IMPETIGORE (2019) Ending Explained
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Impetigore is a frightening folk horror tale following a young woman that is drawn back to her home town after many years, and unearth's a tragic curse that plagues the village. Things wind up being darker and more complicated than she could have known, so we're breaking down the twisting plot including the real backstory of the curse, including Maya's grander purpose, as well as explaining the ending.
P.S. Sorry for my pronunciations. I did my best.
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  • LosZavion

    I just noticed some plot inconvenience. Why did her phone suddenly start to accept calls when the villagers called her number?

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller

    tripple fried fu@ked ^__^

  • Uncle Marwee
    Uncle Marwee

    The dead mother's ghost means a sequel is inevitable.

  • Fauzan Aziz
    Fauzan Aziz

    To anyone asking, This movie is titled "perempuan tanah jahanam" in indon/malayan. They are the same movie. Only different titles.

  • Tavis Caron
    Tavis Caron

    Triple fried fucked, a quote for the ages. Lol.

  • Mugen Phan
    Mugen Phan

    reminds me of "Hotaruko" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Robert Torricer
    Robert Torricer

    Maaan I like foreign horror movies but it's so hard to keep up with their names 😭 towards the end of this video I kept having to go to the beginning to see whose name was whose 🤦‍♂️

  • ‘Nam Veteran
    ‘Nam Veteran

    I feel dirty for only now realising that the DVDs behind him weren’t books

  • Zyklon W
    Zyklon W

    Please do "The Tall Man (2012)"

  • FallinoR

    Heck ya my aksara jawa knowledge is finally useful

  • MiSTR JT
    MiSTR JT

    What’s this guy’s name anyway? 😬

  • squadscout 808
    squadscout 808

    because of this movie I'm moving to malaysia godd malaysian women are beautiful

  • Gabriel Santanna
    Gabriel Santanna

    6:50 pizZA HUTTT

  • Dakoda Black
    Dakoda Black

    Had the potential to be pretty good too many plot twist not enough cast felt more like a drama thriller than anything and the cliche it doesn’t end there shit gets old

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff

    This shit got confusing as hell

  • First World Problems
    First World Problems

    Poor maya. She had a really good loyal friend who was sceptical about the village and kept her friends identity hidden by pretending to be her and I’m glad that one villager helped her escape

  • ajar redindra Islami
    ajar redindra Islami

    those "ancient' javanese writing is not so ancient actually, they were taught in my elementary school days, sadly many school didnt teach them anymore

  • Daniel Akris
    Daniel Akris


  • allalone359_bloodymary

    please please please do satan's slaves I watched it this weekend and I am SOOOO confused

  • Nguyen Dang
    Nguyen Dang

    The atmosphere was definitely very creepy, but this wasn't as scary as I wanted it to.

  • ded mnwlkn
    ded mnwlkn

    yes... becoming a killer ghost was HER punishment... yeah... shes the one suffering most...

  • Joanna Wagoner
    Joanna Wagoner

    triple fried f*cked. TY

  • Blake Givens
    Blake Givens

    Foundlix.. killing any calm sleeping app 💤😴. Who's with me


    My dyslexic ass thought this said “Impregnator”

  • biscuit consumer
    biscuit consumer

    Oooh, you should watch 'May The Devil Take You' franchise and 'Sacred.' Those are Indonesian horror movies that I really think is quite enjoyable and thrilling

  • Aaron aguilar
    Aaron aguilar

    “Triple fried fucked” 🤣😂

  • The Scapegoat Mechanism
    The Scapegoat Mechanism

    I’m annoyed that the father was still going to kill Maya even after being betrayed by his mother.

  • Trinston Michaels
    Trinston Michaels

    Trinston was here...

  • reversed24

    thats why i love asian horror films , there is no happy ending in 90% of the time

  • Vincentia Yovita
    Vincentia Yovita

    Wait... Is this "Perempuan Tanah Jahanam"? Damn Im too scared to watch the film

  • Aaron

    This is why imperialism is a good thing

  • Sean Deforest
    Sean Deforest

    All these bs curses going on an and the one full grown skinless dude is just trying to get some damn food.

