!

  • 藍海

    What the fuck, at that point why don't you just fucking clone assassins.

  • Russell Welliver
    Russell Welliver


  • im19ice3

    that was a high concept that demanded respect 0_0

  • Andy 8583
    Andy 8583

    The fan melting and 'backwards water' thing are more likely meant to replicate the rolling shutter effect on fast objects. Like how video of rotors can look like that due to how the information is recorded. In this case its probably meant to be an artefact of the implant having the transfer all the information to Voss digitally. I haven't watched the movie yet, and I'm only half way through the video but maybe there's meant to be a point where these effects of digital data transfer /don't/ appear, and thus show that the implant isn't working properly, or Voss is no longer using it etc. just a thought.

  • Akrna47

    As soon as I saw Sean bean I knew he was gonna die lol

  • Brian feres
    Brian feres

    The brain worms is actually a real life thing, it's a parasite in rats that makes them attracted to cat urine, so the rat can be eaten by the cat, where the parasite can then breed, but it can also be transferred to humans, making them more irritable and prone to more violent actions.

  • Malice

    I don't understand hollywood aversion to dong. If you've seen one, you've basically seen them all.

  • Comrade Bred has found the horny
    Comrade Bred has found the horny

    14:42 The way Foundflix delivers the line is like 'oh wow it's getting intere-Aaaaaand they do the nasty'