  • Daniswara A. Majid
    Daniswara A. Majid

    Have watched this. Very very good movie

  • MomBlk332CN

    Favorite foreign horror is definitely Train to Busan!!! Also like Ichi the killer and Tale of two sisters! I just finished watching this movie and the opening scene had me interested right away. I think this is the first Indonesian horror movie I've ever seen you since I'm more used to their action films like the raid. Twist was pretty interesting

  • TheSugar58

    But what happens when they burn the bones and get rid of the vengeful spirit, what would be the next curse

  • Nugget mayo
    Nugget mayo

    Well, horror movies from my own country (indonesia) definitely haunt me compared to western movies, especially javanese bcs I stay here and some people still believing "black magic"

  • Redacted Blank
    Redacted Blank

    To those who might complain about him "not explaining the ending, just summarizing the movie.": I mean hey, he amassed 2M subs from explaining whole movies. Good enough for me, and this guys voice is fire. The fact that he explains the whole movie and still does explain the ending. If you pay attention to everything he's explaining and talking about then you will most likely always understand the movie, AND the ending. It leaves you feeling accomplished, I'm glad it's called FoundFlix instead of Ending Explained, so if you're looking for just the ending, then skip to the near end or watch the whole video. I can't wait for another flick to be found for us to be entertained once more. This is absolutely spectacular.

  • Kevin Alisson
    Kevin Alisson

    The nice camp partly spray because stomach pivotally wonder up a glistening glorious workshop. chilly, tricky second

  • Sir Nile
    Sir Nile

    24:27 Yep. Pretty much summarized the whole thing. Curse sounds OP pls nerf.

  • edchan

    I hope theres a sequel cause theres a legend myth ghost eating unborn child

  • Kelli Dorris
    Kelli Dorris

    Love your sense of humor

  • Rajyavardhan Singh
    Rajyavardhan Singh

    Indonesian Olivia Wilde.

  • LRutsah

    Just saw it, and even after the explanation, I'm confused. So TWO people practiced black magic? The grandma for the forgetting spell and the curse for 1 baby, and the landlord for fixing that baby's skin and also to banish the spirits? Also, hold up, so was the village's skinless curse originating from the grandma or the three ghost girls? How did burying the three ghost girls help undo what grandma had done? Also also, the guy who impersonated the landlord just started killing people? Why? And noone noticed? Finally, how did some no-name servant's son become the village leader? Also why did the MC need to run away in the end? Granted, the dad and grandma she never knew just commited suicide, but she acted like there was immediate danger there, when there wasn't anymore. Also X4, why is the grandma's spirit even after the children or consuming them in the first place? I thought curses usually took ironic forms. I'm completely lost.

    • Let's Learn
      Let's Learn

      So yes... There were two people who performed black magic. First the grandma because she wanted the illegitimate to suffer and another by village elder because he wanted his skinless daughter (who wasn't actually his daughter) to be fine. The village elder made the pact with the devil which resulted every kid being born without skin. I think three little girls were needed for the ritual but the actual deal was for the skin of every child of that village. After the little girls went missing everyone started suspecting village elder for being involved in black magic and that's when saptadi emerged as a leader and decided to take revenge for the murder of those little girls. He did all that bloodshed behind the curtain to make every villager believe that village elder was completely mad. He also trully believed that the curse of skinless children only be lifted when real girl is skinned and turned into a puppet. Maybe his mother also pushed this believe because she still hated that illegitimate daughter. Villagers have no one to turn to so they followed saptadi without questioning much. I also feel that last bit of Maya/rahayu running away like that was really stupid because ofcourse no one was going to kill her right away but I feel movie makers just added that scene Because the "final girl" always run like that at the end of all horror movies. Bad decision to be honest. The grandma is turned into the baby eating ghost because in most Asian legends when bad people/ people involved with devil dies they become evil entity or spirits.

  • Angie S
    Angie S

    She was an idiot??

  • TheAsianpie

    the grandma eating the baby kinda reminds me of how Thailand has a few myths or stories of evil spirits that specifically eat newborn babies n hunt pregnant women. If I remember right they're spose to be dead widows or unfaithful/cheating women who died or something? idk it's been a while since I learned about em. So it's kinda interesting the curse took that form. I'd be curious if Indonesia has something similar since the countries aren't that far away from each other. Edit: did a little googling cuz ma aint respondin, but apparently it's like a really creepy southeast asian spirit, so not specific to thailand. Still creepy n prone to snatchin newborns n whatnot.

  • vividimagination2044

    @22:26 lmao I can't even! in-CREDIBLE thing to point out lmao!

  • Aulia M. Rizqi
    Aulia M. Rizqi

    Ah yes, the magnificent story of Impetigore (or Perempuan Tanah Jahanam in Indonesian language). One of the best horror movie I've seen in my life.

  • Sufian Abuahmad
    Sufian Abuahmad

    The worst the life, the more people want to have kids. Morons

  • Norhasimah Sayuti
    Norhasimah Sayuti

    Cloud atlas please

  • Kurtney Emich
    Kurtney Emich

    Honestly if my dad killed three little girls so I can have skin I’d be thankful

  • bobthespam

    ohh i get it, its slightly based on indonesian folklore, indonesians are a superstitious bunch and we have many traditional legends. the no-skin baby part doesnt seem like a tale to me, but i think in the end, the grandma turns into a Leak or Leyak (pronounced like le-yak), in traditional Indonesian folklore, a leak is a demon that looks like a human at day, but at night its head can pop off from its body to do whatever floating demon heads do, the disembodied head also carries the body's entrails attached (like an anatomy doll but without the fleshy bits), it hunts pregnant women, feeding from the blood of babies still in the womb. also if you're curious, legends also say, if you want to kill a leak, you need to find the body at night when the head is out doing its demon business, stab the neck in a specific way so that you stab upwards from the neck into where the head should be, that doesnt kill it, it stops the head from merging with the body, and if the head and the body gets separated for too long, it dies.

  • Dicky Veto
    Dicky Veto

    Really impatience of mine, rather to watch it i FOUND meself on FOUNDFLIXXX...UURRGH!

  • Han3wman Wukong
    Han3wman Wukong

    Sooo... did her friend NOT tell her about the weird guy trying to gut her with the big ass knife?

  • Refalvy Fatih
    Refalvy Fatih

    6:43 that's what she said.

  • awitekid

    "triple fried F***ed" lmao

  • Sheep_Gaming

    So one of the kids didn't get a bunch of prosthetics and kill demons to get his senses back? Lame

  • klinton kavanagh
    klinton kavanagh

    THIS... is just "ANOTHER EREASON WHY"... I will "NEVER" travel to rural areas outside china!

  • Priscilla Tan
    Priscilla Tan

    Hi FoundFlix! I was wondering if you could check out this foreign horror film from Malaysia called Roh? I'd really appreciate it :D Great content as always!

  • Anne Silva
    Anne Silva

    Would have been cool if they inadvertently were drinking/eating something weird that gave them a medical condition for the babies not having skin, like in that one episode of the X files where the whole town was eating brains to keep them young and they accidentally ate the brains of someone with Creutzfeldt-Jakob’s disease and it gave all of them Dementia

  • Akwasi Boakye
    Akwasi Boakye

    The one thing I don’t get is why did saptadi kill the villagers?

  • im19ice3

    that was some creepy fuckery, full respect to the impactful use of children ghosts, and the ever reliable threat of mob mentality, i did not understand the infidelity mess but thats okay messy is all the description needed

  • AirBorN Gaming
    AirBorN Gaming

    The late term abortion curse.

  • earlesslama 237
    earlesslama 237

    Triple fried fucked what a legend

  • 4Simplified 4life
    4Simplified 4life

    oh wow seems like one of the first movie that originally made in my own country

  • Jay Magnificent
    Jay Magnificent

    Can you guys explain devil's past for your next video?

  • Demetria Hall
    Demetria Hall

    You should review The Skeleton Key and Hide and Seek (Charlie)

  • Ignjat Petrovic
    Ignjat Petrovic

    tham this movie is fed-up man

  • Princess CatGirl
    Princess CatGirl

    I didn't know you will watch Indonesian horror. Nice movie and it's more to thriller and suspense rather than jump scary movie. Quite worth it I guess. 7/10

  • Julez Tempest
    Julez Tempest

    overall good movie but i was kinda let down with the ending. Not the fact that the curse cant be broken but the fact that after all these sacrifices and work put into getting rid of the skinless baby curse, we just end up with another baby killing curse making everything we worked for the whole movie pointless. But nontheless overall a very good film and one of my favourite in these times full of bad horror movies

  • Max

    I only realised after watching today's video (Empty Man for those in the future) that somehow I had missed this coming out last week, so TWO FOUNDFLIX IN ONE DAY BABY! What an amazing feeling!

  • zodycoder

    for a sec, there was 666k views xD

  • Anna *****
    Anna *****

    Awesome movie!

  • F

    It’s watched 666k times T-T

  • Shamaree Hartman
    Shamaree Hartman

    Is this in English? I wanna watch it

  • NAH

    Actually, what the granny becomes is a Penanggalan. In Malayan folklore, essentially like a vampire that hunts pregnant women and newborns. Sure, in the movie they kept the granny’s look to make it identifiable. In the OG folklore, a cursed woman who does black magic would be cursed to separate their head from their body with all the lungs, heart and stomach attached. Flying around and hunting for food.

  • Justin Green
    Justin Green

    Dude, you need to do two things, and BADLY: 1) Learn how to take a fucking BREATH when you speak, Jesus Christ. *Especially* between sentences. They actually NEED to have beginnings and endings. (Everyone but you on this planet learned that after "waaaah."). ENUNCIATE, bitch!!! And that might help you stop butchering your PRONUNCIATION of countless words throughout the whole thing. 2). The PARAGRAPH is something that, yes, exists. Your ENTIRE video, quite literally, beginning to ending, is one painfully long, ugly as FUCK, run-on sentence. SEPARATE. YOUR. THOUGHT. ITERATIONS: for Christ's fucking sake, FIX your ABSOLUTE garbage, somehow steady-stream solid brick of vomit that you call speaking. And stop oscillating your voice pitch all high and low every goddamn 5 seconds, you sound like a middle-school drop out.

  • Onlyfans Kitkatrita
    Onlyfans Kitkatrita

    Your funny I liked this 😂

  • Roy Gregoire
    Roy Gregoire

    you should watch the book of blood

  • Geoffrey Carlisle
    Geoffrey Carlisle

    Please do an ending explained on The Little Things.

  • Anrotti

    This is kind of off from the usual movies you talk about, but could you do Bliss on Amazon prime?

  • H Kim
    H Kim

    Man, the most coolest thing about this channel is that I get to see movies that I've never heard of.

  • VisionzTrue

    Man this movie is really CUT THROAT 😏

  • Shubashita Sarma
    Shubashita Sarma

    I hate mother's who treat their children like archenemies

  • Shubashita Sarma
    Shubashita Sarma

    I missed your voice ahh

  • Tarryn Cooper
    Tarryn Cooper

    Favorite foreign horror movie: The Eyes of My Mother. Please cover that one!!

  • Adipati Julian Sutisnawinata
    Adipati Julian Sutisnawinata

    Aack! You're reviewing a film from my country! 🎉

  • Dip Bar
    Dip Bar

    Anyone remember this one movie , filmed in the late 90s or early 2000s, called something like "Demonico" or "Demonica"? It's a about a woman that is infected with some sort of virus, and since she is the first carrier or born with it, it's harmless to her, but she can partly turn into some sort of gargoyle demon, becomes black , and makes things glow orange. Whereas to the rest of the world the virus is deadly, yet similar to the likes of her, there is a man that can also turn into a fully gargoyle monster, he kills people and even uses his long tongue as a weapon. I remember a scene where she saves a child from a car. Aswell as one where a man puts his hand in a bag which contains the disease, and it starts spreading up his arm and melting it in the process. Before it is cut off with a machete by the man next to him, thus saving his life. And ofc the last battle between the main character of the movie - first carrier woman and the gargoyle man. The way i remember the final scene , he impales her through her chest with his tongue , but she uses the power of the virus to overcome the injury and empowers a garbage can lid , with the orange energy, before throwing it and taking the gargoyles head with it.

  • Savvy

    Please do the empty man because i am sooo confused what the hell is going on

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    snickelfrits fellow

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    Fabz Esse

    You should watch/explain the movie "A Dark Song" such an underrated gem...The story,the horror and the concept of that movie are incredible,would love a video on that

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    Adolfo Alfaro

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